Beyonce Announces HBO Special

Published: Monday 26th Nov 2012 by David

Despite shifting a cool 2 million copies worldwide in less than a space of the year, it’s safe to say that Beyonce‘s ‘4‘ didn’t quite spawn the promo campaign much of the singer’s fan base had been hoping for.

Now, with the release of her fifth studio album drawing nearer, it seems ‘King Bey’ is readying a media assault in its aid that- if we’re being completely honest- may render many a chart rival both irrelevant…and unemployed.

Details below…

On February 16th, 13 days after she performs at Superbowl 2013, the Grammy winning icon will star in her very own HBO special, serving “electrifying footage” of the star on stage, coupled with confessional styled interviews.

HBO’s President of programming, Michael Lombardo explained:

“Everybody knows Beyoncé’s music, but few know Beyoncé the person,  this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman.”

Giving some indication as to when fans can expect the hotly anticipated project, Knowles delivered the following statement on the special today, explaining:

“HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity,” said Beyonce in a statement. “Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.”

In adding to her statement, HBO also reveals that fans can also look forward to footage pulled from the singer’s personal laptop, and will see her reflect on the ‘realities of celebrity’, the refuge she finds on stage and the joys of parenthood, of which she shares with fellow icon/musician Jay Z.

 Your thoughts?

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    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

      U have the nerve to talk about a real performer when u give rihanna, the terrible performer, credit over Beyonce. BYE.

      • Suicide Blonde November 26, 2012

        I never say Rihanna is a better performer than Beyonce, i just like Rihanna more.

      • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

        @Suicide blonde. Lies. There was a comment a while ago where u were giving more credit to Rihanna and making it seem like Beyonce is inferior. Don’t act surprised. And y u had to post kylie video here when this has nothing to do with her makes u a hater. U know beyonce SLAYS the stage. Stop hating.

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal) November 26, 2012

        Lol as much as I hate to say this, r**** is a better singer(when she feels like bringing it) than Kylie Minogue has ever been. You kidding? Lol. Kylie sounds like a little girl trynna sing. But I do love some of her music I’ll admit, and she puts on a better perfomance than r**** for sure. But singing wise…..anyway non of them can hold a candle to Beyoncé though. No one can (in terms of the delivering the full package on stage). Fact.

      • Suicide Blonde November 26, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD bitchess
        I believe you but i don’t think, i have never say that Rihanna is a better performer than her, although i don’t see Beyonce as a great performer, she is good but i’m more of a fan of theatrical performances which means she’s no on my list, neither Rihanna.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Rihanna s the worst performer alive

    • Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh , i just love Kylie 😀

      def my goddess of s**.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Idiot f*** yourself

    • KC November 26, 2012

      LMAO what about Rihanna? You just shaded yourself.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Rihanna is better than who?

      • Auntie_Jackie November 26, 2012

        Only gays really support Kylie in the states. I wonder why that is? She’s a monster around the globe.

      • NewF*YorkBabe. November 26, 2012

        I think it’s cause Kylie doesn’t have that angst and grittiness behind her. She’s pure talent and not hate or anger. I think in the USA, where it’s all about a fight for survival of the fittest and this bull s*** concept of “The American Dream” (which does not exist) ppl don’t relate. Kylie is the perfect performer, a Madonna without being desperate and trashy (and an actual singing voice). But she’s also as sweet as Beyonce or mother T. The audience in the states seems to like ‘personality and fight’ over talent (ie: Rihanna or K$sha). US is about Branding and marketing, but where Kylie is huge (the rest of the world), they appreciate pure talent and it’s not about the celebrity.

        Ps. not that i’m a Rihanna hater, i got amazing memories of her and her songs. I’m just saying. The US is more about “image/branding” then substance.

    • mobwife: f*** the femiNAZIS and all who love them November 26, 2012

      But ahe didn’t perform 0_o? She merely walked the stage, smiled, bent over a few times and sang! Now her backup dancers were quite good!

      • mobwife: f*** the femiNAZIS and all who love them November 26, 2012

        p.s. ….She kind of gives me Claire Danes meets Nelly Frutata (sp?)

      • FAF November 26, 2012



      • Lax November 26, 2012

        Rihanna is such a Hot act that People will
        Pay Good $$$$$$ To watch Rihanna Stroll
        Accross A Stage and “Breath On A Mic”.!!!!!!!

    • Auntie_Jackie November 26, 2012

      @ NewF*YorkBabe.

      That makes a lot of sense to me! I like Kylie, but whenever I mention her, people are like…who??? That always bothered me.

    • skintightjeans November 27, 2012

      That crypt keeper looking, flat booty white girl is about as relevant as Beyonce’s farts. She’s only famous in Europe and Australia and we know they don’t count.

  1. Ernest November 26, 2012

    I will be watching

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Same here

  2. NAVI 101 November 26, 2012

    beyonce have hazel eyes like rihanna now ohhhh *sips tea*

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Haters on this site

    • veo99 November 26, 2012

      Rihanna has one mixed race parent and one black – which is the same for beyonce who has a mixed race mother and black father hence the similar light skin and eyes to rihanna.

      • Yes, I’m that Leah November 26, 2012

        beyonce’s eyes are brown, her skin is bleached. her nose,boobs ,hair and nails are fake. her mom is a self hating black. just like beyonce.

      • Heh November 26, 2012

        LOL@”her skin is bleached.” Let’s see your documents proving that.

        Beyonce today is the same color she was in the video footage of her as a little girl competing in talent competitions.

        Unless you have some kind of official proof (medical records and receipts for skin bleaching creams) to back up your claims, you need to be quiet.

  3. lkjdlkdf November 26, 2012

    written, produced, copywrited, set up, screencapped, directed, co-produced, assitant-produced, makeup, choreographed, (stolen), co-directed and cowritten by beyonce, right?

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      The queen does it all alone!!!

      • lkjdlkdf November 26, 2012

        you mean steals* it all alone

    • TRUTH SERUM November 26, 2012



  4. #BEENTRILL November 26, 2012

    Bey’s specials are always tastefull. Can’t wait… She’s one to watch!!!

