Ariana Grande Performs ‘The Way’ Live On ‘Ellen’

Published: Wednesday 29th May 2013 by David

Ariana Grande put many a Pop Princess to shame earlier today, when she arrived on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show‘ to perform her budding smash hit ‘The Way‘.

Proving her worth as a live vocalist during the pitch perfect outing, there’s no doubt her fan base will find itself a few thousand ‘stans’ stronger once the rest of the world enjoys the gem you’ll find below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

    I live for her. She is too cute. <3

    • eqvilim May 29, 2013

      yall know she coming for mariah’s wig dontcha

      • Common Sense May 29, 2013

        She’s even got Mariah’s cheap ghetto dancers and their awful choreography…

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  2. #Beyindependent May 29, 2013

    Yaaaaaaaaaas she slayed!!!!! Her vocals are so good

  3. RiRi Bad May 29, 2013

    This is my girl she’s so talented i hope she makes it far in the music industry

  4. Queen Barb May 29, 2013

    So much better than Mariah tbh her vocals are on point and not shakey like whoriah.

    • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

      Lmao she’s definitely better than mariah is today. But back in the day there was no competition.

      • jason May 29, 2013

        LOL she’s better than a tired and lazy Mariah! She will NEVER compare to Mariah vocally!

        So please! Spare us!

      • Selena Stan May 29, 2013

        Mariah vocally slays this overrated trick anyday

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        A Selena Gomez stan??? LMAO you are dismissed! #jokeofthecentury

    • MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

      I can’t at a carbon copy of a lil kim stan talking about vocals. B**** STFU. This b**** is nothing compared slayriah!

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        We been addressed this 2bh.. you know this b**** is a troll.. Idk why you insist on feeding it unless you think your fave can no longer sing @Mariahismusic1

  5. JoJo May 29, 2013

    Her voice is legendary

  6. Daydreamin May 29, 2013

    Those vocals gave me life!! Im glad they’re rolling out some real promo for The Way, this song deserves to be #1 tbh. I definitely plan on seeing her live when she goes on tour!

    • Selena Stan May 29, 2013

      LMAO basic at best boo

      Mariah >>>>>>> Basic Grande

      • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

        Britney>>>>>Stiflena Gomez
        Mad cause The Way outsold Come & Get It?

  7. XtinaaLovee May 29, 2013

    Her Christina & Tamar are the only gurls that have that Mariah/ Whitney type of special voice Beyonce and Rihanna sure dont have it

    • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

      Was the shade needed? Ellie Goulding has a beautiful voice.

    • Teah May 29, 2013

      Rihanna might not…but less give props when they are due. Because technique wise Beyonce is one of the best out today. And although Christina has a lot of soul her vocals have definitely regressed over the years. Beyonce has mastered her craft just as much if not more than she has.

    • Touché May 30, 2013

      Don’t you ever compare that arrogant struggling ass b**** named “Christina” to Whitney or Mariah. They are way out of her league. Hell, even Beyonce is way out of her league. Christina is at the basic ass level of “singers” like Britney Spears and all other untalented nick and disney stars.

  8. Selena Stan May 29, 2013

    Basic as f*** her outfit is so lame the song is tried tbh..

    Buy & Download Selena Gomez Come & Get it on iTunes today!

    • catnip May 29, 2013

      ………………….. selena. …………………….. lol

  9. catnip May 29, 2013

    this girl is gonna BLOW UP SOON 😀
    so glad for her

    • #Beautiful May 29, 2013

      Lol sike… she got lucky with this song but she’ll fall off once the album drops & flops

      • SLAYLENA GOMEZ May 29, 2013

        Like Mariah’s upcoming album?

      • FAF May 29, 2013


  10. ratedxxx(tic toc) May 29, 2013

    never heard of this broad either…..

    she’s suppose to be better than Mariah carey?

    if that’s not the funniest s*** i’ve ever heard…

    nobody can touch mariah even on her worst day, the bish still sound better than……………..put your fav name there…

    • Mimi Carey May 29, 2013

      No lies here

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Lol funniest joke I’ve heard. This shits on Mariah’s American Idol performance and GMA performance. Mariah was great but she is pass her prime

      • Common Sense May 29, 2013

        Her vocals are better than some of Mariah’s recent performances I’ll give you that, but “The Way” is beyond basic. She needs much better songs if you wants her voice to be heard. No one is checking for that basic Teen Nick crap music.

      • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

        Well considering how it debuted at #1 and was prasied by critics I’d say people are in fact checking for it. Keep in mind that she’s only 19. Majority of her fans are young and she wants to make music her way but still appeal to that age group. Its not like the 90s when teen artist like Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson could make mature songs and still appeal to the same age group. I wouldn’t say The Way is basic, its much better than anything else played on pop radio, but I would like to see her push herself with more vocally challenging songs

    • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

      She sounds better than Mariah does now. I respect mariah but the voice that made her famous is gone. Sorry. 😕

      • Pon_de May 29, 2013

        But b**** we still waiting for RiRi’s voice to make her famous…

  11. Mimi Carey May 29, 2013

    Uhm Who?

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      The b**** ahead of your fav on iTunes and Billboard 😉

      • Goddess Whitney May 29, 2013


      • Mark111 May 29, 2013

        @Grande lmfao

  12. #Beautiful May 29, 2013

    Overrated she can sing but shes not better than Mariah maybe Xtina n Bey but not Mariah 🙂

    • Tried It May 29, 2013

      She is not better than Xtina and Bey just because she can do a few high notes. That’s doesn’t make you a better overall singer.

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Sis have you heard Mariah and Xtina lately? They are passed their vocal prime. Ariana can do circles around them.

      • Common Sense May 29, 2013

        I sincerely doubt that. Have you seen Mariah’s GMA rehearsals or her AI outtakes? She may not give the best performances on camera, but Mariah is still the better vocalist.

      • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

        AI take outs? That performance was lip synced. Any real fan would be able to admit that Mariah is pass her vocal prime. The golden pipes are gone. Same with Christina. She had a beautiful voice but it’s worn out now.

  13. RoyalKev May 29, 2013

    Wow! This girl has a voice on her!

  14. Its Me May 29, 2013

    She could sing rings around the Mariah now. Shes cute aswell.

  15. Tried It May 29, 2013

    She can sing but this was a bit of a lame performance. And Mariah in her prime would s*** all over this.

  16. SLAYLENA GOMEZ May 29, 2013

    She slayed that!!!!!

  17. Mother Monster May 29, 2013

    Better than Mariah Tbh

  18. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    I wish this chick nothing but the best(still don’t know who she is, not a f*** to give to look it up)…

    I give other broads props, even if I don’t like you….

    hope she makes it..she can sing..

    she still can’t touch mimi though/ she’s no where near mi mi’s level…..

    but good luck…..pause

    i’m going to be nice today……

  19. Rosie May 29, 2013

    She can sing but I think the song is kinda basic :/ but it’s really good from a Nickelodeon girl. Still much better than Mooriah.

    • Goddess Whitney May 29, 2013


    • SLAYLENA GOMEZ May 29, 2013

      Also better than Lana Del Monotone

      • Rosie May 29, 2013

        Not a f****** Selena Gomez stan coming for vocals in 2013. Lana has improved, check the receipts on her concert videos from this year. Selena still sounds a mess live after two albums.

    • Hive May 29, 2013

      She sounds better than Lana del snooze too 🙂

  20. Goddess Whitney May 29, 2013

    Tbh shes a better singer than Britney Rita Beyonce GaGa Mariah Xtina Rihanna Katy Kelly Row & Leona Lewis this girl has an amazing strong voice on her and shes only 19 can you imagine how amazing her voice will be when she’s 25

    • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

      B**** please LOLOLOL

    • Hive May 29, 2013

      Gurl tf bye she aint even all that

  21. Krissy May 29, 2013

    She was very awkward it made me cringe in parts. Good voice though but you’re gonna need more than that these days.

  22. JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

    Hi guys!
    This girl reminds me of that British girl from UK´s X Factor, Cher Lloyd. They will have similar careers I think. Their music sound so alike 🙂

    • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

      The Way debuted in the top 10 on Billboard. You tried.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        And? The girl I´m talking about also had a semi hit last summer hun

      • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

        Lol you tried again. Cher Lloyd has been charting on the Bubbling Under charts lately. And she never had a top 10 hit.

    • MC May 29, 2013

      I love your avi!! You better stan John!!

      I love Vision of Love.


      Ariana is the cutest thing ever. She should hop off that Mariah wanna be mess though. We already had Christina, Leona, Deborah, Tamar, and many more.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        I miss you so much! Are you visiting other blogs or what?

  23. Hive May 29, 2013

    Shes can sing but yall need to stop over exaggerating saying she sings better than Beyonce smh B**** please she could never.

  24. eric May 29, 2013

    Great talent, but her vocal choices are too random and the performance could use a little polishing. All she needs is a seasoned vocal coach and staging director to REALLY take her to the next level.

  25. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    of course mariah is not going to sound the same..its been what 23 years….

    but to say this chick sounds better than mariah is b*******..the majority of people who claim mariah can’t sing anymore

    are biased,

    my thing is the majority of yall should be last person talking about vocals…

    why you stan for broads who cant sing for s***….

