Must See: Chris Brown Gets Grilled On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013 by Sam

Chris Brown continued his promotional push for new single ‘Fine China’ today, stopping by Power 105.1’s ‘Breakfast Club’.

As with most interviews on the hit show, the 23-year-old’s sit-down with Charlamagne and co is a must-see.

Leaving no stone unturned, the hilarious hosts quizzed Brown on his relationship with Rihanna, new music, Justin Bieber‘s “melt down”, Jay-ZDrake, Frank Ocean, and much more.

Echoing earlier sentiments, we are literally loving “new” Chris. He’s serving mature and media-savvy, addressing every question -no matter how risque – head-on. More power to him!

Your thoughts?

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  1. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 2, 2013

    DAMN. Charlamagne is a BEAST. Now I see why ‘White’ artits don’t get called in for interviews. Either that, or they’re scared to go – OH… And Justin Bieber doesn’t count. I don’t know what he is.

    LMFAO. 🙂

    Chris is such a chilled guy nonetheless. He seems really content with life at the moment and he is most certainly learning, and has learnt, how to court himself in public and throughout interviews – thus far. I LOVE IT. I hope he remains that way and continues to serve “UN-disposable” R&B/Pop music!!!

    • mobwife: like Fine China baby April 2, 2013

      Well said……

      Wait what did you say about Bieber?..LOL 🙂

  2. RICHANDBLACK11 April 2, 2013

    Yasss Chris, now leave them DRUGS alone.

    • Nika April 2, 2013

      Chris has been signed to a MAJOR modeling agency – the weight lost is due to that. Fitting DESIGNER clothes like the DESIGNER sees the garment.

    • Oh Yeah!!! April 3, 2013

      both he and rihanna need 2 leave the drugs!

  3. zania April 2, 2013

    CB ddid a whole lot of interviews this week and I have to admit this was the best and I am loving the confident CB and more open.He seems so mature now.

  4. X,Y,”and Z” April 2, 2013

    Here’s well-over a decade’s worth of Charlie Sheen’s misogyny, and the vulgarity of white privilege that allowed it to metastasize:


    The run-down:

    1.)1990 – Shot actress, then wife, Kelly Preston with a .22 inside their Malibu, Ca home.

    2.) 1994 – Attacked, and was later sued by UCLA student. Sheen struck her in the head after she refused him s**. He settled out of court. Later that year Sheen divorced, then wife, Donna Peele.

    3.) 1996 – Charlie Sheen arrested for beating GF Brittany Ashland. He knocked her out and threatened to kill her. She received seven stitches in her lip. In 1997 Sheen plead ‘no contest’ to battery charges and got two years probation and a $2,800 fine.

    4.) 2006 – Then wife, Denise Richards, files for divorce. In court documents, she stated Sheen threw a chair at her and threatened to kill her.

    5.) 2009 – Sheen arrested on Christmas day on charges of Felony Menacing and Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief for beating then-wife Brooke Mueller. Sheen held a knife to her throat, threatened to kill her IN FULL VIEW OF THEIR CHILDREN. In August 2010 Sheen plead guilty to 3’rd-degree domestic violence, but instead of jail, he returns to work and an out-patient rehab program in Malibu, Ca that focused on “behavior modification.”

    6.) 2010 – Sheen’s companion, Capri Anderson, hides from him, locking herself in a NYC Hotel bathroom; later stating Sheen put his hands around her neck and threatened to kill her.

    7.) 2011 – Sheen’s X-Wife, Brooke Mueller, files temporary restraining order against Sheen alleging several “specific, descriptive threats.”

    *Meh* And Mel Gibson’s pathology: ‘hate-of-everything female’ is text-book worthy. But, in keeping with all the aforementioned, the “Road Warrior” is safe as his ‘White Privilege’ is in good standing.

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • smh April 2, 2013

      A TRUE WACK JOB ……… XY and Z . Every blog You u write a dam story.

