Weigh In: Chris Brown’s Dad Slams His Relationship With Rihanna / Wishes He Dated Jordin Sparks

Published: Sunday 28th Apr 2013 by Rashad

The status of pop/R&B couple Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s relationship has been the chat of many-a-spectator since the 2009 incident that tore them apart.

While the two have sung each other’s praises and made many public appearances together in recent months, neither has definitively titled their relationship officially on or off.

Yes, some detract while others support, but one person they shouldn’t expect to cheerlead their reunion is Brown’s dad Clinton.  The elder Brown recently took to New York Daily News to slam his son’s decision to reunite with the Barbadian beauty citing a fear that the result would be tragic.  His damning quotes below:

Clinton Brown Via NY Daily News:

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” said Clinton Brown, 48.

“You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.  I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse— I mean I could go on and on! Is that a given — that you can’t have fortune and fame without (death) being the end result?”

On why he thinks Chris loves Rihanna:

“Sometimes you just need that person who will listen to you without judging, who knows what it feels like. If he talks to someone who’s not in the business they may not understand.”

On who he’d rather see Chris dating:
“I personally liked Jordin Sparks. She’s a wholesome young lady, very pretty.”
These lovebirds can’t catch a break it seems.  While Ri’s father seems to be a fan of Chris, Clinton isn’t exactly on the Navy commander’s love boat. 

Certainly not working to ease any fears, the quotes surface hours after Ri took to social media to upload controversial photos of herself drinking excessively.

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  1. Bow Down B****** April 28, 2013

    SEE! THIS LITTLE TRICK IS OUT OF CONTROL. Chris Brown deserves someone much better, like Jordin or Beyonce. Those girls can actually sing!

    Besides, Rihanna’s tired turnt to the side p**** probably gave him h*****…

    • BLUE NAPPY IVY!!! April 28, 2013


    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 28, 2013

      He needs a girl like Jordin Sparks and Beyonce?? Why? So he can beat them too. CB is also the problem not Rihanna. He drinks, smokes,fights and wants people to feel sorry for him.

      • Bow Down B****** April 28, 2013

        Hunty, CB has come a long way where as R**** has been going downhill since the start of her flop concert…

      • MuiMui April 29, 2013

        @Bow Down While you storm the thread and pull your
        ball headed bowing down a33 to rihanna’s life, what you say might be true, but you need to remember that there are many Men and women who are not squeaky clean and have gotten themselves together and become outstanding in the world.
        And besides that parent can not pick for their children and chris dad was not there for chris when he was younger chris had a step dad and besides that jordan is with jason, so his dad need to shut himself all the way up and let chris and rihanna work through this they might find out that they hate each other but pops need to let them do it on their own, they do not need his input and neither do they need your dirty b*** telling their life story its clear you are as desperate as ever to try and stop rihanna reign at the top of the charts. Chris dad can’t pick a female for chris and he can keep right on thin king out loud.

        If chris deserves some one like jordan or beyonce then who do jayz and jason deserve some one like you i suppose you are so miserable and it is leaking out all over rihanna and her business,
        And its clear rihanna has a tight rope around your neck because rihanna does a super job of keeping the like of you as mad as ever .
        If rihanna didn’t pack a punch then you would not be on a post about her trying to write her every efforts off the good book. Rihanna isn’t going any place and you can talk from now on thanks for the love you and the likes of you always show to rihanna and her fans.

  2. Ciara April 28, 2013

    Lmao s*** I would not blame Chris brown father, Rihanna ain’t nothing but trouble! Drunk ass w****, crack w****, Instagram h**, thirsty ass b****, I fell the same way mr. Brown Rihanna is a lying ass fraud b****. She cancel her show just to go out and get drunk! Smh what a stupid ass lazy trash bag partying h**.

    • BLUE NAPPY IVY!!! April 28, 2013


      • Ciara April 28, 2013

        It took her long enough to even go gold. That says a lot

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 28, 2013

      Coming from a Ci-Error stan though. Rihanna is far from a hypocrite though. She doesn’t hide from nobody. She will drink,smoke right in ya face and not give a f***. When will you haters learn. The only fraud is BeUglyonce.

      • Ciara April 28, 2013

        You need to tell your fave to stay of Instagram stalking CiCi. Ciara ain’t worried about Rihanna, but Rihanna stay talking s*** on Instagram throwing shade. F****** psycho b**** keep barking Ciara gonna bite

      • pressed navy April 28, 2013

        Your name alone makes any statement you make invalid. Diamonds tour is flopping left and right. Meanwhile Beyonce’s old routines will see her crush the diamond tour come the end of the year. Touring is where the money is. Fraudulent album and single stats are all the navy know…Rihanna hasn’t killed anyone’s career….

      • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

        BeyAIDnce’s career is dead that’s why she has to push her shyt back.That tour is her finally goodbye tour. If she was king like she claims she would slay on all formats right about now. Rihanna has a sold out tour, UN at 2.9 mill, 4 songs on the BB Hot 100, 2 went platinum and the other 2 gold without promo or video. She is crushing Beyflop without the help the President,Inauguration,Pepsi and SB. Diamond tour flopping?? We will see when it’s all said and done.

    • Ce April 29, 2013


      I could not have said it better

  3. truth April 28, 2013

    Jordan Sparks is to good for baboon brown tbh.

  4. BLUE NAPPY IVY!!! April 28, 2013


  5. White girl mob 2.0 April 28, 2013

    Aww.. Poor Rihanna Chris dad don’t like your ass aww.. Poor little h**. Rihanna probably somewhere crying about to wright a long ass letter to the media, talking reckless s*** to Chris dad. She is such a ATTENION w**** like her ugly ass friend what’s her name? A anyway Chris stay far away from Rihanna the b**** is crazy!!! All she do is think of some crazy s*** to do so she can get some media headlines, but she has zero talent! So she needs to stop asap. Kreayshawn got this s*** on lock

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Speacking of attention have you looked in a mirror lately!

