The Best You Never Heard: Janet Jackson, Jazmine Sullivan, Ciara, Rita Ora & Craig David

Published: Tuesday 4th Dec 2012 by Sam

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The Best You Never Heard is back! After a lengthy rest on the bench, each week will once again see That Grape Juice spotlight an array of little known gems. Featuring picks from the TGJ editorial team, we want to know…who chose the best song! Let us know below…


Janet Jackson – ‘Discipline’


The absence of Janet Jackson‘s creative partners in crime Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, saw many fire bullets at the star’s 10th studio album. However, it’d be criminal to take aim at the undeniable home run: the title track, ‘Discipline’.
Crafted by Shea Taylor and Jackson fanatic Ne-Yo, the super-sexed-up slow-jam is an ode to BDSM. J’s vocal delivery gives the impression that she is in an enjoyably painful predicament from which she has no intention nor desire of getting out of. From the moaning to the trademark harmonies – which in this particular song are as eerie as ever- the X-rated number is by all means a classic Janet “baby-making song”.
Damita Jo’s suggestive live interpretation of the track is another example that one shouldn’t be fooled by the “Good Times” smiles and shy attitude the singer/actress displays during promotional interviews.
Hopefully, in the very near future, Pop Royal Janet will bless us with a new record filled with Disciplines, Feedbacks, and other gems akin to those that have slipped under the radar in recent years {JOE}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”Jl9C7Ni5W28″]


PJ Morton & Jazmine Sullivan – Built For Love


Despite sending shockwaves through the industry post announcing her “retirement”,  soulstress Jazmine Sullivan still found her name etched as a feature on some unfortunately overlooked gems.  PJ Morton‘s debut single ‘Built For Love’ was certainly one of those gems.  A throwback to a time when real music dominated charts, the ‘Lions Tigers & Bears’ beauty unleashed her melismatic roar over the Morton tune about love on the rocks.

Morton, son of famed gospel singer Bishop Paul Morton, tickles the ivories while the two soar over the 70s-inspired duet.  The song was released shortly before it was announced that the crooner had signed with Young Money entertainment

Press play and fall in love {RASHAD}

LISTEN:  [audiotube id=”MoRmera0aUM”]


Ciara – Shut Em Up


It’s common-knowledge that Ciara’s last studio outing ‘Basic Instinct’ was pretty much a disaster – so much so that she told us she wished it didn’t come out.

However, the project’s poor handling doesn’t mean it didn’t birth some of her best material yet. Case, point ‘Shut Em Up’.

Ironically not featured on the 2010 album’s final tracklist, the cut was one of the many songs leaked and left on the cutting room floor. “Why” is beyond us, as the track was banging!

Produced by Infinity and penned by Soundz, ‘Shut Em Up’ served as an emphatic bite back at all of her critics – doing so over a bouncy beat that thankfully sounded more club-geared, than Pop-star political.

More than anything, the track excels in that anyone can apply the lyrics to their own reality.  Too often, those that “can’t” vent by slamming those that “can”. This song tastefully tells them what they can do. {SAM}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”u3F2cvzb1Bg”]

Craig David & Rita Ora – Awkward


Before signing onto serve as Roc Nation’s leading newbie, Rita Ora‘s claim to fame came courtesy of ‘What’s Your Flava’ maestro Craig David.

However, while 2008’s ‘Where’s Your Love’ stands as their most recognizable outing, it’s their 2007 duet that ‘Awkward’ that will undoubtedly surprise any unfamiliar with it. Surprising somewhat is that this is Ora’s voice at just 17 years old, boasting a conviction that some of her older contemporaries are still yet to master. Enjoy below {DAVID}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”CwX2Ieuk5no”]

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  1. Jamie December 4, 2012


  2. CHA$E December 4, 2012

    Ciara’s “Shut Em Up” would’ve been a HIT if on the album and released as a single. F*** Jive rec.

    • IDK December 4, 2012

      yea, they screwed my poor baby.

    • Haw December 4, 2012

      I also love “Get It Girl” & “Pretty Girl Swag” & “If Only”
      “Swim” and other song which unreleased.

  3. Sleazy December 4, 2012

    Shut em up!!! Slayed especially this part “Oooh the stuff you saying can you speak any louder the more they hate the more the giving me power” yessss cici I I I shut em up

  4. stoney-brie December 4, 2012

    Miss Jackson!!!!!

  5. Christina Aguilera December 4, 2012

    PJ & Jazmine. True vocal talent! *takes notes*

    • JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN December 4, 2012


  6. WorldSide December 4, 2012

    Shut emm up,loved that track

  7. White girl mob December 4, 2012

    Ya stupid ass n***** never post on kreayshawn she is the hardest working female in the music industry and ya rather post Rihanna & beyonce.

    Ya are a bunch of hating ass n***** ya be hating on kreayshawn money, career, hits, cars, b**** ass n***** just hating

  8. RITANATION December 4, 2012

    Rita takes the cake she is better than all them. 2013 IS HER YEAR!