    • mobwife: like Fine China baby April 2, 2013


      Charlie Sheen is the very EPITOME of a WIFE BEATING, WOMAN HATING THUG yet the WHITE AMERICA media & dumb weak blacks like former crack smoker Oprah Windfrey, that man Wendell Williams & that newly outed lesbian Robin Roberts, simply adore him! Where are they continued protests against this SERIAL WIFE BEATER? I NEVER hear the media grill Charlie Sheen about his many years of abuse against women. No he simply continues to collect millions in revenues from 2 1/2 Men and is “forgiven” with a new TV sticom ANGER MANAGEMENT!

      **where are the protests, the stickers across his DVDs, the mainstream media & feminazi meltdowns about his MANY MANY MANY YEAERS of abuse against helpless, defenseless women? Oh wait they are too busy teling me about he one 4 year old alteration Chris and Rihanna had as kids……..okay whatever……

  5. moi meme April 2, 2013

    I thought X Y and Z had committed suicide after Chris and Rihanna got back together…lol too much to hope for

  6. WaitUrTurn88 April 2, 2013


  7. Royalkev April 2, 2013

    Chris is so real! I respect his honesty. He’s just really a good guy! I wish him the best because at the end of the day, he’s a great artists that deserve to have his art appreciated. I’m glad he’s getting his chance to thrive again. That’s so rare and it couldn’t have happen to a better guy in the industry!

  8. caster April 2, 2013

    I respect Breezy for going to TBC knowing CTG a beast! But he held his own, was honest and seemed to be having fun. It’s clear he loves Riri, I hope they make it and I see good things for ‘X’

    If Fine china is any indication of the quality, I expect ‘X’ to do as well as Fame or better. I haven’t seen a modern day artist do this much pre cd release promo in a minute for a r& b artist. Awareness is high and I’m loving Fine China

    • Oh Yeah!!! April 3, 2013

      i think he loves karuchee. I think Rih fought harder for him but he respects and loves Karruche for being there when rih cast hiom to the lions!

  9. IDK April 2, 2013

    #TeamBreezy! He letting em have it!

  10. X,Y,”and Z” April 2, 2013

    @MOI MEME – re: “I thought XYZ committed suicide after Rihanna and Chris got back together.”

    Make no mistake: I’m absolutely NOOO “fan” of Rihanna’s; you’d neither classify me as a fan of Chris’. I’m was never here for that. I only wanted to speak-up on a ‘wrong’: the well-orchestrated public lynching of, yet again, another black man by Oprah Winfrey and Gay, Jewish, Racist Harvey Levin.

    I’m for “Black Love”, that said, Karrueche (sp?) was the best thing that happened to Chris: No drama. No Hidden Agendas. Just Peace and Love. All the OTHER black women (rihanna, jasmine sanders, etc..) tried to tear him down – FACT!

    That “putting-her-bags-by-the-door” picture was F****** B*******! She didn’t deserve that! She’s a good girl!

    Now, I don’t know who, I can’t really tell on the blogs, but someone got chatty – called me a f*****.

    But you know, believe it or not, I’m VERY easy to access. Oh yes, I am! So, if someone wants to say s*** to me, ‘grow a pair’, step to me, and come say it IN MY FACE. I’ll even promise this: You beat me down, I will NOT go to the cops. You’ve seen my Dept. Of Justice/FBI file/name record – I’ve been stomped-out/shot/shot-at/stabbed before. I settled it MY WAY – NO POLICE..!!! So, go talk to your boys, get your courage up, and come see me. NO COPS. FACE-TO-FACE! We’ll settle it, and leave it, in the streets.

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • smh April 2, 2013

      xyz … u need help!!!!! Your ip needs to b blocked, from all gossip sites lol. Unitl u get some dam help

    • Nika April 2, 2013

      IS it really THAT serious. I suggest ~ A LIFE!!!

