Chris Brown, Justin Bieber And Kelly Clarkson Join 2012 AMA Line Up

Published: Monday 12th Nov 2012 by David

….and the 2012 American Music Awards just got a whole more exciting!

Minutes ago, confirmation of more performers set to grace the event’s stage were announced and as ever, we’ve got you covered.

New performers below….









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  1. ++++ November 12, 2012

    go breezy…………….. go back to karrueche FAST b $ its too late n***a

    • kingbreezy November 12, 2012

      we aint got time for jobless h***

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

      LOL 🙂

      I just want the brother to focus on is music, his tour and his new foundation, CBSLF (Chris Brown Symphonic Love Foundation)! He should just try and breath and give himself a chance to relax and be stress free!

      **Now I will be watching this show! I wonder why they asked Breezy all of a sudden? I thought they had it all on lock with the rest of the “great” performers you kow –> CRUSTY Underwood, TRAIER Swift, Ellen, I mean Justin Bieber, and his mentor Usher Raymond? And let’s not forget that FAMOUS WORLD RENOWN artist Psy *side-eye*

      • Belladonna November 12, 2012

        This is turning out to be the best Award show of the year. Justin,Breezy,Nicki,Taylor,Usher,The Wanted,Xtina and more! All I need is Rihanna, Lana Del Ray and One Direction and I’m good!

      • Belladonna November 12, 2012

        Oh and I need for Frank Ocean, 2Chanz and Migale to perfom! Maybe Brandy? Lol

    • DSTAR November 13, 2012

      i HAVE ONE QUESTION Whenever theres a african american awards show particularlly HipHop & R&B, thew Top stars never show up but, They want to create & sing that genre of music? This is including the white artist that sing this type of genre as well. SHAMEFUL !! DON’T CARE FOR THE AMAS ANYMORE IN 15 YEARS! It’s just a p*** poor awards show now.

  2. MC November 12, 2012

    “EMA”??? Don’t you mean AMA? Please proof-read your articles before posting them. I think Rihanna will perform.

    • EJ November 12, 2012


      • That B*tch (redbone) November 12, 2012

        Rihanna will “perform” what? Fellatio

      • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

        @That B*tch (redbone)

        OH….DAMNNNNNNN! 🙂



      • MC November 12, 2012

        @That B*tch (redbone)

        Shady b****, I’m trying to be peaceful for once lol. 😉

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 12, 2012

        Lmao @ MC and @ Mobwife.

  3. EdwardPonton November 12, 2012

    I wish that said Kelly Rowland instead of Kelly Clarkson.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

      b**** shut up don’t nobody wanna see Kelly flopland beside her ghetto fans…#Stop

      • Jessy November 12, 2012

        Actually I wanna see her myself as well!

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

      Kelly Clarkston found her niche with the Country Music crowd & she scored a spot on that fact “The Voice, AI, XFactor” rip-off as aresut of it.

      I wish Kelly Row could find that sort of American success! I so enjoyed her during the FAME Tour last yr. She just burned the sttge down!!

  4. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

    Dope…more lip singing n twirling around like a f**

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 12, 2012

      Yup…just like f*** like yourself.

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

        yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas b****!!!

    • CBE November 12, 2012

      The funny thing is, the person you hating on is 10 times more talented then the skanks you defend here 24/7, its amusing at this point…

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

        Ok he can dance big deal, but were is the voice? he’s a autotune B**** like Kesha , and a lip singing joke like Britney spears……GurByeeeee!!!

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

      WTF are talking about Bieber, Usher, Psy, Crusty Underwood or TRAILER Swift? Chris Brown is a performer. I want him to PERFORM. F*ck that other sh*t. You have Sicki, RihNOT, Kelly & pAnk (the ugly DOMESTIC ABUSER) to prance around the gooddamn stage like RAGGEDY MARIONETTES!

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

        gurl he’s repetitive we get the same s*** from him all the time he’s a autotune mess b****!!! When’s the last time the queen sang live??? kiiiiii

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 12, 2012

        oh n BTW Pink slays that sissy f** as a performer !!!!!

  5. That B*tch (redbone) November 12, 2012

    Another wack line-up. Im shocked they have Ludacris performing though.
    Chris may do good depending on the song he chooses to sing. The Wanted isn’t too bad either.

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

      I like Luda but I didn’t know he had anything new out?

      Chris burned down that stage last year with a head cold! I would love to see him do “Don’t Judge Me” then dance to his new uptempo track similar to last year.

      I also like The Wanted and I would like to watch Rihanna sing Diamond or Stay.

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 12, 2012

        I would like to see him perform “Dont judge me” too…although I am certain he may perform DWMU or the new track.
        “Dont judge me” is too good of a track to not be performed.