    I wonder what pop royalty is doing probably somewhere trying to find cheap soap at her local drug store to wash that nasty STD P**** of hers ewww… That b**** better buy 5 things of soap cause they p**** be smelling like rotten eggs & fish mix with beyonce weave WOOOOOOOOO!

    • MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 4, 2012


    • JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN December 4, 2012

      That was said about 2012 too…

  9. sierra December 4, 2012

    Pj, Jazmine and Ciara of course ! 🙂

  10. dee December 4, 2012

    Janet shut it down!

  11. pat December 4, 2012

    the DISCIPLINE album was cool…i think CURTAINS is a much more slept on track tho…so hottttt

    • IDK December 4, 2012

      Riiight!!!!!! I liked that song a lot.

  12. MUSICMAKESMEHIGH!! December 4, 2012


  13. JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN December 4, 2012

    Do I have to say who’s my favorite?

    • sierra December 4, 2012

      lol no you dont cause i love her too! :-). them vocals are out of this world !!!

      • VAMP ORA CULLEN December 4, 2012


  14. VAMP ORA CULLEN December 4, 2012

    I like my music, sorry b******!

    WHERE’S MY DAMN 50 F*****’ MEN????!!!

    • Bey/ navy December 4, 2012


  15. Dev December 4, 2012

    Nah, The Craig David track sounded like they wanted Joss Stone and ended up with Rita as its clear that she’s emulating a voice.
    Then 5 years later Rita has a mediocre pop voice, is duetting with Connor Maynard and is wrapped in scandal

  16. mr.m December 4, 2012

    Craig David 2000-2004 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Now? gurrrrrrrr bye .. you betta get back to your roots …

  17. Jamil December 4, 2012

    Jazmine hands down first time hearing this song have me slow dancing right now.

  18. NFG (no f**** given) December 4, 2012

    Jazmine Sullivan has a lot of unknown tracks since not a lot know her as an artist and musician. Her best tracks people don’t know are “My career” and “in vain” TGJ shoulda chose one I those. And I like shut em up by Ciara. Also Ciara’s underrated songs on basic instinct are “heavy rotation” and “yeah I know”.

    • credits December 4, 2012

      Yeah, Jazmine has sooooo many unreleased songs, even some that are demos for monica. ‘In vain’ is outstanding, ‘catalog girl’ ‘another broken heart,’ the list goes on

      • Haw December 4, 2012

        I love “Yeah I Know”!!
        I f****** hope they can shoot the video for that song !!!

      • NFG (No f**** given) December 4, 2012

        I also heard “Cyberlove” an unreleased track by JS but I think youtube deleted it since I can’t find it. And I don’t think they will shoot the video for “Yeah I know” since that song was on Ciara’s lowest selling album and a song from 2 years ago but I wish she would have made that a single. I’m glad TGJ team posted Ciara’s “sophomore”. That song is hot.

  19. Im Legit December 4, 2012

    Ciara’s Shut Em Up have you twerking from the beginning to the end lol

  20. zzzzzb December 4, 2012

    Grape what the heck is this? your flop list

    • Mark December 4, 2012

      B**** you better minus one, Janet is an icon. You fave will NEVER have a career like hers.

  21. December 4, 2012

    Janet is not a flop tho bum! She can buy you and ya section 8 family ugly

  22. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) December 4, 2012

    Jazmine Sullivan I love her >>>>

  23. bibi93 December 4, 2012


  24. RoyalKev December 4, 2012

    Love Janet more than anyone up there! … but my favorite song out of the 4 is Ciara’s Shut Em Down! That song is definitely fire!

    Btw, there were some great tracks to choose from off Discipline (Luv, So Much Betta, Curtains).

  25. IDK December 4, 2012

    Its crazy how a lot of these Big record labels are. Artist that was once on top can bare crack a hit. Sometimes it make makes me wonder a lot of s***, like they’re in cahoots or something and set these artist up to fail. I know it sounds crazy and also seeing that its their money that they’re investing but still its a lot to think about.

  26. Rob December 4, 2012

    Sam needs to post how Rob Kardashian rinsed Rita Whora like a bottle of summer’s eve d***** with her skanky flop ass.

  27. toohotfortv December 4, 2012

    Its funny (or, perhaps, shoddy journalism) that in the write up abou the Jasmine Sullivan/ PJ Morton track the last bit is all about how Morton signed to CashMoney… But there’s no mention of him officially joining Maroon 5. Umm hello?

  28. VeeZySoCi. December 4, 2012

    “Shut Em Up” “If Only” “Pretty Girl Swag” “Flaws and All” >>> Ci actually came hard, she just so slept on and over looked. I love her determination. I know she’ll be as big as she wants to be because she refuses to give in..

  29. Teacher December 4, 2012

    Rihanna should’ve made ‘Shut em up’ a hit! Cuz she shut y’all haterz up errtyme!

  30. Teacher December 4, 2012

    Jazmine Sullivan tho>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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