Chris Brown: “I Wanna Leave The Planet”

Chris Brown has had enough.

Yes, in a heartfelt message posted on his personal Instagram page, he has revealed that he wants to ‘leave the planet’ after the release of his new album, ‘Carpe Diem‘.

His feelings below…

The following was uploaded today, and swiftly deleted:

“Real artist are an endangered species! This gimmick age is fucking corny as f*ck! After this album I wanna leave this planet.”

“Be you but f*cking get credit for the work u do. Not becuz someone cosigns who knows absolutely nothing about music and culture!”

As long time fans of his work, we seriously hope he doesn’t meant it. If ever there was an artist who could be great but isn’t because of poor handling, it’s Brown.

Here’s hoping ‘Carpe Diem‘ sees him deliver material worthy of his talent and that the coming sees his name carry headlines for his creativity…and not his personal life.

After all, as the performance below will attest to, Brown is yet to receive the acclaim he is so deserving of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BITCHPLEASE December 23, 2012


    • ZIGGY STARDUST December 23, 2012

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! I don’t want to take what he said and run with it. But, his words of wanting to, “leave this planet”, can take on more than one meaning. I hope he doesn’t do something crazy.

      • BITCHPLEASEEEEE December 23, 2012

        HE NEEDS HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        R**** should follow suit w/ they druggie asses.. SMH

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! December 23, 2012


      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        My fave is monogamous ! Not a h** w/ H** !

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      That’s not what he means I’m sure. He needs to take a break as the constant media hatred is beginning to take a toll on him! He is loved the world over and he simply needs to remember that and not the b******* from the RACIST AMERICAN FEMINAZI WHORES AND WHITE OWNED & OPERATED MEDIA!

  2. Lyd December 23, 2012


  3. speechless December 23, 2012

    Bye. And take your ratchet ass girlfriend with you.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

      Don’t do that. We are talking about people’s life, soul, existence ending……its beyond rude.

      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        @MC u go w/ them too, F*****

        He a gimmick & his ugly ass girlfriend is the biggest joke of them all ! CH- I CANT !

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! December 23, 2012


      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        U better use my insults, ugly ! Only d*** is u ! eating r**** s*** smelling c*** !

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

        @PSA (FAF)

        That’s really sad. You don’t even know me but you want to wish me death? Wow. I don’t know you personally to say something like that to you. May God bless your soul.

      • Lax December 24, 2012

        @PSA,,,,Chris and His Girl friend or Girls Friends will
        be just Fine. I trust that Before the Holidays are over
        Yo PITIFUL ASS Get a HUGE HUG, FOOD AND CLOTHING, BECAUSE It’s clear that Yo ass is as
        Miserable as all get out, never nothing nice to say always
        Negative and You PRESSED ass will never have A Fave
        because nobody wants yo Flea Ridden Ass,,,,,

      • Lax December 24, 2012

        @PSA You can type what you want just like the rest of us but Remember Deery,,,,Folks who live in glass houses should
        never throw Rocks……You want claim to have a Fave for fear that Yo Fave Will get their dam Neck took off ,,,,
        And here lately Yo Pressed ass is really trying to tie Rihanna to a DISEASE Are Yo broke, pressed Black Ass that dam PITIFUL??????? SEE Kee throwing shyt at rihanna and chris or anybody for that matter and see what CAN come back around and Bite you Squarely in “Yo Broke, Busted ASS”

      • Lax December 24, 2012

        @psa Be careful about what you Wish for Deery!
        And by all means be very careful when trying to dig holes for others because it’s very possible some day that Yo Hating Busted Ass could Fall Victim to the Holes you triesr to dig For Others, Deery!

  4. #BEENTRILL December 23, 2012

    Toodles, B/tch!

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

    He needs help, he’s been needing some help for a while now. I am ready for him and Rihanna to abandon mainstream music forever and work on some underground music. Rihanna could g reggae/dancehall/etc route and he could go the full R&B mixed Hip-Hop without the pop songs. I’d be here for both of them really.

    • Lax December 24, 2012

      Chris is still learning and growing up and at
      least He is still thinking with His Head and still doing things you know like His Tour and getting into Modeling that will all pan out good for Him if He sticks with it…YOU can out run Trouble and negative Vibes if you Put yo Mind to it and keep
      working on it,,,,though,,, seems like He’s doing,,,,just that!