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      2013 is ours

  5. TRUE TEA November 26, 2012

    this special is gonna be so calculated and predicatble. beyonce just comes off contrieve and dull, no personality whatsoever. no wonder i can’t relate to her or her music. she’s just blahhh

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      B**** wait until that 5th album goes straight to #1

  6. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 26, 2012

    Get ready for lies after lies….oh I’m beyonce feel sorry for me..

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

      Like RiRi on the Oprah and ABC interviews?

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      R**** faked the entire Oprah show

      • FAF November 26, 2012


  7. TYLER* November 26, 2012


    I bet the album will be in February!

    come on a huge performance plus a documentary

    She’s not that dumb not to have the album around the same time



    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      That will b our 5th straight #1

  8. Deevah November 26, 2012

    Lol beyonce is no longer a threat to her fellow artists.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Ur the first to comment which means ur the biggest Beyonce follower

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

      cuz the consumer market has been brainwashed.

    • Bradley November 26, 2012

      No because shes already on another level.

  9. Jon November 26, 2012

    Yasssss, QUEEN..

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      We coming back to slay

  10. WOLVERINES November 26, 2012

    Why has the picture, been photoshopped to make Beyonce look more like Rihanna?
    Beyonce’s eyes aren’t that color?
    whose idea was that? why did beyonce call herself ugly on tumblr?
    is “someone” a “carter” someone trying to turn beyonce into rihanna?
    whoever edited this photo is doing a disservice to Beyonce’s natural beauty

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      How’s she looking like r****? Stfu hater

      • WOLVERINES November 26, 2012

        Grow up and get some bi-foculs
        IM NOT A HATER
        I Said whoever styled the photo, to make her look like Rihanna is the hater

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        I’m 21 b****

    • TRUTH SERUM November 26, 2012

      HAVE A SEAT…




  11. Oh Baby (B****** Will Deal) November 26, 2012

    Lol who photoshoped her eyes like that? . She has beautiful light brown eyes with some little hint of green on the edges (which she got from mama Knowles). Anyway this has to be the best news I’ve heard all month. Can not wait for this amazing legends tv special.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Butch stay jealous she is soooo Beytiful

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal) November 26, 2012

        Da f*** @Peggy ? How am I jealous when I’m in the hive? I’m stating facts, somebody photoshoped those eyes, if you werea true fan you’d know this….

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Cough cough cough there s plenty of fake hives around

  12. KeyAmino November 26, 2012

    Woow….they could’ve at least photo shopped her entire face and not pieces of it.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      She still look great

  13. Tasha32 November 26, 2012

    Cannot wait to see this. That picture is beyond beautiful and no, she doenst have hazel eyes they are a light brown which they have ALWAYS been. Certain make up makes them pop more than others. Also, I beg to differ that people are no longer threatened………..

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Beyonce the best of the best

    • The Truth November 26, 2012

      No one is THREATENED BY Bey, only her stans are threatend

  14. pat November 26, 2012

    I can hear the documentary now . “As i coam blue’s haih ….i can see how wondaful the hole wurl iz”

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Blue wont b involve now cry

    • Teacher November 26, 2012


    • EzraJKnight November 26, 2012


  15. Blue ivy carter November 26, 2012

    Boreyonce needs to go raise her child and leave us alone!!!!

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Why r u here idiot

  16. JoJo November 26, 2012

    Yas Beyonce do it big in 2013, its gonna be your year I can feel it 😉

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      2013 is Beyhives

    • CRAMPED November 26, 2012


  17. mc the place to be!! November 26, 2012

    lol since her i am world tour didnt do anything for her in 2010 and gaga got praised for her monster ball special and ppl got to see how she went through her struggles beyonce now wants ppl to take her seriously b**** please NEXT

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      She has done a lot to attract u to comment and follow her

      • mc the place to be!! November 26, 2012

        lol since when im following her i saw a post i commented nuff said

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Since u put 500 comments on Bey s posts

      • mc the place to be!! November 28, 2012

        500 comments???? yea youre exaggerating a bit i wouldnt expect nothing less from a beyonce stan they always take things to a different crazy level

  18. Gagas Monster November 26, 2012

    Cant wait, I will be watching. Im always intrigued by Beyonce documentaries because unlike many, every aspect of her life isn’t out there on plate!

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      I’m coming to USA TO C BEY

    • The Truth November 26, 2012

      How many documentries is she gonna have, shes so f****** boring

      • Gagas Monster November 26, 2012

        @The Truth In your opinion. I don’t find her boring at all. I’ve never got bored watching a Beyonce documentary and I don’t even stan for her.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        We not asking u to watch we already know ur mum will force u to watch it

  19. HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012

    “Why does beyonce need a documentary. We already know how she stole them song credits, wardrobes. All a dat” – Lorraine Star (twitter)

    This sums it up all.

    • CRAMPED November 26, 2012

      SEETHE! 🙂

    • Krystal November 26, 2012

      Well nobodys forcing you watch.

    • Stav November 26, 2012

      And we already know Rihanna is from some raggedy country where flies won’t even visit, is from a trashy family, can’t sing a lick, got her ass kicked by Chris, is an industry s*** who sleeps with everybody and has a misshapen forehead.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        She is from a trash contry

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      She is doing it for fake ass like u

      • HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012


        Why you a h** tho ?

