The Critics Weigh In On Beyonce’s Pepsi Deal. Do You Agree?

Published: Thursday 20th Dec 2012 by David

It’s the deal designed to take her brand to all new heights.

However, despite the fact Beyonce‘s gargantuan dealings with Pepsi Co will inadvertently shine fresh light on her philanthropic efforts, it seems not everyone is as pleased as we are for her.

Indeed, though the deal– which marks one of the biggest to be scored by an African American entertainer- will only see her serve as an ambassador for the brand, her association with them has seen her come under fire for, ‘promoting obesity’.

Details below…

In an article penned by our pals over The Huffington Post the singer finds herself belabored with the following:

“Not only will Beyoncé be featured in ads that will premiere after her performance at the Super Bowl half-time show (sponsored by Pepsi, naturally), but her face will be featured on limited edition Pepsi cans, and she will be given money for her own “creative projects.” The Times reports: “The less conventional aspects of the deal are meant as collaborative projects that indulge Beyoncé’s creative whims, and might well have no explicit connection to Pepsi products.”

This is a marked change for advertisers who seek to completely merge their product’s image with that of a big name celebrity — and it doesn’t get much bigger than Beyoncé, who pulled in $40 million last year alone and has vast international fame.

The multi-year contract with Pepsi — with substantial funds for Beyoncé to work on her own creative projects with “no explicit connection to Pepsi” — shows Pepsi is confident that branding its products with her image will continue to invoke a desired response in consumers. In a method reminiscent of Pavlov’s dog, Pepsi expects to see this outcome without the Pepsi logo even being present. 

Pepsi will so thoroughly attach itself to her and blur the lines between product and spokesperson that everything she does, including her “creative whims” will be linked to Pepsi. Even if these creative whims have nothing to do with Pepsi, she will conjure the brand. This brings to mind the patronage of wealthy families for artists in the middle ages — a kind of artist-indentured servitude.

Beyoncé doesn’t see it that way, at least according to her statement in The Times: “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

This sounds shockingly naive; especially from a woman who has mastered the art of her brand and become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. And let’s not forget, that one year ago, a video of Beyoncé dancing in a high school cafeteria on behalf of the First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign went viral, indicating what seemed to be her commitment to fighting childhood obesity. Now that she is a new mother, Beyoncé signs on with the one of the biggest soda vendors in the world?

But then again, there are other aspects of this new ad campaign to make one question her logic. The ad that has been revealed features her dressed in tights, high-heels, a suit jacket, and what appears to be matching underwear, while making a pout with her lips — all the while pushing a large grocery cart overflowing with cases of Pepsi. These images will be made into life size cut outs for grocery stores.

This means millions of shoppers across the country will see a hyper-sexualized woman of color, literally pushing a product that is known to contribute to obesity and its related health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

It is especially significant that the populations most affected by these health issues are people of color, and particularly women of color. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in two African-Americans born in the year 2000 is expected to develop type II diabetes; four out of every ten African-American men and women have high blood pressure; and blacks are 30 percent more likely to die young from heart disease than whites.”

While there are certainly many factors that contribute to these shocking statistics, there’s no doubt that carefully targeted marketing on the part of Big Food corporations play a large role. Beyoncé should think twice before playing right into the hands of Pepsi’s insidious branding — but even more importantly, Americans should start demanding that our government regulate Big Food. In many European countries celebrities are forbidden from advertising for junk foods; not coincidentally, these countries have lower rates of obesity and diabetes, especially among children. If we hope to see more good news in the form of declining childhood obesity rates in this country, we need to work to make sure this Pepsi and Beyoncé “mutually beneficial collaboration” doesn’t portend a new trend.”

So, you tell us

Do you agree with ‘The Post’?

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  1. Dane December 20, 2012

    Broke people always trying to be righteous….

    • WTF December 20, 2012

      Garbage food and garbage music; a match made in heaven.

      • Dane December 20, 2012

        Your name is WTF, that keeps volume of who you are….

      • Danny B December 20, 2012

        @WTF yet youre here checking for this ‘garbage’.

    • Trev December 21, 2012

      in this case you are absolutely right….no one is turning down this deal…so all the ppl criticizing are talking ish cuz they weren’t offered a deal…and we live in a day and time where parents blame celebs for their bad parenting…i can hear it now “my daughter won’t drink water because she looks up to Beyonce and wants to drink pepsi just like her” stfu and parent your kids…leave Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki alone…don’t let them raise your kids

  2. J. Vryheid December 20, 2012

    One question?

    Would they turn down a 50 million dollar deal with Pepsi?

    I don’t think so.

    Shut the f___ up and hop off Beyonce’s python.

    The end.

  3. J. Vryheid December 20, 2012

    And as far as the obesity nonsense…. DRINK DIET PEPSI!

    Irrelevant article trying to mooch off another black woman’s success. Sick. Sad.

    They mad.

    • Jenni December 20, 2012

      I know! Parents are the ones responsible for what their kids drink. People need to stop blaming that on Beyonce. It’s not her responsibility.

    • Dee December 20, 2012

      true, but diet sodas have also been linked to their own health issues with chronic consumers. Still don’t see how it’s beyonce’s fault that folks are obese tho. #kanyeshrug

  4. the obvious December 20, 2012

    It isn’t her responsibility to keep fat asses from drinking too much soda! The point isn’t her advertising individuals to drink carts of pepsi…We can all drink soda, but how much you indulge is on you..And if your dumb enough to over indulge while this slim fit women is thee face of this product, your an idiot..My first thought would be “even if she drinks pepsi I’m sure if I want to look like her, I cant drink too much.

    • EV3 December 20, 2012

      SHUT THE F*** UP B****!!!

      • the obvious December 20, 2012

        Oh I’m sorry. you must be a fat ass b**** that drinks way too much pepsi…

    • Dee December 20, 2012

      lol love this. folks always trying to blame some one for their obesity. Have 1 can…not the case!! WTF?!

  5. honestly December 20, 2012

    Everything is fine in moderation. I have a rule that I’m only allowed to drink soda if someone paid for it. The only time I drink soda is if someone treats me to a meal or if I go to a party. If you drink soda numerous times a day it becomes a problem.

  6. slimsexy December 20, 2012

    Opinion is a biatch everyone has one!urge beyonce to ignore the critics name any sane person who will turn out 50M deal?
    Perhaps Beyonce is an energetic performer hence there is nothing wrong in her drinking pepsi to refresh her self after a rigorous performance.

