Report: Rihanna ‘Unapologetic’ Track List Surfaces

Published: Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 by David

Whether you love her or not, there’s no denying the force that is Def Jam’s Rihanna.

Readying the release of her seventh studio album on November 19th, today saw a track list from the LP, ‘Unapologetic‘, surface online- two weeks before launch week.

Get into it below…

Fresh Off The Runway
Pour It Up
Loveeeeeee Song
Right Now
What Now
Nobodys Business
Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
Get It Over With
No Love Allowed
Lost In Paradise

Deluxe Edition:
Half Of Me
Diamonds (Dave Aude 100 Extended)
Diamonds (Gregor Salto Downtempo Remix)
Bonus DVD, never-before-released footage and Rihanna’s Loud Tour recorded live at London’s O2 Arena (20 mins)

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for confirmation on the above. In the meantime…


Side note: Final list is set to include featured acts.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mary-Ann Tatum November 3, 2012

    Fake. The tracklist is the words on the album artwork! Duh!

    • Kayla November 4, 2012

      NO! the words on the cover describe the album! Like really.
      1. victory
      2. fun
      3. happy
      4. #navy
      5. diamonds
      6. love
      7. faith
      …… like really…if those are the tracks, rihanna has COMPLETLEY bombed it!!


    yesss!!!!! Love Her

  3. jamilaa November 3, 2012

    go RIRI! oh gosh cut wait for this cd to drop! excited much! whoop whoop!

  4. jamilaa November 3, 2012

    go RIRI! oh gosh cant wait for this cd to drop! excited much! whoop whoop!

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      JAMILLA Agree,,, ,,,,Happy times are here
      and right on time for the Festive season!

  5. yuppitsme November 3, 2012

    Sounds good to me i will be buying

  6. MC (Drake is better than Benwhore) November 3, 2012

    Have we gotten to the desperation of posting leaked, unconfirmed track-lists? Oh, I see. Happy b’day Benron.

    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      yeah , we reached that months ago , remember @sam is a barb , this is all expected and nothing new , another pressed blogger who rihanna didn’t care to give him a decent interview.

      • MC (Benron sucks) November 3, 2012

        I suppose so….a shame really.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        but sometimes HE..R shade is funny. but the poor kid doesn’t know that she’s using the madonna rule ” every publcity is good , whether it was positive or negative” , so .. TGJ is the 2nd rate

        another pathetic obsessed and depressed blogger , what rihanna is doing everyone did it before , what’s new or offensive about her ?! idk what is his problem with her , but i believe it is beyond her not being a decent performer according to HE..R standards as a BARB 😆 .

      • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        I agree that its definitely a double standard to diss Rihanna and label her talentless and a gimmick if you stan for another b**** who’s talent is very questionable and who’s climb to fame can be associated with gimmick.

        Madonna is Madonna. Although people can say she is an attention w****, gimmicky, can’t sing, etc….she has something that no one can deny: when she gets on stage, she shuts it down. And her material is (usually) on the money and unique. Regardless people need to chill a little and the shading needs to upgrade to the next level.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Back in the day when Madonna was as hot
        as she is now, there was all kinds of talk,
        talk, talk and look at Her Now.
        People called Her all of the names just like Rihanna
        gets all of the time .They said She couldn’t, She Want,
        She Can’s and every News Outlet Column and News
        paper along with the catholic church and the King James
        Version Of the Holy Bible was out to Get Madonna and she
        has proven over and above that She is a artist who has made liars out of all of them! And,,,,Shes still going strong
        as ever right now, therefore letting many know that talk can’t stop progress its worry and hating that always get you down.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Why give people the satisfaction of letting them get the best of you? People are too weak to follow their own dreams & will find every way possible to try to discourage yours. It’s a natural thing, don’t curse it – bless it. Because these pathetic mother fuckers encourage my conceit.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Desperation is how Rihanna is News crossing a street,
      showing Her Ass, Entertaining, Taking up for Herself, on
      Her Twitter Account keeping Her Navy all up in the mix without trying to Monitor each and every crooked smile that comes out and hit the blogs are the World Information Highway.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Desperation is the many haters who will Swear on a stack of King James Versions of the Holy Bible that Rihanna’s B***
        should be back in Barbados with four of five little crumb snatcher’s following in behind her and One in the Oven with a comb stuck in Her hair, and holding a Pickle in her hand with a Pepperment stick stuck in that pickle Sucking on that Pickle and on Her way to get some Pig Feet and Brown Beans and Corn Bread to cook for Supper, then,,,,,Her Haters would be as happy as Baby Blue with One OF BEYONCE’S FAKE ASS BREAST IN HER MOUTH!

      • TinaMinaj November 5, 2012

        No. Desperation is you bringing Beyonce into your petty comparisons. Get a life. For someone who claims to travel the world you’re hopelessly shallow..

  7. krys November 3, 2012

    J’espère que c’est faux! ca n’envisage rien de bon…..

    • MC (Drake is better than Benwhore) November 3, 2012

      Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        This is a blog site and that is open to all.
        every one have got a right to blog if the
        so chooses.

    • lordmir November 3, 2012

      et comment tu peux dire ca avec juste le nom des chansons lol, vraiment n’importe quoi

      • bibi93 November 3, 2012

        Français ^^ ? ^^

      • krys November 4, 2012

        oN VERAS BIEN! toujours le même thème de chanson! et excuse moi! j’ai déja vus des tracklist que je sentais pas et l’album était nul! c’est pas parce que vous êtes les moutons de rihanna qu’il faut venir lacher votre venin! On dirais les fan de lady gaga ce sont rabattus sur rihanna! A bon entendeur! salut!

      • bibi93 November 4, 2012


    • bibi93 November 3, 2012

      Français? ^^

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Right on!