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Dumb ass

    • HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012


      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Why I mad b****

  20. @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

    It look like Bey will release a new album in march

  21. Love November 26, 2012

    Hmmm….to say that her media campaign would leave other singers “unemployed” is a bit of a stretch. Beyonce has already shown us that she ISN’T invincible when it comes to sales and disappointing albums. Yeah ‘4″ sold 2 million, but that’s a dip for her. She also had barely any top tens with that album. I’m actually happy with the industry right now, because it’s becoming diverse again. It’s no longer King B running the world, lol. I think eventually, people’s perceptions of artists will begin to shift and the public will start embracing variety more in the near future.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Beyonce sold more albums than other artist in 21st century

    • The Truth November 26, 2012


      Adeles 21 has sold more albums thas beys solo albums combined

      She aint slaying no one

      B**** has more promo than the f****** PRESIDENT and still her sales are s***

      King B MY BACKFOOT

      • Hush November 26, 2012

        LOL learn to count. 21 has not sold more than Bey’s solo albums combined. Dumbass.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Adelle sold more than r**** s entire bio!!! She is no where near beyonce s sale figure

  22. theman November 26, 2012

    If she’s gonna rehash the same shyt then she can keep this. If Rihanna only sold two million ww Sam would be bytching. He’s a certified hypocrite. All of these other females doing well, have their own thing going on. She doesn’t have anything to do with them.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      She sold 200+ million Sam can’t diss that

      • theman November 26, 2012

        Those sales are hella over inlflated. She hasn’t sold anywhere near that.

      • DOSSOME November 26, 2012

        200million????who??beyonce??????i need you to spell STUPID and own that word everytime you gonna drag figures out of your ass…..and learn spelling and comprehension too,your poor grammar always sells you out.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Billboard confirm

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        I don’t have check my grammar it’s an urban site we short spell b****

  23. Krystal November 26, 2012

    I love her specials they are always tasteful and inspiring. I really respect her work ethic and I hope we get to see some clips of the baby 😀

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      They always something to watch

  24. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 26, 2012

    Can Someone please escort this keri hilson stan to the exit door your not needed here dawling… xoxo

    • Ren November 26, 2012

      You’re a f*****.

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 26, 2012

        yess GAWD I’ve missed you baby how are you!? @Ren

      • OMG (Celine Dion) November 26, 2012

        I think he knows that already. >.>

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        True say

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

      I guess he/she is talking about me. Yess b****. U better keep stanning. And I’m not a keri hilson stan. I like a few of her songs. So what?? What’s wrong. Afraid of me slamming you with the truth?? Oh my bad…

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Who’s Kerri Jolson?

  25. DDN November 26, 2012

    2013 will go to Beyonce and ri stans 4lop sold more then unapologetic in the first week #clapback

    • ADC143 November 26, 2012

      Yep. Beyonce’s LOWEST first week sales are still way higher than Rihanna’s BIGGEST! LMAO! 😀

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Beyonce still winning r**** can’t match her first week sale

    • OMG (Celine Dion) November 26, 2012

      Yesssssssss I have been watching all her performaces lately!!! Baby boy performance is one of my favsss

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        She s an amazing performer

      • Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

        me too 😉

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012


      • Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

        didn’t beyonce say she killed SF ? 😯

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

      Hol’ tha f*** up! Since when were you a Bey fan? Lol. 😉

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Since today

      • Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

        i’ve always been a fan.

  26. Beyonslay November 26, 2012

    YASS KING AKA 16 Grammys!!!

    Super Bowl , Grammys, HBO.

    SHOW THESE H*** HOW TO BE A Boss. Rihanna Stan’s go off in 54321…

    • Rihanna Navy November 26, 2012

      LOL *remains unbothered*

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Why are you here then?

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Beyonce still earning more

  27. BC November 26, 2012

    Some of u guys are taking this too seriously, It is just a documentary about her, If you don’t like her then don’t watch, No one is holding a gun to ur head telling u 2 care about Beyonce. Anyway i cannot wait, Revel performances are coming in HD!!

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      They are call dumb navy

  28. WOLVERINES November 26, 2012

    When is the CB Rihanna Re-match?
    will they be selling tickets this time? This HBO Special should be Beyonce in the Ring with Rihanna, that would be a sell out!

    • BC November 26, 2012

      this is true lol

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Lol so funny uh

    • mobwife: f*** the femiNAZIS and all who love them November 26, 2012

      b**** when will JAYZ (DRUG DEALER, WOMAN BEATER see lumps upside the heads of Amil Lion and Foxy Brown, and VIOLENT STABBER see the hole in Un Riveras chest) revert back to his old ways?.

      Wolverines are hair ugly ass creature I sure the name fits you well .∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        B**** Jay z never touch bey coz she s the most respected women in earth r**** was banged by brown coz she is nothing but a h**

  29. BC November 26, 2012

    Frankly, some of the naysayers on here will be the first ones to DVR it and watch it numerous times

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      They will watch and buy her album

  30. ADC143 November 26, 2012

    Of course Bey is going to have an HBO special and will own the ratings that night (we all know it’ll bring in more viewers than untalented alien-forehead Rihanna’s lame ass Oprah interview where she admitted to still wanting Chris’s d***.)

    I’ll admit though that if Showtime aired the uncut security cam footage of Chris beating Rihanna to a bloody pulp opposite Beyonce’s HBO special, I might to tempted to watch it instead! 😛


    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      She had 11m viewers on BBC for Glastonbury

      • FAF November 26, 2012

        b**** u read !

    • Heh November 26, 2012

      Yeah. I would stop watching a Bey video to see Chris punch Rihanna in the face too.

  31. OMG (Celine Dion) November 26, 2012

    haters can’t stand to see true success. Beyonce doesn’t need a fist to her face to get popular nor does she needs to f*** around………all she needs is her name. Beyonce>>>>>>>haters

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Beyonce s a legend

  32. DOSSOME November 26, 2012

    Aside from Beyonce and Rihanna,could this site give us news articles that will encourage intelligent dialogues and discussions on music….We like stan-wars from time to time but not all the time..this site should go back to being the music blog of repute it was meant to be…

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess November 26, 2012

      Wasn’t the skinny on success a good article tho? TGJ may be biased sometimes but they try to make this blog decent besides the stan wars.

      • DOSSOME November 26, 2012

        Yes that was a great article….i need more of those and less of these stan-war articles….good articles on this site still generate huge traffic..the fact that you remember that very article just shows how rare the are….

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        That pic s edited

  33. theman November 26, 2012

    She already did a documentary. It was the same ole same ole.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Blue wasn’t born then

    • HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012

      all i see is a h**, shaking her greasy ass.

      • Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

        this cuz you wasn’t lookin’ at bey’s vid , you were lookin’ at your motha dropping it low for some $$$.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Something r**** will never doe

  34. Emptytvr November 26, 2012

    Is Rihanna’s forehead a birth defect?

    • OMG (Celine Dion) November 26, 2012

      Nooooooo she has a pregnant forehead. when she goes into labor the Mini-CB comes tru her mouth.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        She prob sucking CB s d*** now

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Ahahahah I wet myself this s*** cray

    • Truth November 26, 2012

      If my child was born looking like that, I’d certainly sue.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Stay jealous the king s winning

      • Truth November 26, 2012

        Stay jealous of who? What are you talking about?

    • Vandrea November 26, 2012

      I don’t know, but it’s large enough to store canned goods for the winter.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        4 best rnb album of 2011-2012

    • Stav November 27, 2012

      It’s either a birth defect or a curse. You decide.

  35. Auntie_Jackie November 26, 2012

    The trouble with Bey is that she’s already accomplished everything she ever wanted to do. What’s left for her? The only thing would be to learn how to play instruments, and completely change up her sound–to push the envelope.

    She’s got nothing to prove to anyone, and that’s not as a fan, but someone who respects her.

    • DOSSOME November 26, 2012

      Best comment so far,sales don’t make icons….at the end of the day,it all boils down to the music,nothing else

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        She is a legend already

    • Suicide Blonde November 26, 2012

      If you think she has nothing to prove, i lost respect 4 u and as for the instruments, even Britney plays the Piano but still Beyonce fans call her untalented, i honestly don’t see where is Beyonce’s greatness as an artist, where is her masterpiece album, where are her iconic performances, nowadays people seems to see everything Iconic.

      • That B*tch November 26, 2012

        Nobody calls her untalented. We just say that she can’t sing and it’s the truth.
        However Brit was one hell of a dancer and performer as opposed to being a vocalist back in the day.
        That’s still talent.

      • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

        Pressed h** bey still sold more copies than ur h**

      • Auntie_Jackie November 26, 2012

        What is it that Beyonce has to prove @ Suicide Blonde?

        She’s not the perfect artist, those are rare. Again, the only place for her to go is to learn instruments and produce a really cutting edge album. She’s accomplished EVERYTHING else–which I don’t even need to rattle off because typing that list of accomplishments would make my fingers cramp. I don’t see why that’s such a bad thing to say.

        I’m a fan of Amy Winehouse, Kelis, Janelle Monae, Imogene Heap, Bjork, Prince, Lianne Lahavas….those are people known for their all around artistry.

        Beyonce should be appreciated for what she brings to the table, even if you aren’t a huge fan. And I think she’d be a complete artist if she went in the songwriting/instrument direction.

  36. mobwife: f*** the femiNAZIS and all who love them November 26, 2012

    I am less interested in hearing her speak than I am of watching her perform. I would like to see baby Blue Ivy playing about and her interacting with her. That will be cute to see.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      No1 s begging u to watch it

  37. MUSICHEAD November 26, 2012

    “‘King Bey’ is readying a media assault in its aid that- if we’re being completely honest- may render many a chart rival both irrelevant…and unemployed.” LMAO! Really Sam??? Too funny!

    I am not a huge Bey fan but she is one hell of a performer. I am looking forward to this.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      King Bey always smash

  38. MC November 26, 2012

    What is going on? Every body seems pressed on this site lately. Can we all just congratulate Beyonce and Rihanna for their accomplishments and move on?

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Lol navy r not allowing me to do it

    • quetta November 26, 2012

      But the bey hive does congratualte rihanna. One of them even went as far as saying WFL was a masterpiece. We show respect to rihanna its just that her immature navy doesn’t have any.

  39. BC November 26, 2012

    TBQFH i just need the new single

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      I need a new single toooo

  40. dboy6 November 26, 2012

    awe bey im leaving for the miltary around tht time hope i still be able to catch up to doe

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Lol lol lol awe bless u

  41. Sava November 26, 2012

    Why do I feel like we’re finally going to see Blue Ivy? I so cannot WAIT! 2013=KingBYEar

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      I got a felling she will kiss jay z

  42. That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

    HBO is allowing the King her own special! Can’t wait to see it. I loved the Gaga special/concert they did a few years ago.

    • @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh November 26, 2012

      Only legends are allow that s***

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

        Yes gurl!

  43. honeychildplease November 26, 2012

    The tea bag has turned my water to the Delicious potent flavor, and now it’s time to serve boo…Now listen beyonce isn’t in any respect ICONIC….I LIKE beyonce, but she doesn’t strike me as a MARIAH, or WHITNEY, or even MADOONA, and not even an M.J. She is just beyonce one of the best performers of this GENERATION. I am not kicking dirt on her name, because this woman has accomplished what so many artist THIS generation would give their left leg for. I think we make so much out of beyonce for the simple fact that no other artist THIS GENERATION past 10 plus years has been able to dance, sing, and deliver a decent shows like bey. Their are no songs she has made to make her stand out like the previous divas who have served way before she was even a thought in her mothers v***** 9er…let’s be honest now ppl. She has no real style (iconic) that makes her stand out in any way…she just so happened to feel the void enough to give people something to enjoy, and their are a lack of DECENT PERFORMERS (rihannna extc)…. Beyonce doesn’t write her own songs, or even produce them. She is simply are very hard working performer, and beautiful enough to catch peoples eyes so much that people blow her out of proportion….Yes she has achieved a lot as a person, but as a artist i still feel like she has a lot of growth to make before we can toss around the word ICONIC…No hate just a realist that will always deliver you that good TEA….

    • honeychildplease November 26, 2012

      Fill the void*

    • kythaman2u November 26, 2012

      I get so sick of hearing the word “generation” tossed around here.

      • honeychildplease November 26, 2012

        Truth always makes people sick, but honey child it’s the truth….

    • HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012


      i did not bother to read your rubbish ! however, did u get your copy of unapologetic navy ???


    • TROR November 26, 2012


      Must everyone hear talk like a cliche Tyra Banks/Wendy Williams fanbot.

      Fruity muthafuckaz…

    • Mario November 26, 2012

      Yes everything was spot on but the delsuional hive and navy don’t like when you come for their fave.

    • Just a point November 27, 2012

      Years from now I think she will be seen as an icon, ESPECIALLY because of what you just said: that shes the best artist of this generation. Every generation needs its icons/legends and I believe both Beyonce and Rihanna (unfortunatley but hands down) will be seen as that for tis generation. People already see Beyonce as a legend although I prefer to call her budding legend she aint quite there yet. (not just her fans but people in the industry) can you imagine what its gonna be like years from now. People had the same doubts about Madonna etc in the eighties look at her now. And I don’t really think writing is gonna make that hell of a difference cos a couple people you name dropped do not write all their stuff, ten years from now people aint gonna care too much about Beys whole writing credit scam she still co-writes and her music is her music, that will just be a dark area in her CV lol, like every artist has. Its only a big issue now cos shes still in the the depths of her career. The fact that so many new artists are ALREADY saying they are inspired by Beyonce and that she paved the way for a lot of them tells me something. I respect your point though

  44. BABY T November 26, 2012

    Omg! Can’t wait to see it!!! I hope someone uploads it to YouTube because I’m not from America 😛 And this is all part of the album promo. Yes! Which means we can expect a single out by that time and the album out in March? 😀

  45. honeychildplease November 26, 2012

    That pic up top does beyonce no justice in the look wise….I know tina knowles is her mother but honey child she is looking too much like tina in the pic….no shade she still georg though.

    • HOTSTUFF November 26, 2012



  46. Von Tae’ November 26, 2012

    Yassssssssss !

  47. tiredstuntqueen November 26, 2012

    umm yeah right~ she is tired and.. nuff said

  48. 21st Century SLAYER (B_STANNING) November 26, 2012

    Bey has some funny ass haters. I guess many are very afraid. Love Queen Bey and cant wait.

  49. From the Hive November 26, 2012

    Animated Movie, HBO Documentary, Superbowl Performance AND new album, and thats just the beginning yet haters insist she aint relevant no more. HAHA. #WERK

    • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

      And all this proves she is desperate to compete. Beyonce name is no longer strong enough so she is FORCED TO try and remind the public. No one is gonna watch her docu on HBO. We know her story and she does not have a juicy personal life that WORLD cares about. The superbowl means nothing oversees, and the winning team will get all the press.

      The new album? It is gonna flop, because no one likes RNB anymore. End of story. She was killed by Beyonce and she has RIP.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

        killed by rihanna.

      • Bradley November 26, 2012

        @Wrinkle flop you know you are nervous. Its OK. 😉

      • acem November 26, 2012

        No one gives a s*** about overseas. The world watches what happens in America, because it’s the biggest and most important music market in the world — and Bey has it in her pocket, which is why it doesn’t take her a year to sell a million copies of an album and she’s been able to debut at #1 with every one of her albums. Too bad that smelly foreigner Rihanna can’t say the same.

        Rihanna couldn’t pull off a Superbowl performance. They wouldn’t even bother asking her. Hell, that untalented, retarded foreheaded s*** couldn’t even keep up with the cheerleaders. LMAO! HBO wouldn’t give Rihanna a special either. Rihanna was lucky to get that interview with Oprah on basic cable. Rihanna wouldn’t even be a star if not for Jay-Z’s manipulations and Chris Brown’s fists upside her head.

        HBO, The Superbowl, Beyonce is launching a media assault that Rihanna doesn’t have enough juice to pull off, and it’s going to avalanche everything that big foreheaded alien from that broke ass Caribbean island has coming. Like I said, the people in charge of these venues wouldn’t even consider offering them to Rihanna, because everyone knows the b**** is limited.

        BTW, Rita is younger, much prettier and much more talented than Rihanna. 😉 Just thought I’d throw that in, since I know it bothers you so much!

      • Trace November 26, 2012

        “Desperate?” Ha. You have the audacity to call Beyonce desperate, when that no-talent gimmick named Rihanna has to take nude pictures of herself and reteam with battering ex’s for publicity. I guess that’s easier than singing and dancing lessons, though, huh? When you have no talent you gotta resort to STUNTS like that. I expect to see her tweet a pic of her being shitted on next. Rihanna is a nasty w**** whose career is all about stunts because she doesn’t have any actual skill to back up her fame.

        Have a seat, you dumb b****. You have 2 brain cells and they’re fighting with each other.

      • quetta November 26, 2012

        Shes irrelevant yet, people are still saying they want to look like beyonce, be as big as her, etc. You have lost your mind.

  50. ladylady November 26, 2012

    I think King Bey looks GREAT as a brunette and I would love to see more of that. I also think she can do no wrong and I CAN’T WAIT to see what is up her sleeve this time.

  51. wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

    You can tell Rih has crushed Rita Ora. Have yall seen her stylist, Kyle Devolle on twitter taking shots at Rihanna. Really going there. What does jayz think of this white boy taking shots at his black artist? Kyle Devolle is all gonna Rihanna a n***** – yeah they use the N word.

    Also, Rita Ora did not beat Rih to the role of Fast and furious. That was an evil jealous PR movie, Rita management, Tune first spread. Rita will just be an extra in the F6. Carla Garano has the role that Rih was offered.

    WOW! Rita Ora and her white friends are trying to tear our young black girl down and we are sitting there, cheering them on. It rih was Latina and blacks tried to gang up on a top latin singer, the latino community would turn GZ on our assses. But we sit there and allow this flop white girl and her white crew to attack our top selling singer?

    Black were born to be defeated. Even a flop no name white b**** and her stylist and school friend can take shots at are A lister. What flop black can take shots at Taylor Swift and get a way with it_ ? As blacks, we should be defending Rih against Kyle devolle and Rita Ora and that whole racist crew. I know, they attack on rih is racially motivated. They hate to see a black person do well

    • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

      Shame on Beyonce. No wonder, god is punishing you and f****** up your career.

    • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

      This is why I hate being black. We are losers. Kyle Devolle called Rihanna a n***** and we are all sitting back and cheering him on, cos we want to see a black woman fail.

      I dare a black person to racially abuse Taylor Swift or Britney. Nah, we would not dare, we would rather sit and allow that white b****, Riat Ora nd her stylist f** to call Rih a niggger.

      • wow November 26, 2012

        ‘I hate being black. We are losers’ o_O Girl you need help, race shouldn’t be a reason to lower and demean yourself as Barack Obama has proved.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

        When taylor swift got dissed by Kanye. The white race came together to shut his s*** down. When Rih is called a n***** on Twitter, by that f** who styles Rita Ora, Kyle Devolle. We cheer him on.

        ? Blacks are losers.

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

        Whites came together just because they hate Kanye West. Hell, even a lot of black people can’t stand his ass anymore. The whole world defended Taylor including black people which is the same way black people along with everyone else defended Rih during the ’09 incident. The reason people bash her now is because she’s not as likeable anymore.

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

        You hate being black because of what you see on a damn music blog?!?!?!
        Thats how you know you’ve been on here way too long. Get off that computer and do something productive.
        You are extremely weak minded if something so miniscule can make you hate yourself.

      • quetta November 26, 2012

        But you continue to bring down beyonce to make rihanna look better..#hypocriticalstatement

    • acem November 26, 2012

      Rita Ora is younger, prettier and much more talented than Rihanna.


      Has nothing to do with Rihanna being black…or alien…or whatever she is. It’s her own f***** up genes that gave her that ugly ass big forehead and pig nose.

      Rita makes Rihanna look like a prom night dumpster baby.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

        Rita Ora looks 40. Black dont crack. Rih looks way better. Rih has the body of a supermodel and rita ora is short and fat. Rih is considered on of teh sexiest women alive, Rita Ora is man in clown maker drag. Looks like the joker from batman.

        Talent? If she is so talent how comes she flops everyhwere but the UK?


        Rih has a black nose, Are you saying black noses are ugly? Rita Ora has white wrinkly skin that will get skin cancer. I would rather have a flat nose, than have skin cancer wrinkle white skin

      • acem November 26, 2012

        You fail.

        I repeat:
        Rita Ora is younger, prettier and much more talented than Rihanna.


        Has nothing to do with Rihanna being black…or alien…or whatever she is. It’s her own f***** up genes that gave her that ugly ass big forehead and pig nose.

        Rita makes Rihanna look like a prom night dumpster baby.

        And no I’m not saying “black” noses are ugly…I’m saying RIHANNA’S NOSE IS UGLY! And I’m again saying that Rita is 10, maybe 20x prettier than her.

        And I don’t care where Rita’s albums hit and flop, she’s still more talented than Rihanna. Rita would sing that b**** right out of the building. Rita’s voice is clear, forceful and mature. Rihanna’s voice is nasally, childish and UGLY.

        Rita makes Rihanna look like a barn yard animal. And I also get the impression that Rita probably smells better than Rihanna. Rihanna looks like she probably stinks.

      • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

        Well many people think Rita Ora is 40 year old man in the joker from batman makeup. Her voice is sack, basic and generic. THIS IS WHY SHE IS FLOP AND HATES ON RIH.


        POOR DAT



      • wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012


  52. wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012


  53. DIGGER BEY November 26, 2012

    Fu*k what ya heard, KING B is an Pop Icon and no hating bish can’t take that away! 2nd of all, KING B RUN THIS MUSIC SH*T and will not b going anywhere till she retire! 3rd of all, 2013 belongs to BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES CARTER! Who gonna change it? NO FU*KIN BODY! WE RUN THIS SH*T = BEYHIVE! Can’t wait till Feb 3! Everything breathing will b SLAYED! This era will b Iconic, just like the last one! More Epic performances, and legendary status around the corner! #2013…..THE YEAR OF BEYONCE

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 26, 2012

      Yes babe!!!
      This comment.just slayed all these h***.
      I love it!

  54. Bey Fan November 26, 2012

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………………. Superbowl…… then this. Ohhh man I cant wait….

    • 21st Century SLAYER (B_STANNING) November 26, 2012

      Yes I know right

  55. Mario November 26, 2012

    I’m actually looking forward to this.Although she gives me life with her music I don’t who Beyonce the strpped down girl is and it would be nice to see that so I can relate to her on a personal level and not only musical,I think that is the only area that Rihanna shines in more cause I really don’t care for her but I fell like I know her and would want to lime with her.

  56. wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

    When the superbowl passes and the HBO docu is over and beyonce does a lotus on billboard ( xtaina is on a hot show and cannot sell anymore ) then what will you f*** boyz and girls do?

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012


  57. My forehead tho November 26, 2012

    I bet it will bring in more ratings then Rihanna’s tv show though…This is fact

    • Stav November 27, 2012

      If only six people watch Beyonce’s special, she will have twice the ratings Rihanna’s cancelled ass reality show had.

  58. : : BLUE FRESH . : . : . . . . . November 26, 2012

    @Pwetsh is a complete disaster to our fanbase.

    Please ignore her you guys, everybody.

    Maybe one day she’ll realize that nobody’s reading her comments or giving a f*** on her illiterate ass and stop throwing comments to each and every sob of oxygen taken on this site.

    • MONSTERS PUT YOUR PAWS UP November 26, 2012

      The entire hood-hive is a mess including you.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012

      But the entire hood-hive is a disaster, don’t use @Pwetsh as your scape-goat.

