Album Review: Christina Aguilera – ‘Lotus’

Published: Friday 2nd Nov 2012 by Sam

Two years may not be the longest window of time. Yet, in the career of superstar Christina Aguilera the last 730 days have brought with them a series of challenges. For many, the most notable of these is the under-performance of  ‘Bionic’ – her ill-fated 2010 LP. Received well critically, the set struggled to ignite the charts in the manner Aguilera’s past releases had, quickly fading into Pop abyss.

Fast-forward to today and the climate looks altogether brighter for the self-branded ‘Fighter’. A rejuvenating stint on NBC’s The Voice has seen “Brand Xtina” back in business, clearing the commercial freeway for the 31 year old’s “comeback”.

Christened ‘Lotus’, the singer’s 5th studio outing is immediately noteworthy in that, despite boasting a loose narrative of “freedom” and “self-expression”, it’s the first of Aguilera’s post-teen-queen releases not tied to an overt “theme”. A fact that re-affirms her position as one of Pop’s most renown risk-takers. For, not only has the length and breadth of her success come from concept records, we’re in an era where top ten tallies often sound like the same song with different lyrics.

As such, from the onset, Aguilera tasks herself with standing out from the pack – in an era where the stakes are both higher and harsher. That Grape Juice attended the exclusive ‘Lotus’ album playback at Sony Music London today. Find out whether her risk paid off below…

The LP sets sail on whimsical note with the ‘Lotus Intro’. Clocking in at full-song length, the Electro Ballad is Enya-flavored, sonically soothing with great vocal layering courtesy of Alex Da Kid. And while the track centers on a narrative of being emotionally “set free”, it sets the stage for an album-long showcase of not just The Voice, but that Voice.

Indeed, for much of ‘Lotus’, Aguilera sings like the rent was due –- last week. From the thundering thump of lead single ‘Your Body’ to the haunting ‘Cease Fire’, the mother of one leaves no doubt that her voice is alien, other-worldy, epic. And while it’s a voice the world has known for almost 15 years, it’s one whose melisma never fails to mesmerize – especially on her latest collection of hits. Make no mistake; ‘Lotus’ is Santa-sack-packed with potential smashes.

Produced by Pop maestro Max Martin, ‘Let There Be Love’ serves as one of many standouts. Destined for the dance-floor (“let there be love, here here in this club)”, the high-octane cut sees Aguilera flirt with the brand of Electro-Pop that has dominated the charts during much of her bench-time. However, the track avoids generic territory in that it’s almost tailor-made for a vocal like Christina’s. She soars effortlessly, complimenting the pulsating production with her trademark acrobatics.

Elsewhere, the pace is slowed down with the sublime ‘Sing For Me’. A blazing R&B ballad, the song’s lyrics are soaked in both sorrow and triumph as they relay a narrative of hardship and overcoming. “I sing ‘cause I’m winning, I’m singing for me” Aguilera belts over the moody Aeon Manahan production. Boasting the “classic ballad” key-change, ‘Sing’ is easily one of the songbird’s most stirring efforts yet. Similarly, the anthemic ‘Army Of Me’ borrows from the same school of “self-belief” – only several decibels louder. Rock-tinged and boasting heavy drums, the Aguilera penned track is a sure-fire fist-pumper; although, the sprinkles of Dance on the chorus throw things off somewhat. For, what should be one killer cut, more often than not, sounds like three muddled songs in one.

It’s a minute flaw on a body of work that, for all its goodness, isn’t without moments of “why?” Indeed, while inoffensive, many will ask ‘why’ Retro-filler ‘Red Hot Kinda Love’ made the album. ‘Why’ is Christina singing in that butt-clenching ‘island’ accent on the otherwise solid ‘Around The World’. And ‘why’ – despite its fun-factor –  ‘Circles’ still grates. Co-penned by Aguilera herself, the track takes aim with “bitter haters”, commanding them to spin “round, round, motherf**ker, round” on her middle finger. For an artist who naturally drips “cool”, it’s uncharacteristically contrived.

Still, ‘Lotus’ is more than redeemed by a host of solid album tracks. Aguilera’s Voice cohorts Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton make enjoyable appearances on ‘Make The World Move’ and ‘Just A Fool’ respectively. The former, a funky Soul cut, asks the masses to “turn up the love / turn down the hate”. Flavoursome and, importantly, not “Pop-star-political”, the cut could give the album added legs if commissioned as a single towards the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, the Claude Kelly penned ‘Fool’ would make for an interesting litmus test of Aguilera’s commercial potential in the Country arena if ever released.

However, it is Sia number ‘Blank Page’ that serves as the centre-piece of the album. A first-cousin of Aguilera’s 2002 hit ‘Beautiful’, the stunning ballad boasts sparse production, showcasing the length, breadth, and strength of her voice. That voice.

As such, with ‘Lotus’, Aguilera delivers her most compelling set since ‘Stripped’. In an era where voiceless voices are topping the charts, Christina brings “ the vocal” back to the forefront against a backdrop of songs that are richly diverse. Songs she skilfully sews together with her trademark spark and “isms (“ya ya”, “ha”, and soulful growls affectionately lace each track). Packed with radio-ready hooks and melodies, the album manages to not compromise lyrical quality either.

The definition of Premium Pop, ‘Lotus’ serves as one of the most nutritious album releases in years. Tuck in on November 13th!

That Grape Juice Rating:

4/5 Stars


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  1. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

    Wonder how well it’ll sell…

    • Monstarebel November 2, 2012

      80k first week kiiii

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

        Really? That’s a little low.. more like 170,000 I think.

      • Rob November 2, 2012

        STFU you jealous negro!

      • mr.m November 2, 2012

        she’s not brandy or ci-error, negro 😀

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 2, 2012

        F*** this HUGH b**** and the COCKROACHES that defend the b****¡!=

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 2, 2012


      • Common Sense November 2, 2012

        I’m going to say 95,000-110,000 ballpark!

  2. Miss frappe November 2, 2012

    Can’t wait for this album!!!
    NEED IT!