    I’m not saying this chick can’t blow… blow better than mariah….no..not even on her day

    • MC May 29, 2013

      Like I say, it’s always the b****** whose faves can’t sing for s*** that make the biggest deals.

  26. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    Ewww i just don’t like this girl!! This b**** couldn’t compete with mariah carey on her worse day….Her vocals are not that good to me…SMH the hell were you people listening too??

  27. Grande The Way May 29, 2013

    Why Mariah stans pressed? Ariana slayed this performance and you guys know it. Mariah was a vocal great but she’s past her prime vocally. Its the truth.

  28. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    This girl also has no stage presence at all…Basic vocals, Basic song, and a basic b****!

    • Daydreamin May 29, 2013


      • Touché May 30, 2013

        Who would be mad at something so basic?

  29. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax May 29, 2013

    The big day is coming on Thursday . Rih will play her 1st SOLD OUT STADIUM IN TURKEY TO 32K. Time to kill yoself. SHE IS THE 1ST BLACK PERSON TO PLAY INONNOU STADIUM IN TURKEY. THE PICTURES AND VIDEO FROM THIS SPECIAL DAY WILL BURY BEYONCE ONCE AND FOR ALL. BEYONCE is a no name to selling out stadiums in the largest muslim country in EUROPE.

    • Heavy Metal Lover May 29, 2013

      B**** the LIES the stadium is not sold out rotfl. She cant sell out stadiums like Gaga. Shes just doing it for the sake of it.

      • rih keeps winning – catch up heuax May 29, 2013


      • Heavy Metal Lover May 29, 2013

        B**** and Ive come from the stadium site. Of course her fans will say its sold out. Like @Rosie said The Navi stay lying smh.

    • Rosie May 29, 2013

      LOL @ the Beyst obsession. Also that concert STILL hasn’t sold out yet even though tickets have been available for almost a year. The Navy stays lying, just like they did with that festival where they say she broke the attendance record (she didn’t) and it was 95% free.

  30. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    I hate the faces this b**** makes with her basic vocals….ANNOYING!! Mariah GLITTER ALBUM shits all over this b****….

  31. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

    Ariana is ARIANA.

    Mariah is MARIAH.

    Ariana was INSPIRED by Mariah.

    But she will NEVER BE Mariah.

    What’s with the comparisons?

    She is talented in her own way and, hopefully, she will be given much more ambitious material to sing [to prove that she is an actual ‘artiste’] and go far in the industry.

    She did a fantastic job.

    • XoMoDe May 29, 2013

      Shut up.

  32. Britney Stan May 29, 2013

    Boring b****…. no type of charisma or personality next

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Are we talking about Britney?

      • Britney Stan May 29, 2013

        Honey please Britney is a f****** beast on stage ariana flop could never perform like brit

      • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

        She WAS a beast. Britney makes Katy Perry look like Janet on the stage. And since when did singers need to dance?

    • Rosie May 29, 2013


  33. Heavy Metal Lover May 29, 2013

    BORING omg. She even had difficulty waking up the damn stairs I f****** cannot.

  34. Super Cisus May 29, 2013

    Way better than Struggleriah

    • CiCi Slaaaaays May 29, 2013

      Lies i don’t even like Mariah but i prefer her over this boring b****

  35. CiCi Slaaaaays May 29, 2013


    im sleep tho.

    that’s the best she got!!!?????????

    • Rosie May 29, 2013

      More entertaining than Cedric doing the same ass back bend every performance.

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Sleep like C-Error’s career?

  36. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    rolls eyes….

    you stan for nicki and you’re going to talk about vocals..

    and the rihanna stans, dont even go there..she’s a bad bish, but lets not even talk about vocals…

    and that lana chick, please..ha…

    I don’t even like xtina..but xtina’s vocals shits on this chick..

    and my opinion is this..yes the chick can sing, but she cannot touch mariah or xtina

  37. Iz (Queen Adele) May 29, 2013

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  38. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    B****? Seriously? She’s sound better than Rihanna. But don’t fucken come at the queen. #Beautiful Vocals slays this one hit wonder

    • Britney Stan May 29, 2013

      Sounds better than Mariah to i seen that American idol performance a

      • MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

        Britney stan talking about vocals. B**** is saved by autotunes,
        Never been iconic tried to be the next madonna but failed. Lady Gaga snatches this b**** you stan in every single.
        Britney stan shouldn’t be talking about vocals because mariahs worst vocals >>> Britney
        Psy >> Britney

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Cut the delusion. Out of the 2 times Mariah has performed Beautiful one was lip synced and the other sounded harsh at best. It aint slaying anyone. And how is she alone hit wonder when she only has 1 official single?