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      Oh, I read this aticle from the bottom up, so overlook my Tommy Mattola reference below! LOL

      I actually agree with your comment! Chris recently said he didn’t know what route he was meant to take with his music. He even said he was thikink of returning to his first musical passion which is Gospel. …..ummm, now that woud be interesting….LOL

  6. CHUDDS December 23, 2012

    Poor baby! People really need to let this boy move on with his f****** life!

    • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

      how the f*** is his dumb ass moving on in pictures w/ that bleached a** ? … I was riding for this batty bwoy before he committed career suicide ! chile nobody got time for this mess !

      • Elite Navy S***(Rihanna Navy)S***!!! December 23, 2012


      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        Who the f*** is icki ??

        THe one who had parker ighile write songs for your FLOP fave ??? KIIIIIiiii i

        Icki will get a grammy for writing a song unlike R**** !

      • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

        @PSA (FAF),

        Listen, Chris & Rihanna are each other’s 1st loves. They clearly are not over each other. None of us know WTF really happned btw them. We only kNow has been scripted by the media and doled out in increments! Chris & Rih are both still young and only they know what they have and are currently going through as 2 of the most discussed artists in the music industry today. No matter what there is a DAILY ENTRY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA,(CABLE/LOCAL TV BLOG, VLOG, RADIO, MAGAZINE) about them. Ppl tell lies on the two of them constantly! It’s really disgusting at this point. If you don’t like Chris or Rihanna or hell anyone else at this point, GET THE F*CK OVER IT or GET THE F*CK ON!

  7. JOHNVIDAL December 23, 2012

    It would be nice if he stops releasing music and just be happy living his life. I wish the same for Rihanna and Britney Spears. Music lovers would appreciate it 🙂

    • Suicide Blonde December 23, 2012

      Better yet, don’t listen to them, i’m sure if you don’t listen to their music, it wouldn’t hurt you, i don’t listen to Bieber so he can still make all the music he wants cuz i won’t listen to him, you should do the same with Chris, Rihanna and Britney, btw, Music is Music, it is made it in all forms.

      • Lax December 24, 2012

        They have a RIGHT to do what they want and all

      • JOHNVIDAL December 24, 2012

        Nice speech! You forgot you try to destroy people you really don´t like (at times) like Lady Gaga or Usher for example, at least I was being nice. Oh and I forgot to add J.Lo. to that list LOL

      • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

        BRAVO!!! WELL SAID!

        I’m tired of ppl complaining about the variation in music. This has been a ‘hot topic’ for many years. Shall we discuss Rolling Stone Magazine – among others – SLAMMING Nirvana and the entire “Grunge Music” genre in it’s early stages? LOL…of course only to later BOW DOWN and worship at the feet of the genre and the myriad of artists it produced….RHCP, STP, AIC, JA etc. !

  8. Monstarebel December 23, 2012

    She stay tripping….lol but after the next album he should take a 3 year break it would do him some good….

    • Sindisiwe Mazibuko December 23, 2012

      No. Britney took a break & now it hard for her to come back. I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO THIS

      • CBE December 23, 2012

        why? cant you see the kid’s done! there’s only so much someone can take…people commit suicide these days just because of cyber bullying! imagine The Media and the world bullying you for mistakes for 3 years…evil people then say HE HASNT LEARNT ANYTHING??? how the f*** can a person be a better person when he is reminded about that s*** everday? Cheryl Cole was right the world didnt give him a chance and when something happens to him all of a sudden his music and albums are gonna rock the charts and break records smh…society is messed up.

      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        How is it hard for britney to come back ? she’s the highest paid woman in music, X factor, platinum Femme Fatale, successful world tour, high selling perfumes, etc !

    • Lax December 24, 2012


  9. Rih4lyphe December 23, 2012

    seems he putting out albums faster than Queen Rih.

    Only difference is that no1 is here for that b*******.

  10. Dunk December 23, 2012

    Honestly i pray for him, to have a peaceful mind and heart

    • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

      Rest in peace .!

      • Lax December 24, 2012

        @PSA I Hope yo ass don’t trip some place
        while stumbling around and land in front of a 18-wheeler,,,,,
        because you are Evil,,,

  11. dope navi December 23, 2012

    what is a ‘real’ artist? everybody does something in his own real way. who he thinks is a gimmick? names here. sure he not wants to mock successful people on the so basic mainstream does he? he pissing off people right there. he wants more credit? who from? he has his fans. his music sells. he gets awards. WTF he wants else?