  7. HOTSTUFF December 20, 2012

    The BEY-H.I.V been acting like this pepsi thing is so wonderful, putting up pepsi adds on twitter, facebook etc You dumb c**** yall only promoting pepsi but that’s no surprise that the Bey H.I.V are illiterate Beyfraud doesn’t care about yall she cares about that money lmao.

    Happy maybe last day on earth b****** !


    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012


      • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012


    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012



      • Lax December 20, 2012


    • BABY T December 20, 2012

      Your fav promotes s** to young children!

      • Lax December 20, 2012

        @BABY T,,,, AND YO FAVE POPS HER P**** FOR

      • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  8. Monstarebel December 20, 2012

    Lol oh is that right??? lol beyonce bout to make her stans fat ass s*** buying loads of Pepsi

    *sips my healthy vita coco water*

    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012


    • BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012



    • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012

      Beyonce endorsement is with water to so drank beyonce water to.

    • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  9. Carl December 20, 2012

    B*******! David Beckham did Pepsi, he is a FOOTBALLER and a father, so where is the logic? Beyonce and no other celebrity are responsible for what your calorie intake is. I really wish people would stop putting celebrity’s under these responsibility pressures, that is why you have parents.

    • Lax December 20, 2012

      PAPER $$$$$ AND THEY CAN QUIETLY STFU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      @CARL COSIGN!!!!

  10. KillerBey December 20, 2012

    Wow. I didn’t know Pepsi did this much charity s***. Anyway, its not B’s job to stop fat asses from over eating? EAT A SALAD b******.

  11. S****** Blonde December 20, 2012

    She is just trying to have a huge publicity which is not a bad idea considering the fact that other stars like Gaga are coming with new music next year and you know she could block every chick in the game with her tricks, if you ask me, this deal is good for promo but i don’t think that’s the only think, if she brings good music then she’s a winner which i think she would cuz she always try to give us good music so it’s all about the quality, if the music is good then she would slay if not then Gaga will take her place in 2013, if we are still alive, anyway, good luck to her, i’m honestly more excited about her album than in HypePop.

    • Thinking December 20, 2012

      You know I love you right. I read your comments everyday and i can tell you’ve got an amazing mind.

      • S****** Blonde December 20, 2012

        Wow, i didn’t know, thank you, i love you 2.

      • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012

        Omg is you on Beyonce side. Might shed a tear. I was about to put a hate comment but i glad i read the whole thing.

      • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012

        Beyonce IASF was better then gaga last album with poker face on it. Gaga ain’t like she use to.

    • BABY T December 20, 2012

      It’s December 21st in my country. World didn’t end lol.

    • From the Hive December 20, 2012

      Thats nice of you. Bey and Gaga can co-exist imo.

    • Lax December 20, 2012


    • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  12. slimsexy December 20, 2012

    Sick of people using queen B for publicity.where were the critics when she did an advert for pepsi in 2002?why didn’t they ask her about it when she did move your body campgain?Critics have suddenly woken up from their slumber cos the deal is worth $50m.bottom line is if they didn’t complain in 2002 and in 2011 when she did the move your body campaing they definately have no moral justification to question beyonce now.

    • Lax December 20, 2012


  13. RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

    This is Crazy motha get that Bread F what the haters say , The real question is who drinks soda thou? I will buy a 6 pack or 12 pack just to support my girl and then give em out to all the FAT memeber of the NAVY(TITANICS). kiiiii

  14. Jon December 20, 2012

    Why does Beyonce get all the s*** from people? When Micheal Jackson was the brand abassador for Pepsi no one said a word.. Now Beyonce is getting paid 50 mil for it.. Its wrong? People are so jelous.

    • quietfighter June 12, 2013

      The reason critics are making it an issue because Beyonce is making it a big issue by making sure she doesn’t look bad. by taking this endorsement deal, she might as well say that her so-called concern of obesity/child obesity was just a way of showing she cares. when in reality she doesn’t give crap for people struggling with obesity. she’s just trying to uphold this false image to society that she has a deep concern/love for humanity. But if she really cared, she wouldn’t be so diva dramatic about this whole thing to save face. And if she really wanted to make a change, she would say, “screw the money” or at very least instead of complaining for her cause (which she probably won’t be out training with obese people/kids herself lol ), she could use it to fight for a more vast widely needed cause. instead of being a greedy, hypocritical liar. Because let’s face it, money and material things is the main root of problems today. So her wanting to look like Mother Theresa to the world..she really just adds to the soul sucking destruction of our society. And Michael Jackson didn’t make an needless fuss like Beyoncé, so there was no need to say a word.

  15. BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012


    • Monstarebel December 20, 2012

      really F*** God????????????????????

      how disgusting can you be….ugh

    • King B>Rihanna December 20, 2012

      you have to don’t believe in GOD? I kNow these basic b**** just said f GOD Get Your Life you piece of s***.#ProudMemberoftheHive

    • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

      You need prayers and God in your life. You need to put those Beyonce music away as it gives you side effects.

    • Lax December 20, 2012


  16. BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012


    • Monstarebel December 20, 2012

      ^^^^^^ pray for him

      • Lax December 20, 2012

        MEDS ASAP,,,,,,

  17. junjou romantica December 20, 2012


    • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012


    • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

      That’s what it all boils down too.

  18. Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

    Please Beyonce is not that big for somebody to be concerned with her endorsing Pepsi b**** only cares about her $$$ and this seem like a per planned publicity stunt to me anyways next….

    • quetta December 20, 2012


      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

        but nothin kiss my ass

  19. TakeABow December 20, 2012

    Beyonce is irresponsible so i’m not shocked tbh. She doesn’t have a world view so wouldn’t understand how serious this is even if someone tried to explain it to her. She is glamorizing gluttony and obesity by becoming the face of a beverage made of sugar.

    Belafonte was right about her.

    • @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012

      B**** calm down Rihanna, Mariah Carey, ETC WOULD NOT TURN DOWN 50 MILLION DOLLARS

    • BABY T December 20, 2012

      better than promoting s** to young children which is what your fav does all the time in her music videos, performances etc….

      • Lax December 20, 2012


    • From the Hive December 20, 2012

      She doesn’t have a world view? Whats that supposed to mean exactly?