  6. Beycamel April 28, 2013

    Maybe Chris will do us all a favor and kill Ri-hyena this time, if her dumb ass didn’t learn from him putting his fist upside her 5 head last time this time might be worse

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

      The sad thing is Rich and Black will not say anything about your comment but will come for me instead. Biased and pathetic TBH.

      • Beycamel April 28, 2013

        Everything i said was the truth, you mad bro?

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

        “Maybe Chris will do us all a favor and kill Ri-hyena this time”

        Honey you sound like Satan himself.

      • Beycamel April 28, 2013

        No Ri-horse is Satan dauhling, you better check her 5 head for horns tbh

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013

        Chile boo, I don’t wish death on NO one. That comment was out of line. Address the person who made the comment. @LOVEBIRD How old are you again?

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      @BEYCAMEL Be careful for what you wish for because that could eaisely happen to you are your love ones.

  7. IDK April 28, 2013

    LOL! Wooow!

  8. Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

    I agree, these two are not good for each other. Chris needs a grounded woman like Jordin Sparks, Rihanna needs an older man (in his 40s, preferably an actor) who understands the pressures of stardom and can offer support like Matthew Fox or Jamie Fox.

    The truth simply is these two are not good for each other. They need to accept that they had a good run and it’s time to call it quits.

    • Beycamel April 28, 2013

      Legend and Ri-hyena don’t belong in the same sentence. you are a joke just like your demonic fave.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      RIHANNA LEGEND I feel the same way but then again they can never move on if they don’t explore the possibility of at least trying to make a relationship work between them. Once
      it hit their minds that they have tried together to make it work and if it does not then they are both free to move on and they will have done the right thing. If they decide this is a bad thing then they both will know together and then and only then can they both move on with their lives and their careers.

  9. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 28, 2013

    Lmao I see daddy was thinkin the same thing the rest of the World thinks. Breezy would’ve never had an bad rep, if it wasn’t for that Nasty Disease Filled Non Singing S***. Jordan and Breezy looked so rite for each other, when they made No Air! The chemistry was undeniable! The song was the s***!!!! Hoeianna could never make anything so good. Her nasal ass shitty voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10 % of Jordan Vocals.

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

      Honey, when you’re trying to shade, try to use the correct words. It is “right” baby, not “rite”.

      Beyonce’s illiterate ass needs to start encouraging you guys to go back to school.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Digger Bey this is so but at the same time they needed to do something to get the media and the dead press off them and that they have done very well. Now at least they both can talk about their past together without losing it and that is a good first start in the right direction.

      And who gives a dam what you think and what the world thinks because at the end of the day you and the world will never be enough to keep two people together are apart who feel that the best thing for them right now is to at least give love another chance. Remember some one some where gave you a chance or did you forget, especialy since you have so mush LOVE FOR CHRIS AND RIHANNAS LIVES.

  10. Jeffrie April 28, 2013

    i think that their adults and should handle this on their own. I personally dot really like the bad boy image he’s putting on but its not my place to judge

  11. DIGGER BEY April 28, 2013

    NO AIR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything Breezy. And The H** has made together. #H** H** HOEIANNA

  12. Ciara April 28, 2013

    Jordan sparks would be the perfect girl for Chris. But I believe Rihanna would stalk Chris on his dates with Jordan, cause Rihanna is that psycho!!! She has no control over what she does she just do it without giving a f***. Jordan needs to just watch her back Rihanna got something loose up there in that bozo head of hers. CiCi got her head on straight not worrying about anybody but her boo future.

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

      “CiCi got her head on straight not worrying about anybody but her boo future”

      Then why is she always talking about Rihanna on her interviews??

      • Ciara April 28, 2013

        Cause the person that’s interviewing her brings her name up you ass hole!!! God Ri-Tards are so stupid

      • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

        Oh so she’s only getting interviews because they want to ask her about Rihanna??

      • MuiMui April 29, 2013

        Ciara need to figure out a way that shes going to help future
        keep his baby momas all paid up and on time with the payments and that is going to be a full time job.


    Chris and Rihanna will be just fine. They’ll go on to get married and be blessed with beautiful children.

    • ADC143 April 29, 2013

      “…be blessed with beautiful children.”


    • Lou April 29, 2013


    • RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013


    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      @SLAYRIAH you are always spreading good cheer and good will
      you look at life with open eyes and that is good and will take you every step of the way in the right direction, knowing you will get bashed for telling the truth. Years from now many will look back and think how did they tie the knot and have such beautiful off springs and such great careers because people do grow up and become productive citizen. If they don’t make it as a couple then it was not supposed to be because what is destine to happen will happen.

  14. Monstarebel April 28, 2013

    Didn’t his father used to beat his mother his comment is automatically invalid… Jordon nobody is already dating cb wanna be jason delwho…. RIHANNA GETS N***** & B****** PRESSED AS ALWAYS

    Btw i wish Rihanna wasnt with your crack head sissy punk of a son either… Matt is who she needs to be with

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

      Honey, Rihanna got every b**** in the solar system pressed. That’s what happens when you’re winning, everyone gets mad.

    • KING RIH April 28, 2013


      No one else mentioned this because they were too busy stanning for their fav


    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 28, 2013

      His father was an abusive drunk. I can’t stand these hypocrites trying to come for the queen.

    • Yellow Bone April 29, 2013

      No not his biological father Clinton Brown. His stepfather used to abuse his mother his name is Ronwell Hawkins.
      This is a fact!!

      Do your research Sam!!!


    congrats Hun, Sam mentioned you in the post. Lol

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 28, 2013

      Honey, I don’t even read Samantha’s commentaries anymore, I just jumped straight to Chris’ dad’s quotes and skipped all the insults Samantha unleashed towards my Bajan princess.

