Watch: Rihanna Takes ‘Only Girl In The World’ To Baku

Before watching Benny Blanco‘s ‘Diamonds‘ hit #1 on the UK Singles tally, Rihanna journeyed to Baku‘s Crystal Hall to celebrate the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup tournament on Saturday night.

Wowing fans with an energetic set, her set comes before the launch of ‘Diamonds World Tour’, which will come in aid of her seventh studio LP, which boasts cuts penned by Elijah Blake, Sia and ‘Think Like A Man’s Eric Bellinger.

Peep Rita Lite in action below…

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  1. Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012

    Keep doing you caribbean empress, black men out here hating on your succes, it’s disgrace…black people will never progress.

    • barbie October 8, 2012

      is the battery dying in that mannequin?

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      Rihanna named top pop star
      Rihanna has been named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years, in an analysis of her chart performance.

      Rihanna has been named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years.

      The ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker tops the US music magazine’s list of the most successful artists in the history of its Pop Songs chart, which started on October 3, 1992.

      The magazine awarded her top spot for her achievements on the chart, which include 34 appearances with 21 top ten hits, and nine number one songs, an accolade she shares with Katy Perry, placed at sixth on the list.

  2. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

    that was kinda cute , voice still horrible but a cute a set for her

    • Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012

      thanks for thumbing down my comment peasant. #pressed

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

        what goes around come back around my baby#neverpressedjustblessed

      • Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012

        a blessed person don’t spend their whole ife dedicating it to hating someone whose successful. bless? more like stress 😉

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

        Never hate don’t take me expressing my opinion as hate it’s an opinion. I wish riri much success no shade she is my BLACK sister.

      • Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012

        lol opinion, you i see you straight up post hateful comments on rihanna’s post countless times so don’t come in here teling me about “opinion” lol…my black sister, i can’t.. child take a seat.

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

        say what you want hun , but it’s the truth I will admit I do shade her and I will cont to shade untii she pull it together.
        I don’t have seats I lay in my bed looking at the lovely skyline of NYC #youtaketheseatarebetteryettellrihannatohaveaseat

        Have a Blessed day hun no love lost.

    • THE DIAMOND NAVY October 8, 2012

      As beautiful and poise as Beyonce is, her fan base is made up of ratchet ass bitchy divas who bash any artist who become a threat to her. And yes Rihanna is Bey’s biggest threat. So Beyhive.. I suggest you stay bashing

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      You know something is bad wrong with a fan club
      when there or over 300 comments and over half of them
      is calling RIHANNA out of her name or saying how bad she sings, dance and perform. I might be called the link queen but one thing is for certain i don’t hate on anybody with the mean spirited comments that the Bey Hive seem to always try to flood all of the rihanna post with they do a super job of taking the fun out of blogging here.
      On the beyonce post over half of all of the comments or calling Rihanna out of her name and they seem to always start the shyt and then squeal like a pig in heat when you say anything back.

      • Lax October 9, 2012

        Heeeeey haters let your light so shine that Others
        can share in your glory. Don;t be like Rihanna’s many haters who tries to ride her like Roy Rogers rode Trigger for no reason at all. There is no logical reason to hate or dislike her to this level, none at all. Rihanna will keep making it rain on these H*** simply because She has the know how and the power to do just that.
        Rihanna covers the ground She walks on and then some. With the level of dislike out there for Her by these Nappy Headed H*** Rihanna is clear on a few good things and that is for Her to keep Her foot to the pedal. There is many of these H*** who don’t have a Pot To P*** in or a Back Yard to pour it out in and theit asses are still Bitter, Pissy Pressed and do i love the Phuck out of that and so does Her Massive Navy the world Over.

  3. MC October 8, 2012

    According to the Navy:

    ~ sabenadarko55 (YouTube Navy)
    “there ain’t nobody better then RIH……!!!!! thimbs up if u a navy<3"
    ~shiraz123new (YouTube Navy)

    • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 8, 2012

      They are so stupid.

    • lordmir October 8, 2012

      not joke of the day but joke of the year .

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      Rihanna i told you about Beyonce…

      The ‘Crazy In Love’ singer, 31, has been supportive of Rihanna in the past especially as she is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation but since her reunion with Chris Brown, and ‘wild’ behaviour in recent weeks that has seen her allegedly throw up in a club on a night out, Beyonce fears that RiRi is getting out of control.

      “She’s told Jay that RiRi’s beyond hope and just isn’t their problem,” the insider told Now magazine.

      “This drama has been going on for so long and people get hurt because she won’t grow up. “Bey wants Jay to keeps his distance.

      Rihanna why don’t you drop Jay as your manger
      so Beyonce and Her Mofo Bey Hive can sleep at night.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        Hmmmmmm Rih Beyonce
        Seems to think that you or out of
        Control Rihanna….