    • Jenni December 20, 2012

      You need to be a parent and teach your kids the healthy way. That is NOT Beyonce’s responsibility. You have the power over what you eat and drink. STOP BLAMING BEYONCE. Be responsible for yourself.

  20. @_NoFucksGiven_1 December 20, 2012

    They f****** mad. When ever a black woman tried to do something that have something to say. People will always drank soda’s. Beyonce baby do you. show how it’s f****** done. 2013 Beyonce year. Now Huffing-post was so thrilled about the Pepsi deal now they going to turn around and bash her. Irrelevant site for irrelevant people.

  21. BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 20, 2012



    • Lax December 20, 2012

      Getto ass and that word is Ass Wipe,,,and Yo ass know where that Ass Wipes goes when it’s no longer in use,,,,,Right>

  22. Burmy December 20, 2012

    If it means we get the old Bey back (from the DC era as well as Dangerously in Love), I’m all for it.

  23. Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

    Okay let’s clam down now somebody who will remain nameless is acting like a lunatic on here shouldn’t be this serious

    • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012


      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

        You make me stfu h**

      • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

        how is that possible on the internet …..tricks are for kids

      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

        And how the f*** im supposed to stfu when i wasn’t even talking to began with only typing you’re right *tricks are for kids* 🙂

      • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

        suck my A$$ hole lips c*** ….”tricks are for kids”

      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

        gurl your tried tho

  24. KC December 20, 2012

    SO WHAT? Michael Jackson did it, Janet did it, Britney did it. If people wanna drink themselves into pepsi oblivion just cos Beys face in it then they are DUMB. I will buy a can ot two to support Bey (that can is hot) , but people are gonna drink pepsi with or without Beyonce so DEAL.

  25. the truth December 20, 2012

    and the Bey stans and Rihanna stans fall for it every time talk about being stupid

  26. Monstarebel December 20, 2012

    Beysus over Jesus needs to be banned from this site Smh I CANT believe he just said F*** God Smh

    Lets all pray for this child…

    • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

      There are some people who don’t have a meaning in life.

  27. BABY T December 20, 2012

    All I care about is Beyonce’s album and singles slaying next year and if Pepsi are going to make that happen then that’s all that matters to me! 😀 Oh and I love how these critics are giving Beyonce more attention and more hype for her return!

  28. Nadia December 20, 2012

    Only Beyonce can get people so damn pressed and salty over pepsi! Shes just following in the footsteps of the late great MJ and others. They will be the only two artists to have a global personolised pepsi can

    • gayjake December 21, 2012

      b**** stfu beyonce will never never be on mjs level

  29. BABY T December 20, 2012

    *sips Pepsi*

  30. From the Hive December 20, 2012

    BEYONCE aint responsible for all the fat asses out there that choose to over indulge themselves! Cant knock this girls hustle. Keep winning Bey!

  31. What? December 20, 2012

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It is all about moderation when you want to talk about consuming any type of food. Let Beyonce be great… damn!

  32. joker December 20, 2012

    do i agree? lol. i read only the first lines. but hey… praise your goddess. she’ll be fine with that deal. 😉

  33. Paula December 20, 2012

    The only thing Beyoncé is promoting is Black women with power.. Insteading of critizing her, be thankful she exsists and leads the way for black women doing well in life!!

  34. Rihanna December 20, 2012

    It wasn’t a problem when Britney was doing it tho.

    Seems like the real anger is that a black women just got a $50 million dollar deal THAT NOBODY WOULD TURN DOWN

    When are people going to wake up?
    Beyonce does anything and h*** get mad? SHe is not responsible for your child being a fat f***, just like I’m not responsible for your child going back to the man that BEAT HER ASS.

    • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

      Well she did the anti obesity campaign with Michelle Obama.

      • HoneyBeyLDN December 20, 2012

        So? Its still out there if u wanna loose weight!

    • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

      @HoneyBeyLDN Replied

      It is kinda ironic though.

      • Gilberto December 20, 2012


        B****, you’re so dumb. You don’t get fat by eating fast food (soda, hamburgers, fries). You get fat if you eat more calories than what you use. A glass of soda has less calories than a glass of milk do. I don’t see any saying that we should stop drinking milk. Actually, there’s a famous campaign saying that we should drink more milk.
        But if you drink liters and more liters of milk everyday, you’ll get fat. It’s only unhealthy if you overate. You won’t get fat because you eat a humburger with fries and soda, you’ll get fat if you eat 5x hambugers with large fries and large soda for the rest of your life.
        Actually, exercises don’t help that much to get thin – unless you’re an athlete under a severe training. If you do exercises and consume more calories than what you need, then you’d still get fat. That’s why you need balanced diet. You can lose weight without doing any excercise if you eat less calories than what you need. Exercises are more beneficial for your heart and muscles than eliminate fat.
        I’m thin and don’t do any exercise, but I still eat anything I want. But I know how many calories I am consuming and how much I need for a day.

      • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

        Dumbo. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. If you have read my comment BELOW you would see I said that the everything should be done in MODERATION. As for my comment let me explain it to you if you promote something you don’t promote the exact opposite. YOU CAN’T PROMOTE PETA AND THEN WEAR FUR AS IT WOULDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. HOPE I SIMPLIFIED IT FOR YOU.

      • Danny B December 20, 2012

        @Miss Impartial No its not cos Pepsi is just a damn drink that wont solely make the average person OBSESE come on now! People blow it way out of proportin! Ridiculous just cos Bey did that little work out thing for Michelle now all of a sudden she must keep her face away from anything other than healthy s***! Bull.

      • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

        You just don’t flip flop around.

      • Danny B December 20, 2012

        Why not, its a free country.

      • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

        Always tries to drag comments but can’t respond after I finish him. LOL.

      • Jenni December 20, 2012

        @ MissImpartial

        It’s not ironic because Beyonce exercises and she can have a soda every now and then. She said she eats a bit of everything in moderation

  35. Gilberto December 20, 2012

    People were fat before that deal and they’ll remain fat after it.
    People aren’t fat because they eat hamburgers and soda. They’re fat because they only eat hamburgers and soda. Fast food is cheap, tasteful and wide available, so for many families they’re the only kind of food they can afford. And top to it off, people don’t have time to eat something else.
    People get fat because they consume more calorie then they spent. A glass of soda has less calories than a glass of milk do. Is milk making people obese? NO! That’s it. It shows just how ignorant people are.
    The problem with fast food is that they aren’t rich of fiber, so we don’t have the perception that we’re full of food, so our bodies think that we’re still hungry. That’s why people who only eat fast food get fat, their bodies are never pleased, they’re always starving because they didn’t consume enough of fiber, so their brains keep sending messages saying that they need more food. This cycle makes them eat more and more calories than they spend, so they get fat.

    • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

      ^^^^THIS…And there you folks education is key

      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012


    • Ratatouille December 20, 2012

      fast food debate?

  36. Let’s Be Real December 20, 2012

    So the fact is this..people are pressed this BLACK woman has scored an unprecedented deal with a multi BILLION $ company? Because I guarantee you if Britney Spears had landed such a deal we’d see “oh how great “and “go godney!’ Pepsi is not the generator of obesity. Its lazy parenting and lazy schooling takomg recess and gym out of’s people who can’t take 15 minutes of a 24 hour day to break a sweat. Bottom line is for Beyoncé this is A GREAT DEAL.You know Jay Z and the lessons daddy Knowles gave in business kicked in. I bet the deals in fine print on that contract are CRAZY GOOD lol

  37. MissImpartial December 20, 2012

    Personnaly I don’t drink Pepsi as it includes traces of alcohol. But EVERY SANE PERSON KNOWS EAT AND DRINK IN MODERATION. YOU JUST DON’T TURN OBESE AFTER ONE BURGER OR A PEPSI CAN.

    • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  38. JASON X December 20, 2012


  39. Malaysia December 20, 2012

    I don’t care.I don’t drink pepsi products anyway.

  40. Emancipated (Mariah Legend) December 20, 2012

    Why did they have to emphasise ‘woman of color’ what difference does it make? smh.

    • Gilberto December 20, 2012

      Because some people can’t stand seeing a black person winning. They’re mad because they can’t deal with a black woman having that massive deal. If it were Taylor Swift, I bet they’d say that she was doing the right thing and that people would look at her as model to be followed. Speaking of her, she made a deal with Papa John’s Pizza! I don’t remember anyone saying that she’d make people obese.That’s what I call double standards.

      P.S. A slice of pizza has more calories than a can of soda.

      • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  41. HOP-SCOTCH December 20, 2012


    They criticised Sammy Davis Jr when he got offered a “1Million Dollar Deal” to play Carnegie Hall in 1965 – which was the biggest deal for an African American EVER at the time.

    They criticised Diana Ross after she got offered a “5 Million Dollar Deal” to advertise for Coca Cola, in 1972, when she was at the peak of her solo success.

    They criticized Michael Jackson, in 1984, when he got offered his “25 Million Dollar Deal” for Pepsi.

    They criticized Janet Jackson, in 1992, when she got offered her “100 Million dollar Deal” with Virgin Records.

    …And now they are criticising Beyonce for her 50 Million Dollar Deal.


    But it’s okay, us BLACK people will continue to make strives regardless of what the MAN says.

  42. PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 20, 2012

    Well Americans, Specifically The Republicans, Are hypocrits And Wack As F***!
    B****** No One’s Holding A Gun Again Your Closed Mind To Bye That’s Mother F***** Pepsi S***! Even If I Think It’s Weird To Promote Healthy Weight( Get Me Booty Remix) And Pepsi At The Same Time!!!

  43. HoneyBeyLDN December 20, 2012

    They need to have several _/ _/ _/

  44. Blue December 20, 2012

    Seriously ppl r reaching and worried about nothing.

    aint nobody gonna be buying pepsi cause of beyonce she doesnt have that kinda pull

    • Gilberto December 20, 2012

      Beyoncé boosted by 80% of VIZIO’s tvs sales after her commercial on SuperBowl. If she didn’t have the power to sell, House Of Deron/Dereon wouldn’t be out for almost a decade, her albums wouldn’t sell and Pepsi wouldn’t make that deal with her. Nice try, but you need better shades.

      • Pressed H*** Like Your Selves December 20, 2012

        House Of Deron/Dereon is on it’s decline tho

      • Gina December 21, 2012

        B**** Beyonce stepped out the house with a pair of Obama earings you couldnt even make out unless you paid attention and sales of those same earings soared through the roof! If that aint pull i dunno what its!

    • Rhythm Nation December 20, 2012

      She does. Especially in the US. Sales of pepsi will increase when that can comes out out because its limited edition. But when it comes to contributing to obesity, no of course not, no single person does, the only way to get ‘obese’ off pepsi is buying in bulk aint nobody got time for that and money for that just cos of a celeb.

  45. Gilberto December 20, 2012

    Taylor Swift made a deal with Papa John’s Pizza and nobody gave a f***. But Beyoncé’s deal with Pepsi is a problem? SEVERAL SEATS! They’re mad because she’s black and they can’t accept a black person, especially woman, having such big deal.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

      She has received a lot of blacklash from whites because of this. Go on the huffington post and read the anger at why She was getting this deal over many other better ( white ) stars. She needs whites to have a huge A list career to rival rihanna. i THINK, this deal, along with her age, weight, Rihanna and heavy endorsement of Obama will TURN A LOT OF WHITES OFF AND THEY WILL SHOW THIS BY NOT BUYING HER MUSIC. You will see in feb: she will face white back lash.

      She should of just put an album out. All this $ 50 mill in teh face of a recession is waving a red flag at whites. Whites do not wanna this while they cannot pay their bills or find work. Watch white backlash end her career next year.

      When you are black……you gotta know the rules.

      • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

        stfu you sound just dumb

      • Qazzo December 20, 2012

        Silly troll.

  46. honeychildplease December 20, 2012

    I think people should just STFU! I mean it’s your choice to drink pepsi, or not too. Don’t blame beyonce for your obesity, or your child’s. There have been many celebrity who have endorsed fatty foods, and or drinks and nobody went crazy over it. Now there is one thing i do have to call beyonce out on though…She did promote healthy eating choices by doing that get me bodied song, and turns around and promotes pepsi which is no good boo..that’s all i have for now

    • Special Delivery December 20, 2012

      She probably thought f*** that its $50 mill! Who wouldn’t?

