Watch: Rita Ora Rocks ‘Letterman’ With ‘R.I.P’

Published: Thursday 1st Nov 2012 by Sam

Roc Nation star Rita Ora continued her US push tonight with a show-stopping performance on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’.

The high-profile slot is the latest in a long line of American dates lined up for the Londoner, who is presently on US promotional tour. A trek we assume is more about generating awareness rather than sales, given that the Stateside version of her debut LP ‘Ora’ arrives next year with all-new songs.

Watch Ora soar with her British chart-topper ‘R.I.P’ below…

While Ora appeared nervous at points, she still (as always) turned in a solid vocal performance. A fact which, as her confidence grows, makes us excited for her live potential in the future.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihanna Navy November 1, 2012


    • HOTSTUFF November 1, 2012

      She looks terrible (her hair looks like a cheap wig, and that outfit is NOT the deal) + so much promo for a Flop…Lord have mercy….

  2. SPILLING TEA STATING FACTS November 1, 2012

    She can sing but it seems like USA isn’t interested in her other than dark skinned n***** whose colour struck and beyonce desperate beyhive, all the best MS. Ora.

    • FAF November 1, 2012

      Color struck? She’s white…… ;/

      and U act like ppl aint been color struck aint that why ppl like Rihanna ? She’s not pretty she’s just lightskinned . KI !

      • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

        At least Rih is part of the black race. This white b**** comes from Eastern Europe and they slain n*****. Eastern europeans make George Zimmerman look like he is pro black, that is how much hatred eastern european have for blacks. You go to Rita’s country and they will never find your black ass body.

        You tried it though

      • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

        I wish you go to Kosovo. Kosovan men will destroy your remains. Go, and see your fave in her country, NEGRO.

  3. CLYDE November 1, 2012

    Awesome vocals, this chick is a true ARTIST, love her soulful voice.

    • SPILLING TEA STATING FACTS November 1, 2012

      I think you need couple seats

  4. YOU WILL DEAL November 1, 2012

    ‘‘anybody can replace Rihanna’’ not everybody can sing : pop, dance, r’n’b, alternative, reggae. Beyonce, gaga, katy, kesha, icki minaj, Ciara, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Britney CANT ( and this is not about who is better blablabla…) #fact .She has hits in Pop, dance, r’b’n not only in Dance music, so you are wrong for saying that.
    Also what is the guarantee to be successful by dropping an album every year ? Rihanna did it and congrats to her ….Rihanna has a unique versatile voice and her own style that Rita Ora wanna steal for example….

    • FAF November 1, 2012

      Nicki aint a singer tho, f***

      her vocals do slay so I see why you mad… y’all pinpoint any negativity w/ rishitta I see 🙂 KI !

      must hurt to have an untalented idol who can never score a #1 … EL OH EL !

      • HOTSTUFF November 1, 2012

        and it must hurt to have an inflated ass idol who scores a #1 album and can’t even go to PlATINUM after releasing a thousand videos and singles #SIT

    • Sarah Says November 1, 2012

      What a stupid comment. If you cant sing you cant sing. Anyway, those artists you stated have chosen not to sing different types of music so your point is invalid, null and void

      • HOTSTUFF November 1, 2012

        yea you’re right ,my comment is invalid, null and void, because Britney can sing Regga ? B**** Sit. I’m saying Rihanna’s versatile voice makes her f****** UNIQUE in the music industry.

      • Sarah Says November 1, 2012

        Di mention Britney or did you? Did i mention anyone of those artists in particular? Why did you pick Britney out of your own list? Heffa, sit on a face… actually let someone sit on yours and suffocate your dumb ass.
        If Britney wanted to sing Reggae (learn to s****) she could, it might not be good but she could. Rihanna isn’t versatile she just has good songs that make you forget about the occasionally dire vocals. Someone needs to school dis b****

      • HOTSTUFF November 1, 2012

        JOKE OF THE YEAR : ”If Britney wanted to sing Reggae (learn to s****) she could, it might not be good but she could” LMAOOOOO THANKS :’)

  5. DOSSOME November 1, 2012

    If this promo was given to Jojo,people would be laughing all the way to the bank.#FACT

  6. Beyonce’s Weave November 1, 2012

    This performance is pitchy and kind of desperate. RIP is a good song but I don’t know about this performance, looks like Rita is trying to hard, she doesn’t look natural on that stage and doesn’t have the stage presence.