  3. Monstarebel November 2, 2012

    The songs are decent but she needs more then decent to be relevant she needs that massive hit that will make her one of the top b****** in the game again same goes for Ciara

    • Monstarebel November 2, 2012

      all these dislikes hahaha I wasn’t even coming from a bad place yall can’t handle the truth I see well when those two sell less then 100k y’all gon be mad…

    • LaLa November 2, 2012

      She don’t care about sales, relevant big #1 artist & all the bla bla bla. As you can see there’s ZERO performance (or maybe promotion) of Your Body until now. She doesn’t give s*** about being TOP B**** in the game.

      TBH I can handle if Lotus sold 100 or 1000 cds. –>

      • Öz Firdevs November 2, 2012

        yap, she is LEGENTINA

    • Peter G November 2, 2012

      Agreed! She should’ve delayed the album a bit and make a new song which was lead single quality. She can’re afford another flop.

  4. Josu November 2, 2012

    Lotus by Christina and The Re-Up by Nicki Minaj, best albums 2012

    • ashtina November 2, 2012

      omg i can’t wait to have both of them!!

      • FAF November 3, 2012

        Look at Rishitta stans thumbsing y’all down 🙂 KI!!!!!

  5. tomuchenfo November 2, 2012

    I started reading the first two sentences then got bored AF.

    If she flops, nobody will be surprised..

    • mr.m November 2, 2012

      stfu, negro!

  6. Fucklilkim November 2, 2012

    Hate XTina!!!

    • xisme November 2, 2012

      Theres a song on their for people like you… Its called “Shut Up” ;-P

      The album sounds amazing, its definitely fresh, all current popular acts should take notes! No one can sing like this girl!

    • elias April 10, 2013

      Spin around in circles in Chritina’s middle middle finger

  7. Bey + MC Slay Your Faves November 2, 2012

    My body is ready.

  8. Elizabeth November 2, 2012

    Wow, I’m so exciting! I can’t wait!!!

  9. LOTUS2012ALBUMOFTHEYEAR November 2, 2012


  10. MonsterDNA November 2, 2012

    I wasn’t excited about this album until now. ‘Your Body’ was basic AF to promote her on the radio… but it failed. But as usual, her album will be good quality. Hope you’re not lying TGJ.

  11. AmbeRussell November 2, 2012

    It is very different than stripped, so no it isn’t stripped 2.0, but it is LOTUS. Some decent sounding songs, some genric beats that every1 has used but she obviously sings better on them than most. Is Linda Perry aprt of this ptoject in anyway bc what’s a Xtina album w/o LP? But I say iit will sell 165k if the promo is good. Tonights performance can help if it is a neww song. And ppl always calling her fat… well so what. She might need to tone up her body and wear stuff better for her size BUT her being fat shouldn’t be a reason to dislike her. It should be b/c her voice in her voice from A2-C5 alone shits on most whole range
    AmbeRussell on YouTube
    And stop the pointless hate and name calling. Doesn’t change what’s going on with your fav, or make u a better person

  12. HoneyB November 2, 2012

    I’m so ready for this masterpice

  13. LaLa November 2, 2012

    This bring me back in 2010, when TGJ rate BIONIC 4(4,5)/5. But I hope this time Sam & co wont slam Xtina as hard as before. Coz she deserve more love than the hate among the blogs.

    Anyway, I like the review & the new snippets. Lotus Intro is my top list thus far. & oh, She use Mickey Mouse theme, as a sampled for “Make The World Move” & use the iconic Lady Marmalade lyrics in “Around the World”

  14. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 2, 2012

    It does sound good so far but it doesn’t seem to have enough soulful numbers (like a proper RnB song) to really bring some depth to the record. I would also hope that an artist of her calibre could work with more diverse and talented legendary artists like Diane Warren, Babyface, David Foster, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis etc.

    As much as I want to believe it’s worth 4/5 stars I have two problems:

    1) There’s too much substanceless Dance orientated songs

    2) TGJ seems to give 4/5 stars to any artist it wants to get in bed with. Remember when they gave Kelly’s “Here I Am” album 4/5 stars?…

    I’ll wait and see, if “Your Body” is an indication of what’s to come it won’t get higher than 3-3.5/5

    • HELLOFORD November 2, 2012

      She’s made a point not to work with Diane Warren ever since they worked together on her debut album. If she wants a ballad, she’s gonna find people like Linda Perry and Sia to pen them not a formulaic movie soundtrack writer like Diane Warren or David Foster.

      The last thing we need is a popstar like Christina to become Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 2, 2012

        You have a point but it’s not about being formulaic, it’s about maturing. Christina seems to work with people she can control as opposed to those who know music better than her and can direct her talent into something legendary.

        Think about it, for all of the hype surrounding her “amazing” voice the only ballad in her 15 year career she’s known for is “Beautiful”. The others have been moderately successful but when you compare the hits Whitney, Mariah and Celine had achieved in their first 15 years you see why Christina is lagging behind. “Hurt”, “The Voice Within”, “You Lost Me” etc have been enjoyable but haven’t lasted. “I Turn to You” had a mature sound with some of her best vocals (on par with Mariah Carey) which easily rivaled the work of the 3 greater legends I mentioned.

        Christina needs a stronger guiding hand. MJ had Quincy, Janet and Prince had Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Whitney & Tony Braxton had David Foster, Diane Warren and Babyface, Whit also had Narada, Michael Masser, and Jermaine Jackson. Celine and Mariah have worked with many of the aforementioned including Walter Afanasieff and others. It’s the work of many great minds that brings genius, not one person on their own.

        Well TGJ don’t seem to switch sides so easily anymore. They now come up with excuses or ignore the subject entirely. Case point example, Kelly Rowland’s last album Titanic disaster and Alexandra Burke’s “Help Me on Hold”. Not a mention of it, yet Rihanna goes in at #3 and it’s “Ha-ha” she can’t score a #1. This while Kelly falls out of the top 10 in 1 week, sells 237k and can’t a single past #17 while Rih has a 4 week stint at #1 and 5 X Platinum single.. -_-

    • JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

      LOL that´s true. They always give 4/5 to any artist.
      I´ll have to wait and listen. These reviews are not too believable. Not to mention the moment an album flops (bionic case) they suddenly change their minds and give the girl or boy hell for months

    • MOB November 5, 2012


  15. ENOUGH ONIKA November 2, 2012

    OF COURSE TGJ is gonna give her a good rating, they’re biased. If they can get something from an artist (i.e. interviews, listening parties etc) they’ll stan for them. I’ll wait until I hear the album myself because I can never take TGJ seriously when they try and “endorse” an artist (Rita Ora)..

