Watch: Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton Perform ‘Just A Fool’ On The Voice

Published: Monday 19th Nov 2012 by Sam

Fresh from an interesting performance at the American Music Awards last night, Christina Aguilera took front stage center  tonight on her home stage of The Voice.

Joined by fellow coach Blake Shelton, the pair performed ‘Just A Fool’ – the second single to be lifted from the diva’s latest opus ‘Lotus’.

Already an iTunes hit, all eyes are on whether Team Xtina can translate the song’s early buzz into a Billboard smash.

So, how did Xtina and Blake fare on their first live outing? The answer awaits below!

Christina Maria Aguilera!

Now, that is how it’s done! Stellar performance; one we hope gives both ‘Just A Fool’ and ‘Lotus’ an immediate chart push, as well as legs so as to sustain in the long run.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MC November 19, 2012

    I think she did a lot better than the AMA’s and the last performance on the voice. Good luck Xtina with Lotus…..መልካም ሥራ : እና : በጎ አድራጎት : :

      • lordmir November 20, 2012


      • Oh Yeah!!! November 20, 2012

        Please leave Rihanna and her S**** self out of this post. She will not get that #1 Album unless her Label pays for it, so deal with it!

    • mr.m November 20, 2012

      Say it B**** ..

  2. Lotustina November 19, 2012

    Legendtina slayed!

  3. LaLa November 19, 2012

    Simple stage & Good performance <3

  4. lulu November 19, 2012

    Still seems shouty and throaty. I love you Xtina, please you are going to damage your voice… be careful.

    • Helio November 19, 2012

      I think she must have kind of a cold or so… even if tonights performance was much better vocally than yesterday her voice still sounds a bit too raspy and nasal… anyway great performance from both! just a fool is beautiful!

    • dhd November 19, 2012

      she has already damaged her voice. now she literally has to force out those horrific yells and screams. im over her tbh. shes a waste of a gift that could have made her one of the greatest ever to do it. but 12yrs down and she still dont wana learn.

      • yolanda November 20, 2012

        you’re funny. When did you become a vocal expert? Still one of the greatest.

      • mr.m November 20, 2012

        LOL! She don’t need you s***** words honey ..
        She IS one of the greatest, actually THE greatest
        There’s a song called Empty Words on her Lotus album
        Xtina sang it for the one like you! go listen to it b****
        Oh! wait .. listen to Circles .. that’s much better for u

  5. Suicide Blonde November 19, 2012

    Stupid gurl, why she didn’t release “Let There Be Love” as a single instead of this, that song could save the album a little bit, i guess, she lost her mind as well as her figure.

    • MC November 19, 2012

      This song has Blake (a country star) and country sells.

      • Suicide Blonde November 19, 2012

        But her fans are not country.

      • MC November 19, 2012

        Her fans don’t buy her album….hence the bad performance of Bionic and soon to be Lotus too.

      • LaLa November 19, 2012

        new fans…

        we know that if ONLY her fans buying, it would be Flop (dear God I say this word. I hate this FL word)

      • MC November 19, 2012

        I just don’t see where Xtina fans are though, I feel like she has been shifting through fan bases over the years and she has been losing many over the years. I don’t even know where you guys are anymore 🙁 I want her to succeed but I have yet to notice that Xtina has “younger” fans….I should know I am part of that category 🙂 You would be surprised by how many younger people have the wrong perception of Mariah, Christina, etc…….

      • mob November 19, 2012


    • LaLa November 19, 2012

      IMO.. Let There Be Love (although it’s a catchy song) it sound like many other songs on the radio. Just a Fool is perfect as 2nd single. & you know Country folks will love it & buy that single.

      • Suicide Blonde November 19, 2012

        Peasants don’t like fat girls.

      • LaLa November 19, 2012

        oh that’s right… Peasants don’t know JunkFood & alchohol. *nodding like a stupid blonde*

  6. aynon November 19, 2012

    Xtina’s team need to get their act together.

    • mob November 19, 2012

      After watching her turn into a TRAIN-WRECK on the AMAs, I’m beginning to think it has NOTHING to do with her” team”!

  7. nickalus Randle November 19, 2012

    that was good & I am happy she’s wearing something simple, not buttcheeks all out, GO HEAD-THAT BLAKE IS AMAZING THO HONEY!!!!