    • mobwife: like Fine China baby April 2, 2013


      Don’t feed into foolishness! I always enjoy your posts as you bring the facts to light! That Charlie Sheen post is priceless although they mess the Hollywood High incident of shoving a gil in a locker and closing it.

      As for Chris and Rih, I hope for the best and think they truly do care deeply for one another. As long as she keeps is DRAMA FREE, I think they will both be fine!

      **What are your thoughts on Fine China! I’m addicted and about to O D….LOL 🙂

  11. X,Y,”and Z” April 2, 2013

    @SMH re:”Your ip needs to b blocked, from all gossip sites lol. Unitl u get some dam help.”

    You’re deflecting. If YOU wanna call me a F*A*G*G*O*T, then find your balls and come see me. Ask them, THEY’LL TELL YOU HOW TO FIND ME!! Like I said: my DOJ pedigree speaks for itself, and there’s a whole lot more it won’t/can’t tell you; you can stomp me out I WON’T CALL POLICE. It’ll be just you and me – it’ll ALL be left in the streets.

    Listen, I don’t want this; neither do you. Don’t go around talking like that. Don’t do it. Bullets and Concussion devices do not care about mean faces. My epitaph has already been written.

    Oh, and re: “IP Blocked”..? News Flash: You can’t block someone’s IP: PROXY SERVER!

    Also: You do realize that a DOS: Denial Of Service Attack shuts down a site/server, right? If commercial sites get shut down, they ALL can. But I’m not THAT malicious, and I don’t need any MORE heat.

    Let’s just have debate, peace and love, yes?

    X,Y,”and Z” – Out..!!

    • Nika April 2, 2013

      I mean u kinda take it to an extreme. Especially dealing/talking about ppl u, me or the next person DO NOT know. Forms are for ALL opinions – not just urs. And when I say “take it to the extreme” why is ur FBI pros/cons even a factor??? What does that have to do with anything concerning the interview?

      …just saying.

      • X,Y,”and Z” April 2, 2013

        @Nika —

        I hear you. Thou, I’m not sure I understand. You covered much ground. That said, I’d like to reply. I’m moving really fast, and sorry if it’s long-winded, and for any grammar, punctual errors, K?

        What I’d said has nothing to do with “..people u, me, or the next person DO NOT know.” “People”: Rihanna, Chris Brown, and/or Karrueche Tran(sp?), yes? I’m unsure how any of what I said was “took to extremes”?

        I’d never threatened any of the aforementioned. Why should I? That’s contrary to what I think. More to the point: it’s stupid!

        1.)I’ve always respect Chris. I mean, his music is kool and all that, but that doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is making a stand and not standing by and watching misandrist Oprah Winfrey and Racist, Jew, Gay Harvey Levin tear-down another black man. And I now respect Chris even more after hearing how he paid for Scooter Smiff’s college (GOD MOVE), and the way he explained what really went down with Big Pat (LOYALTY IS KING).
        2.)I don’t “dislike” Rihanna. Matter of a fact, at times, I feel sorry for her. Why? Well, she got used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Harvey Levin. Rihanna KNOWS in her heart she was responsible for the “Feb 8th/09” drama. And even if it’d went down the way Harvey Levin wanted us to believe, no one I know would’ve went/spoken to the police. THEY’D HAVE HAD AN “OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT”. If ya know what I mean?
        3.) And as far as Karrueche – If the world made you its pariah. And someone got with you, and suffered public scorn because of it, how are you going to have a picture posted of that person’s bags at the door. As if you’re putting her out like the weekly garbage. I don’t know ’bout you, but for me LOYALTY IS KING, AND THAT PICTURE WAS/IS B*******!!

        Look, let me put it to you the best way I can: If you wanted come for someone, wouldn’t you keep yourself quiet? Wouldn’t you want the element of surprise? If I wanted to do something, I would have. I wouldn’t talk ’bout it. I’d do it!!