      • James227 October 8, 2012


        Rihanna why don’t you drop Jay as your manger
        so Beyonce and Her Mofo Bey Hive can sleep at night.

        I so agree with you on that comment and have been agreeing with you here lately

      • mob October 8, 2012

        I don’t know ow true this is but if Beyonce had the nerve to try to drag Chris Brown the b**** can kiss my ass! Because Rihanna and Chris who are JUST FRIENDS spend time with each other and other friends on occassion does not give Beyonce the right to judge. Not when she is married to Sean’ JayZ’ Cater a DRUG DEALER THAT SOLD DRUGS TO MEN WOMEN & CHILDREN. A MAN WHO BEAT WOMEN – SEE FOXY BROWN & AMIL LION. A MAN THAT STABBED PRODUCER UN RIVERIA & LIED ABOUT IT IN COURT!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 8, 2012

      Mc, the only think there that isn’t personal opinion is the Micheal comment which is b*******.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        What i do know and that is , when ever there is a
        person who is good at what they do and have got
        a following, as far as who like that person and who don’t like that person and One Fan/stan group goes after that person, artist, etc so dam hard they done forgot their first name it’s something bad wrong with that Fans group or either the artist, person, etc that they or going after Persents a “Clear & Persent Danger to them or their Fave. Before chris and rih got in to it, they was the talk of the town you know especially like when they was on the stage and i am beginning to believe that Jay is the one who started shyt between the two of them. It is true that they they wanted to keep that Baby they bought away from Rihanna if she made friends with chris. It’s pitiful when you have as much talent as chris does and made a Mofo mistake he and Rih and they want to try and control Rihanna’s life by threats, Beyonce is a dam SNAKE, and shes A DEADLY OF ANY OF THE SNAKES, BEYONCE WANTS TO KILL CHRIS AND RIHANNAS CAREER IF THERES ANYWAY THAT SHE CAN DO THAT. Now she want Jay to stay away from Rihanna like she and jay are picture perfect, Beyonce has KILLED SO MANY careers and stolen FROM SO MANY and if Rihanna didn’t have that “It Factor” and worked as hard as she works she would have been robbed of her $$$$$ and sent back to Barbados some years ago, phuck the dumb,,, soooo all of the things we all read about JAY FORGIVING CHRIS and worrying about Rihanna’s Career instead of Rih’s chooc, was/is a lie because we see that Beyonce has been on her job of trying to figure out a way to MUDDY the water for Rihanna, a lying stealing rich country bytch…

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

      I’m sorry but Rihanna is not the next Michael Jackson, that title was supposed to go to Usher until he started becoming luck luster, he needs to come back hard.

      Rihanna is more like the next Madonna, she is the Black Madonna.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        @BEY HIVE kiss my ass in advance with yo bitching , hateful asses.

  4. JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2012

    Girl you´re not moving, you´re very young, at your supposed prime, your voice is average so it is not gonna suffer a decline for using it a lot… can you please sing with a little more emphasis at least or something?? 🙂
    I´m not even saying sounding too good, it´s clear you´re not a vocalist, but hell a little bit of life in your performances girl. You are a pure pop “artist”. You are supposed to give something on stage since you´re not going to give us musical greatness. Wake up girl… if only for your own pride

    • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

      its like she don’t care or respect the CRAFT

      • Likica October 8, 2012

        H** HUSH!!!!!!!!
        You are obsessed with Mariah and Whitney seriously. If someone doesn’t have voices like them it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t sing. Don’t forget that Whitney lost her voice. They can both outsing Madonna, but Madonna will always be bigger than them, she has sold more albums/singles/records and her grossed the biggest tours. Voice is not the only think that makes you successful. They were great in their primes, but no one is checking for Mariah now. Whitney’s last album I Look To You was a flop as well. And I think that Pastora Soler and Marta Sanchez from your country have better voices than Whitney/Mariah.

    • RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

      dear john , let it go , u knowu can ignore coming to her posts and blast MC’s 90’s albums or something , right ?

      Rihanna is just a moody performer , it is not a good thing , but she really is , her mood always get the best of her ! and there is something with moving while singing , she can’t sing while moving , that’s why she always ALWAYS sound good when she sing while not moving , so …..

      Whitney is dead , so the voice is Dead , no one gonna be better than her , so why u even bother if rih sound good or not ?!!

      • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2012

        When did I name Gaga on here? Ok I just talked about Rihanna. And you her stans are pressed at normal arguments and are the ones bringing other names (all of them more talented than her). Gaga´s hand movement after vomiting>> Rihanna´s whole performing skills LOL
        And now trying to come for Gaga cos of lipsyncing? Please. You are too focused on her though. I´ve not watched any Gaga video from her tour, and it´s been months since it started. I´ve not bothered. It seems you follow each and every one of her stops around the world
        Are u waiting for when people on blogs (not reality) jump more on her bandwagon again so you can too?