  8. Mackie November 19, 2012

    Best performance this era. Love the song. I think this is a great choice, whether its successful or not, its one the best bets..then Let There Be Love and Blank Page, and shell have the best shot at saving this album. Good luck!

  9. rich86 November 19, 2012

    Much better than last night,but is she down with the flu? She sounds stuffed up and nasal,I find she gets ill way to often and everytime she has to perform. Still hope lotus do good,I don’t wanna see her fail,love her too much:-)

  10. jason November 19, 2012

    I just cant with the yelling.

    I’m over it as are most people….60-75k

    • dhd November 19, 2012

      you aint lie.

  11. mike November 19, 2012

    That horrible performance at the AMA’s and this scream match and the 1st single flopping is a bad sign. First, take the stripped cd, great writing, great visuals, great vocals…..this CD is full of fluff there is no GET MINE GET YOURS, NO BEAUTIFUL, no LOVING Me 4 me, no Soar, nothing.

    Christina’s team has forgotten who she is. She comes out and performs these soulful tributes but when its time to do her CD she forgets who she is. Call Darkchild, call Jimmy Jam and terry lewis, do the soulful cd that’s inside you, stop with this 1940’s crap, the techno music gay bullcrap and the empty shell music.

    Such a waste….her first 2 cd’s were classics and the spanish one was good…then she fell off.

    • MC November 19, 2012

      I don’t want her to repeat Stripped or B2B but I want her to find her ground in today’s music. I could care less about her chart performance if her album was pure soul and genuineness…..

    • mob November 19, 2012

      “Darkchild, call Jimmy Jam and terry lewis, do the soulful cd that’s inside you”

      I don’t see her going this route as she still fashions herself as a POP STAR! Adele & Amy Winehouse came into the game with a soul flare. Although, Xtina started off very strong vocally, her foray into Soul Music will be seen as an exploitive PLOY (ala Justine TimberFAKE) & an act of desperation because she can’t compete with the pAnk’s, Britney’s, Lady Gaga’s, Katy Perry’s & Ke$ha’s of the world!

    • AmbeRussell November 19, 2012

      but why would she go r&b when most top r&b artists are shying away from the genre. s***, billboard doesnt even let those artist chart anymore on the r&b charts with the new rule. so why would she enter a genre she really has not fully dabble in prior during its peak when it is on its low end?AmbeRussell on youtube
      also, adele was something rare.

  12. all4u1 November 19, 2012

    Great job Christina.

    P.S. I know the bitter insecure f****** will vote down and I don’t give a f**K!!!!!

  13. irene46 November 19, 2012

    love the song. performance was great from both. muccch better than last night’s performance. she sounds great with minimal screaming. her appearance was better too. she almost looked good. but, christina, lose some weight anyway.

    christina’s fans may not be country but blake has a big country following.
    hopefully the duet can push this song somewhat the way her feature push ‘mlj’. her feature on ‘mlj’ was short but it added a lot sole to that song that made you wanna move.

    • LaLa November 19, 2012

      Even I haven’t buy a copy of LOTUS. lol… & I’m not too exited about many songs on Unapologetic. sorry… Rih can do better than this.

      • mr.m November 20, 2012

        I got my downloaded my free copy
        that negro don’t deserve my $$

  14. SHA (F*** MC and Benron) November 19, 2012

    So did anyone know she was performing or did they just put it together after seeing all the iTunes downloads? Also why didn’t Christina perform your body when it first came out on the voice i just don’t understandddddd

  15. Beyonce’s Weave November 19, 2012

    US iTunes Chart Check:

    #4 Diamonds

    #23 Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Song (Feat. future)

    #37 Stay (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

    #39 Numb (Feat. Eminem)

    #43 Nobody’s Business (Feat. Chris Brown)

    #53 Half of me

    #58 Right now (Feat. David Guetta)

    #73 Diamonds Remix (Feat. Kanye West)

    #78 Love without tragedy

    #79 Pour it up

    #83 Jump

    #89 No love allowed

    #94 Phresh out the runway

    #95 What now

    America loves Unapologetic, get your copy:

    • ronnoc November 19, 2012

      not sure why. that is her shittiest album to date. nothing on Rated R

  16. MC November 19, 2012

    I have a question: When Xtina was preparing for Lotus and releasing “Your Body” everyone was here for her, now that people saw the 1st week projections they wanna complain about her weight? Some shady flip-floppers on this site I see. Either be here for her through her highs AND LOWS or just don’t be there at all. Its just so weird to me that everyone (even those defending her weight during YB and before this week) wanna jump on the “lose weight” train.