    • krys November 4, 2012

      Et je précise cela m’éttonerais que ce sois la vraie tracklist et qu’aucun site de rihanna ne l’ais posté!

      • bibi93 November 4, 2012

        T’es français? ^^

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      I just don’t get some people. If you have all the time in the world to talk about other people, and for them to be a topic of discussion with you and your friends, whenever you all get together…you obviously aren’t living your own life.

      • TinaMinaj November 5, 2012

        This a few comments after that flop Beyonce diss you tried a couple posts before??? LMFAO!!!!! I JUST CAN’T!!!

  8. tomuchenfo November 3, 2012

    Calling it first. Chris is going to break up with her a couple days before her album releases.

    • mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012

      They are not together, just friends and he will be in Europe on tour so I doubt it!

      • Bob November 4, 2012

        U honestly believe they just mates ha I can’t are U 12…?

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Chris and Rih are full grown, and both
      of them know what time it is, and so do
      many, and that it’s time to get and keep
      the Media out of their lives as much as they
      possibly can.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      When we hate our enemies, we are giving them power over us: power over our sleep, our appetites, our blood pressure, our health, and our happiness. Our enemies would dance with joy if only they knew how they were worrying us, lacerating us, and getting even with us! Our hate is not hurting them at all, but our hate is turning our own days and nights into a hellish turmoil.

  9. JAKE November 3, 2012



    And her we go – Another riGONNORHEOa album comprised of songs that she NEVER wrote, produced or sang. (WE ALL KNOW r**** WAS SINGING OVER SIA WHILST SHE WAS SINGING DIAMONDS.)

    Poor unaFLOPogetic. Why don’t these TALENTLESS S**** ever learn from their past FLOOOOOOOPS?

    Oh well……

    😉 😉 😉

    • Hop-Scotch November 3, 2012



    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud November 3, 2012

      only a f** would say all of this about a woman..

      Dirty trick ass power bottom

      • JAKE November 3, 2012




    • KingFuckingBey November 3, 2012

      LOL @ jakes comment.

      • Ant November 3, 2012

        Hahaha @Jake I don’t know why these f*** are so damn salty on these threads. Maybe the side effects from their meds has them all ‘edgy’ so they get behind a keyboard and hurl pointless insults. IDK SMDH.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        She have learned long ago how to be cool
        at any cost.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Desperation is people wanting her to flop, fail and not be

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        I love how she just seem like she just take
        it one day at a time, Effortless.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Because you know me right? You know me so well. You know everything about me, my influences, what hurts me, what helps me, what haunts me, you know it all right? You know what I’ve been through, going through and will go through don’t you? You know all my choices and the reasons as to why I made them, right? Listen, think what you want when you come and mouth off about how ridiculous, or stupid, or slutty or dumb or ugly or whatever else you want to call me, but remember that you don’t know half of the story, and I doubt when you’re pointing the finger, your own slate is clean, is it?
      Usually the people who degrade others are self conscious about themselves. They want to feel empowerment over you & see you get in your feelings. Don’t let them.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        It’s easy to look at people and make quick judgments about them, their present and their past, but you’d be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides. What a person shows to the world is only one tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. And more often then not, it’s lined with cracks and scars that go all the way to the foundation of their soul

  10. Benron (Rita Ora is prettier than MC) November 3, 2012

    Wow, being as Rihanna is the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of her music I know I can trust her to pick only the best songs.

    So far we know Emeli sande’s song made it so yay!

    Oh and, while I am at it This guy leaked talk that talks tracklist last year too, this n**** needs to STAWP.

    Rihanna also told a fan it was real and she loved the song “Loveeeeee song”

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        Lol Don’t hate cuz you like the song titles.

        Seriously do you like them?

      • MC (J-Cole is my husband) November 3, 2012

        If Numb, Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary, Lost In Paradise, and Get It Over With are any indication to what the songs are going to be like then yes, but I honestly don’t know since I haven’t heard the songs yet.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012


        Get it over wit hlyrics- “You just keep thudnering and thundering, why don’t you just rain and get it over with.

        And she tweeted the love without tradgedy lyrics, it was somethign like:

        Fast cars, _____ and a James dean on the low.
        _______ rose petals, I was his marilyn Monroe.

      • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        Seems interesting but I want to hold on to my judgement until I hear the full songs/snippets. I am really skeptical about this era as you can tell.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        She also tweeted “B**** Im fresh off the runway, which is the opening songs “fresh off the runway”.

        We are all skeptical Mc.

      • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        o_O You stan for her though, you would buy it anyways. I won’t.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        You will hear the snippets, love it and pick it up from target for 12.99, I cna predict the future. You will then hate like 4 of the songs btu be torn because you love the rest. You will stan for have the ra until things get messy in march when she is on tour and has to do promo but can’t and f*** up with something somehow.

        Than you will check out her 8ths album lead single and hate it and hate that album and hate evryone from then on.

      • MC (Benron sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        If you can predict what will happen, can you tell me what I am about to say to you next?

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        No.. what?

      • MC (Benron sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        I’m pregnant with another man’s baby.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        Who? Cuz that will make what I have to tell you even easier….

      • MC (Benron is a flop) November 3, 2012

        Its Jesse Williams’ baby.
        What do you have to tell me? 0_0
        *brace myself for the worst*

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        I cheated on you with a few people

        -Rihanna (7 times)
        – J.lo (3 times)
        -Sofia Vergara
        -Shakira (just for the LOL’S)
        -Kate upton (twice)
        -Beyonce (Blue ivy is my child)
        -Katy Perry
        -Alexandra burke

        Oh and I have a***.

      • MC (Benron is a flop) November 3, 2012

        Pack your things and leave you cheating, manipulative w****! You promised me that I would be your only one, but naaaahh you are going to be a cheating b******. Thank goodness I haven’t slept with you yet otherwise, I would be on my deathbed like you. Burn in hell you dusty b****.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        Yeah I was kidding about that list.