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      @JOHN,,,,so now you want Rihanna
      to walk on water, right! only on that
      Grape can u come accross clowns
      like these.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        Rihanna named Top Pop Star
        Source: Bang Showbiz
        Date: 8 October 2012


        Rihanna has been named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years, in an analysis of her chart performance.

        Rihanna has been named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years.

        The ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker tops the US music magazine’s list of the most successful artists in the history of its Pop Songs chart, which started on October 3, 1992.

        The magazine awarded her top spot for her achievements on the chart, which include 34 appearances with 21 top ten hits, and nine number one songs, an accolade she shares with Katy Perry, placed at sixth on the list.

        The top ten was dominated by solo women singers, with Usher the only male, and Black eyed Peas the only group.

        Pink is in second place, followed by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2012

      Wow you are all so pressed at the non talent your fave shows
      Why shouldn´t we people with common sense say the truth??? What the hell do Mariah, Whitney and Madonna have to do with Rihanna´s mediocre ass now??? Who named them on here? You all cos your pressed!
      I made a valid point about Rihanna on stage with arguments. Any other b**** is better than her: Xtina, Gaga, Alicia, Beyonce (and you know I can´t with that girl), hell even Katy Perry at least is a songwriter… I don´t know something. Even JLo´s nonsinging ass slays her when it comes to perform

      Of course voice is not it all. If it were I wouldn´t consider Lana del Rey´s album the best album of this 2012. But the point is Rihanna has not a great voice and she has not anything at all. You get it now? Ok

      To the person talking about unknown flops from my country… please. Better than Whitney and Mariah who are among the best singers (and writer in Mariah´s case)of all times??? Get out of here. Marta´s voice is very nice but it stops there. the other one… did she ever have a career at all?
      This is a joke

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        @John and while Rihanna does her best and that is all
        that is required of her perhaps that is why BILLBOARD has

      • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2012

        That refers only to pop singles charts right??? What is so surprising since she is the only act who does pure pop (and radio friendly) pop again and again and again???
        When was this post about success at all?
        We are talking about talent (lack of in her case)

      • barbie October 8, 2012

        @JOHN, they will NEVER get it. All the singles that keep boasting are purely the creative input of the songwriters and producers.

        IF Rhi created something and won awards for that something, THEN it will be great. But to do a voice over on something that is conceptually complete, simply replacing the voice on the demo is nothing to praise.

        All the other artists bring something to the table. They may not have many hits but they can claim ownership of something created. Nothing rih “sings” is hers.

      • JohnVidal October 8, 2012

        I know!

      • Likica October 8, 2012

        Marta Sanchez a flop? LOL girl take a seat. Colgando en tus manos is one of the most popular Spanish songs ever. Her voice is great, not nice. 😛 Pastora Soler has a great voice and she is very popular as well, so stop your excuses. Btw if you don’t like Rihanna why do you keep telling the same thing over and over? Just ignore her. I never comment on Mariah’s posts because that irrelevant flop is not my piece of cake, her time is over. Rihanna does write her songs, she co-wrote almost all Rated R album so what’s your problem? You can like her or not, but her music has had a great impact on pop music. Umbrella is one of the best pop records ever. She definitely made a huge impact on music industry with her singles and videos. I’ve never said her voice is great, I know it’s not, but I do like it, it’s unique and different. She can definitely sing (Katy Perry can’t) and her performances of ballads are always better than when she perferoms dance songs (they are full of autotune). I mentioned Madonna because she’s not a great singer either but she’s the best selling and impactful female artist of all time. You keep putting other singers down by telling they are mediocre/they are not Whitney/Mariah. They are not the greatest, deal with it, there are singers that can outsing them, they are not untouchable.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        barbie Rihanna’s name is still on what ever it is u low life.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 9, 2012

        wow what a piece of ignorant b*******. Mariah (who is one of the 4 biggest females of all times) is a flop but Marta Sanchez is not? And Pastora Solar doesn´t even have a decent career please
        Clearly you don´t know about voices eitehr if u think those two are better than The Voice and The Songbird Supreme
        Marta has not has a hit in years either. And her catalogue is pretty basic
        We are talking about first class musicians here hun. Not irrelevant flops or international goats who can not even move
        Now move on and please don´t reply to me anymore in future posts. You probably think JLo is amazing too LOL

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

      How can you tell how her voice sounds like when Samantha uses Davidina’s cheap ass, 2.0 MP android phone to record her performances. You cannot tell how her voice sounds like because Samantha is too cheap to get professional footage. He must be saving up for his s** change.

