Exclusive: Iggy Azalea Readies Rita Ora Collaboration, New Album For 2013

Published: Friday 21st Dec 2012 by Sam

That Grape Juice was on hand at VH1 Divas 2012, chatting it up with many of the night’s stage blazers. Grand Hustle star and T.I. protégé Iggy Azalea was one of the names we caught up with.

Having whipped up quite the frenzy  this year with ‘Murda Bizness’, the Australian-bred femcee is looking to crank it up a notch next year.

Watch above as she dishes on the Electronic direction of her debut album, touring and recording with Rita Ora, and more.

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  1. DIOB December 21, 2012

    I really do love her. I cant wait for her album Trapgold was FIRE!!!

  2. Navy Queen December 21, 2012

    2 flops in one song floppppppp!!!

    • DIOB December 21, 2012

      flop????? she hasnt released music for people to buy. you people love to throw the word flop around.

    • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

      How is Iggy a flop?

  3. JoJo December 21, 2012

    I can not wait for this

  4. YES December 21, 2012

    Iggy Azaelia and Rita Ora – so funny how a few years ago these names would have meant nothing but now they are in the mainstream consiousness.

    Great collab idea! props to whoever came up with it and made it happen!!

    Excited about iggys new album – electronic is predictable but still heavenly! cant wait!

  5. Queen Minaj December 21, 2012


  6. Diamonds (Beyonce’s Weave) December 21, 2012


    Anyway whoever this Iggy person is should hide her man if she wants to work with Rita Whora (West London w****). Rita Whora will probably f*** the studio engineers, the producers, song-writers and even the door man at that studio session. She is a w****, a s*** who will open her nasty legs to anyone willing to give her a handshake.

    And dead at Iggy person for opening for Rita Whora on her Radioactive theatre (maybe club) tour, how can you open for someone who’s tour venue will be at most like 1,000 seats LMAO. Perhaps Iggy person would like to join Rita Whora at her Roc Nation gang bang sessions, maybe that’s the reason for the collab.

    Whatever the case, collaborating with Rita Whora is the lowest you can go in your career, ask Connor Maynard.

    • wrinkle flop ora December 21, 2012

      Did you read US weekly? They said Rita Whora f***** Jonah Hill – yes! that fat actor, and he was bragging all over LA. Rob found out and Rita confessed. This made him lash out on twitter.

      Jonah Hill?

    • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

      You need help

  7. DONNA KAREN December 21, 2012


  8. Viciousss December 21, 2012

    No feelings on the Rita Ora story but I’m pumped for that new album. Iggy’s impressed me since her mixtape days.

  9. bibi93 December 21, 2012

    I love Iggy!!

  10. the real xoxo December 21, 2012

    I dont mind her. I dont see her becoming the next big rap chick, right now i can only see Azealia Banks and even Angel Haze doing that.

    • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

      I like Angel Haze but she has no mainstream appeal.

  11. Monstarebel December 21, 2012

    She’s a decent rapper looking forward to hearing the album

  12. Nay nay December 21, 2012


  13. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 21, 2012


    Best of 2012: TGJ Commentators Awards will be today, December 21, 2012 at 9:30 P.M. EST be here to witness who TGJ commentators have crowned! Nominees are expected to be here. 😀

    A lot of meltdowns will happen…….its guaranteed….and I am pressed about a couple of the winners in some categories lol…..

  14. mobwife: ummmm….really? December 21, 2012

    Speaking of a FLOP B*TCH! Iggy Azalea is just that! Girl nobody gives a rats ass if you go on tour with Rita Ora. What eactly are you going to perform T.I.’s greatest hits? Oh yeah and f**k T.I. too! I heard you, 1926-2856-K9955 you big mouth rat! And to think, I use to defend you tooth and nail!

    • mobwife: ummmm….really? December 21, 2012


    • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

      B**** are you dumb? She has 2 mix tapes and an EP plus a hit song in the U.K. She has plenty of material to work with. And you clearly care enough to comment

  15. DIOB December 21, 2012

    maybe its just me but im pretty sure someone can be considered a flop without releasing buyable music. She has only put out mixtapes which did well. Everyone is so quick to call someone a flop. it is possibly the most over used word in music.

    • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012


  16. ladylady December 21, 2012

    Bring it Iggy…. LOVE her!

  17. Touché December 21, 2012

    Damn. That collaboration with Rita Ora is a little too iffy for me because Rita isn’t exactly a big star right now but I hope it works out for Iggy. We really need more female rappers in the industry. I can’t wait for her and Azelia banks to make it big.

  18. Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

    Im excited for The New Classic! A Rita Ora collab will be great exposure for Iggy, especially when Rita is big in the U.K

    • JoJo December 21, 2012

      Hopefully she puts the Trey Songz & Cee-lee Collab on there too

      • Iconic Iggy December 21, 2012

        She just said on Twitter that the Cee-Lo collabo isn’t being used :/ I asked her about the Trey Songz collab awhile back and she said it was gonna happen. Hope it does

  19. lola December 22, 2012

    You guys are retarded! Iggy is so f****** fake! B**** talking all proper withher natural accent in the interview, but then wants to try to act all hood and hard in her songs and music videos. WTF????? She’s a damn phony and all she rhymes about is money, b******, hos, and drugs.

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