Hot Shots: Katy Perry Dines At New York’s ‘Pearl’

Published: Tuesday 16th Oct 2012 by David

Peep a glowing Katy Perry, out and about with close friend John Mayer on Sunday night.

Enjoying dinner at NYC’s ‘Pearl Restaurant’, the pair were then snapped leaving together two months after reports indicated they had split, and two years after the release of third studio album ‘Teenage Dream‘.

An album, which saw the star spawn 5 #1  singles and has sold over 2 million copies in the US alone, surpassing worldwide sales scored by Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk‘, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ and Mariah Carey‘s ‘Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel’.

An album, which is yet to receive Platinum status in the US even three years after release.

More from the ‘Pearl‘ singer below…

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  1. Bey Fan October 16, 2012

    The f*ck Katy got on????

  2. Realist October 16, 2012

    Why is Teenage Dream not being compared to Loud? Lmao, and Loud was released after the former… And why this failed Mariah shade even being brought up about her album when she isn’t even Katy’s competition… This site.

    • SlatyCat October 16, 2012

      Didn’t Loud and PF come out in the same year as TD?

      Are you upset because Katy makes life hard for your redundant idols.

      Katy sells albums AND singles.
      Rihanna sells singles. Nicki sells nothing.

      • FAF October 16, 2012

        U pressed & Tight hun? Nicki sells nothing?

        2.7 mil records sold PF !

        U pressed f****** will learn to read facts!

        dead @ Sam reading my comment From a thread yesterday about that album… CH I can’t!

  3. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 16, 2012

    Love Katy Perry, she looks gorgeous. I need some new music from Katy Perry, please make it happen.

  4. ThatThang October 16, 2012

    LMAO at all of the shade being thrown in this barely paragraph long article.. i don’t understand what Mariah Carey has to do with this lol

  5. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 16, 2012

    Oh and Teenage Dream sold more that 4closure? Signs of the times Bey??

  6. RIH October 16, 2012

    Teanage Dream sold more than 4gettable’s WW sales in the US alone. Stay pressed Samantha!

  7. TeenageDreamer October 16, 2012

    Katy is Queen!
    I didn’t know she outsold those three waste of spaces. Get it together girls. Get it the f*** together.

    What kind of b**** gets five number ones from one album when Mariah and Nicki and Rihanna can’t even get any more than one. Worship her and all will be.

    • RIH October 16, 2012

      Ok calm the f*** down b****!!!!! She pimped the f*** out of that album to try to break the TRUE KING (Michael Jackson’s) record. The b**** had remixes with rappers, (Kanye, Missy, B.O.B) and a re-release, and she was still only to push 2m in the states. You are reaching too much you tired piece of s***!!!!!!

    • bob October 16, 2012

      mariah cant get more than one number one?? seriously ha
      u fail i think considering she has 18 number ones

      • FAF October 16, 2012

        Nicki has the most placements on BBhot100 of a female rapper & she not a WHITE POP SINGER!

        U can never shade the QUEEN’S ACHIEVEMENTS!

        Are u forgetting her skin is black & she curses in her music?

  8. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 16, 2012

    I just find it hilarious that her US sales alone dwarf 4closures worldwide sales. So much for q critically acclaimed album LMAO.

    • BIG DOGG October 16, 2012

      I just read on ATRL that the overall, worldwide sales’ total of Kunty’s 3 albums has just crossed the 11 million of “Dangerously in Love”!

      Great Job, Kunty!

  9. DOSSOME October 16, 2012

    Congrats Katy on the success of TD…Only 2 albums in history produced 5 no.1s,one of them sold 30mill w.w and the other sold 5.5mill w.w.(yes,that’s shade)…the mariah shade=EPIC FAIL.Try another one

  10. Career Ender (Fierce Warrior) October 16, 2012

    Yea Sam shade Mooriah Shady McGrady carey…. Memoirs of an uncertified album

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 16, 2012

      LMAO, even Pink Friday is certified.

      • FRESH October 16, 2012

        With you Avi pic being Beyonce….

        A More Appropriate Name would be….

        Career Ended.

        Catch That Shade !

      • BIG DOGG October 16, 2012

        ” Career Ended . . . And Then I Woke Up “

    • FAF October 16, 2012


      @Beyonce’s Weave HUN u mean Roman Reloaded

      Pink friday has SOLD over 2.7 Mil copies

      Roman reloaded is RIAA certified though & has sold 650000 & counting since April

      #Re-up will send her sales into PLATINUM!

      Nicvember 19th!

    • MC October 16, 2012

      Memoirs is Certified Gold in the U.S. and Platinum in the world, meanwhile your fave could barely sell Platinum in the U.S. and 2.5 mil in the world with her 4th album. #poordat #EpicfailatshadingTHEQUEEN

      Forgotten you fave worships Mariah? Guess so…. #dumbbitch

    • JOHNVIDAL October 16, 2012

      Retarded h**!
      Memoirs is certified Gold whether u like it or not. Any of your basic faves wish to have a gold album when they reach their 13th album or so (don´t remember how many albums Mariah has released)

  11. BEYONCE’S WEAVE October 16, 2012

    Didn’t Katy also shade Beyonce by stating that a RIhanna-Katy duet will be iconic unlike Beyonce-Shakira lmao. That beautiful liar song was a snooze fest. Shade that thief Katy lmao.

    • BIG DOGG October 16, 2012

      Yeah, and don’t forget to read about the seat that The BeyHive gave to her soft white ass on Twitter.

  12. bob October 16, 2012

    Mariah shade not needed i mean come on she is who she is
    sold what she sold and has the talent she has
    plus shes been out since the early nineties
    since before the rest of them chicks were sucking on their mommas tits

    katy perry is not even qualified to lick mariahs shoe

  13. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) October 16, 2012

    She has thunder thighs.
    I see Katy Scary is still dating that racist….birds of a feather.

  14. LTM October 16, 2012

    I dont like the idea of her with racist John Mayer 🙁

  15. thman October 16, 2012

    Sam is such an idiot. He’s supposed to be a music bloger, and acts like he wants artists to do well, but he post shyt like this. Mariah is out of all of their leagues. Katy is cool, so that will be left alone. Rihanna… Nicki…. What the heck do they have to do with her being out with John Mayer. Stop being desperate for hits. Sam is trying to throw top artists name into the mix for hits lol. Pathetic. This whole post is an entire fail.

  16. MC October 16, 2012

    Teenage Dream has outsold “4” in case your disordered brain forgot that little glitch of detail.

    • thman October 16, 2012

      Both in the states and ww. He isn’t a legir blogger, more like a stan.

      • thman October 16, 2012


  17. Shady1 October 16, 2012

    This website is so pathetic clownin’ legends yet bigging up lessers like Katy “No Talent” Perry, Nicki Trashnaj and Brandy “The Girl That Don’t Need A License”–Memoirs went Gold in U.S. and stands at 1.4 million worldwide pluse “Obsessed” went platinum with over 1 million downloads. Plus who cares if these girls sold better than her–Mariah is nearly 23 years into her career and still getting certified–these girls are only on their 2nd or 3rd albums so of course they are going to be smashing but lets see if they make it over 20 years and 14 albums#BOOM

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