        I never slept with Shakira just some girl who looks like her.

        And h**, what about our children?

      • MC (Benron is a flop) November 3, 2012

        Oh yeah…..I did sleep with you… least 5 times cuz we have 5 children……I am such a w**** I don’t who I’ve slept with and who I have not. The struggles of being a w****, what can you do?

        Is this the Shakira lookalike that you cheated on me with?

        What does sHE have that I don’t? 🙁

        The day is ending and so is your birthday. 🙂 I hope all your wishes come true and may you be blessed with many more years to come. Goodnight!

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        @MC Diid you just call me an attention seeking w****, no wonder I cheated on you.

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        THANK YOU! AND im sttarting to get scared of how many pictures of drag queens you have…

        And I understand the struggles of being a w****, I am a man w****, I slept with liek 10 girls today didnt u see my list.

        Thanks for the bday wishes, and have a good weekend!

      • MC (Benron is a flop) November 3, 2012

        Yes I did call you an attention seeking w**** because you are one, like me!!!! just kidding. You’re welcome and don’t hate these beautiful woMEN because you’re not as beautiful and s*** as they are. I know you’re a w**** but since today is your birthday, I’ll give you a pass. Have a good weekend. 😀

  11. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud November 3, 2012

    The same person who leaked the TTT tracklist leaked this one so……..

    • Ugh November 4, 2012

      that same person would be rihanna’s team duh

  12. @091094_ Twitter November 3, 2012

    I swear this s*** already surfaced, its the words on the cover and can I just say BENRON THE GUY ABOVE ME NEEDS TO GO GET A LIFE FAT W**** PROBABLY BEHIND HIS AVI OF SIDESHOW BOB

    • MC (Benron sucks) November 3, 2012

      Sis, I am the only one who is allowed to hate on him this much. -_- Please lets take a breath.

      • @091094_ Twitter November 4, 2012

        You dident choose the stan life, the stan life chose you

  13. Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012


    Rihanna back to slay my life again, just this track-list has got me fanning out like a teen school girl at a One Direction concert. I am freaking out like a cat in heat right now just by releasing this track-list.

    I so cannot wait to get my hands on Unapologetic and I am Unapologetic about this fact. I am so ready to own this piece of HistoRIH.

    With over 30 million albums sold World-Wide (according to MTV) and over 4.5 million copies of TALK THAT TALK sold World-Wide (according to MTV), and record breaking sales of TALK THAT TALK which sold 2 million copies World-Wide in less than 2 months, Rihanna is a significant force in the music industry. I love this chick and I so cannot wait for her to slay my life again.

    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      you just won’t behave , won’t you ? you do know that posting REAL stats annoy the bey-hive and break their hearts ?

      *waits for gilberto,richand blah , and others while playing don’t stop the music*


      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        Me??? Why I would never lol.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        you just love drama , right ?

        just leave them buzz , they are providing the navy with free pub for rih , they basically don’t have anything to talk about , i feel sad for them 🙁

        don’t be hard on them 😀 , and since when you are a “fighter” ?

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        What can I say, Drama keeps this blog entertaining.

        and since when you are a “fighter” ?

        Well when she came on The Voice, I was a little bit more curious about her music, then I heard “FIGHTER” and lord it was over from then, I loved this chick “Christina” ever since.

        I also like Rihanna (obviously) Kanye West, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Ciara, Usher, Justin Bieber, P!nk, 50 cent, Eminem, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Chris Daughtry (love him), Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey (vision of love days), Madonna, D’Banj, Cheryl Cole, Emeli Sande, Paloma Faith, Kelly Clarkson, Rebecca Ferguson (glitter and gold is my jam), J Cole, Hedley, Tje Austin (he was on the voice), Dappy, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Howie Day, Fefe Dobson, Paramore, Adele, Taylor Swift and Adam Lambert to name a few.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        I Love you 😀 , finally someone who’s here for MUSIC.

        i like Xtina too , but Rih is my main 😉

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        Thanks babe, LOVE you Too.

  14. Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

    Lest not forget that

    5.) is real according to rih

    and 10 and 11 are real aswell. they coudl all be real.

  15. Pinkcookiegoodies November 3, 2012

    Don’t you get tired of posting about Rihanna? Every move this girl makes, it’s posted. It’s really annoying. I’m officially tired of seeing her posted every five minutes. SMH

  16. JJFan1814 November 3, 2012

    Niiiiice!!! I love the titles!!!!

    I’m excited! That Rihanna reign just won’t let up

  17. Naya November 3, 2012

    I love most of the song titles I can’t wait! Anybody saying the tracklist is fake us Stupid!!! Urbanbridgez always have the right ones before they come out. Just last week they had Nicki’s and then iTunes put up the same one Friday. And they had the TTT tracklist first. All you guys need to do is research check their site they are always on top of it and always right!

  18. Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

    Rihanna eve ntweeted What Now #Unapologetic in october, that song is real aswell…

  19. ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

    Idk…I think I’ve waited long enough (two album eras) to realize she’ll never create another album as innovative, creative, and heartfelt as Rated R with clear and concise direction and marketing (i.e album artwork, videos, concerts). That is the only album to me that had a meaning. Everything else is just generic, meaningless, “3 words for a chorus” crap. I just don’t have high hopes for this one, it feels rushed and just thrown together with really nothing to say. I mean seriously, what is the real concept of this album?? The only thing I’ve picked up from this era so far is her and chris brown’s love triangle…#NotHereForIt

    • MC (Benron sucks) November 3, 2012


    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      why don’t you just wait for it ?

      and LOUD was maybe not as deep as RR , but it was decent.

      and where was your ass when everyone trashed RR ? i swear you guys hated it when it was first released and moved on from anything rihanna-related , now you appreciate rated r ?!!!!!!