    • CBE December 23, 2012

      “Real Artists in the Music Industry”

      Definition: A talented individual who happens to be in the music profession and has the ability to be creative, innovative and never lacks moral values, lastly he/she has never sold their soul to the devil.

      • PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

        & R**** sold her soul……….,

        Gimmicks are sales tactics

        Beyonce: Blue ivy, R****: domestic violence, Nicki: colorful personality & wigs….

        only difference is some are more tolerable than others !

  12. RICHANDBLACK11 December 23, 2012

    Chris plz seek help man

  13. DOSSOME December 23, 2012

    I feel bad for this kid….when he burst to the scene in 2005 with ‘run it’,i couldn’t have imagined he would end up this way 7yrs later…even with all that fame and fortune,i wouldn’t wish to be in his place

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

      A lot of s*** happened to him, I think with the Rihanna incident people neglect the fact that he went through a lot himself too. I wish they would both help each other get better. I feel like he’ll never outlive that moment in his life partially because because of the media and the other part because of his attitude.

      • That B*tch (still no ring for Kenya Moore) December 23, 2012

        I think the media could get over it but thats only if he’s not with Rihanna. As long as they’re together people will always be reminded of the incident. PERIOD! Notice how when “Fame” came out he was back on top again? Then when it was rumored they were seeing eachother again his “Fortune” album started suffering and it still is. Its no coincidence.

      • DOSSOME December 23, 2012

        I was one of those who were crucifying him after that incident but he won me over that entire Graffitti era and i saw a side of him that was hurting as well and his willingness to get help….i don’t know what happened to him that he suddenly refused to care for anyone including himself this past year..whatever is troubling him,he needs to take time off the limelight and sort it out coz he ain’t in the right frame of mind to put out an album yet

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      I would love to be in is position for I know what’s really going on and I know how to deal with them! The racist media & fixed music industry will crush & destroy anyone with a good heart and a bright shinning spirit! We have seen this happen too many times before!

      I hate that he is so young and has not yet learned how to play the game. I hope he can stay strong but fighting uphill against a strong current will take a toll after awhile. If he gives up on himself and his career, I for one will miss him. I do think he should take some time off to recoup but i do understand his reclutance to do so. It seems that once you leave it is difficult to come back into the game. We can list many ppl who have never been able to once again make a mark on the game once they left the industry.

  14. Monstarebel December 23, 2012

    I feel bad for CB…. he’s such a lost soul I hope & pray that his life gets better he’s honestly not a bad person…09-12 has put him in a clear deep depression no one knows how Chris truly feels…the people in his camp clearly don’t care for him cause if they did they’d get him help….Smh… at this point I bet Chris wishes he was never famous

  15. Veronika December 23, 2012

    It’s Rihanna’s fault she should leave this planet!!!

  16. The real xoxo December 23, 2012


  17. That B*tch (still no ring for Kenya Moore) December 23, 2012

    Girl bye! You ARE a gimmick!
    Stop with the sympathy seeking pity parties Chris.
    I really cant with this waffle colored negro.

  18. s December 23, 2012

    I hope he leaves music forever. Part of being a talented artist is not only being a good singer/dancer, but being able to put out good music regardless of the situation. He has NEVER done that.

  19. fkjfh December 23, 2012


  20. King Bieber December 23, 2012

    Chris is one of the most gimmicky artist out today. Im over his b******* and judging by his album sales I’d say everyone else is too. No point in dropping this new album, it will flop. Just retire now Chris, and get some help.

  21. zania December 23, 2012

    I hope he does what Beyonce is doing, getting the hottest collaborations on her own so it can sale and do well on the chart.

  22. laytee December 23, 2012

    sorry. his music just isn’t good…..until he proves otherwise, i will not support.

  23. CBE December 23, 2012

    just go off the radar like JT, I wont defend Chris that much especially when he is on the news everyday with Rihanna…I feel sorry for him, so many artists have been broken by the industry and he wont be the last, LEAVE NOW! before they kill you.

    His mother needs to step up right now if she doesnt want to lose a son, these Jews will kill him…Chris needs to stop the b*******, I said a long time ago that if he gets cozy with Rihanna no good publicity will come out of it, Im paranoid about that s*** I guess as she can easily put out a story he abused her again just before he gets off probation in 2014 and that will be massive jail time for him! no wonder MJ was so reclusive S*** IS CRAZY!