  5. boss October 8, 2012

    Not trying to be mean but what is her point…she can’t sing live for sh*t…that’s the only reason i won’t be a fan

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      That is why there is a saying that is true,
      different strokes for different folks! try it
      you just might like it. No one have a gun
      to your heads making you be miserable
      as hell being on a Rihanna post, idiot’s.

  6. DOSSOME October 8, 2012

    Plz sam,there is really no need to shade Rih…She shades herself everytime she’s on stage…Miss “black madonna” can’t even do something as basic as pulling a decent perfomance with her 0.5 octave vocal range

  7. krys October 8, 2012

    Aimé là ou desté là! c’est la deuxième femme noir après béyoncé à être aussi connus dans le monde! Et ca c’est quand même une fierté!

    • Hilly October 8, 2012

      Connue ou pas, ça n’empêche pas qu’elle n’ai aucun talent! Après c’est sur qu’elle donne beaucoup d’espoir pour poursuivre ses rêves! 🙂

      • krys October 8, 2012

        Aucun talent! si elle n’en avais pas elle ne serais pas là ou elle est! Après moi j’aime bien ce qui est commercial! Et tu as raison Hilly l’important est que nos artistes nous fasses rêver!

      • lordmir October 8, 2012

        L seul talent de rihanna c’est d’etre belle, elle n’e sera jamais une chanteuse. Sérieusement, faut avoir de la cire dans les oreilles pour la considérer comme une chanteuse talentueuse. Elle chante faux, elle danse pas ou tres peu, elle n’écrit pas ses chansons, ne compose pas ses mélodies. Arreter de nous casser les bonbons avec vos arguments a deux balles

      • krys October 8, 2012

        olah! je te dis tout de suite stop avant de dire que les gens ont de la cire dans les oreilles! moi je te dis pas que t’en as dans les tiennes! Plus comme je le dis ca vous gênes en quoi qu’elle écrive pas ses chansons et ses mélodies! à chacun son métier! si tout le monde pensait dans cette optique personne n’aurais de boulots!ceux qui font tout à la fois ca ne fonctionne pas comme ca! Et moi je m’en fous de ses lives! si je vais la voir en live c’est plus pour la voir performer! sinon tout comme britney j’écoute sa zik que j’adore en studio version!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 8, 2012

      Both of yall hoez r c****!

      • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012


    • RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

      I’m just waiting right here till the translation show up …

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        Rih keep your walking shoes close just in
        case you decide to not entertain the modeling
        is there i wonder what can these loose bytches
        skip that….

      • N October 8, 2012

        KRYS :

        ها هي الفتاة الموهوبة الّتي أحبها! أنها ثاني امرأة معروفة بعد بيونسيه, و لا تزال مصدراً للفخر.

        HILLY :

        أي موهبة؟ اذا قالت أنها تمتلكها في يوم من الأيام فــلا, ليس لديها موهبة, و السبب هو ليس أنه لدينا فنانين تحلم بأن تكون على مستوياتهم و حسب.


      • N October 8, 2012

        LORDMIR :

        كل الموهبة التي تمتلكها ريانا هي جمالها, حيث أنها لن تؤخذ في أي وقت مضى كمغنية.

        ربما قد أسددت أذنيك بالشمع حتى أنك تراها كمغنية موهوبة.

        أنها لا تغني جيداً, لا ترقص الا القليل, لا تكتب أغانيها, لا تلحّن.

        كفا حججاً واهية!

    • MACHIAVEL October 8, 2012

      Aaaah Mon Dieu C’est La Premiere Fois Que Je Retrouve Une Conversation Francaise Dans Ce Site! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

  8. JJFan1814 October 8, 2012

    Yassss!!! Rihanna slaaaaaaays the haters! I’m planning on purchasing Seven at midnight on Nov 19th!! But I bet the haters will be the first to beat me to it!!!!! LOL

    #10 on the United World Singles chart!!!!

    Keep it up Rih!

  9. monstarebel October 8, 2012

    Cute boo xoxo i can’t wait for her diamonds tour

  10. Hilly October 8, 2012

    Laughed at 0:54, awkward as hell!
    So, I need to understand something, does she think she’s good on stage? Because she’s been doing the same crap for 7 years. What the hell?

    • lordmir October 8, 2012


  11. Auntie_Jackie October 8, 2012

    To each his own. I’m not here for stiff dancing or yelling. She sounds like she has fluid in her ears…pretty much all the time. I am here for those outfits, the stage design and the styling.

    • lordmir October 8, 2012

      finally someone honest.

    • kelly October 8, 2012

      She f**** up Rita Ora and Rita is blonde and white.

  12. truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 8, 2012

    Omfg sam u r KILLN ME WITH YOUR RHISHADE chile. Bad enuf i had to find a respirator for u shading her on being number 1 the other day but u at it again! NEVER LMAO SOOOOO HARD! U SO LOW DOWN SAM LOLOLOLOLOL!! I LOOOOOVE DIS SITE!!