  39. MC May 29, 2013

    She’s so cute like I said before but she should move on from this phase if she knows what’s best for her. Being inspired by someone is one thing, trying to sound someone else is something different. Mariah is Mariah because she didn’t try to sound like no one else but herself. Ariana has potential, she needs the material, marketing, and her own individuality.

    Her cover of Mariah’s “Emotions” was just an exact replica minus the power, versatility, and everything else Mariah is.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

      Jessie J did a rendition in Morocco of that song too. Mariah and Whitney are the standard girl

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

        Don’t forget ‘Aretha, Patti, Tina & Janis’ including MC & Queen Whit. > Every other female singer falls behind.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        They are the standard for the last 30 years. But yeah of course there are some more in music history

  40. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    Only basic h*** call basic vocals slayage! MARIAH the queen is levels above this little girl even almost 24 year later her vocals still reign supreme! it’s a joke to come for Mariah! The other voice is gone R.I.P QUeen Whitney! All these other h*** with give an arm to have Mariah vocals in any Era! You have to be a bunch of damn kids to think other wise….

  41. Rosie May 29, 2013

    Mess @ you all thinking I was shading her. I wasn’t and I actually like Ariana. She has talent and looks better than almost every pop star that has Stan’s on this site.
    Also @HoneychildPlease A+ job describing your own fave!

    • #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

      love u….

      ur my fav on here

  42. #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

    No ma’am i was put to sleep her and Mariah are both overrated

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Mariah aint in her prime but she would still slay Horse-Face Not-Beyonce Rowland.

  43. #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

    Mariah fans look pathetic tho coming for a 10 year old like this smh who arent yall intimidated by…

  44. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    First of all @ Rosie the tranny

    B**** Rihanna is not my fav i just love her music, and her style….2nd if i’m stanning for anyone it would be QUEEN MARIAH h** so don’t even try it!

    • #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

      Flip flopper!!

      Mariah aint s*** anymore so you might aswell stan for R******

      • HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

        @ Dirty b****

        Flip Flopper? Hunty i never claimed to be a stan of Rihanna i did say however i was a fan of her music, and style so what are you talking about??

    • Rosie May 29, 2013

      LOL this is like when the Rihanna Marine Corps accuse me of stanning for Beyonce when I drag her.

  45. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    Rihanna might not have the best vocals, but even her vocals shits on this basic b****!

    • #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

      LMAO lies!!!!!!!! Rihanna vocal competitors are Britney Ciara Cassie etc b****** with basic vocals

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        ^ I’m gonna ignore a kelly rowland fan about live vocals

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013


      *Feeds troll* Next joke please 😀

    • KEY May 29, 2013

      @HONEYCHILDPLEASE b*tch stop lying.

  46. Yaz May 29, 2013

    This was not slayage just because she can hit some whistle notes. Its all very well being able to sing but you need to make it look it natural. She looked like a deer in headlights. No stage presence, nothing. She couldn’t even walk properly. Not hating just being brutally honest.

  47. #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

    I love Rosie she stay reading these Ciara Mariah & Rihanna stans hahaha

  48. KATY BABY May 29, 2013

    I can’t with Ci-Error, Rihanna, nicki and xxltina stans coming for ARIANA GRANDSLAY. She is only 19 her stage presence will improve with time, but her vocals already s*** on most of ur faves

    • #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

      Sings better than katy p too booboo

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        Nicki not a vocalist, though. bye Nor is Katy

  49. #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

    Rosie>>>>>>> HoneyChildPlease

  50. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    This girl can slay
    Ariana>>>Tayor Swift>>selina gomez>>Katy Perry>>Kesha>>Rihanna

    She’s nothing compared to other girls such as mariah,Beyonce,Pink ,Lady Gaga etc B**** is too overrated SIGH!!!!

    • #DirtyLaundry May 29, 2013

      GaGa is a basic vocalists

    • Naomi May 29, 2013

      Your so obsessed with Rihanna get off her nut sack this aint even her post

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      P!nk is debatable. Gaga has no range at all.

      • Touché May 30, 2013

        B**** bye. Range doesn’t equate with being a good vocalist.

  51. HoneychildPlease May 29, 2013

    Please at 19 Mariah was slaying! What’s this b**** excuse though? Oh yeah basic b**** syndrome…

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013


      Please, Mariah was in the midst of recording her debut album at 17 and Whitney was in the midst of recording her debut album at 18.

      “Vision of Love” > 17
      “The Greatest Love of All” > 18

      Who, in the industry today, could EVER?