  7. mya November 1, 2012

    this was a HOT MESS…..lawd anone can get a record deal…..

  8. Oh dear November 1, 2012

    She can sing but has no stange presence and ISNT a star…I find her very boring! Average songs at best

    • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

      She proves that money cannot make a star. How long as this promo been going on? They said ” get her on TV she will slay” She has done, GMA, Jimmy Kimmell, and now letterman , MTV unplugged in a matter of months ( some people can wait years / decades to get that ) Has Brandy ever had an MTV unplugged? Well? Where are the smash hits on billboard ?

      When is this promo gonna end? In the 20 years?

  9. badboy November 1, 2012

    ugly albanian signer… Very bad person

  10. WaitUrTurn88 November 1, 2012


  11. FAF November 1, 2012

    Yesss Rita b**** 🙂 If this was Rishitta ppl would be praising it

    atleast her vocals aren’t dry half yodels 🙂

    • FRESH (NAVI) November 1, 2012

      Yesss RITa….. if this was nicki theyd be praising it !

      atleast she doesnt mimes and sings monotone like an onicki garbage pussyy ehhh?

  12. Mark November 1, 2012

    I like Rihanna, but you’re a hater if you say this performance sucks. It was pretty good. Good job Rita.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

      It sucks and I would much rather Brandy be on letterman promoting her song, over this overrated wack flop b****, who gets rewarded for failure because she is white.

      • Mark November 1, 2012

        Then you should talk to Brandy’s camp! This girl’s album is over seas and Brandy’s just came out, so ask yourself, Why isn’t Brandy on this show?

  13. Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012


    You did this woe – is – me – thesis on why Brandy flopped so hardcore…..well! this is the reason: Rita Ora. This flop wack no hoper was just on Jimmy Kimmel last month, and now she bounced on to Letterman? Next month is will be Jay Leno, and Jimmy Fallon after that – maybe Ellen? OPrah? The f*** outta here! Meanwhile, while she gets booked to sing the same flop songs THAT ARE NOT EVEN ON ITUNES, let alone billboard, guess who gets shut out? Black talent like Brandy that ACTUALLY HAVE A SONG / ALBUM TO PROMOTE.

    You said it yourself, that she is not on these shows to promote her singles,just awareness. Awareness in what? The war in Congo? WHAT IS SHE PROMOTING?

    Now, if she was black and had 2 flop singles and a album pushed back to…next year………..Do you think she will be getting treated like an A list Movie star – on all the TV shows?

    Do you?

    That is the answer to why Brandy,unfairly flopped. And her fate will beckon ALL black talent, as long as flop white girls like this, are allowed to get away this.

    PS: Diamonds, from black singer who IS SELLING is now at number 5 on billboard. I know you happy that there is a BLACK person in the top 10. Right, black man?

  14. Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

    She is just like any girl on Xfactor – paige or Cece. You know what Rolling stone magazine said about Nelly Furtado flopping, Sam? Rolling stone magazine said she flopped, badly because she was trying to copy……WAIT FOR IT……..RIHANNA. Go and read the review if you do not believe me. RS said Rih owns URBAN POP – IT IS HER S***, she practically invented it, and Nelly tried to jump on it, hence why she sold 6000.

    So? What are Rolling stone magazine trying to say? They are to say, that any b**** – whether they can sing or not, trying to copy Rihanna WILL NEVER EVER SELL RECORDS. Go, tell that to your friend Rita.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

      For all you c**** who come and say, ” she better than Rih ” ROLLING STONE magazine was the one THAT CHARGED the failure of Nelly Furtado, to her trying to do Rihanna urban pop. Take your s*** up with white folks up at Rolling stone.

      You talk about she has not talent and cannot sing? M************ OLDER than her, try and copy her sound – AND FAIL!

  15. Monstarebel November 1, 2012

    Why she still getting promo in the us? smh she’s bout to have to owe her label so much money

    • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

      She is gonna end up broke Like Toni braxton, sans the 20 million sold. Tony was left with only $ 20k after the label recouped what it took to make her a STAR – even though Toni had an album go Diamond. This girls has burnt even more money BUT HAS NOT HITS. When they recoup from this old hag. She will have to sell her body on Sunset.