  6. S* November 12, 2012

    How the hell is Brown performing??? He’s on tour in Europe!!!

  7. the real xoxo November 12, 2012

    no performance will help Misfortune go gold.

    • CBE November 12, 2012

      Why you mad? aint nobody’s business but Teambreezy!

    • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012


      CHIS BROWN IS DOING JUST FIND WITHOUT KISSING THE MEDIA’S ASS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE DOES! He has yet to promote his CD and it’s selling as much as his peers who have been on the cover of every magazine and on every TV program!! Umm, I wonder what’s up with that?

    • Oceanmate November 13, 2012

      kiss a hospital mop–b****! nobody wants to hear your mouth! It’s BREEZY B******! live with it or build a bridge and get over it!

  8. Caramelboi November 12, 2012

    So swizz beatz is probably gonna perform his new song ft chris brown and ludacris and then I can only hope luda brings out kelly rowland to perform representin.

  9. SHA (F*** MC AND BENRON) November 12, 2012

    Chris Brown is a FLOP and I cant stand that wigger justin who thinks he can dance and sing BASIC B****

    • CBE November 12, 2012

      His a flop that has been invited to perform…now go jump off a cliff!

      • kingbreezy November 12, 2012

        and also going to take some awards home

      • mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012

        THIS!! 🙂

      • SHA (F*** MC AND BENRON) November 12, 2012

        How much has misfortune sold B****? EAT MY C*** you dumb h**!!

      • Wendy November 12, 2012

        Chris a flop? Where the hell is your fave at on the list? Teambreezy need not buy any of Rihanna & Bey’s music.

  10. CBE November 12, 2012

    I didnt think they were going to call him to perform due to the conflicting schedule with his Tour, I hope he doesnt cancel the dates of the tour after 20th November, I have to see him live and he will be the only other artist I have seen live aside from Eminem. This recent announcement further proves my point! call it conspiracy or some s*** but I dont trust Billboard or Nielsen soundscan, every Black artist has sold s*** numbers compared to white artists and then Billboard goes on to mess with the charting catergories, I know they purposely trying to kill black music( Depending on how YOU define it), as I said many times this year Chris Brown sells 135k first week and Taylor swift,JB,Coldplay, Lady antebellum, Zac brown band? Pink, etc sell more and yet when they are invited to perform on shows like Xfactor,Idol,DWTS or Today show they pull weak ratings so WTF is going on? IF Chris(yes focusing on him!) can pull record attendances, break rating records…why isnt he selling? are the stores not reporting full numbers? SO HE FLOPPED RIGHT HATERS??? why the f*** are they inviting him on a STAR STUDDED SHOW IF THEY DONT NEED HIM? and dont tell me his promoting Fortune, that CD was released in July! promotion time is done. hate on that!

    • Wendy November 12, 2012



  11. SHA (F*** MC AND BENRON) November 12, 2012

    I can describe Chris Browns fans in three words YOUNG STUPID and RATCHET!!!!!! kiiiiiiiiii

    • kingbreezy November 12, 2012


    • James227 November 12, 2012

      B**** have you ever been to a Chris Brown concert? Keep in f***** mind when Rihanna was asked a question about what her fans show was and Rihanna guessed the wrong answer. The answer was her fans love The Simpson LMFAO.

  12. Caramelboi November 12, 2012

    For u wack asses sayin chris brown can’t sing suck a bull nutsack……he can blow he just chooses to use autotune. Besides I like performers dat knws how to work a stage and cb can do just dat. How do y’all knw he’s. Doin a solo set bcuz its obvious he is gonna perform with luda and swizz for his new song bcuz swizz can’t carry out a whole performance by himself. I hope chris and luda still do a solo performance. Why y’all keep sayin riri performing I haven’t heard anything about her performing.

  13. i&i(asomitan) November 12, 2012

    Great I hope CB sings live, no autotune mess. Its getting boring at this point. Make me jump up and scream for CB cause I sure am not feeling him since the grammy’s

  14. MISHKA November 12, 2012

    I’m only interested by PSY. At least someone who is gonna REALLY entertaining .

    I’m tired and bored by everybody else. Please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you.

  15. mobwife: operation kill the b*tch November 12, 2012


    Now I will be tuning in! I’m just curious as to how AMA managed to get all these ppl to perform? Stevie Wonder must be getting a Lifetime Achievement Award! I can’t wait to him. I hope he sings alone, no boy bands, no Alicia Keys just Stevie cookin’ the classics! 🙂

  16. tudde November 12, 2012

    How the f*** will Chris Brown pe performing with Swizz and Luca when he has a concert in Sweden on the 19th of November and the AMA’s is on the 18th :O

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