  16. DIGGER BEY April 28, 2013

    P**** Patianna is an pile of worthless s***. Her stans are worthless C*nts bwahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha. Lmfao The Flopiamond Tour is flopping and getting bad reviews lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooo. And lmao Unaflop hasn’t reach platinum yet. 1 million shipped isn’t 1 million sold lmaoooooooooooooooooo. FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


      Do you like my new avi?

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Digger with beyonce’s picture you got your nerves talking about somebody’s stuff, every body and their mamas know that beyonce sling that stuff of hers harder then a old fashion washing machine in the spring time. As a matter of fact many says that beyonce is badder then a stripper and remember rihanna can’t dance as hard as beyonce always does,, and beyonce is known by popping her jewels all over the place take your MEDS AND TRY AND GET YOUR HEAD STRAIGHT.


    Jordin Sparks ain’t even all that though.

    • KING RIH April 28, 2013

      She too busy being Derulo f** hag

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) April 28, 2013

        Derulo is hot though, but he’s like a second rate Chris Brown, kinda like how Beyonce is a second rate Rihanna. 😉

      • Mwah April 29, 2013

        Oh you tried it. Beyonce has always been hotter than Rihanna, shes just aged since she had a baby. Beyonce is her hey day slayed Rihanna body AND face. You tried it!

  18. joker April 28, 2013

    seriously? that kinda gossip s***? come on.

    their relationship is so not entertaining anymore. is it? no matter who who talks about it most of all it’s made up. what his dad talking about? he makes her even more look like a bad b**** partying and s*** and alotta people like her like that. good for her image these days. when they’re all off screen they sure party family together. who he tryna fool. and why he’s talking anyway? ofc his son needs to be on some entertainment websites. right?

    clinton brown my ass. i smell pr. good dad. 😉


    I wanted ‘what now’ to be the next single from Rih.

  20. my forehead tho April 28, 2013

    Papa Brown knows all to well that you can’t turn a h** into a house wife that’s why he left Chris’ mom so fast. He doesn’t want his son making the same mistake, and I don’t blame him.

    Chris was on the right path when he was eyeing beautiful classy women like Beyonce, but i guess it’s hard to go for women like that when insecure b****** with deformed heads are throwing their p**** at you.

    Chris should listen to his dad and leave that ho alone


      B**** STFU.
      Chris should follow is heart and make decisions based on what he thinks is best for him. Not because something happened once it will happen.


    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      You shut up what did jayz used to do before he became the man he is today. Papa brown would not have wanted his girls to date the likes of jayz either if that be the case.
      Chris do need to listen to his dad and do what his dad says and see how that works out for him, because they say parents know best Chris.
      Let rihanna go chris so she can find herself a man who is willing to pull with her to make the best life they can make and chris stop getting into fights with fellows over rihanna because if you can’t love her then she deserves a right to be happy just like this jocker name My Forehead.

  21. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 28, 2013

    Lmao and @Lovebird B**** u need to walk that fat off ur stankin nasty ass. B**** u mad bwahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahha. Hoeianna ur fav, herself writes n slang b****. So if I need to go bac to school. So does Hoeianna. What an Epic Worthless Piece of s*** u Hoeianna stans are lmaooooo. #KING B ONE OF CNN’S LEADING LADIES LMAO

    • Rihanna Legend (Lovebird) April 29, 2013

      Baby, you’re the one who spelled “right” as “rite”, there’s no defending that. Off to school you go and you’re not leaving until you’ve gotten your GED.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Digger this is a rihanna post and you love supporting rihanna with all you have got don’t you. You and the beyonce fans can’t stand to see rihanna happy can you well tell you what keep giving rihanna mad love i am sure the rihanna fans love it.

  22. pressed navy April 28, 2013

    Some people are just toxic for each other.
    I don’t think anyone knows what really goes on in their relationship but them. This guy is entitled to his opinion. Who knows where Chris would be at this point in his career if the whole “beating :)” scandal never happened.

  23. Ciara April 28, 2013

    @lovebird- b**** please JUST GO SUCK A BIG C*** WITH WHIP CREAM ON THE TIP. You is one dumb b****!!! Ciara gets interview cause she has a album coming out, she is trying to promote and get her money up (which you know nothing about) when the f****** dumb ass person bring up Rihanna name, what is Ciara suppose to do? Huh? So please shut the f*** up and take your ass to bed dont you got school tomorrow ugly tired ass h**

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Bytch CIara is the reason why they bring her name up in the first place. She has said nothing but negative things about Rihanna so of course they will ask about her. If she had something good to say than they will move on. She is draggin it…She could easily avoid the problem by saying Rihanna is cool and end like that.

  24. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 28, 2013

    THE H** stans are mad and pressed, cause Breezy’s dad spill the tea lmao. Yessssssss Papa Breezy. We know u didn’t want ur son with an S***. U can’t make an H** into an housewife. Jordan is that B****. Fyne ass hell! Can sing her ass off! Not on coke and meth! Doesn’t have any diseases unlike THE H**! Isn’t an World Class S***. Jordan 10+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the H** – 12. #STAY MAD CU*TS

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Bytch you are the only one pressed leaving your 10 comments. All I see are the same HIVS and Ci-Error’s flop fan base.

  25. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 28, 2013

    LMFAO ROTFL @ Slay Carey…I mean Flop Carey. That woman n ur avi is Slaying the hell out of Mooriah Cowiah bwahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhhahaahah


      B**** shut the f*** up and have some damn respect.
      Mariah has sold more records than garbaj and beyonce combined.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Digger Mariah pave the way for your favorite and many others where is your respect, this is not about mariah in the first place. Mariah don’t have to sing another note and shes made and the same can go for rihanna is she chooses to not utter another note in life shes still got it made in the shade,, and i know that make you happy.