        Yes, I agree: “Forums are for ALL opinions,” and not just mine. And as I’d already mentioned this fact in the comment you’re now referencing: I welcome debate. ALL debate.

        Let me give an example: Kidfury is a black gay blogger. He’s “Mr. All things Black Gay Entertainment.” He was/is a Obama supporter. With the upcoming SCOTUS ruling – hinting that they’ll strike down the “1965 voter rights” act, while giving their “blessings” to “same-s**” marriages – I demanded debate, or at the very least, KidFury’s thoughts on the matter. He chose to ignore me. So I caused a little ruckus. Nothing “disruptive”. I just had a little fun with him. He deserved it. If I’d wanted to get serious, I’d have crashed his Blog, and/or the server it’s hosted on. I didn’t. He TRIED to block/ban me. I quickly got past that. ANYONE can do that. It’s no big deal. Kid Fury is making the mistake most Black Gays are: Gay BEFORE Blackness, and not Black BEFORE Gay!

        In closing:

        My “FBI pros/cons” has ZERO to do with that interview. I’m not sure how a line can be drawn connecting the two. You kinda lost me on that. I tried to explain, in the above paragraphs, the “hows and whys”. Sorry if it’s long-winded. I type fast, rarely proofread, and even as I’m now writing this comment, I’m multitasking: watching Bloomberg terminal, CNBC and TGJ.

        X,Y, “and Z” – Out..!!

  12. smh April 2, 2013

    Wow… Drugs are bad !!!!

  13. X,Y,”and Z” April 2, 2013

    @smh re: April 2, 2013 at 11:44 am –

    “A TRUE WACK JOB ……… XY and Z . Every blog You u write a dam story.”

    And on EVERY single Blog, YOU’RE there: hating-on, but yet reading, analyzing, carefully copying and pasting ALL OF MY COMMENTS.

    Oh, did you think I didn’t know ’bout that?!

    I do! You copy and past MY comments. Some may consider know..kinda creepy. Not me. I’m kinda flattered.

    Oh, btw, you’re: I AM a “true wack job.”

    If YOU only knew. You should be terrified of me. I’m the reason they make serial killer movies – it’s true! I am! You know, funny thing though, I’m a great friend, but a nightmare as an enemy – my epitaph has been written, I KNOW how it’ll all end. I now have nothing to lose.

    X,Y,”and Z” – Out..!!

  14. Peachy April 2, 2013

    Where is Kelly Rowland and Ciara’s promo? NO ONES talking about their projects. 😆

  15. BeyhiveBitch April 2, 2013

    You know what?? Im really proud of Chris this Era!! He’s being really genuine, open and mature!!

  16. MC April 2, 2013

    Amazing interview, Chris. I love that he was honest and that he’s stepping his best foot forward. He is really wining me over at this post.

    Keep it up.

  17. mobwife: like Fine China baby April 2, 2013

    I must say I am quite pleased with his promos and the song/video he released. Keep smiling and holding your head up high. Don’t let them bring you down no matter what they try!

    Fine China on iTunes NOW….. 🙂

  18. Suicide Blonde April 2, 2013

    He’s kinda cute.



      • Suicide Blonde April 2, 2013

        Oh my!!!!!!!!!!

  19. RIQUEEN April 2, 2013

    I dont get why people still get mad at him about the s*** that happen in 09.Rihanna forgave him Jesus forgave him and most importantly god has forgiven him .He owes no apologize to nobody.Anyway i think Chis has grown so much and it really shows in this interview. So proud of him for acting like an adult even through all the b******* he constantly deals with .Much respect.

  20. antertain April 2, 2013

    Fun and hyped interview.
    Chris is on form this week and not hiding.

    His incident was once andit hasn’t happen be4 nor after so 2nd chance is cool.

    Live, learn and grow is the pattern of life.
    He still young and s*** will happen but glad he in a better head space

  21. Oh Yeah!!! April 3, 2013

    He clearly still loves and has more Respect for Karruche than he does for Rih!

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