      b****** these days. wait for it honey 😉 , rihanna maybe don’t have so much to say in her songs according to you , but maybe she will surprise us all , “Diamonds” was a surprise after all !!!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        To answer your first question, I’m basing my statement off the lead single Diamonds which could’ve easily fit on TTT, so not much innovation there. I’m not knocking the album or putting an “official” stamp on my dislike yet, I just don’t see it doing or meaning much. Second, I wasn’t on TGJ in 2009 lol! So, couldn’t defend Rated R during it’s era like I would have. But like I said, I’m not knocking her album just yet since I haven’t heard anything other than Diamonds so far, but that behind the scenes video she released did nothing for her “work ethic” reputation…

      • zzzzg November 3, 2012

        Exactly @Rude I remembered during Rated R era a lot of the Navy was saying how they didn’t like Rihanna’s new image and how they wanted the old Rihanna back blah blah.I m still trying to figure out how all of a sudden everybody wants the RR Rihanna back now SMH
        I actually loved Rihanna no matter what and bought the album on the day of release. I have to say I was honestly amazed by RR’s musical direction and came to the conclusion that RR is her best album and one od the best pop albums that I’ve ever heard in a while.People were definitely sleeping on RR. People often sleep on Rihanna period! Just because she’s a huge pop icon doesn’t mean her music is mediocre. Rihanna has some very meaningful songs that can touch people from different backgrounds.

    • MACHIAVEL November 3, 2012

      @Onika Always Keep It Real, I Agree With You!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        Thanks Machiavel 😉

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

      Rihanna has moved on from Rated R honey, she doesn’t do the same thing over again. Hear greatest album was most likely Good Girl Gone Bad and she never did that again. Every Rihanna album is different from the last one and this one will be different.

      My Favorite album was Rated R.

      My Favorite era was LOUD

      My Favorite song is “Fool in love” from TALK THAT TALK.

      This album will be different judging from Diamonds. If you liked Rated R, go buy it but she’ll never do that again, she’ll never do LOUD again, she’ll never do TALK THAT TALK again, she’ll never do GOOD GIRL GONE BAD again so you’re going to have to get over it.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        Your right, Rihanna does change her style every era which is apart of her brand and has worked for her, I’m not knocking that. But her albums post RR don’t have much of a concept, meaning or direction and is just filled with overly sexual, repetitive lyrics and inconsistent visuals. Why can’t she change her sound but still have a solid concept with lyrical depth?? I’m not saying cut the club tracks, but that shouldn’t be your whole album…If that’s the case, just release the singles then all together on an EP, but an album should mean more and have something concrete to say. What was Loud’s concept? What was Talk That Talk? Rated R was clear in it’s direction and was easily recognized by it’s marketing campaign. Now that’s an album.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        ” fool in love” ?!!!!!!!!

        for f*****’ real now ?

        you gotta be a new species of the navy !! what’s next ? your fav single form LOUD was ” CKB” ? 😆

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        @ Enough Onika

        LOUD was her commercial era, which is why her songs were stripped back and lighter than Rated R. She was going on tour that year and had to release something with appeal.

        TALK THAT TALK in my opinion was more like filler. Even though it performed well, she was doing movies during that era and going on vacation and she didn’t put in nearly as much work as she did with LOUD. TALK THAT TALK did not have a clear direction, but it was different from LOUD, RR and GGGB in the sense that it was a little bit more playful, fun and s***.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        @Rude Navy

        “Fool in Love” just spoke to me, it was very emotional.

        And no, my favorite song from LOUD is not CKB but “Fading”.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        @RudeNavy I don’t see your point? The song fit in with the “concept” of the album i.e. heartbreak, pain, regret. You not liking all the songs personally on the album doesn’t dismiss it’s concrete direction….and I don’t stan for Rihanna fyi.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        @BeyonceWeave I agree, LOUD was her commercial era to regain her pop stance on a mass scale. I just wish she lived by her own words of being a “bad girl” and not caring what others say and release albums when she actually has something to say. LOUD could’ve just been an EP like Ke$ha’s Cannibel if she just want’s to create songs geared for the pop charts in between REAL albums. It would also give her more time to grew musically instead of forcing it every album.. Talk That Talk should’ve been LOUD’s rerelease like it was planned to be..

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        Again Enough Onika

        She was going on TOUR, she needed something more commercial. Something as commercial as Good Girl Gone Bad, but different from it. Plus a lot of Rihanna’s fans are from Europe, which is why she needed something a little bit more geared to that market.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        @Beyonce’sWeave I hear you, she needed material to appeal on a broader scale for her tour, understandable. But my argument is, albums should be a creative way for artists to connect with their fans, lyrically, visually and personally. I got a sense of who Rihanna really was with Rated R which made that album stand out from the rest. There’s no rule against having meaningful, fun and innovative lyrics while keeping the sound “commercial.” And that’s how LOUD should have been created as an album. Again if she just wants fun and carefree records with no real concept, compile those on an EP to release in between albums. Who say’s you can’t tour with an EP?? Lil Kim toured with just a mixtape.. I just think Rihanna should deem Unapologetic an EP if it’s anything like TTT. She should go figure herself out, who she is, get help with her Chris obsession to understand why she feels she “needs” him etc. Hell, she could make a reality show of it based on her journey to crafting that new album, since her personal life seems to heavily influence her sales. And then come back, put together something with true meaning and reflection, and follow whichever style of music she see’s fit based on where she’s at at that time.

    • mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012

      Rated R was complete bullsh*t from start to finish! GGGB was her only good era. If she were smart she would taylor this CD like that one!!

