New Music: Jermaine Riley – ‘Ten Eleven Twelve’

With many citing him as the King of British R&B, the pressure has always been on Jermaine Riley to deliver the goods time and time again.

This week, he does just that with his new mix tape ‘Ten Eleven Twelve’ , boasting remixes of many a well known cut- including the Elijah Blake penned ‘Climax‘ originally recorded by Usher.

Unfamiliar with his work? Get right into it below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Monstarebel (RiRis S** S****) November 12, 2012

    13 14 15….Guuur BYE!!!

  2. toohotfortv November 12, 2012

    actually, this is pretty decent.

    • toohotfortv November 12, 2012

      …and whoever that Shaun is, wow… what a voice 😉

    • toohotfortv November 12, 2012

      Ok, this is more than decent… s*** goes hard af!!!! WOW!

  3. Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! November 12, 2012

    I got far as “Bad Guy,” he has a nice texture to his voice. But I prefer a stronger raspy smokers type of voice. He’s cool in a Omarion type of way tho!!

    • toohotfortv November 12, 2012

      then you like soul singers (ie crooners)… this guy is an r&b singer. people get that confused. anyway, this guy definitely has a bit more on omarion. I am really feeling urban music coming out of the uk lately…. from Labrinth, Angel, Cleo Sol, Etta Bond, and now Jermaine… the Uk is shitting on the US.

      • Britbutnotproud November 12, 2012

        Apart from angel and labrinth who are these people – please enlighten me?

      • damn November 12, 2012

        please don’t insult america and i am from england. The Miguel trey songz tyrese monica brandy etc s*** on those uk acts

      • toohotfortv November 13, 2012

        Well, boo… I’m from America and (imo) apart from Miguel and Brandy, the UK is coming up with fresher/more earnest/more skilled/more refined/ and much edgier material. please show me where trey or monica are doing anything on the level of the the forementioned UK acts. I dare you 😉

  4. bibi93 November 12, 2012

    Great talent!!

  5. BlancoDeLaFamilia November 17, 2012

    He can sing but I feel like he’s singing to himself most of the time, trying to impress himself.

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