  26. whocares April 29, 2013

    why so chris could have beat the lightskin off jordin too? bwahahahaha is this the daddy who started the cycle of his son punching in faces and walls? inquiring stans want to know

  27. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Mooriah is hungry! Sound the Alarm! Mooriah Cowiah is hungry! Ring the Alarm!


      Not as hungry as beyonce is for another hit.

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Is BeUglyonce hungry for some Popeyes and Pepsi too?

  28. mc the place to be! April 29, 2013

    what in the world?! o_0

  29. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013


    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      It’s all hype for nothing. Watch her album flop worse than Unapologetic.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      R**** keep driving the beyonce fans crazy
      all day every day.


    Real divas ain’t never been scared to release their music.

  31. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013


  32. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013


  33. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Mooriah Cowiah has just assaulted Nick Cannon! BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Mooriah Cowiah has just assaulted Nick. Nick said he came home and open the fridge and ate 2 pieces of KFC chicken and two biscuits. The next thing he knew, he was getting he ass beat! By an Massive Cow looking woman. He didn’t notice it was Mooriah until he saw he face. Nick is fine now. Thank God. He said he didn’t know why Mooriah attacked him, cause her fat sour ass already ate all the Sunday dinner lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Sounds like BeUglyonce beating the Camel up over some popeyes chicken and Pepsi.

  34. Dev April 29, 2013

    Yep, i agree with the dad and said the same thing. This will end badly! The way this relationship looks from a public perspective is that it’s full of jealously….. and other things.
    What i don’t understand is that he doesn’t want his son to be with this light skin “singer” but wants him to be with another light skin (actual) singer.

    They got light skin syndrome.

    • whocares April 29, 2013

      yep the next time he might kill the b****. and then what. she a hot f****** mess because from some reason she cant bring herself to walk way from that boy. god damn already yeah she all f***** up and she probably would have turned out that way without the beating but i think what happened to her that night and having it made so public f***** her up big time. the b**** aint right and chris even worst to even going there again with each other. he just using her to ease his concience because he still feel really guilty. shame on the dad for trying to cast shade when you know damn well your son just as f***** up. but that is what abusive men do anyway.

  35. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Nick also said Cowiah also ate them babies food! WTF? U Fat ass flop b****. Icki better b careful on AI. She might mistake her hands for McDonalds Fries and her lips for sausage lmao

  36. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) April 29, 2013

    LAWD HAVE MERCY LOL!!!! I just can’t lol! Now crack daddy Brown wanna speak up and drag splice??!! Rihanna, retirement is calling you hun. 2013 has been A MESS for you!! From canceling shows, on again off again with Brown, crack bust, every man coming out the wood works saying his been in that beatin bruised box, 15 years to go platinum, non selling tour, being dragged by Ciara stans, being dragged by your own stans lol!! Rihanna, I now feel sorry for you boo…

    • Likica April 29, 2013

      Actually I feel sorry for your flop ass stalking every Rihanna post and trying to throw so played, desperate shade. Non selling tour? The tour is sold out, lets wait when the official numbers come, you will eat your words. She is supposed to earn 3 million $ just in Turkey doing the stadium.
      Every man? Receipts? Hello? She was dating Matt, chris and Drake, the other men are just media speculations, they don’t even have photos that she was dating them so spare me that b*******. Beyonce was said to date Usher, Eminem and no one mentions that, but when it comes to Rihanna, yeah, it is true.
      15 years to go Platinum? It’s been 5 months boo boo. This is actually one of her fastest selling albums in the USA. It is close to 3 million worldwide in just 5 months. If her album is a flop so is Bruno’s which is at 3 million btw. Don’t act like Unapologetic is done, because it is not.
      Dragged by Ciara stans? LOl this must be the biggest joke I’ve ever read. Ciara always talks about Rihanna in her interviews, she needs to get a life as well like her stans who are jealous of Rihanna for ending Ciara’s career.
      I feel sorry fo you, someone who hates on ever single artist on this blog needs help as soon as possible.

      • Natalia April 29, 2013

        only around 13 dates are sold out honey boo. I was looking to go myself but glad I didn’t, her attitude STANKS this whole tour.

      • Likica April 29, 2013

        only around 13 dates are sold out honey boo. – Where’s your proof for that? They gave numbers just for first 11 shows and all were sold out. Even her cancelled shows are sold out. Even if her shows are not 100% sold out, I am not concerned at all. Her stadiums are sold out and they will bring her most money.

        Gurl, Beyonce tour is not sold out too. She has some dates in Europe that have yet to be sold out. And if a non sold out tour is a flop according to you, then I Am tour must a a flop too. that tour wasn’t sold out either, she had some shows with just 50-70% full shows. :/

        Zénith de Strasbourg Strasbourg 5,869 / 10,300 (57%)
        US Airways Center Phoenix 8,831 / 12,727 (69%)
        ARCO Arena Sacramento 7,770 / 11,214 (69%)

      • Natalia April 29, 2013

        Go look it up. 11 dates does not equal the whole tour anyway LOLOLOL! And WTF does Beyonce have to do with Im not even a fan of hers, that’s the problem with you fans everyone who doesn’t like Rihanna is a Beyonce fan! WRONG. But I know damn well more of her tour is sold out that Rihanna its only like two dates that aint. Wish I could’ve tickets to see her 🙁 They sold out in three mins in my country.

