Hot Shots: Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Sister’s B’Day In Paris

Published: Tuesday 16th Oct 2012 by David

{Image Removed As Requested}

 Before arriving at the Palais Ominsports de Paris- Bercy to deliver the French showing of her ‘Dance Again‘ Tour, Pop stunner Jennifer Lopez celebrated her sister’s birthday party last night, in Paris’ Buddha Bar.

Joined by manager Benny Medina and boyfriend Casper Smart, the Lopez clan enjoyed a night of wining and dining in honor of Lynda‘s 43rd b’day, marking the latest sighting from the family- who arrive in Ireland in a day’s time in further support of Jennifer’s tour.

More snaps below…

{Image Removed As Requested}

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  1. 50 Degrees of SHADE October 16, 2012

    No one is checking for this

    • LovingLopez October 16, 2012

      Yet you were the first to comment. Giraffe p**** b****!

      • 50 Degrees of SHADE October 16, 2012

        Cute, real cute, but no one is bothered boo. Try again.

  2. Beyonce’s Weave October 16, 2012

    I just want Casper. Casper needs to sit on my face. He is so fine, I would be up on all of that, yum.

  3. DanceWithMe October 16, 2012

    My body is ready for Casper. He’s much better looking than that penisless kitty kat Flopriah is married. Casper looks like he got a backbone, if you know wadda mayne.

    • EmancipationOfMimi October 16, 2012

      How funny. Casper is more of a man than Nick? Boo boo, I’d urge you to google your beloved Casper and when you do you will see that he’s fishier than Love’s sales. How much has this pile of trash sold so far again?

      Not even 100k? Oh poor dat.

      • Diob October 16, 2012

        Nick cannon has been in the industry for many many years. Casper is a dancer. Its a big difference.

      • k October 16, 2012

        B**** shut the F UP love? at 1.1 million worldwide
        So take a seat

        How is Triumphant doing?

      • MC October 16, 2012

        Doing better than any singles from “Love” (other than OTF). You failed, big time.

  4. LOVEJLO October 16, 2012

    lookes like some1 is mad,,,,, case jenny Lo is winning

    • EmancipationOfMimi October 16, 2012

      What would I be mad about? That Jenny and Tommy M stole so many of Mariah’s songs a decade ago.
      She’s a dirty lying cheating b**** whose dating a guy who clearly prefers sausage over tuna.

      • Diob October 16, 2012

        She can’t steel a song that was given to her. Mariah is just bitter that she was getting washed up and Jlo was blowing up. If tommy M gave the song to jlo Mariah needs to deal with it. Mariah is a legend and had one of the greatest voices in the world before 1998 no less but she as well as her fans need to realize that she can’t just do/say whatever she wants. Dont be so threatened by every woman that comes into the industry because no one will ever be what Mariah Carey is. Case and point mariah was threatened by Jlo. Jlo can’t sing no where near as well as Mariah could but at the same token Mariah could never/will never put on a show like Jlo can.

      • Heartbreaker1994 October 16, 2012

        First of all I’ll need you to learn to spell. S.T.E.A.L.
        Another thing, how dare you insult Mariah and call her washed up. Hero has sold more copies than all of JHoes albums combined.

        Another thing, don’t ever compare her to Mariah again. When Mariah was out in the world breaking records Jlo was sleeping with any man the industry could throw at her.

        Diddy, one of her dancers, Ben affleck, shall i go on?

        Now she is sleeping with Casper who anybody could have told her would rather “take it” than “give it”.

        Accept that Jennifer is just a dancer who got lucky. A poor mans Paula Abdul if you will.

      • k October 16, 2012

        moo moo aint s***, she f***** Tommy for a record deal

      • MC October 16, 2012

        Show me the receipts. I thought so….

  5. LOVEJLO October 16, 2012

    go jenny enjoy have fun case the HATERS gonna hate dont matter what u do babes

  6. k October 16, 2012


    Take a seat, stop living in the 90s, where is Mariah on the charts now, stop bringing up her inflated sales and payola number 1s no one gives a f***

    your B**** MOO MOO is playing Jlos clean up lady on AI

    Now fall back

  7. LOVEJLO October 16, 2012

    u deserve your success

  8. Suicide Blonde October 16, 2012

    She’s so hot, i’m in love with her, i’m gonna marry her someday, i know, i know.

    • MC October 16, 2012

      W****. How many people are you going to marry? Justin Timberlake is definitely taken by me! You are not talking good care of him like you said you would.

      • Suicide Blonde October 16, 2012

        I know, i hate Jessica, she is doing some Voodoo to him coz i know he would never marry her.

      • MC October 16, 2012

        I want her voodoo so Justin will come to me….and stay forever…..*sigh*

  9. Justin October 16, 2012



  10. bibi93 October 16, 2012

    Good JLo

  11. m October 17, 2012

    how could u hate this lady .. she is a goddess i adore her

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