  52. SLAYLENA GOMEZ May 29, 2013

    ROSIE you must be upset because Come And Get It is higher than any Lana Del Flop single lol

    • Rosie May 29, 2013

      After how long? B**** has been in the business for YEARS and can only get a hit after riding Bieber’s d***.
      And Video Games alone has done better worldwide than every Hoelena single.

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        No one gives a f*** about worldwide. Thats only ppl who never had success in the us.,

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        Girl BAI! You know you’d be screaming WW numbers if Ciara wasn’t [barely] a local act. 😆

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        U better stan for me & cling to my every word..

        Are you saying Aretha Franklin & Patti Labelle are only local successes bc they dont sell 10mil WW each release??

        You got to be kidding me with these fallacies

        3mil in the US, 5 mil WW off ONE ALBUM back in ’05

        2mil WW off second.. BEFORE digital sales…

        who gon check me, boo ? 😆

        U better cling to those 99c statistics & those discounted Cds 😆

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        10M WW with every release isn’t realistic h**.

        Patti and them are successful because they’re LEGENDS. Their music is still in rotation, they are still being honored, selling out shows both domestically AND internationally, and they are still relevant…unlike your court jes…I mean princess 😆

        You said that WW doesn’t matter when in actuality it does, and YOU KNOW IT! Who doesn’t want to be international? Be for real… 🙄

      • Rosie May 29, 2013

        Are you mad because Body Party can’t even chart outside the US? Meanwhile Lana’s album has sold 3.8 million worldwide, only 600k from America. Cedric is a local tranny b****.

  53. Rosie May 29, 2013

    This b**** really just said R****** sings better than Ariana, done.


      They both sing better than Lana though…

      • Touché May 30, 2013


  54. Naomi May 29, 2013


  55. Vegasvixennn May 29, 2013

    A Kelly Rowland stan coming for live vocals? Lets get into ur fave shaky flat live vocals. H** sound like she in the washing machine with her dirty laundry

    • Naomi May 29, 2013


    • Woman To Woman May 29, 2013

      Reeeeead! they swear like Kelly can sing lololol

    • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

      TIME OF DEATH: 4:38PM

  56. Woman To Woman May 29, 2013

    Mariah > this Mexican b****

  57. Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

    Karma’s a b****, there were people in these site who called Madonna fans PRESSED just for say the true about certain WANNABE but now we have ARIANA GRANDE and suddenly i see so many pressed souls, but they’re not pressed, no, no, no, the Lambs could never, leave that to other fanbases, Mariah remains unbothered. Aren’t they lovely? 🙂

    In Mariah’s defence, this girl voice irritates my ears, like i said many times, great vocals doesn’t please everyone’s ears.

    Play: Ironic by Alanis Morissette.

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

      It’s like rain……. On your wedding day!!!

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        It’s a free ride………when you’ve already paid!!!

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

        It’s the good advice……. That ‘John’ just didn’t take!!!

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        Ok, we’re not going to finish the damn song, muahh..

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013


      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        Jared, are you a Mariah or Whitney fan?, i’m confused.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013



        Now, dont get me wrong, I adore Mariah, and always have, but I’ve always been a Whitney fan.

        She was the soundtrack to my life in the 90’s… Madonna and Mariah are close seconds. 😉

        I respect all Legends though.

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        Okay, i do too, well except for Chuck Berry.

      • SIERRA May 29, 2013


        Don’t you DARE disregard Chuck Berry… (Is that what you were doing, lol)

        Fats Domino, Little Richard, BB King, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis >>>>>> Elvis!!!

        I love “The King” but let’s not.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013



        I ABSOLUTELY agree but don’t don’t attack Elvis… @Suicde will go NUTS!!!

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        how you dared?, The King, the most famous man on earth, the best looking man of his time (besides a young Marlon Brando), the best selling Solo musician in the history of recording Music, the man who MJ could not beat, he popularized Rock N’ Roll just like MJ did with Pop, get over it, you must be black, they hate The King.

    • Likica May 29, 2013

      Do you guys like Björk and do you think she’s iconic/legendary?

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        Björk is art personified, i’m a huge fan of her, she is a legend in her own way, too bad she’s not mainstream.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 29, 2013

        Oh, definitely.

        She is probably the biggest, 21st Century Pop Icon but because her music is so alternative- sounding, she doesn’t resonate with mainstream audiences as much.

        Alot of people say Britney but I think that’s only because her music was more popular…

        We love Bjork here in Norway. lol.