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

      ……”these Jews will kill him”…….true majority of the big-time industry owners are Jews but lets not put religion into this. The “Jews” didn’t kill anyone, simply the media puts pressure on artists.

      This comment was very ignorant, its like saying that every
      Arab is part of al-Qaeda or that the Qur’an tells you to kill for jihad when its clearly its a misconception…..

      • CBE December 23, 2012

        be careful who you call ignorant…”throwing stones while leaving in a glass house”

        The “JEWS” Im referring to arent the jews you know, there real Jews who practice Judaism and then there Kazars(the guys Im referring to) who call themselves Jews, Media bosses and hollywood stars are the basic jews you know but Kazars have a long history and run the World’s monetary system.
        “Give me control of a nation’s money SUPPLY, and I care not who makes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

        Ignorant like us watch 1 hour long videos like these:

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

        Dear, why are you confusing yourself and everyone else?

        The KHAZARS (correct spelling) are from Uyghurs, Huns, and Transoxiana origin (unclear really though) so they (Khazars) =/= Jews (in the means that you used it). They make up very few percent of the JEWISH population and in fact go by the name Khazar more commonly. By you pitting the whole religion of Judaism on one specific portion is ignorant. If you wanted to specifically reference them then you should have made specifics or else you would OFFEND possible Jews on this site. What you said is the equivalent to saying something like “Be careful before all the Muslims bomb your house” or “Be careful before the Christians perform exorcism on you…” Its like what I said with the AL-Queada and their actions being the standard for Muslims all over the world, its clearly wrong. BE SENSITIVE TO others religions/race when making comments like this.

        And I never said you were ignorant, I said “This comment was very ignorant, its like saying……” which clearly it is……..BTW, watching a video on youtube for 1 hour doesn’t make you smart or well rounded as for your rebuttal.

      • CBE December 24, 2012

        never posted this video to prove Im smart, its to make a point about the people who run the world and no not all the Khazars are Jews, these people went and occupied Palestine and the land which is now Israel, when you get the chance look at the maps and see Palestine around 1948 and now, and the Jews Im talking about are high up in the power structure so your argument is really stupid…where in my previous comment did I say “all Jews” how you interpret a comment is a mystery to me, you went on a tirade and made it sound like I was generalising a whole religion. I am confused because if you read my comments properly the I said these JEWS(Im referring to the Executives) as they have the power to decide his career and you said it yourself “Majority of Industry owners are Jews” so what’s with the other crap? you put ignorance in my comments as I cant see tbh… I will continue calling these people out they say they are Jews but they do extreme Zionists practices + their evil ritual gatherings, you can take that whichever way you like.

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012


      I’m scared for this kid! Once RACIST AMERICA AND THE MAN-HATING FEMINIST WHORES are out to get you there is nothing that can be done as they either own the media or are placed in positons within the media to cut, splice, and edit stories anyway they choose! Just look at what they did to Michael Jackson and late Whitney Houston. Half that crap they said was not true but hwat could they really do about it?

      This is not a news story but they will turn it into one. He was BULLIED EVERYDAY for THREE YEARS by that racist w**** Jenni Johnson on twitter (she also hates Hispanics, Arabs & Gays by her tweets) and that was not news either but once he responded the media made it all about how horrible a person he was for responding to the PURE INNOCENT WHITE FEMALE. According to the media, he should have just stayed silent and allowed her to continue bullying him everyday for another 3 years time!

  24. Suicide Blonde December 23, 2012

    Oh that’s easy, give him a rocket and send him to the moon.

  25. PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 23, 2012

    Poor Breezy, He’s Really Hurt, I Hope He’ll Find Peace Again! He Was More Peaceful Before Rihanna Comeback To His Life!!

    I Wish You Happy Holidays Breezy!

  26. 2013 Is the Year Beyonce’s Career Officially Ends December 23, 2012

    This gimmick age is f****** corny as f*ck! After this album I wanna leave this planet.”

    What is he talking about? CB is full of gimmicks, antics and temper tantrums with him punching Rihanna’s face, throwing a fit on TV, Sisqo blonde hair, fighting in night clubs and doing anything he can to sell his flop album. I he’s calling himself a gimmick.

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      Dumb b**** hush!