      • Likica April 29, 2013

        I will wait for official numbers like they gave for first 11 dates. 😉 No one expected them to be sold out but as you can see they were. I just gave you an example and Beyonce is a good one for that since her fans praise her tour numbers to heavens. If a non sold out tour is a flop then I Am.. Tour must be a flop. And it’s obvious that you are her undercover stan since you shade Rihanna and try to downplay her success, plus you just showed it with your comment 😉
        Gurl, I went to Beyonce’s concert, she started her tour in Belgrade so I don’t have problem with her. But Rihanna haters obviously do have since they want to mock everything she does, her success/sales/power. Calling her a singles artist when 30% of Beyonce’s total records are albums and 70% are singles? A real album seller is someone like Mariah Carey, 145 million albums and 60+ million singles.
        Anyway, we will see when all is said and done about their tours, but they both deserve to do well, they are both amazing and hardworking.

      • Natalia April 29, 2013

        Oh girl I didn’t say it was a flop, I just corrected you when you said her tour was sold out, which it isn’t. That’s all. And girl like I said, quit talking about Beyonce I could care less about all that, I still respect her as a performer like so many others she has professional work ethic. I don’t respect Rihanna and her antics. Not hate, just how I feel.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) April 29, 2013

        @LIKICA I find it hilarious how serious a lot of you take this blog. It’s truly baffling to me. You truly believe your novel benefited Rihanna in some way and that’s sad. To take someones comments ON A BLOG LIKE TGJ so seriously to the point of writing millions of essays to defend someone who doesn’t even know your alive is someone I think who really needs the help. I’m just laughing at all of this, too funny.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) April 29, 2013

      Another thing I find interesting about you Rihanna defenders is it’s not okay for people to clown on her drug habit (which she has) and cancelled shows to go party (which is true) BUT it’s cool for you guys to drag Beyonce’s baby and wish death on her child….mk..

  37. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Lmao @Flop Carey……Chile I hope Nicki never goes around Mooriah with her cheeks like that n ur avi. Cause Mooriah Cowiah is gonna think she has some muffins or cake n those cheeks. And will all know Mooriah is gonna attack her like the wild Hog she is bwahahahahhahahaahhhahaha

    • CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      B**** you sound so pressed Beyonce will never be on the level of Mariah the legend carey

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      DIGGER Take your meds and keep them close.


    LOL @ this b**** DIGGER H**. That was tired and predictable like that wanna be legend you call your fave. The struggle for you to keep it classy is all sorts of real in the field.
    it seems like you have some type of mental issue. I strongly suggest that you see a professional and get the help that you so desperately need.
    in the mean time, you can listen to Mariah’s song anytime you need a friend from her first diamond album which sold 32 million copies worldwide (Beyonce could never btw). It’s a very beautiful song with meaningful lyrics that she actually wrote and will help to calm you down and make you look into yourself and see that your a hateful b**** who needs to make changes in her life immediately.
    Anyways I refuse to waste anymore time socializing with garbage, I’m off to bed and yes I’ll keep you in my prayer.

    Goodbye and have a pleasant tomorrow.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Digger have lossed their common sense and it seem mariah has made them sweat nails and they dislike rihanna they read like they need them meds ASAP.

  39. . : : h 2 o : : . April 29, 2013


  40. CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

    Mariah n Ciara will always be better than Beyfat n Whoreanna

    This b**** digger bey really needs to stfu with his fat sloppy ass f*** Beyonce old crusty dusty ass she aint s*** the b**** doesn’t even do her daughters hair how trifelon of her

  41. pressed navy April 29, 2013

    Same idiots, different day. Anyone who thinks it is funny to joke about H** or a*** is just as retarded as the whole navy is delusional. The navy claims Rihanna is queen but according to the her sales she is more like a dutchess who wants to be queen. Here is a chick that is a druggie,w****, and downright b**** yet you come for Beyonce? Beyonce is a second rate Rihanna. Well then I guess that makes Mariah”overrated”Carey, a second rate Whitney and Celine. Because she isn’t touching them at all vocally as proven with Whitney live (twice) and Celine on the vh1 diva’s where Mariah stayed getting out sung that whole nite in her supposed”prime”. I don’t care what she has sold, she is the most overrated artist in the last 30 years to ever hit music. Hell at least mag knows her limits. Rihanna stans are stupid, plain and simple.They check for Beyonce more than they do their fave.They constantly lie about her album sales and influence. Truth is if beyonce was fading so much, she wouldnt get near as much exposure she gets now. Meanwhile Rihanna taking pics on and showing her fans she don’t give a f***.. When Rihanna sells over 10 Million with one album,or have an album do better than D.I.L then get cocky…

    • CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      Im sorry but doesn’t the H** always make fun of Slutanna for getting her ass beat you sound hypocritical af… Btw Beyonce is the self proclaimed King yet she has no DIAMOND album & has never Sold a million in the first week what kinda king is that?

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Ho the Navy calls Rihanna a queen but Rihanna doesn’t call herself a queen. BeUglyonce called herself king. She is suppose to be the pro and RIhanna is the Rookie. Beyflop is suppose to be selling as much as Adele since she is king.

      • Lou April 29, 2013

        B**** Rihanna is always boastin about herself SIT DOWN dont come with that b******* shes worse that Bey


    Oh, and btw. Mariah releases her new single next month and would suggest that you save something from your allowance and buy that single because it will be months, years, decades, and millenniums before Beyonce releases that single. Lol, goodnight bishes.

  43. Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

    People keep saying Rihanna is looking for attention. LMAO But the attention comes to her. First Drake,Ci-error, BeUglyonce’s flop attempt at a single Flop Down, The wanted, now some crack head dad wants to speak about an issue that happened 5 years. Yes! the queen will always be relevant, the queen will always keep the haters talking.

    • you want yo cornbread April 29, 2013

      lol rihanna a queen of what instagram lol you have to be like 14 have a good day at school tomorrow doll face

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Rihanna killed BeyHo’s Career
      People always says rihanna is looking for attention they
      forget that rihanna is also getting tons of attention that is why she is the most popular musician . Many would love the attention rihanna seems to always get just look around at the others who are starving for attention and are always trying to hop a ride ride on rihanna coat tail over to popularity ville.