  16. HOTSTUFF November 2, 2012


  17. MC (Benron is a flop) November 2, 2012

    Sounds good so far. I just need to hear one more song (full), perhaps “Black page” or another ballad to be on board.

    • mr.m November 2, 2012

      It’s called balnk page, negro! 😀

    • MC (Ultimate Benron Stan) November 2, 2012

      *Blank Page

      Thank you mr.midget for correcting me. You know I think about all things black ALL the time.

      • KingBey November 2, 2012

        Lmao, Your name (Benron Is A Flop)
        Gave me f****** life. LMFAO.

  18. speechless November 2, 2012

    Im buying.

  19. Robinoost November 2, 2012

    I’m gonna buy it 🙂 im curious !


  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 2, 2012

    ‘Lotus’ is an amazing pop album if the snippets and all the other reviews are anything to go by. It’s supposed to be her commercial comeback, so from the get-go, I didn’t expect ‘Stripped’ 2.0. It’s more like a second debut if that makes any sense. It’s her re-introduction to the pop world that she abandonned in 2003 and now she’s reconnecting with it. And it does its job quite spectacularly. It’s her “I’m back and better than ever” album and it works!

    I just hope they don’t mess up the promo. I’m going to need a Christina takeover throughout November and December. And when this era is over, she can return to the studio, rediscover her poetic lyricism that made me a fan back in 2002, reunite with Linda and Sia and give us a true masterpiece.

    I’m ready to be slayed by ‘Lotus’ though 🙂

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 2, 2012

      I’m ready for Lotus too but THIS:

      “And when this era is over, she can return to the studio, rediscover her poetic lyricism that made me a fan back in 2002, reunite with Linda and Sia and give us a true masterpiece.”


    • Benji November 2, 2012

      I like the way you think… My sentiments exactly… Xtina is totally capable of an Album of the Year, Record of the Year, or Song of the Year. I’ve never expected her to follow in the footsteps of Celine or Mariah or Whitney… Although she has the talent, she can totally take it further and set forth a masterpiece that crosses genres… I agree, I totally see it as a reintroduction akin to her debut album, not a Stripped 2.0. But from the new snippets I’ve heard, she is singing the hell out of her songs… It is crazy good… Cannot, cannot wait to blast this everywhere I go….

    • Viniceo November 2, 2012

      Not at all her re-intro to commercial pop. The Lotus Intro sets the tone for another experiment on Christina’s hands. RCA made her put some songs there for commercial reasons, but Christina, the real one, is in most of the songs. I can not wait to Listen to Blank Page, now that Sia is famous (no one but a few of us music fans knew her before Bionic) the song will have more credit over radios.

      Commercial Christina will never be here again, and i hope so, if Christina ever lets go her freedom i will stop being a fan. The only thing wrong in this review is not saying that Christina is the ONLY risk-taker in today’s pop world. She gives pop a different taste, she makes it worth. I consider her to be this generation’s only real ARTIST in pop.

    • EJ November 3, 2012

      So in other words, it’s a regression and a creative step back. The last thing I need to hear from an artist who has been out for 13 years and has a slew of albums to their credit is that their new album is a throwback to their debut. Really? This new album is a reintroduction to the basic format of the album that had “Genie In a Bottle” on it? Last time I checked, she was a teenager anymore. When you’re over 30, you can’t go back to being 18. Furthermore, she spent years talking about how that sound wasn’t really her and how she felt forced and compromised. If she’s channeling it again, then I smell desperation.

  21. Tizz November 2, 2012

    Fair and detailed review! I’ve listened to the newest snippets released today and i’ve got to say, or maybe scream, I CANT FREAKING WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM! True, I have always been an avid (cough cough biased) Xtina fan, through the ‘highs’ 1999-2006 era, and the some would say ‘lows’ 2007-2011. I don’t want to dwell too much on the latter but I honestly do feel this is mainly due to the fact of her persistent ‘i want to experience life and wait 4 years to drop again unlike every other tom d*** and rihanna’ way of thinking. A mind-set I feel as a #Fighter is very noteable, yet tedious to say the least. However in an ever changing, fast paced industry, if your not delivering ground breaking music every time, as Rihanna once said, you’ll start Fading (away…away…). Hopefully all is not lost for Aggy. Lotus is sounding extremely fresh and if she gets her dip dyed weave in gear, this could certainly be the commercial life line she so desperately needs. There’s a whole new social infused generation out there and for her to be successful she need to promote her newly J-Lo contending ASS off! C’mon gurl, i’m rooting for you! Love an Xoxtremely Xcited Jamie T

  22. S****** Blonde November 2, 2012

    The album is more Pop, so is like “Christina Aguilera” part II, yep, i have that feeling since “Your Body” and Max Martin was involved so…..back to 1999.

  23. RoyalKev November 2, 2012

    I have most of her albums, so I guess she pretty much gets my support for the most part! I liked what I heard and I’m definitely getting Lotus! I’m rooting for her!

  24. Nichole November 2, 2012

    Christina always let haters get under her skin.

    Why not take the best route by doing like certain others, and not respond? M************ wrapped around her middle finger? How idiotic and pathetic.

    • all4u1 November 2, 2012

      Actually, Christina is just letting y’all haters know that she don’t give a damn!!!

      I love it!!!!

  25. DOSSOME November 2, 2012

    TOO LONG AN ESSAY,Something Lax would type…I’M gonna buy it just because Xtina never disappoints with her material & not coz of this blatant ass-kissing TGJ is displaying here

  26. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 2, 2012

    Im pretty sure it won’t sell like Katy, adele, Rihanna since she’s not an “it” girl artist anymore. I only care about the content. IMO she shoulda pushed it til December or January for more promo but as excited as I am can’t wait to hear it sooner than later.

  27. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 2, 2012

    Nichole, I see u a Brit fan. Didn’t that b**** have a mental breakdown shave her head and smash car windows? Kiiii

    • Nichole November 2, 2012

      And didn’t Christina bomb the National Anthem, showed up drunk at Mariah’s party, and got arrested a couple of years ago because she was drunk while her BF was drunk driving? Didn’t she show up to some dudes Golden Globe after party drunk, and uninvited?