    • irene46 November 20, 2012

      a lot of fans were complaining about her weight even before the release of ‘lotus’. i know i’ve been begging her to go back to her glam look for since she went tacky.

      her look won’t keep me from buying her cd though.

      anyway, lose weight christina, hit the gym and get that sh!t toned up!!! you’re too pretty to let yourself go.

    • mr.m November 20, 2012

      OH! thank god I found you
      I wanna ask you a question plz
      Did Triumphant smell the BB top 100?

      • MC November 20, 2012

        Its fairing better than Lotus, thanks 😀

  17. Nichole November 19, 2012

    It was nice and simple vocally, but Christina and Blake has no chemistry whatsoever. I also could barely hear Blake due to Christina, but that was expected.

    They have no chemistry.

    • misswhite November 20, 2012

      and you have a picture of Britney Spears … so your comment is null and void.

      • irene46 November 20, 2012

        wasn’t a damn thing wrong with their chemistry.

  18. irene46 November 19, 2012

    the more i listen to songs from ‘lotus’ the more i don’t understand why it”s not selling well. it’s not really my taste (the only electro pop i liked a lot was timberland’s ‘the way i are). but it sounds every bit as good as any of the stuff these other females are putting out…kate perry, britney spears, rihanna, ke$ha and even beyonce.

    the savage ripping from the media during the bionic/burlesque era may have created such a negative impression on a large majority of the public (especially on the new fans) that may not be able to be turned around.

    the media made her out to be a shadier, a gaga ripoff, labeled her a flop after one bad selling album, claimed her movie was a flop, lied and said she was arrested for being drunk in public etc.

    they went totally negative on her from 2010 thru 2011. there was no focus whatsoever on anything positive that she did and there were positive things to report.

    can an artist come back from that let alone coming back looking a hot boiling mess? i hope so. some christina fans work on britney for her breakdown but at least she’s with it enough to know that lookin’ like a sausage ain’t it.

    i’ll buy ‘lotus’ anyway to support christina because it is starting to grow on me. i think ‘make the world move, let there be love and especially just a fool’ are good.

    • irene46 November 20, 2012

      oh yeah, i forgot to include lady gaga. imo ‘lotus’ is much better than ‘born this way’.

      • Jer November 20, 2012


  19. christinastherealtalent November 19, 2012

    Christina does not need to lose weight. She does not need a vocal coach. What she does need is a better label backing her 100% and who knows how to market and promote her. You see how quickly Just A Fool jumped on itunes after she performed it. The same would’ve happened to Your Body and the album had her label been doing their job instead of f****** her up more.

    • irene46 November 20, 2012

      yeah, you’re right about her record label. wrong about her not needing to lose weight and a vocal coach.

      her voice sounds thinner than it did in 2006. it’s too good to go to waste.

    • MC November 20, 2012

      “Christina does not need to lose weight. She does not need a vocal coach.” LORD THE DELUSIONS.

    • MIKE November 20, 2012

      you’re so delusional

      she brings it on herself

      Look at the label’s other artists… Pink, Ke$ha, Alicia Keys… they’re all out promoting their new material…

      Do you think her label has it out of her? Of course not. She even has The Voice as a platform… of course the label would back her

      She just doesn’t want to promote. I mean, who doesn’t perform their LEAD SINGLE?… It’s unbelievable.

      • irene46 November 20, 2012

        can an artist just refuse to promote just because? it seems they would need some kind of handicap such as illness, injury etc. otherwise you would think the company could sue.

  20. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 20, 2012

    Let there be love>>this song. I’m not here for this gloomy mess. Sry to say. Vocals were better tho. I just don’t see the point of recording hard notes in the studio you can’t hit live. ESP for xtina that’s not always a good thing.

    • Jer November 20, 2012

      Grrreeeeelllll you better go in Keri Hilson stan!