  59. Ziggy Stardust November 26, 2012

    “….may render many a chart rival both irrelevant… and unemployed.”
    O.k. I wouldn’t go that far. That’s basically putting Beyonce on a “God-like” level. Let’s not get carried away here. It’s not that serious. Didn’t people say that about her last album, “4” ? *file nails*

  60. quetta November 26, 2012

    I’ll be watching

  61. Anon November 26, 2012

    Shouts out to Letoya Luckett with for big accomplishment. Early December she will starring in a tv show called For Richer or Poorer on the Gospel Music Channel. GOD is good all the time. Things happen if you wait patiently. Now Letoya is a true definition of a SOLDIER & SURVIVOR.

    Also shout out to Tamar Braxton on her big accomplishmen. She’s on 2 top reality shows, will be co-hosting on Tiny Tonight on VH1 and will be hosting a tv show called the Culture List onCentric. Tamar, you go girl.

    Now that what I’m talking about , black women doing it big in the entertainment industry. Now let the church say AMEN!
    And big ups to Dawn Richard doing her thing with no record label

  62. BILL November 26, 2012


    • Absolved November 26, 2012

      Shut up Bull. Yes, I said Bull because you’re on some b*******. Your silly habit of randomly popping up out of nowhere to reaffirm Michael in the comments sections of articles that have nothing to do with him, and when no one had challenged or denied his status (or even mentioned him) is annoying as f***. If you’re not an attention-seeking troll just looking to muck rake, then you are the definition of an ‘Insecure fan,’ and that’s something considering this is TGJ.

  63. random November 27, 2012


    • SHARON November 27, 2012

      Spice girls are the biggest selling female girl group

      • @091094_ November 27, 2012

        Lol tell em girl

  64. Jer November 27, 2012

    This is why i dont like BeYAWNce. With her celebrity, with her mon and with all her stature… OF ALL THE THINGS she could make a documentary about… She makes a documentary about herself. GURLBYE. As if we havent had enough “behind the scenes” or “exusives” or “intimate looks” before. BIONCI just becomes more and more a disappointment to her former fans. She couldt have done a documentary on things partaining to her fanbase? Gay issues like H** in the black community, gay men on the DL. What about bullying in all its forms? What about a documentary on struggling inner city dancers and performers? How about a documentary on South African teenagers and their struggles? No. Of all topics to make a documentary on BeYAWNce found herself to be the most inspiring, influencial, and important subject. LEGEND! Gurlbye

    • ShutUpAndEnjoyTheMusic November 27, 2012

      Seethe b**** seethe! #2013YearOfBeyonce

      • Dejae November 27, 2012

        LOL. IKR.

        You mad, JER? Good. Huff, puff, grunt and rage until that aneurism finally bursts. And when it does, you can add your painful recovery to the list of things the documentary COULD HAVE been about, but isn’t. 😆

        You remedial haters are hilarious.

      • ShutUpAndEnjoyTheMusic November 27, 2012

        ^^^ and to think we’re still months away and b****** are already having mental breakdowns. They will deal and we won’t hear a word from these c** stains once she is here and delivering. I-Cant-FAWKING-Wait! #2013YearOfBeyonce

  65. Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012

    LMAO this b**** is thirsty for publicity. An HBO special on Beyonce? lmao, just like the “I was here” humanitarianism where she sang a song about, you guessed it, herself. How is that humanitarianism thing going by the way??

    This thieving b**** is the most conceited fat thief I’ve ever come across in the industry. Her obsession with wanting to be perfect in the eyes of her illiterate fans, who call stripper dancing for a white man class (when she is married with a child), is the most comical thing I’ve ever come across. This b**** is obsessed with herself and that is why she kicked out Latoya, Latavia and Farrah from Destiny’s Child, she wanted the spotlight all to herself.

    Who is going to watch this s*** anyway, all they’ll show is Beyonce being fake, pretending to be perfect, and possibly announcing another fake pregnancy. This b**** is trying way to hard for publicity and it’ll be funny once her 5th project FLOPS. I hope the b**** falls at the Superbowl.

    • ShutUpAndEnjoyTheMusic November 27, 2012

      The seething has BEGUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO #2013YearOfBeyonceSLAYAGE

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012

        Year of Beyonce??

        With Rihanna and Lady Gaga still selling next year, Beyonce will be lucky to even crack #100 on the Hot 100. B**** can’t even run to the R&B charts because Rihanna is charting on that irrelevant chart, have you warned your fav yet?

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012

        I’m expecting Two Eleven numbers from Beyonce.

      • ShutUpAndEnjoyTheMusic November 27, 2012

        Oh MY the pressed are really seething this early? Poor lil Tink Tink. Bey got the vains in your hermaphrodite genitals ready to explode already. How will you DEAL once the day is upon you? I can’t at you thinking I’m going to argue with you over your delusional assumptions about an era that will slay your pressed soul! LMAO #2013YearOfBeyonce

      • EJR43 November 27, 2012

        You should be expecting genital warts from Rihanna instead.

    • FireIce November 27, 2012

      LOL@your Justin Bieber avatar. Seriously?! Being a fan of Rihanna and Bieber is enough to render any and everything you have to say about anything ever null a void. What a joker. If your mother didn’t name you Bozo, she should have, because you’re the epitome of a clown.

      Dismissed. lol

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012

        And yet they’re the biggest artists in the industry. I listened to “believe” and it’s probably the best Urban Pop album out there to-date. Just Bieber has clearly been reading Rihanna’s hand book on Urban pop.

        The album is amazing and I love it. Maybe you should worry about your fav seeing the top 50 of the Billboard charts again, when was the last time she had a hit again?

      • FireIce November 27, 2012

        “And yet they’re the biggest artists in the industry. I listened to “believe” and it’s probably the best Urban Pop album out there to-date.”

        😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

        Again, your taste in music proves you don’t have a shred of taste and I’d probably no friends either. I imagine you to be some frumpy overweight girl with acne and bad teeth who wears cheap glasses with tape holding them together in the middle.

        F*****’ dork.


      • Stav November 27, 2012

        “Beyonce’s Weave’s” mama should have named her “Beavis” (which btw is what I’ll be calling your dumbass from now on…) because the b**** is a butthead. Liking RIhanna’s no talent having/cat-on-crack-sounding ass already made you an idiot worthy of being pelted with rocks, but endorsing Justin Bieber pushes you into the lane of lame and qualifies you for a wheelchair…but since your broke ass can’t afford one, just continue to waddle on your belly like you’ve been doing, you retarded whale.