      You get where I’m going with this? Before you dog Brit’s personal troubles, lets not act as if Christina is a saint.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 2, 2012

        LOL I can see you are jealous AF xtina has more talent than your fave will ever have which is why you are always leaving bitter comments. Britney tried to commit s****** once. Did you know that. So u saying xtina has low self esteem blah blah blah is null and void. No I’m not acting like xtina is a saint. But s****** is obviously the one with bigger problems under her belt. U know it’s true. And I will dog s****** if I wants. She sold 100 million have no talent. U have the nerve to talk about the true talent. YAWN. Bye.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 2, 2012

        bombed the national anthem? True and s****** will never ever be able to sing it! LOL.

  28. Monstarebel November 2, 2012

    This trick b**** won’t sell no more then 100k her first week..

    • LaLa November 2, 2012

      All you care just about the sales?! *side eye*

    • @THE_MALEMADONNA November 2, 2012

      Damn you mad??? B**** sit the f*** down. Christina is here 2 stay…PERIOD

      • Benji November 2, 2012

        make me holla honey booboo… PREACH… LIke XTINA sanging LET THERE BE LOVE!!!!! NOT GONNA FIGHT ANYMORE!!!!

    • mr.m November 2, 2012

      We’ll see, negro ..

    • MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

      It will flop even worst than bye-onic 😀

  29. theman November 2, 2012

    Christina is very talented, she has a great voice. She’ll do great.

  30. @THE_MALEMADONNA November 2, 2012

    LEGENDTINA IS BACK 2 SLAY !!!!! Fans we gotta make this 1 of her best 1st weeks ever… DONT BE CHEAP !!! Buy at least 1 for home and 1 for the car..

    • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 2, 2012

      Boo nobody has money for that. Christina is a millionaire while I go to school and my part time job, she’s not paying any of my bills.
      She better be happy I buy 1 CD.

  31. I Judge Flops November 2, 2012

    You say it’s 4/5 ??

    I think Xtina is one of the BIGGEST bullshitters in the history of music. This entire “freedom” s*** she tries to pull EVERY F****** ERA is so played out.

    I’m so tired of artist saying this album is about “freedom” “self expression” and all that. I want to DANCE.

    Nothing free about “i want to f*** your body” xtina

    anyway. I”ll be downloading it for free when it’s released and I”m sure it will be certified Double Trash Bag in a year just like Bionic

    • LaLa November 2, 2012

      ” I’m so tired of artist saying this album is about “freedom” “self expression” and all that.

      I want to DANCE.”


      Answer: It’s Easy, Go Enjoy J.Lo, Rihanna, Guetta, Flo Rida, etc.

      but LOL you will be downloading it for free of this bullshitters of Music! so you can dance your ass off!?? LMAO

    • @THE_MALEMADONNA November 2, 2012

      Whats the point of downloading it for free?? BROKE ASS…

  32. Miguel November 2, 2012

    It’s all very good

    but… why create such an album
    of radio-ready songs,
    including a first single by Max Martin,
    if you’re not even gonna bother promoting it?

    It’s been nearly two-months released, and over 2 months since it leaked on the web,
    and she hasn’t performed her first single live… not even once

    She has come from a massive sales flop… does she really think
    she can sell without massive promotion?

    • Benji November 2, 2012

      She’s under contract with NBC to perform live for the first time… Since they haven’t moved to the live shows, she hasn’t had a chance. She was scheduled for the VMAs but had to pull out due to her obligation to NBC…. Can’t wait till she slays live though..

  33. Peter G November 2, 2012

    Never go on reviews from large traffic sites, they obviously get paid what to say! I’ll wait to make ma own judgement!

    • Likica November 2, 2012

      LOL I Can\t at this comment sorry LOL

      Peter G Replied:
      November 1st, 2012 at 1:21 pm
      Everyone’s expecting ‘Not Myself Tonight’ or anything from ‘Bionic’ :-\


      truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) Replied:
      November 1st, 2012 at 5:04 pm
      @peter B**** go suck yo momma kat u h**! Im comn for u b****!

      • Peter G November 2, 2012

        Lol, I never saw this. Some people take s*** too seriously. That ‘truth’ person needs to know that when it comes I’ll be waiting! It needs to stop trying to supposedly ‘draaaaaaggg’ cause I’ll give it as good as I get!

      • Likica November 2, 2012

        It’s on this post, it was posted yesterday

        Peter G Replied:
        November 1st, 2012 at 1:12 pm
        Why is everyone feeding this troll?


        truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) Replied:
        November 1st, 2012 at 5:03 pm
        You stink p**** mutha fucka y the F*** yo B**** ASS comment for u flea bitten p**** h**! Go wash yo STANK P**** U B****!! WHO DA F*** NEXT CUS I JUST SLAUGHTERED THIS F** chile!

      • Peter G November 2, 2012

        Lol, Likica your a bit of a stirrer for bring this to my attention eh, but this c*** just didn’t. I just feel sorry for it for always having to be mad, I wonder why? The b****** doesn’t get loved properly it’s messing with it’s head. So it comes on this site and let’s out it’s aggression to get some attention cause it so desperately needs someone to talk to. Probably spend most of it’s time in a dark room hiding it’s fugly face. It needs to grow up!

    • GivingAwayFreeChairs_/_/_/ November 2, 2012

      @Truth you’re such trash!

  34. Peter G November 2, 2012

    Martin Max gives all his better songs to Britney Spears, She should work with someone else!

    • twaz November 4, 2012

      he produced Taylor Swift’s single too. gross.

  35. Realest November 2, 2012

    I will listen to it myself and get my own opinion.. This website is a stan for Christina and will give a VERY BIASED opinion on the set. That is why CREDITED review journals take neither fans or non fans of the particular artist to review as to have an unbiased opinion. With that being said I am open to hearing this album although I’ve been disappointed in her music as a whole lately, yet liking some songs. Follow me on twitter/Instagram @Mario_Miguelito

    • LaLa November 2, 2012

      fyi TGJ is NOT a stan for Christina Aguilera. But for sure, TGJ use Xtina as a blacksheep (most of timesss) to create stanwars & heavy traffic to the site.