  13. RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

    ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) just can not be performed live by rihanna , i really thank everyone in her back-up singers who add depth to her voice while performing this song , the one vocalist who sings ” want you to make me feel ..” get me everytime 😀 , so thank you whoever you are.

    now Rih , you got your chris back and you are sad no more , can u focus more on giving your navy what they really deserve , you make really good songs we all have good , fun-filled time listening to , but can you work on it when you perform ? coming from a loyal .. fan.

    and i really want a live performance of “Birthday cake” featuring Chris brown on the same stage !

    I just don’t feel those performances above , sorry rih rih , i prefer this one below of OG :

    • N October 8, 2012

      I don’t like your new name . . . “Rude Boy” would’ve been way much better. “Rude NAVY” is just . . . . . . . . . .

      Secondly, Rihanna is a GOOD singer. Her voice is GOOD, and people don’t buy her music only for catchy beats and tunes [ Rita Ora has already proved that ].

      As for her performances, they might not be as good as “S** on Fire” or something, but they’re NOT bad.

      I’m a Bey fan and I enjoyed “Where Have You Been” (live at AI) much more than “Run the World (Girls)” [live at BMA2011] to be honest, even though I love #RTW more than #WHYB.

      • RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

        i Like “Rude Navy” more now ! you all know me and my name in here , time for a change 😉

        and i know rihanna is good , her songs are great , her performances are “entertaining to watch” and we as her fans are happy !! but things can be better u know !

        i know you are a bey fan , but that beyonce billboard performance is something iconic ! i can’t deal with that one !! beyonce is a great performer , that one wig of her i can not come for 😆 !! rihanna performed WHYB perfectly in SNL !! in AI the camera man killed it for me and her vocals weren’t all that tbh.

      • N October 8, 2012

        I don’t see how #RTWBBMA2011 is “iconic”, though.

        S** on Fire >>>>> it.

        “S** on Fire” was very intimate, pure vocals, no backtrack, live instrumentals, and the song she covered was a legendary rock song, not one of her female empowerment songs about “Kicking a homeless N**** outta home in a moonless light”.

      • N October 8, 2012

        Anyway, you on twitter?

    • RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

      No , i closed Mine when Rih un-followed Me.

      • N October 8, 2012

        Her tweets/retweets >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

        8 hours ago :

        My homeboy told me “u can get these h*** to f*** me u just don’t try” why is it my responsibility to make sure u f***?

        It had me ROTFL

    • Lax October 8, 2012

      Bey is acting like She’s still jealous!

      • RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 8, 2012

        why would she when she is making money off of her

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        BIG DOGG is that Nut cake Blue
        Not the real BLUE, THE SMART, SHARP BLUE
        but that Nutt cake….who signs in like this Blue….

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        The 31 yr old crazy in love star has always been
        pissed, jealous and bitter that Rih has long ago
        out lasted her 15 minutes, but its still all good.

    • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

      The ‘Crazy In Love’ singer, 31, has been supportive of Rihanna in the past especially as she is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation but since her reunion with Chris Brown, and ‘wild’ behaviour in recent weeks that has seen her allegedly throw up in a club on a night out, Beyonce fears that RiRi is getting out of control.

      “She’s told Jay that RiRi’s beyond hope and just isn’t their problem,” the insider told Now magazine.

      “This drama has been going on for so long and people get hurt because she won’t grow up. “Bey wants Jay to keeps his distance.”

      Rihanna, who is said to be getting things back on track with her ex Chris following their appearance at Jay-Z’s show last week, was hardcore partying at the end of last month leading many to speculate that she was getting out of control.

      On September 20, she posted a picture of a dancer between her legs, but according to the source this is not unusual.

      “She’s been at Spearmint Rhino strip club every night, visiting private booths to get hot and heavy with girls.”

      In November last year, it was reported that Rihanna called Beyonce after suffering a ‘meltdown’ during her 101-date world tour.

      Rihanna nearly cancelled her Dublin tour-date last minute, but eventually decided to hit the stage.

      At the time a source told The Sun: “She’s just a young woman who just wants to have fun, but she was feeling pretty low.

      “It’s a mix of exhaustion and stress. She’s been partying hard to take her mind off things, but there are days when she wakes up and doesn’t even know where she is because of the travelling.

      “It’s no wonder she is feeling down.”

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        Rihanna this reads like Beyonce and her camp
        has planned on getting you out of the picture for
        good Rihanna ,,,watch your back…

    • THE DIAMOND NAVY October 8, 2012

      Reason Beyonce fans hate on Rihanna: ultimately and OBVIOUSLY because Rihanna is STANDING on Beyonce’s throne, 12 going on 13 #1 singles… Come on Beyhive, ya just mad

      • virtuoso intellect October 8, 2012

        See this is where u daft navy nevre get it right. Beyonce didnt build her legacy on number 1 singles. she only has 5 of them. Her throne is made up of a whole lot more than 99c singles. It contains accolades and accomplishments the salvation army could never afford of their mother’s lives depends on it

        PS: rihanna does not have 12 no1 singles.

      • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

        So DiarrHOEa is STANDING on Bey’s throne because she had more 129~99c~49c digital 5MB computer files to peak atop the weekly-refreshed chart of a country?

        You f****** tried, Kid!

        Bey has sold over 60 million albums and 4 million music DVD’s and 2 million soundtracks worldwide, what about DiarrHOEa?

        Bey’s lead / collaborative world tours have grossed more than $325 million, what about DiarrHOEa?

        Bey’s lead / main role movies have grossed more than $835 million in Box Office and DVD, what about DiarrHOEa?

        Bey has won 16 Grammys + The LEGEND Award (World M.A. 2008) + Billboard Millennium Award, how many Legendary awards have DiarrHOEa won to prove her as a LEGEND?

        You DO know that Bey will beat the f*** outta your fave when it comes to each and every one of these achievements, don’t you?

        You do!

        So keep it cool and don’t let me wipe my ass with your big f****** tongue right now and bleed your fav’s reproductive organs now, okay?

      • Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

        Hahaha, Big Dogg is such a liar.

        DIL 11 Million WW

        B’Day 5 Million WW

        I am…Sasha Fierce 5.5 Million WW

        4 2.5 Million WW

        As far as I’m concerned, that does not add up to 60 million. The FLOP-Hive really do try hard to inflate OLDyonce’s figures.

        Plus let us not forget Rihanna snatched BeyFLOPs crown a long time ago with GGGB.

        GGGB outsold B’Day worldwide

        LOUD outsold I am…Sasha Fierce worldwide

        Talk That Talk outsold 4 worldwide.

        That crown was snatched from THIEFyonce a long time ago.

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

      BeYAWNce needs to stop being a jealous ass b**** and leave Rihanna alone. Let that B**** concentrate on trying to get another hit instead of trying to gain fame by mentioning RIhanna’s name.

      Rihanna’s name has become so powerful that the B**** BeYAWNce is trying to cause a media frenzy by mentioning her name. Rihanna, pay this b**** no mind, your Navy loves you, I’ll be getting “seven”, will gift it to people and will most definitely go see you on tour.

  14. Lax October 8, 2012

    Since it’s very clear that RIHANNA will never get a fair shake
    no matter what she does, its a shame, but Rihanna don’t have
    to get good marks or good comments from ass holes who will
    shade her if she was CRAPPING gold blocks and giving each of
    you who dislike her two blocks each you would still complain, so
    It seems Senseless to debate with USELESS ass folks who will
    keep on complaining no matter what!

  15. commanderofthedancefloor October 8, 2012

    i cant stand her, i dont understand her purpose, i dont like her,

    YET!!!!!!!!!!! you are now on this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just thought i would point that out.

    the set was good, she was not stiff with her dancing it was cute, the audience went crazy she looked like she had fun and she was good vocally, i dont care what no one says.

  16. RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

    and she has a clear choreo for “cockiness” in here ?

    yaaaas 🙂

  17. Suicide Blonde October 8, 2012

    Only Girl in The Worldddddddddddd.

    • RUDE NAVY October 8, 2012

      and u post it in here because ?!

      we know beyonce exists , but we also don’t care about her ATM.

      keep it to yourself !

      THANK U

      • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

        I’m not really that cruel person to take one of the Fried Rats’ Asses my cats are having for lunch just to give it on your opinion, @POOP!

        You don’t like it, just SCROLL or else.

      • Lax October 8, 2012

        Dogg take your own advice and GTFO…

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

      So you post it here because Beyonce’s is so irrelevant she can’t get a post of her own? Find a BeyFLOP post and post it there, we are here for Rihanna. Love Rihanna.

  18. nunu October 8, 2012

    Really Sam like really yep he’s obsessed with rihanaa 🙂

  19. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 8, 2012

    I saw only girl she sang and danced per usual. Rih slayed Baku’s lives.

    • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

      She slayed the f*****’ blood out of Baku’s lives!

      Janet Jackson could nevah!

  20. leela October 8, 2012

    Beyonce did lip syhcn some songs at Roselannd tho… go back and watch LOVE ON TOP …. she lipped that one and sang some songs live… they all do that… some are sang live but some lip synched…. thats smart b/c she also needs to dance. …

    Neither one of them are Mariah or WHitney so its OK to lip sing as long as they can dance….

    • N October 8, 2012

      What the f*** are you talking about?