  47. Eric December 20, 2012

    It’s sad to see how Pepsi spends its money. Coke is still beating them out because Coke promotes its products, while Pepsi promotes entertainers. smh.

  48. Special Delivery December 20, 2012

    Why is Beyonce responsible for gluttonous people? Only person shes responsible for is Blue Ivy and if she wanna make that $$$$ she has every right to

  49. MissImpartial December 20, 2012

    A Pepsi deal doesn’t guarantee a success album. Stans are pretending this deal is putting her on top of the charts.

    • Special Delivery December 20, 2012

      Pretending? Obviously pepsi doesn’t guarantee s*** but its a smart marketing move cos you dont get much bigger thats where the fans are going. All everyone is saying is that shes not responsible for fatties.

    • Qazzo December 20, 2012

      Who said anything about the success of an album. Wasn’t this about Pepsi, and whether or not Beyoncé should be held accountable for endorsing unhealthy foods?

  50. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 20, 2012

    This is the post.. doubt it’ll work. Its a post by a women called Kristin Wartman, She’s a food writer, so of course she’s gonna have more an interest in the health side of things.

    I don’t think it matters who’s on the can of pepsi.. For me I wouldn’t be more likely to buy a can of pepsi if Beyonce was on it.. even if it was Taylor swift. Its still gonna be the same old pepsi.

  51. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. December 20, 2012

    “As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.””

    B****, WHAT creativity????????????????? Everytime she comes out with a new project and gets SUED and/or called out for STEALING , she claims she was “inspired”. LMAOOOOOOOOO.Again, what creativity?

    And the H** is definitely a HYPOCRITE. She worked with the First Lady on the “Lets Move” campaign to keep young kids active to avoid obesity & now she’s endorsing a fattening soda????????? What a DUMBASS!!!!!!!

    BTW: Im VERY shocked that in the interview above she doesn’t sound NEARLY as illiterate as she usually does in interviews.

    • KING B December 20, 2012


  52. Pop Royalty December 20, 2012

    Ignore this BS you beyonce and give us pure slayage , now they want to blame african americans being fat on beyonce ?

    oh please , this is too much , even her haters won’t go this far !!! 😯

  53. Danny B December 20, 2012

    Ugh these pressed Republicans.

  54. Sweet Brown December 20, 2012

    Ain’t nobody got time to be a critic…….. I’d promote p** s*** if they was paying me 50 million. SIGHN ME Da FUC UP!!!!!

  55. Dane December 20, 2012

    Damn the f*** are out today…ugh

  56. Fierce P**** December 20, 2012

    Rihanna Stans if it were Rihanna promoting Pepsi: “yass. Get that money Rih. Reign won’t let up.”
    When beyonce lands a deal: “old washed up fake b****. No one cares about Pepsi anyway.”

    Oh plz b****. Someone told me even a biggest Rihanna Stan vita coco is nasty as s***! Who cares if it’s healthy. Rihanna’s garbage vocals is unhealthy to the ears too! Y’all still listening!

    Rihanna’s reaction to bey’s Pepsi deal: Ohhh Da queen bey is face of Pepsi now? Ohhh I am gonna buy 3 million cans so meh and Chris can have a pepsi party in celebration. I love bey so much. She is like a mother and idol to me. But I dont won gain aweight so I not gon drink it. Just let Chris shove em up mah asshole like a little s*** and then do the same to him. Sow much fun, right! Go bey!

    • MissImpartial December 20, 2012

      I tried Vita Coco not because of Rihanna because I was curious. It was just NASTY. NEVER AGAIN.

    • Pop Royalty December 20, 2012

      Vita Coco taste like a Salty Saliva , a lot of ppl say that !!

    • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  57. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 20, 2012

    It’s really what she stands for. Behind all the facade it looks like she isn’t too different from her husband who famously rapped about “Money, Cash, H***”. All this makes her seem vapid and shallow. She seems to have no opinion and stands for nothing. She did that healthy eating campaign but it seemed more like an Obama-Carter-Knowles back-stroke for Michelle honouring her at the Billboard Awards with nonsense like, “She’s an amazing role model.” Really, Michelle? Maybe you’ll reconsider when your OWN daughter gets her Freakum Dress on.

    If Beyonce had been more consistent and not tried to have this motherly, mature image throughout her pregnancy, this sudden overt sexual desperation depicted with Pepsi (she does look ridiculous in that pic) wouldn’t be so off-putting but here she is with “4” only just over and she’s already churning out a new album rather than taking off much needed time to raise her child.

    She seems to stand for being #1 and not being #1 at quality.

    • Pop Royalty December 20, 2012

      I don’t agree With That.

    • Erica December 20, 2012

      Beyonce has always said that her persona on the stage/in music in videos etc is different to what she is like in real life. Quote she actually thinks she is a ‘boring’ person. Not every artists has to take their music and stage persona off the stage with them. This photoshoot is part of the promo for her next career step as Beyonce the sassy entertainer, not Beyonce Blue Ivys mom. Beyonce has partnered with pepsi for her career benifits, like so many other popstars do. Why is it all of a sudden ‘money cash h***’/shallow and vapid because its Beyonce? So what if she did the campaign in gratitude for Michelle thanking her. When Michelle said she is an amazing role model, I can totally understand where she was coming from, she was talking about Beyonce as woman and the way she carries herself in the public eye and as person which has always been mature even back in the days of Destinys Child.

    • KING B December 20, 2012


    • Gina December 21, 2012

      This comment is a load of s*** on so many levels! So narrow minded LOL

  58. fatu sankoh December 20, 2012

    I don’t agree with this hatters live bey alone other star are doing the same thing but is ok with you hatters bey god good people and we your fans are behind you you are a good persion may god continue to bless protect you jay blue ivy c and your family for life long happy ever lasting long happy married more success in all you do

  59. Who cares? December 20, 2012

    Seriously, when did one can of pepsi make you obese?

    Obese people are usually obese due to excessive eating and not enough exercise. This is a bigger personal problem than having a pepsi can…

    Well balanced diet ppl… Well balanced!

    • Pop Royalty December 21, 2012

      and there’s already something called pepsi-diet ……… so no more excuses !

  60. wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

    This deal is gonna be the nail in bEYONCE COFFIN. This deal is angering whites. They are gonna boycott her career. She is next on the white back lash list.

