Little Mix Announce New Single ‘How Ya Doin’…Featuring Missy Elliott

Published: Friday 22nd Mar 2013 by Sam

They may be a Little Mix, but they clearly have big ambitions.

Fresh from the success of recent single ‘Change Your Life’, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie have announced its follow-up ‘How Ya Doin?’.

Most notably, though, the X Factor UK winners also revealed that the single version of the song (which samples De La Soul’s ‘Ring Ring Ring’) will feature Hip-Hop icon Missy Elliott.

More below…

Speaking on the collaboration, Little Mix said in a statement:

We honestly can’t believe Missy is on our song! She’s been one of our biggest idols forever – it’s incredible. As soon as we thought there might be a chance she’d appear on the track we did literally everything we could to make sure it happened.”


The Missy feature is no doubt a major coup for the group, who are presently trying to “break” the US and other international markets. With their debut album ‘DNA’ set for global roll-out this year, help from a Hip-Hop icon who herself has worldwide  success can only boost their cause.

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  1. J March 22, 2013

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm so far the lyrics are MEH

  2. Navy Sailor March 22, 2013

    Song is wack….

    • cocobutta March 23, 2013

      Looks like the only thing wack here is your comment….


  3. The real xoxo March 22, 2013

    They are always riding off the coattails of someone else instead of making a name for themselves.
    That’s why their album hasnt even been certified UK Gold (100k)

    • Whatever March 22, 2013

      They have already sold 280k or so and that’s near enough sales to be certified Platinum.

      • the real xoxo March 22, 2013

        why hasnt it been certified then?? I call b*******.

  4. MyPenIzFresh March 22, 2013

    Nice! I really like these girls.. and I think a little more Urban edge would help them in the US. Especially because there is such an open market for female groups. I like this song, I think they have potential. Especially with some help from Missy. That’s a big move, and a smart one.

  5. NOBITCHASSNESS March 22, 2013

    Not the strongest track from their debut album but congrats to them for the feature.

  6. Aynon March 22, 2013

    Wow I love the song, really glad this kind of RandB pop is making a comeback, Justin is slaying, Rihanna is slaying, Alicia is doing well, Beyoncé is about to slay and clearly they’re having an influence on the new artists to experiment with r and b sounds.

  7. Errrrm…. March 22, 2013

    So wait?
    Have you guys forgotten about Jahiem’s -Ain’t leaving without you track already.
    I know they used the same sample from De La Soul but that’s all I can hear when I hear this track
    And the Jahiem track is waaaay better.

  8. Rashyb March 22, 2013

    Love this. Best song on the album. Deserves to do very well. Those who think its ‘wack’ don’t know good music.

  9. MISHKA March 22, 2013

    They went for one of DeLaSoul signature songs?

    Really, girls ? Then what happened to “22 22 222”? Way to kill a 90’s feel good song.

    Me no likey.

  10. Drew March 22, 2013

    The songs okay, but I’d wish they would release ‘Red Plant’ which features T-Boz (of TLC) instead.

  11. FLOP MISSY!!! March 22, 2013

    The Pussycat Dolls – Whatcha Think About That = FLOP
    Danity Kane – Bad Girl = FLOP

    Next Little Mix – How Ya Doin = FLOP


  12. Errrrrm… March 22, 2013

    If this is the best song on the album, they really are ‘wack’ and TRUST me, I know good music.

  13. cece March 22, 2013

    Missy your help isn’t needed you ruin ALLLLL the girl bands. GOING NOWWHERE is the next single yesss!!!! ya’ll need to listen to the album instead of throwing them under the bus. yall gave 1D a cchance and the suck balls. I don’t know why ppl don’t like ppl with talent maybe they should sell s** like the americans.

  14. Riqueen March 22, 2013

    They brang one of the greatiest aka missy on the song and it is still s*it LOL.

  15. cocobutta March 23, 2013

    Young and fun song for their age group.
    Another uptempo track is due from them after wings so think a good choice.

    Not my fav track from them but loving the Change Your Life song and it’s message.

  16. LittleSlay March 25, 2013

    This is actually my favourite LM song PLUS to have Missy on the track, woah, I can’t wait. Also Missy is Jesy’s idol so I’m really happy for her.

  17. Jess from little mix May 18, 2013

    u called i missed it im getting tired of listening that is soo me

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