      • Benji November 2, 2012

        They sure do… I’m not sure why everyone has it twisted like they don’t know that TGJ stans for some other people… I actually thought it was a great review….

  36. christinastherealtalent November 2, 2012

    This album will no doubt put Christina back on top and that keeps the haters spitting nails because they know once she reclaims her throne as reigning queen, there will be no room for all their manufactured fave gimmicks.

  37. tony November 2, 2012


  38. christinastherealtalent November 2, 2012

    And on top of that Perez Hilton or Lady Gaga no longer have the power to bring her down like they did with Bionic. Bionic may not have been her original vision for the material but it did fit into the current trend of music but you had Perez and Gagas team out there condemning the album and calling her a flop!

    • Benji November 2, 2012

      There was a smear campaign against Xtina… It is pretty well known by her fan base that Perez Hilton was hired to bash her every chance he got and plaster Gaga as the music industry’s Mother Teresa… I actually like Gaga, but there was no need to bash Xtina like he did… Xtina in no way made it easy for herself, but I kind of like that she didn’t bow or buckle to the pressue… It sort of makes Bionic that one unreceived album that every great artist has that is appreciated much later on….

    • MOB November 5, 2012

      Yea, PEZ Hilton’s GAY ASS makes me sick! He’s a dma FLOP at life. What is his purpose of that of that thing Joan Rivers. I’m tired of these freaks messing with artists and I’m not even a Xtina fan. Gaga is a freak of nature so so…………

  39. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 2, 2012

    I love Xtina but I honestly hope to God “Your Body” is no indication of what the CD will be like.

  40. mr.m November 2, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAS 4 the album of the year!!
    y’all pressed from now ..
    Xtina is comingggggggggggggggggggggggg
    LOTUS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • GivingAwayFreeChairs_/_/_/ November 2, 2012

      This video! lmaooooooooooooo.

    • MOB November 5, 2012

      OMG…..LOL this was freaking hysterical 🙂

  41. Gigi November 2, 2012

    Love the previews I’ve heard. I’ll be buying it.

  42. @091094_ Twitter November 2, 2012

    Hope she gets a number one she deserves it, Your Body was the perfect first single its current catchy af and has christina’s signature voice, I play that s*** daily, hope she does well

  43. ENOUGH ONIKA November 2, 2012

    I hope all this positive feedback and “i’m buying” statements translate into actual sales. TGJ is notorious for building artists up, but as soon as their album comes out and doesn’t “sell” like many hoped or predicted, they jump ship and deem it a flop. Curious to see if all this “go Christina!” cheering happens after the album drops..

  44. CRAMPED November 2, 2012

    From I heard I am giving it 3.5/5. It is a definitely a step up from Bionic. I wish Xtina the best of luck with it. I hope she sell at least 250K first week. lol

    But why is the current Pop Album Titles so bland, Like really? LOTUS? A plant? I dont care about the meaning behind it, still sound stupid to me.

  45. MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

    “Her vocals soar effortlessly”…
    Really? WHEN has she “soared effortlessly”??? Her sound is all about sounding strained, tense, choked, grunting and screaming in a ghastly manner.

    Bloatus will be an even bigger flop than Bye-onic 😀

  46. MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

    For someone who doesn’t care what her haters think, she surely spends a whole lot of time making songs to address those haters. She is bitter and insecure. Someone who is secure about themselves do not need to address the haters more than 1 line in 1 song and that’s it, and certainly not do all that self-help b*******. But I see why her stans like that s***. They are a bunch of obese white b******, anorexic little f*** and black pre-op trannies. All pariahs, they need all that self-help b******* and live vicariously through her.

    • Xadax November 3, 2012

      There’s more love in Lotus than your personal hate @MRDIVABITCH.

    • DIOB November 3, 2012

      I am a black male that isnt fat/obese or anorexic. I dont need anyone to life me up but if thats what christina wants to sing about then why are you mad about it?

      • MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

        But you are a queen, so you still fit the pattern of her stans 🙂

    • MOB November 5, 2012

      I’m not a fan but I can imagine that artists get feed up with the amount of hatred that is shevled their way on a daily basis. I don’t blame them from lashig out. Hell the sh*t even gets my nerves after awhile. 🙂

  47. Xadax November 3, 2012

    There’s more love in Lotus than your personal hate @MRDIVABITCH.
    Spin around in circles on Xtina’s mothaf*ckig middle finger.
    4 for the haters song, the rest is love s** & pray LOL

    • MRDIVABITCH November 4, 2012

      Poor you. Living vicariously through some fat b**** you haven’t even met in real life, worshipping her as a god, defending her as if she pays your bills. LMAO.

  48. EJ November 3, 2012

    Christina spent years running away from the “pop” sound that was associated with her first album, talking about how it wasn’t really “her” and trying to carve out her another sound for herself that was dramatically different from it. Now she’s running back to it. I smell desperation.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

      But, when has she NOT been pop? She has always been a pop singer at heart, not a soul/blues/jazz artist as she thinks she is…otherwise she would have fought to release a jazz album 10 years ago, like other younger vocalists such as Jane Monheit have done.

    • Dejae November 3, 2012

      I smell a fake. It’s true that she went out of her way to not do perky dance/pop music after her debut. Now that she needs a hit, she’s back to it. When the chips are down, phonies always show their true colors.

  49. all4u1 November 3, 2012

    Christina will always stay on all y’all haters minds. I can’t wait to buy the masterpiece ” LOTUS” !

  50. Chile November 4, 2012

    Wow…b**** still has an amazing voice, but doesn’t know how to use it… Xtina and mariah are in the same f****** place right now.

    Beyonce’s voice is effortless in my opinion and she knows how to control it well. Not straning or whispering.

    I love me some good christina n mariah, but chilen, please get it together.

    No shade to anyone (but your momma if you respond negatively to this). Just deal.

    • MRDIVABITCH November 5, 2012

      It’s true! Beyonce is the real “voice of our generation”.