  44. Rory April 29, 2013

    R**** stans are seeeeeeething mad lmao

  45. Nahjee April 29, 2013

    Yo it’s so funny how everybody just ignores @white girl mob haha nobody seem to care about her anymore her fave is in the one hit wonder category.

  46. Rory April 29, 2013

    No parent wants to see their child with worthless s****.

  47. CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

    Jordin does not need to be with an abuser like Chris shes to good for him Rihanna needs to get her s*** together and leave Chris anyways

  48. X,Y,”and Z” April 29, 2013

    Dead @ even Chris’s father spitting at Rihshitana. That nasty h** is what every parent fears their son will bring home. Papa Brown should fear not tho, soon as Chris finds a better looking chick to court he will ditch that dumpster s***.

    X,Y,”and Z” — Out

    • lulu April 29, 2013

      his dad also said the fight rihanna started in chris’ lambo was a disagreement between both parties and that the public doesn’t know the real story. I think chris just wants closure with Rihanna as their relationship came to an abrupt end. Rihanna is the one who is truly in love and the fight she started has truly hurt her in terms of her personal life, not career.

    • MuiMui April 29, 2013

      Chris dad need to know and will find out that no matter how he feels about rihanna it is still chris decision to make though.

  49. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Lmao @ this dumb stupid b**** @ Lovebird. B**** u still pressed I see lmao. Why don’t u go and bath and don’t get out, until those dirt stains come off ur raggedy ass. I lmfaooooo if u think u hurtin me bwahahahahhahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahah. U Hoeianna stans are so pathetic lmaoooooo

    • Cassie lover April 29, 2013

      Ur so annoying

  50. Nahjee April 29, 2013

    I hate that Mariah Carey Stan tho she annoying as hell. She just jealous cause nicki minaj is doing a movie with Cameron Diaz. While Mariah looks at the McDonald menu for her order while snacking on a kit kat bar (family size) lol

  51. Nahjee April 29, 2013

    Hahahahahahahahaha I see slayriah Carey trying to shade nicki in that pic of hers. She is sooooooo pressed over nicki it’s killing her ass hahahahahaha. She needs to tweet Mariah and tell her to chill on them cheese burgers at McDonalds that s*** ain’t good. Everytime I watch American idol, I think of McDonalds & miss piggy smh

    • CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

      B**** please Nicki is a gimmick I hate the fact Ciara is working with that annoying trick… Mariah is a legend Nicki won’t even be remembered in 2016

  52. CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

    Diggger bey is the most annoying Beyonce Stan on here the b**** has no life she really pisses me off especially with her dissing Mariah when Beyonce will never be as successful as Mariah

    For f**** sake get a life digger bey



    That awkward moment when the hive calls someone overrated, lol.
    Your comment is very foolish and shows how little you know. First of all, Mariah has written/co-written all of her original songs, Whitney and Celine never did.

    Secondly, Mariah was out of her prime when she performed with Whitney and at vh1 divas. If you had done your research before posting that mess of an essay, you would have known that Mariah’s vocal decline was in 1997 after her daydream tour in 1996.

    Thirdly, Mariah has a very different different voice than Celine and Whitney and you can call her “overrated” if you like but there has been a long time since anyone has come on the scene with a 5 octave range and have the ability to use it so well.

    Mariah is a legend, one of the greatest vocalists of all time, and as much as it hurts you, you’re just gonna have to shut the f*** up and deal.

    • pressed navy April 29, 2013

      Why are you so pressed? I stated my opinion and bounced. Mean while you’re trying to check my sentence structure? B**** this isn’t English! I’m well versed in APA format and MLA format.I’m sure you won’t know what any of that is though!! (3.92 GPA @ Duke, you’ll never go to a better college I’m sure of it)As far as me being a Beyonce Stan. Don’t put that off on me. I don’t Stan for anyone…I like Beyonce and that is a big difference. You all constantly dog her and I defend her every now and then. It’s no getting through to f****** who worship woman they want to be and I think that’s exactly what you are.

      Mariah Carey writing skills and vocal skills are vastly overrated. critics have said this for years and plenty of regular people say it. So No you shut the f*** up and deal..you are not the only opinion that matters 🙂

      PS, I bet your you’re one of those fat queens lol

  54. Nahjee April 29, 2013

    Damn I miss the times when Mariah was f****** skinny she was really banging back then She even had a amazing voice to. But now she is married to a nickelodeon kid star (smh) and has two ugly ass babies by this nickelodeon kid star (smh again) now Mariah is all fat overweight looking like missy piggy ready to eat nicki minaj hand off on American idol. Eww she is sooo nasty looking now #Icant anymore she is sooooo f****** FAT & ugly now.

    • JER April 29, 2013

      We know you can’t b****, so don’t. You tried it

    • RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013

      Please leave KIDS out of this babe.


    Lol@ NAHJEE

    B**** your only thinking about McDonalds because your still waiting for to call you back after you submitted your résumé.

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      LMAO I am rollin on the floor!!

    • Cassie lover April 29, 2013


    • eqvilim April 29, 2013

      Maria is a wash. She fell all the way off. And you coming for other people, but as many times as you post a day, do you even have a job? Cuz you know they don’t take EBT for mariah concerts hun.

  56. Nahjee April 29, 2013

    *off to bed* I got a life I gotta get to tomorrow unlike other people on here *coughs* slayriah Carey *coughs*

  57. Lexi April 29, 2013

    Usually fathers have a “hands off” attitude when it comes to the women their sons date, even when they see she’s no good. For Chris’s dad to come at Rihanna like this, she must really be a lecherous wench.

  58. CiCi Slaaaaaays April 29, 2013

    Mariah has a diamond album wheres Beyonces Rihannas & Nickis??????? Oh ok

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      You forgot Ci-Error bytch.