  58. Dance Queen May 29, 2013

    Gaga>>>> Madonna
    Ariana>>>>> Mariah
    Keyshia >>>>>> Mary
    Nicki>>>> Kim
    Justin B >>>>>> Justin T
    Trey Songz >>>>>> Rkelly

    • FAF May 29, 2013

      Nah, honey hell no ! RKelly>>>>Trey

      Justin T>>>>Justin B

      Mary>>>Keyshia but I love her 😀

  59. Yeah I Said It May 29, 2013

    Lol this is getting messy.

    • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

      And is only starting Dahhling, just wait till the lambs finish to watch Maria’s good vocals from the 90’s on Youtube.


    You are not making any sense. Which lambs are you talking about? The fake ones?

    both JohnVidal and MC complimented her while giving honest opinions. I have no problems with Ariana either…

    • Bow Down May 29, 2013

      Right once she really starts to blow up the true colors of the lambs will come out you phony h*** dont fool me tbh..

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Lol. Ok hun…

    • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

      Girl, i just love you, 4 real :).

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Wow, well you sure do make it difficult for one to love you back….


      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        Yes, You don’t know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that. 🙂

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Lol. Exactly. Sometimes you are the absolute best, but then you have those days when you really try it and I just end up wanting to smack you…. today is one of those days.

      • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

        I imagine, lol.

  61. Bow Down May 29, 2013

    Mariah fans are so jealous its sad they to old to be so PRESSED!!!


      Jealous of what?
      We are proud honey, proud that our fave managed to make such an impact on today’s artist.

  62. sunshine May 29, 2013

    sounds like she’s singing through her nose…..

  63. Leon Thomas, III May 29, 2013

    I hit it on set. Her p**** tastes like flounder. Shes cute though.and her head game is on point prolly why her voice is So airy. Whatever.

    • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

      No dude blogs about it after they hit. Bye

  64. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    CIARA! One word for you

    • FAF May 29, 2013

      Princess ?

  65. Bee May 29, 2013


    • MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

      And Thiefyonce has stage present?
      Stealing peoples ideas and performing them like they are her own?
      Some beyawnce stans are just crazy.

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        Oh so now you don’t like beyonce? I swear you b****** on here are bipolar!!! 😆

      • FAF May 29, 2013

        Did u just say Beyonce doesn’t have stage presence? LOL………. 😆 😆 😆


    I’m really not here for Beyoncé stans pretending to be lambs so Mariah can get “dragged!”

  67. bravo!!! May 29, 2013

    Bottom line she Will never be Mariah Carey..Now youtube Vision of love A cappella then get back @ me…Ariana Grande tried it with her A cappella. She only have one note that favors Mrs. Diva Carey now, when she starts saying full words in that note then ill say she slayed Mariah…Ya better listen to Mariah Carey song “Bliss” Mariah said words in that one note Ariane Grande keep belting out. I say so myself Ariana Grande is Mariah Carey now, not Mariah Carey of the past.

      • bravo!!! May 29, 2013

        What Mariah Carey Vocal range & what Ariana Grande? Ariana Grande on her performance sang over her track…Mariah when younger would have never!!


      Yes, the acapella version of VOL slayz! She held that last note like a boss diva b****.

  68. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    I like this girl. She’s got a very catchy voice but you can’t say she’s better than Mimi. That’s a lie. I hate liars

  69. Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

    Ummmm this post is a hot mess!!! Poor Ariana. That’s exactly why I hate when people call artists the next so and so. Let them have their own identity! It sets them up for failure IMO….

    • Lolz May 29, 2013

      But shes not helping herself with the Mariah imitations.

    • Touché May 30, 2013

      Too bad. She should have thought about that before trying so hard to sound like Mariah. I mean didn’t she learn anything from Leona Lewis?

  70. DOSSOME May 29, 2013

    The moment i saw over 100 comments for this post,i knew Mariah’s would be thrown in and dominate the whole post….& best of luck with her album DAYDREAMin

    *plays Mariah’s EMOTIONS*

  71. FAF May 29, 2013

    This girl can sing. PERIOD. This is her first televised performance of this song. She’s proven she has range. Y’all better thank god TV shows didn’t care about most of y’all faves for their debut performances. Hell, 20 yrs & some of them still stiff AF on stage…..

  72. MC May 29, 2013

    JohnVidal…. I’m around just not as active as before. What’s the point of arguing with dumb people who don’t know the difference between their left and right.

    Slayriah… Just ignore the pressed souls. They say the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. For all the times that everyone was attacking Mariah only John, Dossome, Common Sense, The Man , you and I were present. Now that her single is doing well for her all these souls wanna get pressed and he’ll bent lol and complain about payloa when their faves use the same things. Lol

    I mean you just gotta let them click on these threads and bring her name up in every post. They think of get more than the stans do.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

      You are my fave!