    Instead of throwing this $ 50 mill deal in the faces of whites who are struggling in the recession, she should just drop a single and LP. But, cos she is cared of Rih and how rih has overtaken her all over the world, she ran to pepsi. Now, whites are pissed and angry over the deal. They are not even talking about the new music on SB. It is all about this deal, which is gonna overshadow her last attempt of a comeback.

    whites are all on the white blogs saying they are running to Coke because of Beyonce. I do not expect whites to buy her music anymore. The sad fact is, she is gonna put her new single in a pepsi ad. Way to p*** whites off even more Beyonce.

    Oh well…..that Rihanna reign makes b****** desperate.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

      Thank god Rihanna is not doing anything to p*** whites off, while there is a recession.

      • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


        U N P U R C H A S E D!!!!!!

        U N P U R C H A S E D!!!!!!

        U N P U R C H A S E D!!!!!!

    • You said wah? December 20, 2012

      Oh you are hear with your same tired ass reads!

      • You said wah? December 20, 2012


  61. wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

    It is already hurting Beyince. All we are talking about id this deal and how bad it is and etc. On one is talking about the single or new music. Rih music is always sopken about. nOW, BEYONCE IS BEING ATTACKED for everything But the music. I keep saying…..where is teh buzz about the Music? All i AM HEARING IS pepsi, obesity, money, recession; she does not deserve it; she is not beautiful or in her prime to get a deal like this over more current ( white ) stars

    No one is talking about the single. Where is the single on radio? When is gonna drop? Is it even gonna drop? It is sad that beyone legacy is now about pepsi.

    • Dionne December 20, 2012

      You have to wait and see in answer to all you questions. Beyonce is lying very low when it comes to her music so she can suddenly hit everyone with a bang around superbowl time, its obvious.

  62. wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

    Pepsi wanna use beyonce image to sell their brand? Ok they wanna sell to blacks,. There is no way beyonce image can be used to sell to whites. Tiger woods is the only black star that can sell to whites.

    • Dionne December 20, 2012

      Give it a rest with whole race card. You have no idea how ignorant you sound.

    • Gilberto December 20, 2012

      @wrinkle flop ora

      B****, instead of getting pressed by the King. First, why don’t you go out and support UnaFLOPlogic? This s*** is already out of the top 10 after 2 weeks and I bet it’s going to be out of the top 20 next week. It shows that the white people that you speak of aren’t support R****** because of her w**** image. LOL. Second, why are you so obsessed with skin color, b****? Everything you say is that white people doesn’t support this or that. Shut up, b****. You can’t say that.
      Why are you worried about Beyoncé’s era which will only start next year while your fave is flopping in front of your eyes? LOL. You should wait the era start before throwing shade, but you can’t. You know that she’s coming with full

      • wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

        But how much has unapologetic and diamonds sold WW? Exactly………shut the f*** up. Beyonce will not even outsell TTT ear let alone the Diamond era. Beyonce will flop like pepsi and their wack ass soda

      • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012

        IT HASN’T SOLD S***. IT FLOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Kate Middleton December 20, 2012

    Dave chapelle(sp?) turned down 50 Million.

    • Dionne December 20, 2012

      Would you?

  64. wrinkle flop ora December 20, 2012

    Where is the buzz for the new single? Diamonds had such a buzz that they had to release it earlier and everyone was begging Elvis duran to leak the track. With Beyonce, they are talking about, everything BUT the single. Apart from her stans… one seems to be anticipating the new single.

    That shows her career is over. Pepsi this, pepsi that, 50 millon this 50 million that. Everything BUT THE SINGLE.

    The SB is next month. No single! No buzz. RIP to beyonce career, as Rita Ora said.

    • Dionne December 20, 2012

      Because she hasnt given anything away so nobody knows what to expect. Rihanna was doing interviews and giving insight to what her album would entail.

    • RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012

      D I A M O N D S F L O P P E D!!!!!!

      U N P U R C H A S E D F L O P P E D!!!!!!

    • Acem December 20, 2012

      Unapologetic is almost out of the US top 20 after only a month. You need to worry about THAT, instead of what Beyonce is doing.

  65. Kate Middleton December 20, 2012

    wasn’t this fat cow doing a fitness foundation? with Michelle Obama? and she was dancing around with children. i know about moderation yada yada, but look at her pushing that cart full of Pepsi.

    they had to slim her down and make her look appealing, cause nobody wants her in her natural state and we know why, because she herself is a fatty.

    beYAWNce will jump on any bandwagon to stay relevant.

    • Dionne December 20, 2012

      Its not really a bandwagon not everyone can scoop up a deal with pepsi!

    • You said wah? December 20, 2012

      Beyonce body is deserired by women b**** google the survey. Slays Kate ‘toothpaste tube’ Middletons body anyday.

    • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

      you just mad cause rih will never get a deal like this ….Beyonce got her 1st deal with pepsi 6yrs in the game ….C*** since when did Beyonce become fat ?

      You need to worry about Rihanna around here looking like a coke w**** ..

  66. RIHANNA SUCKS! December 20, 2012


  67. Keepingitreal December 20, 2012

    I think what a lot of y’all are forgetting is that she did that whole eat healthy campaign with Michelle Obama, someone who she still associates with and happens to be the First Lady. Then she is now doing a deal with Pepsi and we all know pop is major part of obesity. It’s just a big contradiction it make her look money hungry and like she doesn’t stand for anything. When I first heard about her Pepsi deal I thought good for her but wasn’t she promoting healthy eating. I think the best way for her to get ppl off her back is
    when she does her commercial she should say something like “Pepsi is my favorite drink, but I only drink one a day because remember you can still drink your favorite drinks just in moderation” I know that’s corny but that’s just and example.

    • You said wah? December 20, 2012

      I do get where people are coming from but at the end of the day Beyonce doesn’t have to stand for anything, shes a southern girl I know she drinks soda and s***, the girl likes her food it would be worse if she pretended to be this consistant healthy eater. She helped Michelle out, the kids love dancing to a bit of Bey and it worked for both her and Michelles advantage. More to the point Beyonce is brand and a business herself these types of deals are what artists strive for and don’t get offered to you everyday, and yeah I agree with your last point though I doubt Pepsi would allow that lol.