    • MOB November 5, 2012

      “Wow…b**** still has an amazing voice, but doesn’t know how to use it… Xtina and mariah are in the same f****** place right now.”
      THIS 🙂

  51. twaz November 4, 2012

    Correction to the author: Lotus is Christina’s 7th studio “outing”
    1. Christina Aguilera
    2. Mi Reflejo
    3. My Kind of Christmas
    4. Stripped
    5. Back to Basics
    6. Bionic
    7. Lotus

    [Not including Decade of Hits which includes the single, “Keeps Gettin’ Better”]

  52. MRDIVABITCH November 5, 2012

    Bloatus got a less than stellar review from Entertainment Weekly
    They gave it a C-,,20643719,00.html

    You say you want a revolution? Good news! Christina Aguilera has already armed the battle-clones for war on ”Army of Me,” one of many thundering self-empowerment anthems on her fifth studio album, Lotus. ”There’s a thousand faces of me,” she hollers. ”And we’re gonna rise up…/For every time you wronged me/Well, you’re gonna face an army, army of me.” Which begs the question: Rise up against whom? Is the whole world really out to get her, or is this just an excuse to wear camouflage hot pants?

    If it sounds like Aguilera is in self-defense mode, that’s not a surprise. Since she released her 2010 clunker, Bionic, she’s gotten divorced, dodged tomatoes for her big-screen performance in Burlesque, and rebounded as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. But her mixed messages are too often unintentionally funny. After inviting America to ”turn down the hate” on ”Make the World Move,” an electro-soul duet with Voice costar Cee Lo Green, she spends the sassy kiss-off ”Circles’ telling her enemies to ”spin around in circles on my middle, middle finger.” And getting behind the bouncy peace-flag-waver ”Let There Be Love” is difficult when there’s a bonus track called ”Shut Up” that invites the haters to ”suck my d—.”

    Backed by megaproducers Max Martin, Shellback, and Lucas Secon, and boosted by The Voice, Lotus should have been Aguilera’s mainstream pop comeback. Occasionally she can still power through a chorus like a Russian weight lifter (see: ”Sing for Me”). Too bad most of these tracks digitally smother her voice, draining all the emotion until she just sounds bitter. It’s unclear whom she’s mad at here. But somehow Lotus makes you want to root for the other guy. C-

    • MOB November 5, 2012

      OH MY……LOL 🙂

      Sounds like Bionic 2.0 to me!!

  53. Eric November 5, 2012

    Yall full of sh!t and kissing her ass…why I don’t know, she not gonna do an interview with yall. This album is awful and so was Bionic. And for the the record Bionic was NOT well received amongst critics like the writer LIED and said, check

  54. MOB November 5, 2012

    “Black Page” sounds interesting but it will nt hold the audiences imagination quite like “Beautiful” did back i the day. Let’s just be HONEST! Xtina has he perfect set up!
    1) She is a judge on a popular TV program.

    2) She is a WHITE FEMALE so the fake ass feminist oriented media will support her no matter what.

    3) Again, the US is looking for an American counter to ADELE. Have they found it in TRAILER Swift – I say not but who knows? Or is the soulful voice of Xina gonna be the answer?

    I sai all this to say, Xtina’s project will be well received by a biased media no matter what it souds like. I’m not a fan but I do think she has a great voice!! But like Brandy, Monica, Keyshia Cole etc. who have equally nice voices, she needs to have the right songs to showcase her great vocal abillity.

  55. MRDIVABITCH November 6, 2012

    My review of Christina Aguilera’s “Lotus” track by track
    Lotus (Intro): This is really nice, sort of Enya-esque, her voice sounds great…and then she squeels like a p**.
    Army of Me: I loved the song. Not the vocals. As she dedicating the song to us her critics?
    Red Hot Kinda Love: Sounds like a mash up between a Kylie Minogue B-side circa 2002 and a Rihanna B-side circa 2010. The island accent i
    s cringe-worthy.
    Make the world move: Kinda “Black Eyed Peas” circa 2008, sounds dated. I liked the high harmonies with Cee-Lo though.
    Your Body: Rihanna B-side. Screaming.
    Let there be love: Rihanna/Chris Brown B-side.
    Sing for me: Another song for her “critics”. Screaming for everybody!
    Blank Page: Beautiful song. More screaming at the end
    Cease Fire: Leona Lewis B-side from “Echo”. I liked her vocals though. Another song for her “critics”.
    Around the world: Rihanna B-side circa 2006. I liked the vibe of the song though, was cool.
    Circles: Awwww, another song dedicated to her “critics”. How thoughtful for her. Easily the worst track in the album. Cool production though.
    Best of me: Kelly Clarkson B-side. Another song for her “critics”. Please decide, are you a tough b**** are you vulnerable? make up your mind.
    Just a Fool: Another Kelly Clarkson B-side from 2008. I kinda like it though.
    Light up the sky: Very cool song. The mixing and mastering are horrible though, when the chorus kicks in everything turns to mush.
    Empty Words: Another Leona B-side. Another song addressing her critics *rolling eyes*.
    Shut Up: Actually, this is the worst song in the album. The “farting”-like sounds is awful. Another song addressing her critics. Seriously Christina? Seriously?

  56. MRDIVABITCH November 6, 2012

    Listening to the song “Cease Fire” it makes me sad, because she is literally begging for the critics to stop attacking her…and the truth is that I don’t hate her…I want her do get her s*** together and rise up…It is the deluded, fanatical stans that I hate. So, though it saddens me that my criticism has contributed, microscopically, to hurting her somehow…since the deluded, fanatical stans worship her as a god and still bully, harass and threaten anybody who disagrees with them…I shall have no mercy on them…or her 🙂

    • irene46 November 9, 2012

      if you were truly saddened that your contribution to the massive negative onslaught has hurt her, you wouldn’t be pledging to continue dragging her or even gloating over the possibility of her ‘lotus’ album failing (nov 7, 2012 701pm).

      she’s been beat down to the point i won’t be a bit surprised if she’s unable to make a comeback with this album. the media has made her appear musically irrelevant by ignoring her and her accomplishments or otherwise creating a buzz of negativity where there was none.

      the media and the industry are totally unwilling to get behind her to rebuild her image the way they did for britney spears (and still do) when her career was faltering.

      i love the tone of christina’s voice (much more than beys on ballards) but more and more i ‘m coming to recognize the flaws also. to me, her tone usually outweighs the flaws (unless the runs and screaming are excessive).