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        with all due respect , RR was her most enjoyable album , at least talking as a navy , but i guess everyone liked when she was in her GGGB phase , light , bubbly and fun , RR was the opposite and she was just ” in your f*****’ face” all the time , i still can’t deal with Te amo for example , she was wild in every aspect , and the good thing it was All hers !!

        my fav era is LOUD followed by GGGB , but my fav album gonna be RR cuz that was the REAL RIH-anna , GGGB was a manipulation and so was LOUD , TTT was some LOUD pt. 2 but it didn’t work for her and that’s why she moved on with it by WHYB single release.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        @ Rude Navy

        I disagree, Music of the Sun and A girl like me was a manipulation. It was when they would give her B list producers and writers and market her as Beyonce whilst throwing all the Island DefJam money at Christina Milian

        Good Girl Gone Bad was her rebelling against her label and taking charge.

        Rated R was her dark phase,

        LOUD was her more commercial phase

        TALK THAT TALK was more of a s*** “filler” phase.

        Unapologetic seems of more like a “moving on” phase.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        GGGB was made to have every song tailored to pop radio. It was a good I’ll admit AND her concept was clear. She shredded her “good girl island” image and went for something edgy. Each video, single, hairstyle, fashion choice coincided with the concept of her album aka her going “bad.” What do you get from any of her other albums minus Rated R and GGGB?? Exactly, there is no solid concept and that’s what I’m saying.

      • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        -_- Its Rihanna’s best album creatively, visually, innovation wise, vision wise, message wise, and input wise. It was the era where she was on point for her live performances and the only era that I appreciated her as an artist. The only era she was an artist in the true sense.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 3, 2012

        @MC Exactly! That was the only era were I saw her as a true artist and not just another pop gimmick.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        @beyonce’s weave :

        GGGB was also a manipulation !!! RR is the only album Rihanna really took charge of almost everything in it. RR was like britney’s “blackout” if you know what i mean !!

        how can you say she was rebelling in GGGB ? then S.O.S was what ?

        RR is what rihanna can do if you let her take charge of her material , shocking yet pleasing !

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012


        S.O.S was Island DefJam marketing her as Beyonce. At that time, Island DefJam was more interested in Christina Milian.

        I say GGGB was her taking charge because she cut off all the Beyonce marketing they were putting on her, she got rid of the brown long hair, she completely changed the style of her songs, adapted her own sound (GGGB has got Pop Rock songs: Shut up a drive, Pop Ballads: Cry, Good Girl Gone Bad R&B Pop: Umbrella, Breaking dishes), it was a completely different sound from anything she did in a Girl Like Me and Music of the Sun.

        That is why I say GGGB was when she took charge. Of course since LA Reid as well as her were the Executive Producers on the project, LA put in some input but mostly it’s when she found out the type of artist she wanted to be, especially on the re-release (Looks at Disturbia).

        Rated R was by far her best album, no one can deny that but every Rihanna album since GGGB has a sort of purpose for her, LOUD was for commercial appeal, TTT was s*** and fun, Rated R reflected how she was feeling at the time, GGGB was her taking direction of her own projects.

      • zzzzg November 3, 2012

        I disagree.RR was her best work,GGGB just sold more doesn’t make it better.She put her heart and soul into RR.It was after the fight with CB so it had her thinking a lot. The instrumentals and beats were astonishing.She used a lot of electrical guitars which I absolutely love.RR was not meant to be a WW smash,it was more personal.I still think it’s her most underrated album.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 4, 2012

        I always felt G4L should have been released as a promo single like Wait Your Turn because the concept for the video could’ve been amazing. She could’ve created a cinematic video were she was a lead assassin with her pose of female assassins plotting to take out their target. The whole video could’ve shown them getting prepared, riding in sleek cars and motorbikes, getting money etc. And at the end of the video, Rihanna has her scope right on her target as she sings the last sentence to the song. All shot in black and white like her Armani commercials. She’s always wanted to play that type of character, that video would’ve been perfect for it..So many creative ways to do visuals when you have lyrics that tell a story.

  20. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 3, 2012

    :O Didnt realise the album was coming out so soon! This could be a big christmas seller.

    • Peter G November 4, 2012

      Ha, If you didn’t realise it was coming out that’s more reason for it to flop. Some people don’t even know about ‘Diamonds’! I don’t think this album will be ending her trend of never reaching number 1 on the Billboard 200. By the way I listened to Taylor’s album and sorry it’s just not me. Maybe when she releases something a bit more mature I’ll be interested. On the plus side she reminded me of Avril Lavigne but a more censored version. You can’t say I didn’t try!

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Peter shut up always trying to poision the water
        for Rih,,, don’t hate Appreciate, or move on down the road..

  21. RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

    Yes B**** , yaaaas !!! I’m so f*****’ XD 😀

    fake or not , just the thought of the presence of a tracklist for “unapologetic” will get any rihanna fan so XD

    #RANDOM : what the f*** is up with (Beneron) and (MC) user-names ?!!

    • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

      lol Your ass isn’t here to entertain us so we entertain each other. 😛

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        My ass is working baby , so i’m not here all the time , but you know it when i’m in here , b****** can’t take me 😆

        i missed yall for real 🙂 , and what a great AVI , i love whitney and this movie.

      • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        lol. I know, b****** be posting fake ass stories from “a close friend”. You gotta learn to swat those flies. I’ve been feeling moody lately….been listening to Butterfly, Stripped, and moving on to I’m your baby tonight.

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        Honey from ” butterfly” is a MAJOR , i only like ” Dirrty” from stripped and i love everything has whitney on it , “my name is not susan” , ” who do you love” are my favs in that album tho 😉 , usually i love the songs which are not popular , the same goes to rihanna’s ones , but ” rude boy” is my fav song of rih.

      • MC (Benron sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        “rude boy”?!? Not Russian Roulette? Not man down? Not Cold Case love? not Rockstar 101? Not te amo? My favorite Rihanna song and video is Man Down and my favorite/only album my Rihanna that I really enjoy is Rated R.