      1) Chris & Rihanna fought each other so get the story straight! They were wrong but young and emotion so get over it!

      2) He never threw a chair on the set of GMA. It’s already been disproven so do keep up!

      3) Brad Pitt, Rob Pattinson ,Eminmen, Jared Letto and every WHITE GUY in Hollyweird has dyed their hair blonde so why can’t BLACK MEN HAVE THE SAME FREEDOM?……They are still free in America aren’t they?

      4) Chris, NBA Star Tony Parker and a table full of women were randomly attacked by a cluster of thugs. WTF was he and they suppose to do? If you have to fight your way out of something you didn’t start or ask for how the f*ck is it your fault? 0_o

  27. Musis December 23, 2012

    This could be his cry out for “help” so I do feel for him and hope he doesn’t hurt himself or anything to “leave the planet”.

  28. CB December 23, 2012

    On Another note: Isn’t Rihanna an Alien? I’m sure she could make his plans come to fruition.

  29. MISHKA December 23, 2012

    “After all, as the performance below will attest to, Brown is yet to receive the acclaim he is so deserving of.”


    You kiddin, right?

    You meant he “used” to get instant acclaim and standing ovations but it all fell down after February 2009.

    The truth is Chris Brown, his fans, his stans and even his haters are chasing the 2006-2008 Chris Brown. And it may be time for us to face the truth : He’ll never be back.

    A few days ago, he posted that picture of him and Rihanna and people were like “how cute they are” when I actually thought “how hurt and damaged they look”.

    People often compare him to Britney Spears and I tend to agree: they don’t have the X-Factor, they have the Whitney-Factor : first video, first hit, #1 single, Top 2 debut album, outstanding live performances, and so on. They are just real-life magnets. But when they tumbled on a bigger bump on the road, it went all the way down because aside from just being talented, they don’t know how to be their own person.

    That’s what separates them from the likes of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Timberlake: they worked their way to the top and took nothing for granted. They also managed to have their own lives outside the spotlight. They don’t live their life through the approbation of blogs or twitter followers. You HAVE to know where to stop, drop the mic, turn Twitter off and even quit the business if necessary.

    I just hope someone with some influence – maybe his dad -will step in and get him together like poppa Spears did.

    I’m gonna end this by saying this: yes Chris, you’re talented but you don’t cure cancer alright? There’s no way you will get the attention of everybody everytime and only on what you want . You’re not that cheesy 16 y-o from Virginia anymore, you’re a grown a$$ boy.

    And people are going to forget about you -especially when you make sh*tty music – because they are too grown to follow you around like teenagers and are now busy living their life and solving their own problems.

    Britney Spears, Loon or Amy Winehouse: those are your options, Chris. Hopefully, you’ll choose one of the first two.

    • what??? December 23, 2012

      Please… I know you did not put Britney & JT as great… I can truly tell how old you are.. Britney & Jt are gimmicks just like Justin Bieber… You give another race… a little rhythm and blue… and it equal great. Please even Elvis copied The greats… Chris is talented and its sad that Media and others continue to define him by one incident. I agree with Sam. If people would look past the controversy and listen to his body of work and I’m not talking about the ghetto songs.. you would see how gifted. This is why the media dislike him because his music Forever, No BS, Deuces, Yeah 3x, TUTM, Don’t Wake Me Up, Crawl and other ballads are Pop Hits, Urban Hits… people do copy his sounds. No matter how much hate he receives He continues to sell out arenas. Maybe one day he will be at peace.

  30. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud December 23, 2012

    F.A.M.E. was a great album. Fortune not so much….

    So to the Bieber stan STFU

    Also, i know it aint nobody but Bey stans saying he should kill himself. f****** foolish ass c** buckets

    • Monstarebel December 23, 2012

      F.A.M.E & Graffiti are my favorite albums from him!!!! xoxo

      Fortune has some cute songs…

    • King Bieber December 23, 2012

      Believe oustold both combined already ——> _/

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 23, 2012

        commercial success =/= good music

  31. SLAYRIAH CAREY December 23, 2012

    MariahCarey’s #AIWFCIY is available from iTunes | Amazon | Google Play

  32. Blue December 23, 2012

    Glad to see chris is ready to finally acknowledge that auto-tune machine.

    real artist my foot. We all create our art our way, no such thing as ‘true artist’

  33. bibi93 December 23, 2012

    Good bye

  34. @PWetsh PEGGYHYLS Wetsh December 23, 2012

    Please take rihanna with u

  35. Viciousss December 23, 2012

    I’d have more compassion for him if he and Rihanna hadn’t pulled so many fame-w**** stunts this year. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s marketing coming from him and her. Furthermore…he needs to really stop with that real artist b*******.