  57. LaLa November 6, 2012

    The amount of @MRDIVABITCH in this post is ridiculous. *cringe-worthy comments* LMAO why you so obsessed with her Dahling?

    • MRDIVABITCH November 6, 2012

      Why are you so obsessed with me daaaaaaahling? And why is Christina so obsessed with he critics that he puts out an album pretty much dedicated to them? Seriously daaahling.

      • LaLa November 7, 2012

        lmao… whatever pleased you. you not even addressed why you wrote comments on this post MORE than her own fans (Me).

        You know what honey boo boo. Apparently (maybe) you never wrote/sing a song based on your experiences. & it’s OBVIOUSLY that she been through all the s***** years. been (& still) stabbing in all direction (media, perez, blogs, & all around bandwagon haters). It just like Adele wrote/sing alot of songs about BREAK-UP/Broken Hearted.

        so please… just stop your obsession towards her. & you know what. “Sing for Me” could be applied/related to yourself. & Circle/Shut Up also could related to the person that said bad things about your voice (tone).

        btw, so now… there’s no denying that your “Oh I don’t hate Xtina, I just hate her stans” is just a bunch of bullcrap. since well.. (look at your negative comments above). Honestly, you need help with your mental illness/bipolar/trollness. : /

      • MRDIVABITCH November 7, 2012

        Oh yes daaahling, I noticed. It’s like she dedicated the whole album to me (^_^)

        And I dedicate “Army of me” to the crazy deluded stans like you who have bullied me, harassed me and threatened me for years just for having my own opinion 🙂

        So how does it feel to know that I beat you, that I can defeat you, how does it feel? ‘coz it sure feels sweeter to me 😀

      • LaLa November 7, 2012

        That’s sweet then.

        …Bullied You?! Threat you?? with what??? *I bet you can’t give a receipt* LMAO. oh another delusion of the Bully person acting as a victim now.

        uh oh. I’ve never been defeated by you honey boo boo. only in your deluded fantasy maybe. lol.. oh you such a clown.. great one, you made me laughing.

        & oh will you try out for The Voice 4?

      • LaLa November 7, 2012

        Can you read your own comment?

        “And I dedicate “Army of me” to the crazy deluded stans like YOU who have bullied me” & this is not the 1st time you point finger at me dude.

        & wow, with the video post. Troll alert. I’m not even gonna play it. because as I SAID MANY TIMES… StAns = Stupid Fans.

        Wow… just Wow!

  58. Victor Casares November 8, 2012

    Mark my words, I think this album will do better than any of us imagine. & haters, no one that truly matter is affected by your word.. SHUT UP 😉 <3 you Xtina

  59. irene46 November 9, 2012

    i hope they release ‘just a fool’ as a single. good song.

  60. MRDIVABITCH November 15, 2012

    Awww @LALA
    Guess what boo? The album flopped as I predicted 🙂 it did even worst than “Bionic”. So how does it feel to know that I beat you, that I can defeat you, how does it feel? ‘coz it sure feels sweeter to me 😀

    • LaLa November 16, 2012

      lol, heya mr.troll here you are again without replying above comment. hahaha Classy!

      tbh I don’t care! tbh I even haven’t buy the Lotus CD just yet (maybe this weekend tho). Anyway………….. I’m not into Sales, Number & bla bla blas. never bragging about it anyway *if you pay attention to my posts*. so… shrug. lol

      & by that, in what case you beat me? whatever pleased you BB. I’ll let you feel this ‘sweet’ thing. because I CAN FEEL all of this time… Your ARE rarely taste Sweet things. because you have this sourly dark evil soul inside & out.

      Best of Luck to you.

  61. rich86 November 15, 2012

    @mrdivabitch,i don`t know if u are on meds or just plain straight up mentally f***** but if you read all these comments you`ll realise its you who comes across as an obsessive crazy lil bitter b**** literally replying to all of christina`s fans here.You run around here like some panty man acting like you are the s*** and all with your over trained bland voice. Get over it and get over christina aguilera ,stop acting so pressed you big wannabe.Every time i come to the grape juice i`m constantly seeing you fighting with her fans and always bringing her down,this time u have gone to far and you know when i come after you i can be pretty nasty in my remarks and then you`ll go run to u tube and contact me privately to ask why im dragging your tired lame ass through the mud pit. Back off hunny,no record deal as yet?

    • MRDIVABITCH November 16, 2012

      You dragging me? LMAO, never sweetie, you have NOTHING you can drag me with. And yet, I got plenty to drag you stans with.

      My bland voice? Guess what, sweetie. I can hit the E5 without cracking or going off key for as looooooong as I want. And I can even go 2 octaves higher than that and hold it if I so choose to.

      Yew mad?

  62. rich86 November 16, 2012

    @mrdivabitch,yet with your superb technique you still sound bland and dull cuz u lack the same amount of interpretive skills as christina to vocal technique oh yeah and still you can’t get a record deal, again r*****,its as simple as this,if you don’t like then don’t listen to her,are u that f***** mentally that u can’t comprehend that? just the mere fact u are feeling good about yourself boasting to lala that u predicted the album won’t do good is just sick and twisted,what feeling of accomplishment u got?that u beat a christina fan? Or u pulled christina down? Whoopie for u,u are more mentally unstabled and brain dead than I initially predicted,feels so sorry for u

    • LaLa November 16, 2012

      HighFive @RICH86

      The needs of MrDivaBitch bitching in almost every Xtina post is sickening, disturbing & smh worthy. not to mentioned he brags all around about how he can HIT thee ABCDEFG-Z key! so he can feel better about himself, but by bringing down Xtina & her fans. the funny thing he always being this UNSTABLE BIPOLAR MESS. yep I feel so sorry for him & his parents *poor bb*

      • rich86 November 17, 2012

        everything for him is i can hit this note and that note,all his music knowledge comes from training and schooling thats why he knows something but runs around here like he`s a natural pro when actually he isn`t. Strip away his vocal training and christina will drive him into the ground,give christina the same amount of training he has and she`ll still kick his ass so i don`t know what good he feels about himself.If you go to his page under primohomme on u tube everything he sings doesn`t come from the heart but just sounds like look at me i can hit this note and that note,listen to my breath control this and that and at the end of it all absolutely no heart in whatever he`s singing,superb technique but still a bland dull voice.