    • lola December 20, 2012

      It’s in no way, shape, or form a contradictory because Pepsi isn’t bad for you unless you are irresponsible with it! Even many skinny and fit people eat and consume things that could be unhealthy or are unhealthy. Michelle’s/Beyonce’s “Let’s Move” campaign was about MOVING/EXERCISING! I know plenty of people who love to eat fast food and are in shape because they run every day, eat healthy foods too, and exercise.

  68. Fierce P**** December 20, 2012

    As i do agree that Pepsi And soft drinks are contributing factors to diabetes and obesity, I agree with others saying moderation is the key. Beyonce never said you can’t eat what u like because we all like to indulge in
    Our favorite foods sometimes: Ice cream, pizza, cookies, cake, etc but I think if u overeat and don’t exercise then u will be a fatty. Beyonce promoted exercise with the let’s move campaign. Not a diet plan. She’s not Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart telling these people what to eat. That’s up to you. What she did encourage to children was a healthier way of eating that the average person should follow on the food guide pyramid. Soda is at the very top so that means have soda in moderation dummies. Adults should know this. Duh. Either way she’s still getting her money and she’s not a fool to pass that up. No one would. This is how it’s been for a long time. Endorsements are the real ways celebrities keep their money rolling.

  69. mc the place to be! December 20, 2012

    I’m sorry but this Pepsi deal makes Beyonce look like a product did they even pay mJ that much 4 his? And when his head got burned he donated half of the money to the hospital that treated him I can see what everyone is saying she does the lets move campaign and now does a big ass Pepsi deal just be real she’s an opportunist. She don’t give a f*** as long as she gets more money #pathetic

    • You said wah? December 20, 2012

      They paid Janet more though.

  70. Kate Middleton December 20, 2012

    i am going to repost something I’ve posted in Rihanna post. and some more which i will add on.

    the dislike for beYAWNce started small, when she stole people’s ideas, dances, songs and whole lot of other things. she never acknowledged the people only when she was confronted would she then resort to “i was inspired ” she never says that before but only after.

    her album un4tunate was flopping so she needed a new gimmick and sympathy sales, so she faked her pregnancy. it backfired and there were too many bloopers with this pregnancy. then came the hospital fiasco, these two things(faking &hospital ) will forever be attached to her.nothing will save her from this not even her self made damage control documentary, if anything it will reveal her true nature; a self-centered narcissistic faker.

    she thinks she can buy people’s sympathy just because now she is coming back with an Album and other things.

    why did it take her this long if she wants to prove she is preggers? is it because she has things to promote now? and why the secrecy with the baby when they first openly posted the pictures? i believe the first released pics were Photoshopped. beyawnce is ashamed of her baby.

    expect the documentary to be manipulated because she herself made it and will edit it to her liking you know she has to potray that “perfect image” she will most definitely play for the cameras.

    do NOT expect to see the unexpected, only the typical, boring and predictable.

    this Pepsi deal put the nail to the coffin.

    looks like she will be kicking off her so-called 2013 “comeback” with the wrong foot.

    2013 The death of beYAWNce career and relevance and the long road down to Vegas.

    • RichandBlack11 December 20, 2012

      you are so MAD and pressed ,,,,I like how Beyonce the King gets you so upset …..when will Rihanna get a deal like this,….NEVER….half breed why you so mad hun ….take a deep breath and exhale hun That Beyonce empire just want let up.

      go jump into traffic on the 405 , 10 etc YOU ARE MAD AND I LOVE IT ….


    • You said wah? December 20, 2012

      And dont nobody care for your mad pressed opinion bew. 😉

    • Gemma December 20, 2012

      *Reads first sentece* YAWN oh welll life goes on nobodys begging you to like her!

    • Acem December 20, 2012

      I stopped reading after your first sentence, voted your comment down and moved on. How silly do you feel wasting your time typing all that nonsense, just so someone can NOT bother to read it? LOL

    • KING B December 20, 2012


    • kythaman2u December 21, 2012

      Wow. Just, wow…

      Your post is an example of what a bored, isolated, emotionally starved and severely bitter person with Internet access does to entertain themselves and soothe the tender chip on their shoulder. How lacking must your life be to harbor this much silly angry and angst, and to be this pressed, over a celebrity who has not only done nothing to you personally…but is totally oblivious to your existence on this earth, and isn’t at all personally or professionally affected by the hours you probably spend online maligning them in the comment section of one of the millions of blogs that exist on the web? Honestly, what do you even get out of it? What does it accomplish? It isn’t as though when you click on ‘submit comment’ on one of your incendiary remarks that Beyonce receives negative shock waves to her temples, and I doubt that your words have ever been able to convert a single fans into becoming a hater. So what was it all for? All you did was waste your own time that you’ll never get back trying to vent pent up and deranged malice, but in the end you’re still constipated. My guess is that you’ve been on your anti-Beyonce kick, and have probably been slandering her online, for years. Right? If you were able to “hate” her away, wouldn’t she be gone by now? Hmmm. Again, your time wasted. Congratulations.

      Sam should charge people like you a fee to have access to the comments section. I get the feeling you’d actually save your quarters for it too. I’m thinking that it’s most likely your only activity and means of social interaction. While the rest of the world is basking in the holiday season, enjoying the comfort of their friends and loved ones, you’re on here writing (and reposting) bitter, frustrated, grammatically poor, and ultimately FUTILE essays about a pop singer, hoping to get a rise out of people, so that their reaction hopefully fills some of those potholes in your soul that longs for the attention that you don’t otherwise get anywhere else.


  71. You said wah? December 20, 2012

    People acting like this $50 mill is going in her pocket so she can spoil Blue Ivy! It goes towards funding for any creative projects she wants develop over the next two years. Shes only gonna get a small percentage of that actual money for personal use. Bey you are smart business woman you keep doing you and keeping them haters pressed mama 😉

  72. lola December 20, 2012

    This is really, really stupid. WTF has our world come to? This so called issue is so trivial and there are more important things in the world to worry about. Stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney, Pink, Enrique Iglesias and David Beckham have done Pepsi! Where the hell were all these groups/critics then???? It’s not up to Beyonce to monitor how much Pepsi her fans or people in general consume. Pepsi isn’t “bad” for you unless you drink it several times a day every day. Matter of fact, it’s the same with fast good. No one is forcing this food down our throats. It’s not like America made it so that we are only allowed to buy fast food, soda, and alcohol. These things are marketed, but again…. it’s up to a person if he/she wants to ONLY consume these things and not be cautious of how many calories he/she is consuming. Salads can have as many calories as a cheeseburger and fries if a person adds lots of dressing, cheese, and other items. Come the hell on… they’re acting like she’s promoting cigarettes or even drugs. Even if people aren’t a fan of Beyonce, it’s common sense that this issue is irrational.