      • MC May 29, 2013

        My comment got deleted but I feel the same way ♥

  73. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    If they didn’t bring Mariah Carey this mess wouldn’t been messy. Leave her alone, she’s a flop and can’t sing anymore! Leave her and stop comparing her to your faves

    • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

      So now you’re saying that your “FAVE” is a flop and cannot sing anymore? What kind of trollery….??? 😯

      • MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

        According to yall. Mariah can’t sing! She’s a flop! She’s fat! Why do you keep bringing her to every posts if she’s that irrelevant?
        This girl is inspired by Mariah and yes she can sing and its cute but you don’t fucken say that she’s better than legenday carey that’s just absurd and rather pathetic only basic b****** will say that.

  74. mr.m May 29, 2013

    Her technique is SO between Mariah and Xtina
    I’m confused .. I think she’s trying too hard
    X’s riffs and runs .. Mariah’s whistles and style
    BUT she’s a VERY good singer .. well, of course!
    She just need an identity at the moment
    This song is so Mariah-ish
    AND there always be one Man-iah. No competition.

  75. DOSSOME May 29, 2013

    So with her debut album called DAYDREAMin,can we expect her to name her next albums BUTTERFLIES,GLITTERING,RAINBOW COLORS,EMOTIONAL,MUSIC BOXES,BRACELET,THE EMANCIPATION OF GRANDE etc…

    Like i said,she’s very beautiful,talented and best of luck to her

    • FAF May 29, 2013

      Maybe. I think that’s cute. 😀

    • Suicide Blonde May 29, 2013

      Lol, just exactly what i want, you see, we love to make fun of these wannabes, just admit it dammit.
      Here’s Lady Gaga’s Artpop track list.

      1- Like a Monster
      2- La Isla Monsterita
      3- American Cake
      4- Express This Way
      5- Bollywood
      6- Monsters Gone Wild
      7- Turn Up The Vinyl
      8- Material Trans
      9- Ray of Flies
      10- Lucky Moon
      11- Mad for You
      12- Who’s that Monster.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

        Gaga has only being inspired by a couple of Madonna songs: Born this Way and Dance in the Dark. Rest of Gaga´s catalogue has nothing to do with Madonna, nor has her vocal style, nor had her debut. We´ll see with this Ariana girl, but I don´t see it for her

    • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

      What does Daydreamin have to do with those titles? The ultimate reach.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Mariah has an album called “Daydream” (1995).

      • Daydreamin May 29, 2013

        Lol that explains it. I grew up on “We Belong Together” Mariah. I only know her recent stuff. I want to get into her older stuff too though

  76. SIERRA May 29, 2013


    Is it just me or is @MariahIsMusic1 also @Jake, Hop-Scotch, Thor (The #1 Lamb), Damien, Kate Middleton, Sybil, Rihanna Black Madonna and Leroy???

    I CANT AT THESE B******!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    • MC May 29, 2013

      My detective skills tell me the same thing. 😆

    • Touché May 30, 2013

      I don’t think they’re Kate Middleton or Sybil. I mean Kate and Sybil were doing the most on this site, writing all those paragraphs about nonsense.

  77. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    wait a f****** minute….a kelly rowland stan is talking about mimi’s vocals?

    ahahahahahahahahahaah….let me give you a little piece of advice @the kelly stan….

    tell kelly she needs to get out of beyonce’s p**** first..than maybe, maybe people would give two f**** about her..

    the thing is kelly can sing…but the kelly stans needs to stay in their lane..


      Mariah is Kelly’s fave. She said that she wanted to be just like Mimi. #influence

      • Navy Sailor May 29, 2013

        Oh yeah Kelly did sing “Fantasy” at a BET event. It was Fantasy, wasn’t it?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Yeah, it was Fantasy. Kelly did a really good job.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

        if mariah is kelly’s fav..why are her stans on here bashing her?
        like I said kelly can sing, but her stans act like the broad is above and beyond mariah…

        let say I stan for rihanna, and rihanna likes britney spears..

        and people are bashing a rihanna stan, I’m not going to be bashing britney..because both britney and rihanna are cool..

        so bashing britney would make me look pathetic

      • Rach May 29, 2013

        ^But you bash Beyoncé though and Rihanna said Beyoncé is her idol so I guess you are pathetic 😀

  78. FAF May 29, 2013

    When ppl pay homage to y’all faves you have a problem like Ariana’s already done by saying how much she influences her. You can’t always be on top. Mariah has to become a legend one day and sit down, too.