      • LaLa November 18, 2012

        yep! all he did here basically calling for our attentions by being a bipolar troll or else. at first I thought he just normal human being who didn’t like how Xtina singing style.. but after all this time witnessing his comments in every Xtina’s news.. I can see that he just Mentally Unstable.

        Yes, He showed me some of his youtube vids. & I’m trying my hardest not to comment negatively about his singing. but I had outburst 1 time (but still in a better manner than him ever) & admits that I cringe watching his video & said that he got no soul, he sings like a ‘textbook’ very technical but very robotic.. yes I admits that he got the range. but there’s some REASONS why he didn’t get record deal until now. & HE KNOWS the reason are.

        But instead working on it, he spend most of his time BITCHING about other female vocalist. smh

  63. MRDIVABITCH November 17, 2012

    HAHA! B****, screaming like you are trying to vomit out your organs doesn’t translate into “Great interpretation”. A great interpretation should fit the music and mood of a song, and be done with musicianship, skill and GOOD TASTE.

    Christina with my training and me without training? Sorry sweetie, you are dealing with alternative-dimension theories. Those coulda woulda shoulda don’t translate into reality, and in reality I can slay your fave vocally. In fact, if were in the same stage together with just a piano and no microphones singing both at full power, you could not even hear her because my voice is naturally larger (dramatic tenor), meaning I don’t ever need to push or distort my voice to sing loudly, but she does….all.the.time.

    • LaLa November 17, 2012

      you said this YOURSELF:

      MRDIVABITCH Replied:
      October 16th, 2012 at 11:07 pm
      “…Christina has the interpretative ability, and she has the instruments…”


      • MRDIVABITCH November 18, 2012

        Where, b****? Receipts!

        Rihanna can interpret a song too, and so can Britney. So what?

  64. LaLa November 18, 2012


    I HAVE the receipt…
    I always had the receipts to counter your stupid replies.
    check this out:

    I’m not like you who slamming all around without any receipts (calling me delusional, bullied you, accused Simone Harouche(?) did face surgery, accused Xtina’s father r*** her, etc)

    Who the hell mentioned Rih & Brit? RICH86 said this “…you still sound bland and dull cuz u lack the same amount of interpretive skills as christina…” D’oh!!!! Stay on Topic! Where’s did you put your brain dude?!

    So, what b******* you need to say next?! lol

    • MRDIVABITCH November 19, 2012

      Ok, let me explain…she can sing a song with feeling. How very nice. So what? so can millions of other people.

      However, most times her “interpretative skills” translate to awful screaming and straining…and nowadays not even that. Her last performances have shown her voice has gone from screaming and straining to choked whimper (“Make the world move” live @ The Voice) to a death rattle (“Army of me” live @ AMA’s 2012).

      So I guess I rather sound “bland and dull” instead of a strained, choked, screamed, whimpered, vocal fry mess.

      • LaLa November 19, 2012

        but the case is… YOU LACK of interpretative skills.

        you have the range! but Lack of emotive/interpretative element to your performance (& maybe vocals either). *insert Jewel’s commentary of “THE VOICE season2” video*

        & why don’t you work on that & PROVE to us & to THE WORLD that you can beat Xtina ass in the music industry! but instead improving that skill you made a comment that you rather sound “bland & dull”. D’oh! :/ WTF is that? You are just the same or even worse than Xtina! (but in her case.. she rather sound “raw, strained & uncontrolled” but with interpretative skills). <– I'm not deluded fans, I'm saying the truth.

        Hmmm I wonder how many people said about that lack of skill of yous? Which made you just given up & stay with your "textbook" style of singing & keep on bitching about other singers…. NO WONDER you haven't got a record deal until now. your act, your cockiness, your vocal range bragging, your bipolar mind, you strong headed is in the way of your own success.

        Poor soulless man. Goodluck with that.

  65. MRDIVABITCH November 19, 2012

    Actually, sweetie, the only ones who say that s*** are X stans. Most other people like my elegant, restrained way of singing. As I said, I don’t think to show feeling one needs to make such hideous sounds. And for me feeling in a song is showcased by vocal coloring, dynamic variation, rhythmic patterns, etc…not by screaming as if in pain.

    • LaLa November 19, 2012

      that’s not s***.. that’s the truth (and you KNOW IT)! you can show feeling throughout your singing & emotive them without sounding strained or barking like xtina right?! one example is Lara Fabian. She’s great at both!

      Are you really majoring in music dude?! *GPA receipt please* o,O

      feeling the music is… you grasp the meaning of the lyrics. it basically like acting, reading poet, etc… you play with intonation & emotion. not just like a robotic machine who can sing the highest range as mountain but sounded bland.

      You are Right, even Rihanna & the (young) Britney can interpret a song… but sadly you CAN’T!

      • MRDIVABITCH November 22, 2012

        Sweetie, type youtube . com and then these links and read the comments:




      • LaLa November 23, 2012

        That’s Good singing. (I only open the 1st link)

        imho That’s good, but not flawless, you have a lil bit problem with the vibrato. The most i noticed is in the 2.16-2.20 transition. & Again I want you to record a performance with video & not just the audio. Because like I said before you need to work to interpret the meaning of the lyrics through your gesture & emotion. Coz from what I saw (the video in the closet) you too concentrate in singing but forget about the rest. but good job!

      • MRDIVABITCH November 28, 2012

        Of course it’s not flawless, nobody is…and I’m trying to accept I’m not flawless and will never be. That’s my big problem though, I want to be perfect and kick myself when I make mistakes. But I keep working on improving.

      • LaLa December 2, 2012

        “Of course it’s not flawless, nobody is…”

        & therefore… so is Christina. (dun bring her stans word into this conversation)

        “That’s my big problem though, I want to be perfect and kick myself when I make mistakes.”

        I knew about this ages ago. that’s the reason you slam/KICK her or other vocalist if they are not PERFECT at singing or at least at your superHigh standard.

        “But I keep working on improving.”

        Good for you, I hope you improving your interpretative ability on your vocals & your visual. post Videos on youtube & maybe you can have record deal… ala Marie Digby, Boyce Avenue, JB, etc… Goodluck & best wishes.

        note: I like your sane/unBitchy side tbqh.

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