    He makes music. He performs. He gets awards.

    He is NOT a real artist by how HE is defining it.’

    He pulls stunts. He does corny s***. He is everything he rails against.

    I don’t want dude to committ suicide, but I also think he sometimes does these public tantrums as a way to vent frustration instead of actually handling his inner issues.

  36. Pop Royalty December 23, 2012

    chris , you needed a break from this planet this d***-pic leak , but seriously , he’s too talented to be treated like that , i do not support Him working with rihanna , but i have no problem him f*****’ her or so , that’s all.

    don’t know why ppl go so hard on him like that still ………. that’s why he need a break , ppl need to forget about what happened in the past and think forward , and also rihanna need to stop the fuckery she’s doing considering the whole thing , her cards started to be predictable and it is not cute anymore.

    • Suicide Blonde December 23, 2012

      Even Rihanna needs to think forward, he is not the only man in the world + there are pencil d**** everywhere.

      • Pop Royalty December 23, 2012

        I will keep on being silent cuz i don’t shade dudes d**** even if they were …….. well , i will Hush, I think i dragged him before , but now i’m trying to be decent , don’t ruin my plan @suicide 😛

      • Suicide Blonde December 23, 2012

        Lol, you’re trying to be decent.

  37. joker December 23, 2012

    he should stop babbling, just WRITE A COUPLE SONGS ABOUT IT and sell them.

  38. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 23, 2012

    Poor baby, he still acts like a hood rat, he’ll still flop and even if he left today, no one would miss him. But poor baby O_o

    **files nails**

    • Pop Royalty December 23, 2012

      wasn’t you a Chrihanna fan days ago , and your name was something like mrs brown ?!!!

      well ………

      • Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 23, 2012

        Was never a Chris Brown fan, just supported Rihanna’s decision to be with him because she looked happy. Now seeing that it has not happened, I can go back to my hate for Fistopher.

        And the username was Mrs Robyn Brown.

  39. Sherlock December 23, 2012

    Karrueche is at home with plenty of hugs, just waiting to help him relax. Good thing he will be going home to rest soon.

    • James227 December 24, 2012

      Stupid b**** Karrueche probably is the problem

      • Sherlock December 25, 2012

        God bless you and yours on this beautiful Christmas Day. May you also have a blessed New Year.

  40. Mark111 December 23, 2012

    He brought everything on himself. Sorry, you h*** and q***** can ride his yellow d*** on ya want, but it was HIS actions that cause his career. And he’s a great entertainer, but his music isn’t THAT great. He act like his music is full of life and dreams and s***, when it’s not. He will never be on Usher’s level.

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      Wait, what? Have you listened to his music? How in the world could you say his music isn’t “full of life and drams”?….FREE RUN….DON’T JUDGE ME….FOREVER….CRAWL….PARTY HARD…..DON’T WAKE ME UP……TURN UP THE MUSIC…….4-YEARS-OLD….I could go on and on! WTF are you talking about?

      And what actions? The only thing the media harps on is the 1 fight he had damn near 4 years ago. Now everything he saysor does is ridiculed becuase of that. Okay fine, I just want to know when they are going to get to Actor Edward Furlong who has been arrested TWICE INthe past 2 WEEKS for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST his girlfriend? Oh yeah right….nothing will be said per ususal.

      If only teenage Chris Brown could have gotten The Charlie Sheen, Eminem, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Ozzy Osbouren, Alan Jackson, Rodeny Atkins, Tracy Lawarence, Keith Richards, Richie Sambora, Tommy Lee, Yannie, Rodney Atkins, Axl Rose, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, John McEnroe, Andre Agissi, Christian Slater, Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Pop Star PINK or “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert ——>>>>> BEAT A B**** DOWN AND GET AWAY BECUASE YOU WERE BORN IN THE RIGHT SKIN PASS! Then perhaps this converstion would not be needed! 0_o