  73. Peter G December 20, 2012

    The woman who wrote this article really is pathetic! The way she brought up Beyoncé’s race and how it would influence black people is damn right stupid. If she can’t write an article without being subjective and ignorant I suggest she quits. The other points are fair but really, she just needed to fill up her article because she has nothing else to say. Can’t even be arsed to shade Rihanna today because of this dumb b****!

  74. st2509 December 20, 2012

    Whatever, it’s not that serious. She must not understand business cuz this whole articule is more than ridiculous. Beyonce is smart and paid so whatever…..It’s business. That’s the great thing about America, you can chooose to drink a pepsi or not and if Beyonce persuades you to drink one, then so be it.

  75. quetta December 20, 2012

    Wow, sam this post like a week old.

  76. tyletrois December 20, 2012

    promoting pepsi is not promoting obesity. it’s promoting pepsi… beyonce is not responsible for those idiots who drank despite the fact that they need not. i drink soda and am perfectly healthy.

  77. neutral December 21, 2012

    Why is the race card always brought up? Nooke is upset cause woman is raking in all this money, calm down!! Now lets call a spade a spad… Shes.doing this because its 50fucking million and she can do things without having pepsi’s name in it and still get paid by pepsi

  78. CzarM December 21, 2012

    Meh. This is all beyond transparent. Beyonce is one of many, many, many celebrities who have–and do–endorse Pepsi, and i don’t remember anyone questioning any of their motives (or attaching phony moral indignation to them) for it. So basically I’m calling null and void on this whole discussion. Beyonce isn’t shoving Pepsi down anyone’s throats and it isn’t her responsibility to play anyone’s nutritionist. People either want to drink it, or they don’t. If they choose to, how much they consume (and are subsequently affected by it) is totally up to them. Not her.

    In other words: shut the f*** up and find something else to talk about.

  79. JER December 21, 2012

    No shade because BeYAWNce get your motherfucking money….. but let’s keep it real. Bey…. grrrl when was the last time it was about the music? Huh? It seems like it’s been all about BEYONCE the celebrity, not Beyonce the singer/”songwriter.” Can we tone down the endorsements, products, celebrity, and persona and just keep it strictly about the music? I honestly don’t think she can anymore. I need an album full of “End of Time”s and “Miss Yous”s

    • Gina December 21, 2012

      Bicth shes keepin everyone guessin. DW the time will come!

  80. Pop Royalty December 21, 2012

    Guys , you do know there’s something called pepsi-diet ?!!

    it is 0 calories and you can use if you want to keep your diet on point , one can a week is good enough ….


  81. RoyalKev December 21, 2012

    I swear certain individuals have it 10 times harder than most celebs that promote way more destructive things than Pepsi. So now that Beyonce nabs a huge deal to envy, she comes under fire for not being sensitive to every issue our country faces (obesity, the state of African American health, over sexualized campaigning, regulation of “Big foods”). This is all bs! The U.S. pratically made fast food chains (MCDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King) a big part of our culture for decades. They want to scrutinize her image (which is more flirty than sexual) and give us this hypocritical rant about her provocative dress code, but it’s fine to use that kind of marketing for the new “James Bond” movies or in “Calvine Klein” ad’s. Those images are often way more graphic and inappropriate.

    There’s such a double standard on so many levels. We’ve loss 20 kids in Connecticut last week by a craze gunman, but gun voilence is in our everyday programming on television and in film. Children have access to this regularly. These aren’t the concerns of most critics, instead they’re focusing their energies on singling out a pop star that won’t take on the active role our government is suppose to. They also are nervy enough to imply that she’s disappointing her African American community. When she runs for office I’ll analyze her in that fashion. Until then these critics need this > ________l (for their delusion).

  82. mobwife: ummmm….really? December 21, 2012

    Ummm, where to begin with this tomfoolery?

    There ae many contributing factors that lead to weight gain STRESS & ANXIETY from a number of sources (the constant scurge of racism, self-hatred, life changes i.e. loss of love ones, job etc). Some folks intake too much food and refuse to properly emininate and MOVE THEIR BODIES as they should so, we cannot simply blame GREEDY CORPORATIONS. They have and will continue to market their products to men, women & children regardless of what harm it causes.

    Beyonce is being used as a scapegoat in the same way Ke$ha and her single “Dying Young” has been in recent days. I see nothing wrong with endorsing a product that you feel strongly about. Some endorse that “BLIGHT ON HUMANITY” known as PETA and I see no protest about that! 0_o Hell, former Gov Sarah Palin, recent murder victim and the primary cause of the MASS MURDERS at Shady Brook Elementary, Nancy Lanza (taught her so, Adam how to use high-powered assault weapons and had them readily available for his use), actor Clint Eastwood, director, Quintion Tarontino and others in Hollyweird are open supporters of the wanton use of guns and always have been! However, no one’s been complaining about them! ……With that said, STFU and stop using celebrities as scapegoats becuase they are easy targets!

  83. December 21, 2012

    if u cant take the heat..get out of the kitchen..its sad that some foks will do anything for money…she was skaking it for dictators sons..selling posion to people with gaga and now this pepsi mess.. shes is a gloryhog and she doesnt care how shes gets paid.. her dead prezs is all shes focused on..she would sell the mark of the beast if they ask her to..just watch

    • RichandBlack11 December 21, 2012

      your just like your name…..LATE.COM

      • December 27, 2012

        and ur just late

  84. ZdMann January 2, 2013

    you kids need to check your science. One diet drink a day increases your risk of obesity and diabetes. You will be pummeled through every mobil portal to eat the crap pepsi serves. Pepsi is going after non-whites and immigrants that eat your toxins just to fit in. THEY WANT YOUR ADRENAL GLANDS AND GLUTAMATE RESPONSE UNDER THEIR CONTROL. You are already zombified. They want you cradle to grave and Beyonce is their puppet.

  85. ZdMann January 2, 2013

    btw…I am not late… you dumbasses just popped up in my google alert today… Google Alert – pepsi :: this site is not that big a deal.

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