      That is why I laugh at her. Never would I want to trade places with her. Think how much she have to recoup – broke for life, with nothing to show. And if she thinks Jayz f**** when it comes to Money / business.

      She needs to talk to DMX, Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel, kareem Burke, Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Tiearra Marie, Rell, Young Guns, etc. Talk to them n****’s and find HOW WHO THE REAL JAY Z IS.

      She will regret calling them her family.

  16. Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

    Tired of the black american community ripping this BLACK woman to shreds. Even violent, cokehead Naomi Campbell ( who beats people up ) does not get treated this way. Even Mike Tyson was not ripped to shreds, the way this girl is.

  17. boopboop November 1, 2012

    those “new songs” are prob songs that didn’t make the uk version of ORA. can’t see def jam wasting even more $$$ on producing and recording entirely brand-new songs for an album that’s gon flop regardless of when it’s released in the us.

    rita is destined to be a local act in the uk only. she dosent have the star quality combined with the right look and sound to make it in the us and worldwide.

    i dont know why they keep tryingto make this girl happen. the only reason shes not still collecting dust on def jam’s shelf is because jay is pissed at rih for recording with chris, and bey desperately wants somebody to take down rihanna cuz she can’t do it on her own. jay and bey put their money on the wrong horse, tho. they need to send her back to eastern europe and start over.

    • Sarah Says November 1, 2012

      I agree, Rita said in an interview that she already had a second album that was actually her first, but the re recorded it .

  18. Quin’ 003 November 1, 2012

    I lke Rita but this performance was plain boring.
    And whyy are the instruments louder that her voice

  19. Hilly November 1, 2012

    The more i listen to this track, the more i love it. She really has a good voice but she should work on her stage presence because the vocals were good but i wasn’t that impressed.

  20. Virtuoso Intellect November 1, 2012

    It would be nice to one day come on a Rita post and not have to scroll past dozens of this delirious kelly person’s comments. Im sure everything in those ramblings you’ve said time and time again. Why dont u hunt Rita down and shoot her in the head. Maybe if she’s stops living you can finally invest your time and energy in something more productive. She’s just a young girl tryna make a living off her talent. Thats not a felony ffs. You dont work for her label so get off her nuts and mind your own. When all is said n done she’s out there being productive, you on the other hand is following her every move like a deranged stalker.

    Same goes for every rihanna stan whose made it a point of duty to deliberately leave negative comments on Rita’s posts. Yall can try (as pathetic as that is) but will be will be. If Rita’s destiny is to make it in this biz, it will happen, maybe this year, maybe the next or the one after. Not blowing up in her 1st era is not the end of her career in pop.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 1, 2012

      Take your own advice and choke on it. You attack and stalk Megastar, Rihanna.. Shoot Rita? She is a nobody, what fame can one get shooting a no name flop? Rihanna is also a young tryna make the best of what she has got and live her dreams, you mad n****? You do not work at def jam, if you did, you know why they made her A SUPERSTAR. When all is said and done, Rihanna is one of the most famous women alive and Rita Ora, Nelly Furtado, Paige from Xfactor shape their whole LIVES TRYING BE HER, while you sit and rot in your smelly stew hood, looking more like a bitter burnt negroe.

      Same goes for every other Rihanna stalker who makes the point to leave negative comments on Rih post every single day ( this includes the owner of the site ) You can try ( as pathetic as that is ) but it is WHAT IS : RIHANNA WAS BORN A MEGASTAR! PERIOD! And IT IS Rih’s destiny that she was gonna get picked from her sleepy island and be a megastar, smelly boo boo like YOU, cannot stop IT!

      In terms of Rita Ora……IF is her destiny, is a lot different that ACTUALLY BEING Her destiny. WE all KNOW IT WAS THE WILL OF GOD, THAT RIH MADE IT! She did not even need to leave her country, THEY CAME TO HER! IT IS RIHANNA’S DESTINY, AIDED BY THE WILL OF GOD THAT SHE IS A MEGASTAR, DIE IF U CANNOT HANDLE IT. Rita Ora will make it this year? Next year? , The year after? LOL LOL LOL Naive in denial boo boo scrathher. If that was so, why do singers get dropped after the single or LP? Was that same excuse Tieraa Marie used at def jam? ” I will blow up in 2 years, Mr Reid and Mr Carter”? LOL

      Not blowing up in her 1st ERA will get her dropped and of her career in pop. Cos, the music BIZ can always move on the next b****, and Rita is a non factor. There are 100 b****** in NYC audition ready to take Rita spot.