  21. MRDIVABITCH November 20, 2012

    They sang in a way lower key than in the studio version…smart from her part…but even with a lower key and no high notes whatsoever, she sounded tense as f***…it’s like she cannot even scream anymore.

    • mr.m November 20, 2012

      gurl you’re pressed .. bye

  22. Jer November 20, 2012

    I see you XXLtina unable to sing the song in its origial key SMH. The song is not an iTunes smash. Its been in the Top 20 for minutes. Biggurlbye

    • mr.m November 20, 2012

      And your fav could NEVER .. #DEAL

      • Jer November 20, 2012

        ????? My fave doesnt inhale 3 dozen krispy kremes before hitting the stage sounding a DAMN fool. How many Top 10 hits does XXLtina have? 7? How cute. Bigurlbye

      • mr.m November 20, 2012

        Why switching topics? nobody talked about top 10’s s***
        It’s about singing and STILL your fav could never, blacky!

  23. all4u1 November 20, 2012

    Regardless of her flaws, Christina will always shine!

    • mr.m November 20, 2012


  24. mr.m November 20, 2012

    Who’s mad?

  25. hahaha November 20, 2012

    lol christina can have a hit if she collaborated with other ARTISTS… her own songs ,FLOPPED! and the voice of my generation is ADELE!

    • mr.m November 20, 2012

      LOL! and you still mad? X is here is stay 😀
      Adele? LMAO XD
      Adele is SO overrated BY kids and teens
      Xtina, Beyonce, Alicia, Kelly Clarckson, Leona and even Alexandra Burke sings circles around her fat ass ..
      #Truth #Deal
      She sounds s*** compared to them
      Just a very good singer with soul + can write good music ..
      no big deal here

      • Jer November 20, 2012

        I know you did not try to come for Adele. Slit your mommas wrists for not aborting your mental ass and jumpkick your loose granny in the face for unleashing such an atrocity on the world. B**** you have a one way ticket to your own planet of stadiums you can sit in. SMH

      • mr.m November 20, 2012

        Truth hurts negro?

      • hahaha November 20, 2012

        U mad??? ADELE 21 album already surpassed the 1st album of christina! christina is a flop now, cant sing anymore, fat , rude, ugly and FAKE

      • all4u1 November 20, 2012

        You’re probably everything you said and then some. Fat, rude, ugly and FAKE. Not to mention, Pressed!!!!

  26. truth is never warm and sweet..its a nasty b**** with a*** November 20, 2012

    “Voices” aren’t suppose to deteriorate that quickly. Give it up. Christina Aguilera can’t sing well any more. I don’t know why it’s so easy to point that out and still act clueless when Mariah sits there missing notes,miming,and sounding a mess. I don’t expect a bunch of foreigners and sissies to really get music. As if the UK market is really important of a platform….Anyway! Christina maybe this should be your last album. The album is terrible and she has a horrible attitude. This is nothing more than karma. You’d think two failed albums would humble her and still no change. I’ve been saying for years she isn’t the voice of anything and every performance this era she has proven myself and countless others point. Overrated. Same like Mariah,Celine,and so many white female singers ESPECIALLY ADELE. The 3 mentioned if you searched churches,Concert halls,subways,plays,Broadway etc there are singers that make our best of the best mainstream artist sound like crap. Gay guys only care about fashion overly up tempo music or depressing music to deal with the theme of their sad,sad lives. Hence why you have most of the crap on the radio now.

    • all4u1 November 20, 2012

      When you talk all I hear is ( BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH) !

      • irene46 November 20, 2012

        jlo had at least 2 flop albums and she still kept coming. her 3rd album ‘love’ only sold 63k the first week but because the media loves and supported her she’s still seen as a success.

        the hugely negative image of christina created by the media is a big reason she can’t make a sucessful comeback.

        people (like ‘truth is never warm’) are still blathering about how she has a horrible attitude and karma and more bs that was constantly poured on by the media to beat her down.

  27. Blue ivy carter November 20, 2012

    I see Screechtina Fatguilera is still trying to get our attention. We see your double chin, your cellulite thighs and your pot belly and we hear your screeching, but we are NOT here for you!!!! What a failure!!!

  28. theman November 20, 2012

    This was a really good performance.

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