        “Dirrty”?!?? Really? That is the only song that you like from Stripped? You have got to be kidding me! Fighter, the voice within, beautiful, Keep singing my song, dirrty, underappreciated, stripped 2.0, etc were all amazing. My favorite Xtina album is Stripped and favorite song is you lost me.

        I can agree with loving anything and everything that has nippy’s name on it. No one favorite album but favorite song would probably be Greatest love of all.

  22. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) November 3, 2012

    By Amy Everett On November 3, 2012
    Rihanna ‘Loses All Interest In Normal Life’ In Favour Of Chris Brown’She doesn’t look afer herself and acts out’

    A friend of Rihanna’s has spoken out about the star’s relationship with Chris Brown, revealing that she’s interested in nothing but her on-off lover and neglects her own well-being when she is caught up in the drama he creates.

    The ‘Unfaithful’ singer has allegedly rekindled her relationship with the performer since he split from model KarruecheTran, once again becoming consumed by the task of gaining and keeping his affection. The pair split in 2009, after he violently assaulted her.

    The pop star is reportedly worried that Chris could cheat on her, and it’s eating her up inside. He allegedly met up with his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran to tie up loose ends after their recent split, and RIhanna doesns’t seem happy.

    “His game playing is so confusing for Ri,” a friend told British magazine Grazia.

    “She simply doesn’t understand why he needed to see Karrueche.”

    According to some of Rihanna’s friends, her relationship with the bad boy has left her emotionally scarred:

    “When Chris is messing her around she loses all interest in normal life,” the friend continued. “She doesn’t look after herself and she acts out. She’s always on edge, texting Chris constantly – it’s like there’s no one else in the world who she’ll listen to.”

    They’ve been spotted in public together numerous times in recent weeks, but have not confirmed their relationship. Yet!

    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      i can play this game of ” according to …” too, actually everyone can do it.

    • MACHIAVEL November 3, 2012

      Damn, Get A F***** Life! SMH!!!!

    • MC (Benron is sucks ass) November 3, 2012

      Sir, please stop with this nonsense. This s*** is so played out and fake…..I can’t with your ass.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) November 3, 2012

        Y’all know I’m shady , it is nothing new , you see I got them talking.

      • MC (Benron sucks ass) November 3, 2012

        I see I’m going to have to categorize you with the thirsty, attention-seeking whores on this site along with Suicide, Rude, Benron, Beyonce’s weave, and of course, yours truly.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) November 3, 2012


    • mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012


      Again, Chris Brown is busy putting the finishing touches on rehersal for the 1st leg of his World Tour starting in 2 weeks and Rihanna is busy putting the finishing touches on her CD due out in wks so whatever this Amy B*TCH is talking about is a goddamn LIE!

      What FRIEND CLOSE TO THE ARTIST? Name the damn friend? Whenever the LYIGN ASS MEDIA say some sh*t like a “source or friend”you should be bright enough to know by now whatever they say after those words is complete bullsh*t…..LOL 🙂

      F*CK Amey Everette the RACIST FEMINIST C***! These H*** are just made that their plot to make Chris & Rihanna their post children for abuse is falling the f*ck apart……and I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        only your chrihanna posts cheers me 🙂

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) November 3, 2012


      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @RICHNBLACK Yes we know Deery, we know.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        Bey Hive loves Stirring in Shyt to try and
        make it Stink.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      @BEY HIVE I Hope this lifts yo spirits,,,,
      YES! New music from King B is right around the corner!

      We expect the release and mass promo of her 5th studio effort to coincide with her February halftime show performance, which means we could start hearing new music by the first of the year.

      One thing’s for sure, Beyonce planning on really bringing the f**** house down with this album. “4″ was brilliant but failed to meet traditional Beyonce sales expectations and was ignored by the Grammy Academy. It’s a jewel, one of her best and some of the best vocals we’ve heard since Mariah’s emancipation more then 6 years ago!

      The commercial fans that “I Am” brought her were also neglected on this last album. Expect more “Halo’s” and “Irreplaceable’s” but better written better produced then the commercial tracks found on “4″.
      Tentative Collaboration List:
      Frank Ocean
      Kanye West
      Mariah Carey
      Swizz Beatz
      The Dream
      Dark Child
      Lady Gaga
      This list is again, tentative but EVERYONE is sending her music right now, trying to be apart of this new project!
      Tentative Album Titles: “The Kingdom”, “Rebirth”
      Tentative Release Dated: January 29th or February 4th 2013

  23. I Judge Flops November 3, 2012

    I’m not going to shade Rihanan this go around.

    Let’s just pray this one goes #1 because 7 Non #1 Albums is A JOKE.

    Let’s just wait and see *sips tea*

    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      you are a joke.

      and who needs a #1 in US b**** ? that is so irrelevant and rih ain’t american. she’s international you stupid h** with a confused creature in your avi.

      • Um November 3, 2012

        & yet if this debuts at #1, guess which annoying ass fanbase would shove that s*** down everyone’s throats? have a seat.

      • zzzzg November 3, 2012

        Why does her album need to go # 1 logically? Her albums go on to sell millions in the long run. Rihanna has sold 37 million records WW and 146 digital tracks WW. And you tell why she needs a # 1 album in the US.Top 10 album is just as good.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      7 Albums in 7 Years is Great!!!!!!

  24. mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012

    What’s with these damn lyric videos? Where is the actual human animated freaking video? 0_o

  25. the real xoxo November 3, 2012

    Yes its that time of year again, Rihannas new era!
    expect publicity stunts, attention-seeking tweets, slutty outfits and catchy yet forgettable music.

    • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

      and i expect your ass to be there stanning for rihanna as usual , as u did in here , right ?