      PS: Rita can always make a s** tape with Rob kardashian when she gets dropped.

      • Virtuoso Intellect November 1, 2012

        Publish a bloody novel and mail it to me if u really want me to read your lamentations.

  21. MC (Benron is my soulmate/husband) November 1, 2012

    This is defiantly not Rita’s best performance. She sounded out of breathe and she was trying so hard to pull of a swagger that isn’t hers. Anyways, good luck to Rihta and I hope her album sells over 37 thousand copies in the U.S.

  22. Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ November 1, 2012

    This girl receives so much unnecessary hate.

    Navy, you fell hook, line, and sinker into Sam’s evil clutches. He knew that if he began, needlessly, comparing her to Rita that yall would be up in arms & his plan worked to a T.

    The fact of the matter is Rita and Rihanna have absolutely NOTHING in common–nothing. But in terms of Sam paying the TGJ bills, the NAVY are a blessing. I do hope that most of you by now realize this fact & are, at this point, just poking fun @ Rita b/c yall can. There is no REAL competition b/t the two artists–Rihanna is a mega star and NO ONE can diminish this fact. Agreed?

    Anyway, I LOVE Rita’s voice but I’ll continue to wait for the album that I know that she can make. I need a much more acoustic sound to accompany that voice. She doesn’t do generic well. I hope she grows her music up FAST.

  23. WJ November 1, 2012

    She’s gonna make a new album for US market? THANKS GOD! That’s all she needed, half of songs in Ora were awful and the promotion was no good.
    I only hope Roc Nation does a better promotion next year, promoting the right songs in the right place at the right time and do not put the best songs as an intro and a bonus track.

  24. FRESH (NAVI) November 1, 2012

    i dont feel the need to dragg miss ora today….

    she Saved me the TIME with her perormance

  25. bibi93 November 1, 2012

    Good show rita

  26. MELODY2012 November 2, 2012

    Is she still promoting????? Wha is she going to do next year when her album drops????? Shontelle, Keri Hilson are megastars compared to Rita Ora. Who is her target market????? Jay-Z has never made anybody a star and Rita will not be one too.

  27. MELODY2012 November 2, 2012

    How did she get that slot? Ciara has sold almost 10 million records but does not get the promo this flop is getting. What is the logic behind this promo???? Her name doesn’t stick because she brings nothing new. Look at the successful new pop acts the last 5 years:

    Lady gaga: Crazy Outfits
    Katy Perry: Candy Girl
    Rihanna: Rebel
    Kesha: Drunk s***
    Adele: Soul
    Rita Ora: Confused Girl

  28. MELODY2012 November 2, 2012

    Here is the list of the things that Rita should do:

    1) Call an emergency meeting with her management, stylist, producers, writers and marketing team
    2) Demand 3 features on her album Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, Chris Brown or Kanye West
    3) Tell her maangement to get her dancers and book rehearsal time with them
    4) Instruct her stylist to find new look that nobody is rocking in the game now
    5) Dump Rob Kardashian and start rumours that she’s dating Drake
    6) Refuse to have Beyonce in the studio and refuse to take her advise
    7) Get back to the studio with Max Martin, Dr Luke, Ne-Yo, dark child and stay far away from Stargate and the dream
    8) Release an uptempo urban pop record (Like Umbrella) with a very creative video and cheograph
    9) Engage with fans doing internet Qand A with Ritabots
    10) Release a second single with drake/Kendrick and make a meaningful story telling video

    If all the above fails, she needs to pack her bags back to Kosovo and rethink her dreams

  29. Arie November 2, 2012

    Its really hard to root for this girl especially because her position on the market was set up in a way that she has to take down someone else. That was a stupid strategy to begin with because it simply undermined the power that consumers have and their ability to make decisions. It is always risky to try and duplicate a formula no matter how much talent the person possess. I still think RIP is not a good way to start anything especially a career, this song would have been better suited for her follow up album because things would have changed in her life and would have been more believable.


    She could sell records but she just has these two crappy songs to sing. No one likes these songs. She needs some new songs. No one goes to a house party and says “put on RIP by Rita Ora” LOL!!!!!

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