      ‘Love on Top’ is my fav song on ‘4’ since ‘Dance for You’ and I watched the live performance a million times. The movement of her lips exactly matches live vocals in each and every second.

      Another thing, look at how tired, breathless and red-faced she looked at the end of the performance, is that a woman who LIPSYNTHES her performances for God’s sake?

      I really can’t with y’all when you decide to stop facing things truely as they are.

      ‘Love on Top’ live at the VMA2011, though, = ‘Love on Top’ live at Roseland. I’ll give you that, everybody knows that. But L@R was lipsynthed? I can’t agree with you…

    • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2012

      But Rihanna can´t dance or do anything at all hun!!
      And yes beyonce does lipsync at times. She has always done like everybody else. It´s just a delusional fantasy her stans have about beyonce always singing live even when she feels on the floor and all that 🙂

    • virtuoso intellect October 8, 2012

      Mariah n Whitney lipped too though so whats the point of that analogy?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 8, 2012

        That real singers sing live any time they cant.

        IfMariah was as great as people claim she would not need to lip sync.

      • MC October 8, 2012

        @Benron (King Of The Navy)
        Come again? “If Mariah was as great as people claim she would not need to lip sync” If your fave is as “international” as you claim her to be then she would see albums and get a #1 U.S. album #oops

      • F.U.Sam October 8, 2012

        mariah carey cant get a hit song or album to sell period.
        rihanna outsells most of the #1’s that come around her time. hell even put togther…

      • MC October 8, 2012

        I won’t even try to defend a legend who has been in the game as long as Rihanna has been alive to a non-singing, non-dancing, non-writing, talentless “artist”. The fact alone that you are still talking about her 22+ years later (almost how long Rihanna has been alive) is incredible on its own. Good demented day.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 8, 2012


        Think Logically, if Number one albums = sucsess, why did Mimi go number one last time then flop. I do not except lip-synncing because it is the biggest form of mediocrity in performing. Sorry if you disagree.

      • MC October 9, 2012

        @Benron (King Of The Navy)
        Its not about #1 albums, its the fact that the Navy claims Rihanna is so “international” yet she can’t muster up to sell more than 1 mil. in the U.S. and 3 mil around the world. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album and #1s compilation albums have each sold over 5 million copies in the United States ALONE! Rihanna’s best selling album GGGB has sold 2 million copies in the U.S. This is all I am trying to get at. Mariah’s Glitter and Charmbracelet have both sold one million copies in the U.S. yet they are called flops when all of Rihanna’s albums excluding GGGB have gone Platinum or less. How does this make any sense? If she is so “international” and the “best out right now” why does more albums?? You know, if the Navy didn’t attack other fan bases so much no one would mention the fact that Rihanna has no #1 albums. Aretha Franklin doesn’t have a #1, but you don’t see people attacking her for it.

        As for the lip-syncing part… When you have been singing all your life (42 years) and have been performing, recording, touring for 22+ years believe it or not your voice loses its power. I can understand when the veterans lip (even though I am not for it) but its the young ones like Britney that I don’t get.

        “I do not except lip-synncing because it is the biggest form of mediocrity in performing.” I think barely moving (no choreography) while sounding terrible and having your stans/fans praise you is even worse. It all depends honestly, I am more understanding when Celine, Mariah, etc lip then I would be when/if Rihanna, Britney, J-lo, etc lip.

  21. kelly October 8, 2012

    My b**** Rih is international sell out stadiums in Countries that have never seen a black person in the flesh.

  22. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 8, 2012

    As beautiful and poise as Beyonce is, her fan base is made up of ratchet ass bitchy divas who bash any artist who become a threat to her. And yes Rihanna is Bey’s biggest threat. So Beyhive.. I suggest you stay bashing

    • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

      Honey child, DiarrHOEa hasn’t achieved 40% Beyo’s commercial achievements. How the f*** is she “her threat”?


  23. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 8, 2012

    wow i loved the unfaithful performance. a few mess ups but it was good. Rihanna u go!

  24. whyohwhy October 8, 2012

    The difference between a Beyonce, Alica, Christina and many more is that if you take away the beats, the backtracking, the back up singers, all instruments, makeup and designer clothes you will still have talent!!! Try that with Rihanna and see what you get? A baby goat trying to find it’s mamma..

    • BIG DOGG October 8, 2012

      [..] A baby goat trying to find it’s mamma.. [..]

      Thanks for slaying my ass with this.

    • KING-BREEZYONCÉ October 8, 2012

      A baby goat trying to find it’s mamma..
      B**** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • F.U.Sam October 8, 2012

      lmao! this was funny!

      she is still on of pops biggest names tho. lol
      she isnt on the beyonces, christinas, and alicias level…
      she is on the Madonnas, Britney Spears, levels…big diff, talent aside we know who are the most successful…

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 8, 2012


      Those are the most talented singers you coudl think of? GOOBYE!