      • FRESH (Navi) November 3, 2012

        @rude Nay …
        riii the b**** gone be on EVERY post doing the MOST

        stanning for queen rihhh

        Go head Talk Shiit its All in DA paper


      • Lax November 5, 2012

        ,,,,,,Hmmmmm Off Topic,,,,,,

    • Lax November 5, 2012


    • Lax November 5, 2012

      @THE REAL XOXO This is Real,,,,,,
      Not content with headlining Radio 1‘s Hackney Weekend the BBC‘s biggest ever outdoor music concert Rihanna can now add the mammoth feat of 20 million record sales to her list of career achievements here in the UK!

      RiRi has now sold a staggering combined total of 20 million singles and albums on UK turf, according to the latest Official Charts Company‘s sales data.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO,,,,This is real,,,,,,
        It has been just under seven years since her debut UK hit, Pon De Replay, reached Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart; since then, the 24-year-old singer has sold over 14 million singles and over six million albums in the United Kingdom.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        Rihanna has not only had phenomenal success with her solo material, but is also famed for her prolific collaborations with artists such as Drake, Kanye West and fellow Hackney Weekend headliner Jay-Z.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        The Bajan superstar’s biggest UK hit single to date is 2011′s We Found Love FT Calvin Harris, which has now sold over 1.14 million copies. In fact, We Found Love is one of THREE different singles on which Rihanna features that have smashed the hallowed 1 million sales milestone (the other two being 2010′s Love The Way You Lie, appearing with Eminem, and Only Girl (In The World)).

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        Rihanna cemented her place in the Official Charts history books in November last year by becoming the only female artist ever to achieve the Official Singles and Official Albums Chart double TWICE in the same year with different singles and albums. The albums that helped her pull off this feat – 2010′s Loud and her most recent collection Talk That Talk, both hit the Number 1 spot in 2011 and went on to sell 1.8m and 850,000 copies, respectively. Though it is 2007′s Good Girl Gone Bad that takes the title of her biggest selling album in the UK, having racked up a cool 1.85m sales on these shores to date.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        The Official Charts Company‘s Managing Director, Martin Talbot says: “Rihanna‘s record, in selling more than 20 million singles and albums in the space of seven years, is truly staggering. There certainly must have been something in the water when she – and Adele three months later – was born in Spring 1988!”

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        And if all that’s not enough of a CV for somebody who is still only 24 YEARS OLD, Rihanna is also the only female artist in the history of the Official Charts to have featured on five Number 1 singles in five consecutive years (2007′s Umbrella, 2008′s Take A Bow, 2009′s Run This Town, 2010′s Only Girl In The World, and 2011′s We Found Love), and is the 10th bigest selling artists in the 60-year history of the Official Singles Chart.

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        @THE REAL XOXO This is real,,,,,,
        Wow, Rihanna and the ever-dedicated Rihanna Navy – WE SALUTE YOU!

        Rihanna’s Official Top 10 biggest-selling tracks are as follows:

        01 Rihanna FT Calvin Harris We Found Love
        02 Eminem FT Rihanna Love The Way You Lie
        03 Rihanna Only Girl (In The World)
        04 Rihanna FT Drake What’s My Name
        05 Rihanna FT Jay-Z Umbrella
        06 Rihanna S&M
        07 Rihanna Rude Boy
        08 David Guetta FT Rihanna Who’s That Chick
        09 Rihanna Disturbia
        10 Rihanna Russian Roulette

  26. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 3, 2012

    I don’t like her but I will be checking for this cuz I like the song diamonds. I also have to say I like this album cover better than her last one.

  27. Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

    You’re a shooting star I see
    A vision of ecstasy
    When you hold me, I’m alive
    We’re like diamonds in the sky

    She kills me.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012


      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        B**** don’t try it.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        Annnnddd who are you ho?

      • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

        @Beyonce’s Weave
        I would but i am committed to……

        @RUDE NAVY
        Hi babe, where have u been?

      • RUDE NAVY November 3, 2012

        i’m fine 😉 , how about you ?

        @beyonce’s weave :

        don’t let me chris-brown your pretty face 😛

      • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

        @RUDE NAVY
        I’m good, thanks, i survived sandy.

        don’t let me chris-brown your pretty face.

        Hilarious, hit have now a new word in my vocabulary thanks to you.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012

        Well I’m hurt,

        *slams door, goes to play Stupid in love*

  28. Ant November 3, 2012

    I don’t know why these f*** are so damn salty on these threads. Maybe the side effects from their meds has them all ‘edgy’ so they get behind a keyboard and hurl pointless insults. IDK SMDH.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Any time there’s a picture of Rihanna it
      does something to them, they always Orbit,
      they always find something to say that is not
      good to try to somehow get that picture of Rih
      off their Screens!

  29. Quetta November 3, 2012

    I’m not buying her album.



      • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

        Lmao Okaay let that h** know we don’t need her support the navy is strong up in this b****…!!

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Quetta,,,,who drop one comment a thread feel that telling us
      that they are
      not supporting Rih is going to somehow
      stop the show.
      @QUETTA,,,With of without You the show must and
      will go on, Deery.

  30. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

    The real xoxo is on pressed little ugly b**** h** you need to just go play in traffic or go swim in a pool of bleach your choice just do so please xoxo

    • MC (Benron sucks ass) November 3, 2012

      Mimi!!!! oh and Rihanna too.

      • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

        lol hush!! they both look gorgeous in that pic xoxo

      • MC (Benron is a flop) November 3, 2012

        I gotta inject my tiny piece of shade into everything -_- don’t be mad babe 😉 They both do look great. Mimi and Rihanna during her best era (RR)…

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      @MONSTAREBEL,,,,,,LMAO, Talk about funny
      these Words : pressed little ugly bytch,,,,Epic Words
      I will have to use those words soon!

  31. aishaaguilerakeys November 4, 2012

    A bonus DVD that lasts 20 minutes?

  32. RENEGADE November 4, 2012

    Why her tracklistings must include the word “LOVE” at least three times??