        Never mind what your mammy should have named you, what she should have done is used a coat hanger on you after whoever that random fool was she left run up in her raw. Giving birth to you should have come with the world’s largest fine for littering because quite frankly b****, you’re garbage and you stink as bad as Rihanna and Justin sing. No wonder you’re a fan. They’re the turds and you’re the off-green fly feeding off of it.

        You’re a drastic case and need help by a team of trained professionals who know how to communicate with no life having crackheads, and if you can’t get it…then what you need instead is a suicide note and a shotgun. Trust me, the world wouldn’t miss you.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 27, 2012


        So who helped you write that garbage because I sure do know Beyonce fans are incapable of writing coherently, I mean just look at @BigDogg.

      • Stav November 27, 2012

        Oh b****, please. No one helped me write s***. The bottom line is that you are a manic obsessive troll, an utter buffoon and clearly bipolar; it doesn’t take much preparation to point that out and read you for the filth you are.

        What’s the matter Beavis, no snappy comeback or retort? Is that why your punk ass tried to divert attention away from my proverbially drop kicking you to the floor by going off on some random, unrelated and ultimately dismissible spiel about Beyonce fans supposedly being incapable of coherent writing, or whatever? What a gump. Pick up your face, you critter. I don’t know who “BigDogg” is, but I know a loser when I see one and you’ve got ‘Kick Me’ tattooed across your forehead. Yes, dear…between your generally nasty–and pathetic–attitude and your laughably bad taste in music, it is woefully obvious that visits to are likely your *only* means of social interaction; I’m betting in real life, you are a lost soul who has no one or nothing to fill your endless cycle of idle time with but wack ass Rihanna and Justin Bieber music.

        Listen sweetheart, if you can’t get your s*** together, then like I said before, you need to find a psychiatrist who can ‘write’ prescriptions. If your Medicade won’t pay for that then, again, perhaps you should consider that suicide note I suggested. I’ll even help you write it, since you feel my posts are so ‘coherent.’ I’d coherently describe what a miserable waste of time your life has been, how you couldn’t take waking up in the morning and facing another day of being you, and that a cremation would be preferable to a burial.

        You dumbass loser, you.

  66. JER November 27, 2012

    Some of you BIONCI stans need to quit talking to yourselves. These multiple names and yal caught using the same expressions and lingo under different names. SMH. And stop trying to make “seething” happen. Did you learn that word yesterday. How cute


  67. Don G November 27, 2012

    I Can’t Wait 4 It. 2013 – The Queen Is Back! I Look Forward 4 A New World Tour. Queen Bey Is A True Living Legend, Why You Fools Talking About Rihanna? Rihanna Is Just A Singer Girl. Beyoncé Is A Legend, A Genius!

    • Stav November 27, 2012

      Rihanna is no singer. She’s a no gag reflex having s*** with industry pubic hair in her teeth.

  68. skintightjeans November 27, 2012

    Come on with it Bey!!! I’m ready!

  69. DIGGER BEY November 27, 2012

    LMFAOOOOOO @Shut Up and enjoy the music………..YESSSSSSSS SLAY THOSE RIHCUNTS LMAOOOOOOO! 2 months to go and the Rihoeanna stans are already pressed and mad lmaooooooo. I guess the Rihcunts got the memo. They know once KING B comesbac, half of the industry will b talking about how she SLAYED the superbowl show and the grammys. So they know no one will b looking or mentioning Hoeianna at all lmaooooooooooo. U Rihcunts know it’s over for Hoeianna. The last show KING B and the H** performed at the same nite, was BBMA. Who had the best performance? Who brought n more viewers for their performance? Who had every celebrity n that building n awe? Who’s performance was named one of the best TV performance n the last 25 years? ALL KING B!!!!! So I get why the Rihcunts are so pissed and on the verge of losing it all. Hell, if I wasn’t apart of THE BEYHIVE. I would b shitting bricks too! #2013…..THE YEAR OF BEYONCE

  70. JER November 27, 2012

    I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t at BeYAWNce stans calling anyone a hater. SMH. There isn’t enough time left in the world to recall all the BS trolling hating and pressed attacks from BIONCI stans over the past decade. Let’s just pick one. BeYAWNce stans by the HUNDREDS attacking Jennifer Hudson on Twitter. Macking fun of her dead mother and family. It wasn’t just one. It wasn’t just a handful. It wasn’t just a couple dozen. It was HUNDREDS of evil BeYAWNce stans harassing Jennifer Hudson for something she didn’t even say AS IF it warranted such behaviour. SMH. Thought we forgot about that huh? That is all, you beysic b******

  71. lola November 27, 2012

    You Rihanna stans are the worse. I used to really dislike Beyonce and find her rather annoying, but now I am rooting for her because she actually has talent. You all who are trying to bring her down must be so damn young and uneducated. Beyonce already did what Rihanna has done just more tasteful ly and independent. Rihanna is nothing but a s** slave and a puppet. Her label forces her to release a new album every year because if she takes a break, everyone would forget about her. Funny how all her albums flopped except for GGGB and Loud. Talk That Talk only had 2 hits and sold 2.7 million copies LMFAO! Beyonce used to be the IT girl from 2003-2009. It was disgusting how much the media and people in general talked about her and idolized her. Just because she’s 31 doesn’t mean anything. Her last album flopped, but Beyonce has accomplished so much in so little time and when you combine her solo career success with her DC career success, she’s sold more than the majority of female artists, especially Rihanna. I bet if Beyonce chose to hop on the bandwagon with all the other washed up stars, Britney Spears, Usher, and Ne-Yo, and make that electro-pop, techno-pop, and dance-pop music, SHE’D STILL BE THE IT GIRL! But she didn’t want to do that. That’s the only really why you idiots don’t want to support her.

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