      • Mark December 24, 2012

        Those are dumb pop/ club song, they’re not timeless hit. His albums only hot for a year if that, no one bumbing no old Chris Brown album like a Confessions, Thriller, Bad or 12 Play. He talking about being an artist, he’s not that deep, n**** acting like he’s Bruno Bars or something. And HE HIT A WOMAN!!! I don’t give a s*** how many years it was, what don’t you h*** get about that? You named those other people and making it a thing about race and you still don’t get it. It’s not that he hit some random woman, he hit The World’s Sweet Heart at the time, he hit one of the biggest stars in the WORLD, who did those other guys hit? I’ll wait. If JT had of hit Britney Spears back in the day, they would’ve killed his career just as well, of if Miley BF hit her, they will tare that dude apart. Not to add that he beat her on Grammy night on a slow news week and hid for a few weeks hoping that people would forget instead of facing it. Another thing, he’s a R&B singer, if a rapper did it, no one will care cause it’s in the music, but this n**** sings about being the perfect man and blah blah blah. It’s all about your rep and image, if Rihanna post a nude pic, it would be normal, swift leak some pic, the world would end and they would ruin Swift’s career. Don’t you get it?!

  41. PSA (FAF) December 23, 2012

    Part of his problem is he likes to publicity w**** with his ugly ass ET looking b**** of a GF thats overrated.., Karrueche wouldve been the perfect, nice, sweet calm girl to chill w/ …………. This w**** he talking to only thinks about herself and how Nazi can buy those discounted singles & albums……..

    I’m sick of this s*** ! Stop btiching! Log off ! U dont see Nicki cursing ppl out about not getting a grammy after having the most successful rap album of the year !

    They gave his p**** ass a grammy in 2011 after the domestic violence incident ! N**** if u tired of dealing w/ Gimmicks stop letting R**** suck ur d*** for publicity……..! ! U doing the absolute most ! Dont be mad them gimmicks y’all try and FLOP at are the gimmicks that make others successful… U should’ve got some endorsements………., STOP chasing R**** rancid A*** c*** !

  42. Dev December 23, 2012

    Is he considering himself a real artist? All that pop and autotune i don’t think so, he’s basically contradicting himself.

    He needs to just write songs or keep the good songs he’s giving away for himself because his music is corny tripe

  43. B2B December 23, 2012

    The human race is so crazy! Like who wishes death on someone? What has Chris done to y’all for some of you to wish that he commits suicide? Like that is really psychotic of some of you! This blog has become such a disgrace to the human race. All you see is delusional fans who praise & stan for their “fav” while dragging all other artist. Why can’t everyone just get alone? I’m a Beyonce stan, but I don’t go around wishing death on Rihanna and Keri Hilson. I don’t mean to sound so preachy, but people should think before they comment. What if Chris was to read this blog? How do you think it would make someone, who is already on the edge, feel to see people wish death on him & bash him like he is scum of the earth?

    P.S. Chris stay strong! God has better plans for you! & please go to rehab for a year & reinvent yourself! XOXO

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      BRAVO! But haven’t you heard? Suicide, like murder, is okay as long as it happens to someone they don’t like! 20 Chirldren are killed by a MASS MURDERER in NewTown Conn and that’s a tragedy. Honor Student , Jordan Davis returning home from a day of shopping at the mall (like every high school student I know does or has done in life) is GUNNED DOWN by a PSYCHO who felt the music in the car in which Jordan was a backseat passenger, was too damn loud! Of course it’s not considered a tragedy for the killer had a right to STAND HIS GROUND against loud music! o_0

  44. B2B December 23, 2012

    @PSA (FAF) You used to be one of my favorite posters, but you have really lost it!! Why do you dislike Chris so much? You’re calling him a flop as if Nicki is a top seller? She had how much publicity, singles, & promo before he album dropped and she still flopped? Nicki is only relevent when she dresses as a gimmick and sings pop tunes!

    • PSA (FAF) December 24, 2012

      Top seller artists of 2012.. was CB a part of it? Nicki was #6

      I dont give a f*** about TGJ awards & acclaim ! I speak true facts !

      CB is a mess he needs to go rest… if you p**** enough to kill yourself, get help or keep it moving !

      • PSA (FAF) December 24, 2012

        And Nicki first album (with no pop) outsold 2 of CB albums combined.. F*** u better learn facts before mentioning my name ’round here, homo !

  45. Christina Aguilera December 23, 2012

    Seek help Chris. For your own sake. Take a year or two off. I can take you to the buffet if you want.