    Anyway I hope this turns out to be something real like ‘Rated R’ and ‘Loud’, iconic albums.

    • JOHNVIDAL November 4, 2012

      What a disgrace you are if you think Loud and RR are iconic albums/music
      omfg… incredible, these kids

      • Lax November 5, 2012

        HMMMMMMM RANDOM,,,,,
        ,,,,,,But The Truth Anyhow,,,,,
        RIHANNA HATERS,,,,,,,,,,
        A Cazilllllion have great Voices, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly ,
        Jojo, Emili, Azelia, Nicki, Joss stone, Leona, Kesha, Latoya, Mischelle, Latifi, kim, Melinda Doolittle, Vassena
        Ciara, Alicia, Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Chrisette, Jasmine,
        Solange, Keri, Jada, Willow, Cassie, Fantasia, Jordan Sparks, Cheryl loyd, Jlo, ,Tina, Gladys, Aretha, Mariah, Celine, Patti, Madonna, and “COUNTLESS OTHER”
        @JOHN,,,Let Yo ASS KID THIS,,,,,

  33. Jer November 4, 2012

    I thought it was fakw but that ho just tweeted “im fresh off the runway”

  34. Öz Firdevs November 4, 2012

    No features ??

  35. BIG DOGG November 4, 2012

    It’s great to hear the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @DiarrHOEasPubicHair has finally started to use her math skills????????????


    She finally heard about Instead, she is using MTV as a SALES resource, keep in mind that MTV have released 3 different numbers since MAY.

    1- 25 million albums
    2- 30 million albums
    3- 37 million albums

    It’s not even enough to make her DOUBT…….

    God only knows the size of the seat that your ass will be forced to take if you read about some of DiarrHOEa’s OFFICIAL CERTIFICATIONS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God only know what mark is KING BEY at now, if we’re gonna depend on these kinds of sites.

    Waitt………..LEMME SEE.

    (Despite the FACT that I can include DC’s 37–44 million albums as HERS, I just won’t, or at least for right now)

    1- DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE : 11 million – MTV
    4- 4: 2.75 MILLION


    31.5 MILLION ???????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      THE TRUTH RIGHT ON,,,,,,
      To say that this one and that one is better then Rih
      Is expected by Rih’s many Haters but then again it
      speaks to the Producing and Management Team that is Jayz
      because saying that Rihanna isn’t a great artist is to say that Jay picked a looser artist. And since Rih have did many of the Biggest Collabs of her career with some of the Biggest heavy weights in the Industry then ,,,,,those
      Collabs, speaks Directly to what Kind of A Artist Rihanna is…
      Rihanna can boast over 30 Million sales or more in just Her Collabs. If Rihanna can’t help you get a Hit then it’s back to the Drawing board.

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Rih Says,,,,,,
      Waste your time hating me…I don’t give a s***.
      Think about it, Where’s your baby daddy- When you’re ready for bed? Bytches!!!!

  36. I mop the floor with your faves weave November 4, 2012

    This site must change its name to ThatRihannaJuice. Is it toooo much to ask to go a day without reading about this horny Caribbean h**?

    Sam I’m sorry, but you need these right now

    _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Horny is good because it took somebody horny
      to get yo ass,

    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Rih Says,,,,,,
      No matter how fast you run…you’ll never get away from drama! If it’s not on That Grape, stop by Sandra Rose and if it’s not there check by B*****, and it it’s not there then,,,,make a pit stop by Media Take Out……

  37. Lax November 5, 2012

    To say that Rihanna isn’t a Great Artist is saying that by Rihanna being the biggest Digital Seller of Digital Downloads is a Lie.

    To say that Rihanna isn’t a great Entertainer is saying that Rihanna grossing 90 million in less then 7 months last year is a Lie.

    To say that Rihanna isn’t a great Artist who has sold over 20 Million in the UK
    is a big Fat Lie.

    To say that Rihanna has won International Artist for two years in a Row is a Lie.

    To say that Rihanna is #3 of the Highest paid under 30 is a Lie.


    • Lax November 5, 2012

      Rih Saya,,,,,,
      Go ahead and talk your s***, But here’s a word of advice.
      Click your heels together & say “I need a life”.
      Before you open your mouth…

  38. Lax November 5, 2012

    That is what I mean when I say that many of these people who Blog are straight up BAT SHYT CRAZY!!!!!

    Rihanna just Gotta be cooking with Gas because if she wasn’t then there would not be so many praising some and trying to beat Her wheels off all of the time but what about all of the Others who are in the Game Folks? Are all of the Other Artist Supposed to “Bow Down” to some and then make it a point to keep trying to kick Rih in Her Ass.

    Rihanna is such a THREAT that its working the Air Head’s, over time trying to keep up.

    Rihanna could care lessabout how the haters all feel because She is Put down All of the Time, and I along with many know this already,,, so why do I need to be correct when debating & fighting with Dogs who know nothing about Life but a whole lot about Pissing on fire hydrant’s and Trying to Put their hurtdown on every Fire Hydrant they can Hump!!!! In the Broad day light and at night. While
    the “HBIC” Fly’s high over her many haters heads!!

  39. mc the place to be!! November 5, 2012

    her and xtina right for thanksgiving!!! yes!!

  40. Lax November 5, 2012

    Rih Saya,,,,,,
    Make Sure You have a mind to back up all the things you say.

  41. Lax November 5, 2012

    Rih Saya,,,,,,
    I don’t have to talk all that s*** a n**** could look at me & see I am a the baddest b****.

  42. Lax November 5, 2012

    JUST THINK dogs don’t bark if they know the person!

  43. Lax November 5, 2012

    RIH KNOW THAT,,,,,,
    If people say something about you…LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO , RIH,,,,
    Judge you as if they know you…DON’T LET IT AFFECT YOU!!!!!

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