    • babymonster April 29, 2013

      ho whens the last time ciara had a gold or platinum album lol

  59. JER April 29, 2013

    The thirst. Smh.

  60. Cassie lover April 29, 2013

    Hahaha yes call that h** out papa brown he needs to be with Cassie or Frank ocean not ET

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Cassie is used up already. She is Piddy’s w****.

      • Cassie lover April 29, 2013

        Just like Rihannas Drakes Chris Meek Millz & Jay z w****(:

        Everyones had a turn haha

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 29, 2013

      Drake and Meek Millz cannot be proven dumb ass. Jay z damn sure can’t be proven either. Just because Beyawnce married the Camel doesn’t mean Rihanna wants him. Flop z is ugly. Rihanna dates attractive men. All we know is she was with CB and Mat Kemp.

  61. you want yo cornbread April 29, 2013

    when jordin liked chris he wanted ms. umbrella so now he got her ! as for jordin she’s happy with her bf so chris brown dad can go back to the crack pipe ! that he probably sharing with his son & future daughter in law

  62. you want yo cornbread April 29, 2013

    and you people sure know how to get off topic with all the unnecessary off the wall bull s*** so annoying

  63. . : : h 2 o : : . April 29, 2013

    Ultimate KIIII @ the haters INCLUDING Mariah stans NAWT having anything to drag Beyonce for but the fact that she doesn’t have a diamond album in the states.

    F*** a diamond album, I said it once and I’ll say it again :

    It’s been TWO DECADES and a HALF and the world is still waiting for that day when your overrated fav can FINALLY have a $100M tour.

    WHY can she NAWT????

    • Likica April 29, 2013

      Gurl, just no. Stop bashing Mariah like that because she is way above our favs, I mean, she is one of their idols and biggest inspirations. She has 90$ tour so that is quite successful. Why don’t you come for her when it comes to album sales/iconism/legendary songs/talent?Why don’t you come for Celine and Madonna like that? They easily beat Beyonce in everything.
      Mariah’s money comes from her record sales. I mean, 145 album is amazing. She is a real album seller unlike our favs whose total record sales are made of 20-30% albums and 80-70% singles.
      I cannot believe that you actually heard about our favs in 2010. :/ For example, I knew about Britney Spears but didn’t know her songs until 2005-2006 when I started watching MTV. Do you have music channel there right now? We have German VIVA, MTV, our MTV, Metropolis, but I don’t watch them anymore, everything is on Youtube. But wehn I was a child I remember waiting all day to see Xtina’s/Britney’s songs on MTV 😀

  64. EnRanc April 29, 2013

    The boys own father is calling her out as being no good. That’s the ultimate shade!

  65. Navy Sailor!!! April 29, 2013

    Kiiiii I’ve never even heard of CB’s dad. Is he event relevant in CB’s life? I’ve only seen him with & heard of him talking about mama Joyce, and she LOVES Rihanna. Who gives a f*** what his dad has to say? 😆

    Aaaaand AS USUAL, the same hoodhives are in here saying the SAME S***. 🙄

  66. HOTSTUFF April 29, 2013

    im not here for chris & rihanna….but i respect her choice, it’s her life….

  67. Lou April 29, 2013

    Well dayum. I dont think chris brown and her will last like a Bey and Jay couple anyway. I’ll give them 4/5 years tops

  68. RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013

    Chris Father threw all that SHADE……This is a MESS.

    Why can’t some of you people stay on topic? Some of you people are very immature.

    Navy y’all need to reach out to Rihanna, something isn’t right. To me those pic up top are a slap in the face to her fans.

    Lets keep this s*** 100, Rihanna was never sick. Word on the street is she OD(don’t know how true that is, but that’s the word on the streets. Then turn around and party like rock star in Miami with the beast.(Nothing wrong with partying, but if you’re sick why would you want to party when your’re just getting better?)Navy y’all need to call her out on her s***, cause clearly she is seeking attention for help.

    Most of you KIDS will take this as shade, AND IT’S NOT. It’s the truth Rihanna is seeking help. Remeber I don’t hate Rihanna, just most of her fans.

    Happy Monday have a blessed weeks KIDS

    • babymonster April 29, 2013

      OD’ed on what??? weed???? 🙄

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013

        They say Coke

      • RICHANDBLACK11 April 29, 2013


    • RIHANNA April 29, 2013


  69. Hol Up April 29, 2013

    As a parent his father is wrong regardless of your child’s decision you scold them behind closed doors Chris has enough scrutiny from the rest of the world and from a man who has not been there for his child you shouldn’t be getting your 5 minutes of fame trying to crucify your child’s decision publicly regardless pf what either of them are doing it works for them of the ones who have been there for them their whole live i.e their mother’s agree with their decision thats what matters I’m all for black love but when its dysfunctional its A problem but that’s not your decision to make as his father give HIM your opinion not the media so they can destroy both your son’s and the woman he loves image regardless of circumstance i felt this statement was classless and in poor taste and these celebrity parents need to learn to leave kitchen talk at the kitchen and smile and support your children and anything that needs to be said will be said behind closed doors ok I’m off my soap box now lol

  70. Jewell April 29, 2013

    DEATH! He aint sugar coat it did he.

  71. babymonster April 29, 2013

    but wasn’t he am absentee father? maybe chris would be a better man if his dad was around. maybe rihanna would be a better woman if her father didn’t sell stories to the media and call her fat in public!!! it all starts at home!!! jordin sparks? lmao chris didn’t want her because she was a fat prude

  72. rihking April 29, 2013

    There both grown adults and they can do whatever the f*** they want END.

  73. Natalia April 29, 2013

    Chris Brown and Rihanna are both as bad as each other, they are a match made in HELL. Just look at those pictures of her, shes SO immature. She thinks shes ‘cool’ just because shes posting a pic looking wasted with a bottle of wine! I am laughing at her not with her. Grow up little girl because you are NOT a little girl, only the kids are impressed by your stupid antics. Youre 25 yet she acts like an unruly 15 year old. And her fan base wonders why she gets dragged all the time smh.