  46. It’s Utterly Bizaar! December 24, 2012

    Hmm, I wonder if he killed himself, would they blame Rihanna?!? I wonder what MobWife thinks about this…

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 24, 2012

      YES! Where is she?

      • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

        Where am I….LOL? I’m trying to screw TOMMY MATTOLA and see if I can become a “SUPERSTAR”! 🙂

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      WTF? Why is my name being mentioned? Since you asked, I would blame all involved in pressing this kid down to the point he felt death was his onlly option! I keep hearing all of this b******* about ANTI-BULLYING but as we can all see, that’s a damn lie that only applies to young WHITE PEOPLE & WHITE HOMOSEXUALS! What this kid continues to endure over 1 fight he had has a teenager 4 years ago is nohing short of criminal! But hey, once he is dead you ppl can celebrate the victory and plot on killing the next young BLACK & BROWN! …..HIP HIP HOORAY! 🙂

      I wonder who will be next? Rihanna? Nah, she’s under JayZ’s illuminati protection so probably not! But don’t worry, they will find another for you fools to hate (ala Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston)! There is nothing like crushing and destroy Black and Brown ppl particularly in America!….LOL, they will forever STAND THEIR GROUND killing, abusing, and bullying everyone around with the elp of stupid weak ass black of course! Afterall it’s not racist if you can get a black person to asy it with you (see Oprah Windfrey, Gayle King, Wendy Williams,Tara Banks, Lester Holt, Don Lemon and the rest of the boot-lickers)

  47. Aunt Jackie December 24, 2012

    Leave. And take Rihanna with you! Immature ass.

    • MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

      F*** you! Why don’t you go 1st, hateful ass!

  48. MOBWIFE: my baby breezy, hang in there kid! December 24, 2012

    Dear Chris Brown:

    F*** the haters and what they have to say! I know you’re young but you have got to stop allowing the RACIST MEDIA & FEMIIST WHORES to upset your world! Focus on your fans, TEAMBREEZY and not on those who a irrelevant to your movement. They will celebrate those Blacks and Browns they deem acceptable while constantly casting aside the true Black and Brown talent in the music industry. Some of us recognize the scheme as it’s been played so many times before…..* cough* Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan and so many more……Stay true to yourself and TeamBreezy. F*** the rest!

    Focus on this:
    While Christmas shopping, Chris Brown shuts down the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere 🙂

    Chris & TeamBreezy having a sing-along- moment in Paris #CarpeDiemTour 🙂

  49. RoyalKev December 24, 2012

    I totally get it! Chris is only speaking the truth. Perhaps, it would have been respected more if it came from a more respected source (Diane Warren, Linda Perry, etc), but Chris always seems to get brushed off for not being sane. You don’t have to agree with his view point, but I respect his opinion.

  50. PSA (FAF) December 24, 2012

    I predict a 2013 murder suicide w/ him & HoeAnna 🙂 but then again, it “Aint Nobody Bidness!”

  51. Sierra December 24, 2012

    He really needs a fresh start asap!! Get some counseling, let go of some pple who may be steering him in the wrong direction and stop responding to ignorants and just live your life. better himself as a individual and just focus on music. ” Sigh”

    I’m praying for you Chris breezy cause when it’s all said and done I wouldn’t wish all that he’s going through on anyone 🙁 #stillafan

    • PSA (FAF) December 24, 2012

      Him & Rihanna said it aint nobody business.. so lets all ignore them from now on…………

  52. Sierra December 24, 2012

    ^ I’m praying for your lost soul may God almighty be with you @PSA get help soon love

    Sierra pretty girl dimples <3 😉

    • PSA (FAF) December 24, 2012

      Keep praying, Ima keep dragging, dear.. God protect your souls ….. 🙂

  53. Sierra December 24, 2012

    You must be dragging yourself because its that serious . if you can’t see that wishing death on someone is ignorant then something is seriously wrong with you o_O
    You sound in my opinion bitter smh

    God bless! @PSA

  54. Oceanmate December 25, 2012

    CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN you’ve come through the worst of times an still these are the best of times. Don’t ever give UP! There’s nothing wrong with being tired; I’ve been there many many times; but you can’\t let go of that Faith that your Moma told you about. You can give out but Never G-i-v-e up. I hope they never legalize marijuanna- it will take a good man and make him think that he should give up and do nothing and he will never even realize it or see it coming.

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