  25. Boo October 8, 2012

    Love how this hatin ass site has yet to announce that billboard named her top 40 artist of the decade lmao

  26. F.U.Sam October 8, 2012

    did ya MothaF just say peep Rita Lite below!
    oh my gosh…what feaking stage is that h** on, singing her hits???

  27. Beyonce’s Weave October 8, 2012

    AAAAAHHHHH This was explosive, I cant wait to see you on tour RIhanna and I cant wait to purchase your new fragrance “Nude” for some friends of mine. You rock girl, I just love you.

  28. zzzzzg October 8, 2012

    If y’all love Beyonce,xtina, Mariah go support their flop albums and singles.You HIVS pay more attention to Rihanna than queen lace fronts.SMH. Rihanna can sing,dance and is very creative! She doesn’t have to be a powerhouse.At least she doesn’t whisper like ciara, jlo, Janet.those hos can’t sing.

  29. Oceanmate October 8, 2012

    I dare them to let her sing with an accustic guitar “Just Once”…LIVE

  30. BIG DOGG October 9, 2012


    I got two reasons to count DESTINY’S CHILD album sales as her :

    1- She was the LEAD vocalist of the f****** band, and if it wasn’t for her, the band would’ve ended up with like 10 million albums sold.

    2- According to DiarrHOEa NayZy,
    “DC = B (80%) + K M and instrumentals (20%).
    Should I give you a link to a post where you yourself said something like that?


    Anyway, if you wanna use MEDIATRAFFIC.DE for BEYONCE, even with DC sales not included, then you should use it for DiarrHOEa as well.

    According to,

    DIL — 8.5 million
    B’DAY — 5 million
    IASF — 6.25 million (see: Y.E. 2008 + Y.E. 2009 + Top40 charting weeks in 2010)
    4 — 2.5 million

    DiarrHOEa’s albums :

    FLOP Even If You Reach the Sun — 1.5 million
    A FLOP Like Me — 2.5 million
    Good Girl Gone Bad — 7.5 million
    Certified FLOP — 3.5 million
    LOAD — 5.75 million
    TTT — 3.25 million (I don’t really call this “relevance”)

    So let’s keep it f****** KOOL and not Go there!

    Because when it comes to “snatching” and selling albums, Your fave sucks on a Nicki Minaj–sized ASS!

    • Beyonce’s Weave October 9, 2012

      I am….Sasha Fierce did not sell 6.25 million WW, check IFPI data.

    • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 9, 2012

      @BIG DOGG

      i dont know where you got Rihanna’s numbers from. according to mediatraffic :

      ** mots: 1 million — not 1.5 million

      ** aglm: near 2.5 million

      ** gggb: 7.5 million

      ** rr: near 2.5 million — not 3.5

      ** loud: 5.75 million — because it charted inside the top40 albums in 2012 for zero weeks, so it’s not even close to 6 million, let alone 6.5 million.

      ** ttt: near 3 million

      total : 22.25 million after 6 albums, which means her album selling rate is 3.7 million copies per album, one million less than a standard worldwide platinum album mark (4.75 million).

      as for Bey, the numbers you posted are excellent. she sold 22.25 million with a less number of albums released, what makes her album selling rate up to 5.5 million copies / album, 750 thousand more than the SWPAM (mentioned above). and that proves her as an international Platinum seller, unlike Rihanna.

      • Katica October 9, 2012

        @We will stand tall…and face it all together
        International? Half of her sales come from American sales. Without them she would be an average album seller. Loud, for example, has just sold 1.6-1.7 million copies in the USA but it has sold over 5 million in other countries worldwide.
        Music of the sun has sold 1.5 million (600 000 copies in the USA, 176 700 copies in the UK, 7 500 copies in New Zealand, 100 000 copies in Canada, 50 000 copies in France, 170 000 copies in Japan, 40 000 in Italy, 10 000 in Switzerland, 30 000 in Germany – certified sales+ other countries, it’s certainly around 1 500 000).
        A Girl like me has sold more that Rated R for sure and its sales are 3.5 million (2 million just come from the USA and the UK), Rated R has sold 3 million copies. Good Girl Gone Bad has sold over 8 million copies for sure, I do believe it’s around 9 million. Loud has sold 6.5 million copies, deal with it. Talk That Talk – over 3.2 million.

      • Katica October 9, 2012

        Btw 4 has sold 2.1 million according to Mediatraffic.

      • We will stand tall…and face it all together October 9, 2012

        yes, i know.

        i can come up with sources all of which are much more assured than, and bey will have sold 27-28 according to them. but i said ACCORDING TO mediatraffic.

        i am sure a girl like me, rated r sold more than 2.5 million as much as i’m sure about bday and i am sasha fierce having sold much more than 6 million. but i used because most users do.

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