  74. caribbean native April 29, 2013


    • James227 April 29, 2013

      Who’s running who down? Rihanna just purchased a car for Chris bday. Go to Rumorfix.com to see it.

  75. caribbean native April 29, 2013

    oh and jus so u know rihanna unfollowed chris on twitter 😀

    • Stans Make Me LOL April 29, 2013

      Cos Groupies where up in his crib taking pictures and tagging Rihanna and Mel.
      The Thirst of these h*** his REAL, but this whole following and unfollowing on social media is wack. Next week Rihanna will be taking pics with him, posting it on instagram and talking bout how great her “Yellow N****” is.

      • James227 April 29, 2013

        Rih bought Chris a car for his bday. Go to rumorfix.com to see it

  76. Ce April 29, 2013

    This makes me wonder if Rihanna was drunk when she started following Drake on his intagrahm and sending him pictures. I wonder if this is the reason Chris stop following her. Matt Kemp knew Rihanna was just a common female with no class. He tried to stick it out for his own reasons like getting indorsements.

    • James227 April 29, 2013

      The world can see that Rihanna needs help before it’s to late. Rihanna had to be high to send pictures to Drake on instagram of her private parts. If you go on her twitter you can see it was removed. Chris got word of this and unfollowed her. Clifton Brown really liked Karruche Tan . Chris bday is coming up May 5 and Rumor has it that Rihanna brought him a Mercades for 1 million dollars which only 17 people in the world own.

      The RUMOR about Rihanna drug overdose will not be able to hide. Money talks and someone will give information about Rihanna for a price. Now Chris need to get himself together also b/c he’s looking very frail in his face/body.

  77. HOWYOULIKEIT April 29, 2013

    Of course dad is right. How much more problems will chrissy get because of her? He needs a better girl, not someone who will teach him drugs, binge drinking, twerking, abusive life.
    But Jordin Sparks may be too smart and classy for him though.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 29, 2013

      Teach him??? Kiii Chris is a grown ass man who’s capable of making his own decisions. You sound dumb.

  78. Tisha April 29, 2013

    You show off what you’re good at or what you’re proud of.

    The fact 90% of Rihanna’s instagaram is pics of weed, strippers, alcohol and talking about getting f*****.

    No parent would want their child to be with that person male or female. Chris is immature and he can be just as bad as her, if his Dad wants him to be with a better woman then he needs to be a better man.

  79. Ce April 29, 2013

    No Rihanna did not unfollow Chris, Chris unfollowed her because of her following Drake and sending him pictures. So Don’t get this s*** twisted.

  80. Ce April 29, 2013

    Also people this is not the whole story becaus Chris father talks about the 2009 incident. He says the whole story has yet to be told. Find a much beter copy of this interview. TGJ always tell half the story

  81. F U April 29, 2013

    Well you can’t change s****……

  82. Loyalty April 29, 2013


  83. RITANATION April 29, 2013

    What’s this I’m hearing about Rihanna sending drake nude pics of her hairy p**** on Instagram? Wow Rihanna is such a w****! She don’t care about her self at all have some f****** respect for your self. You gonna send pics to a “light skin monkey looking waffle” like drake, c’mon RiRi that ain’t cool at all. She needs to get her head on straight and stop hanging out on Instagram all day taking pics of her with weed, bottles of ciroc, panties, condoms, this girl is just NASTY!

    • RIHANNA April 29, 2013

      See thats how you know u lying f**!! Rih keeps her p**** soft and hairless and clean

  84. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013


  85. DIGGER BEY THE KING OF THIS S*** April 29, 2013

    Bottom line is, no parent wants their child with an worthless s*** like R****. Every since Chris got with her nasty ass. There’s been nothing but trouble for him. This time I really hope Chris is done done this time. Let the H** go and because H*** aren’t made for relationships. They’re made to f*ck around with random men every hour. And that’s Hoeianna.

  86. James227 April 29, 2013

    Go to the New York Post for the full story

  87. MISHKA April 29, 2013

    Thank God!

    Finally, there’s actually somebody who makes sense in this whole gumbo! Glorrray!

    Even Chris knows he should have chosen Jordin. Now she’s with Jason, and I like them together. Too little, too late, Chris.

    The Chrihanna relationship is poison for both of them, they need to let that sh!t die.

    Rihanna can’t sing but she deserves to be happy like everybody else. I really think she should and go back to Drake.

  88. James227 April 29, 2013

    Go 2 Rumorfix.com to see the car Rihanna bought Chris for his bday. This s*** is bad and only 75 was made. TGJ will not let me post link

  89. ^^This^^ April 29, 2013

    I co-sign. If you take away all the fame and money etc.. Rihanna isn’t the type of woman any parent wants his son to marry. She is to im-mature, fame changed her and has gone to her head. Her fans think being a h**,smoking weed,and drinking is cool so she can prove her bad-girl image. Just imagine if Rihanna had children….Smfh

  90. Don’t like what i said? B**** Keep Scrolling. April 30, 2013

    In my opinion, IN MY OPINION, Rihanna has no talent, she c****** pat on stage like she got some vaginal infection goin on up there, her performance skills lack so much, She has not shown any improvement since 2007, performance wise and voice wise. Thos drugs dont help either, i dont know why people put this girl on a pedastal…she wants to get married and have kids so bad but aint noone tryna wife the h**.

    Whatever rihanna is doing, has really made her a “Legend” and “iconic” what exactly is she iconic for.

    But anyways, Maybe if chris gets away from rihanna and focuses on his music he might be happier, cus being around rihanna just makes him look a hot ass mess.

    dont like my opinion then keep scrolling

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