  79. Lolz May 29, 2013

    Wow people are tearing this girl to shreads. Has Mariah acknowledged her? I can imagine her being really shady.

  80. Mark111 May 29, 2013

    This girl is it! She’s the next one. For the MC fans, shut up! Your b**** wasn’t singing nowhere near this good. Now to say she’s taking MC spot is stupid, cause that’s a huge mount to climb, but I will say this, those disney and ex-disney girls days are numbered. With that said, she needs to work on her stage presence, but her vocals was on point.

    • Mark111 May 29, 2013

      I meant to put “MC wasn’t singing nowhere near that good LAST WEEK.”

      • Touché May 30, 2013

        Because she has vocal nodules and is way past her prime dumbass. Come back when your fave’s vocal “technique” is better than Mariah’s.

      • Mark111 May 30, 2013

        Oh we can tell, it’s you goat who can’t accept it. “But in 1990” lol, stfu.


    I wonder if Mariah knows who Ariana is…

    • Mark111 May 29, 2013

      She’ll probably have an issue with her, just like MC having an issue with every singer. (Madonna, J.lo, Nicki, Xtina and others.) Face it, MC is the Lil Kim in the Pop world, old and bitter.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Madonna took the first shots back in 95

        JLo was involved in some mix up with Mottolla.

        Nicki came for Mariah as much as Mariah came for her.

        Xtina showed up uninvited to Mimi’s party.


      • Mark111 May 29, 2013

        Oh I’m sorry, it’s the world, not the person that everyone you name has an issue with.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 29, 2013

        Celebrities have beefs all the time…. just like any NORMAL person. I’m pretty sure that you have had some sort of issue with someone at some point. Am I wrong?

      • Mark111 May 29, 2013

        Yes, but if everyone I’m around say “Mark is rude”, then there must be a reason why everyone are saying the same thing. No one likes a diva.

    • MC May 29, 2013

      Well she has met Nick so I assume that she has heard of her.

  82. Jess May 29, 2013

    Well theres a different between taking influences from your fave and trying to be a carbon copy of them. Arianna’s put this kind of criticism on herself tbh. Because she will ALWAYS be compared to Mariah now she wont have her own identity.

  83. truth May 29, 2013

    its sad that Mariah fans are trying to come for this chick… she KILLED THIS SONG even somewhat better than the studio version, Ariania is Ariana and if we were going by CURRENT FACTS she is SLAYING Mariah’s #Beautiful soo you guys will HAVE to deal…. this was here 1st TV performance and it was really good.


    • truth May 29, 2013

      slaying #beautiful on the charts*

    • JOHNVIDAL May 29, 2013

      Not that it would mean anything… but that song is not even slaying Mariah´s 2000th single, they are having about the same success

      • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

        The Way has sold over 760k in the U.S alone. How is it having about the same success? The delusion.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 30, 2013

        Has it been released the same week or something? lol You´re so damn basic hun. And if she doesn´t kill it right now, she won´t. People like Leona Lewis seemed to really be the next big vocalist around 2008, way more and better than Ariana, and looks what happened with her second album. And Leona really had a HUGE hit single and album. Don´t make me laugh

  84. MariahIsMusic1 May 29, 2013

    She’s a great singer. Mariah fans don’t hate her. I’m just annoyed because people are claiming that she’s better than mariah like really? Anyways
    Plays *Against All odds*….

  85. Daydreamin May 29, 2013

    This post got so messy real quick. You trolls really tried with the Cher Lloyd and Rihanna comparisons.

  86. HOTSTUFF May 29, 2013

    PUH-LEASE she’ll never be MC. She has no soul in her voice like MC, her vibratos are nothing like MC, her attempt at the end to whistle was -__-… Remember Leona Lewis who was supposed to snatch MCs wig? LOL. SIT YALL ASSES DOWN WITH THE DELUSIONS.

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      B**** sit all the way the f*** down. We both know Rihanna couldn’t do better on her best day (refer to her struggle AI performance of California King Bed) but do you honestly think Ariana could do better today?

  87. Ddrew May 29, 2013

    Is the talent level so low these days that we get excited by something like this? Yeah she’s ok but nothing special. Even over rated Leona Lewis is better than this girl.

  88. Chica May 29, 2013

    Is the talent level so low these days that we get excited by something like this? Yeah she’s ok but nothing special. Even over rated Leona Lewis is better than this girl.

  89. HOTSTUFF May 29, 2013

    This will sound ridiculous, but Rihanna can’t sing hero, and MC can’t sing pon de replay. What i’m trying to say is that comparing them is NONSENSE, they are both different superstars and each one has a place. With Rihanna being an iconic pop star with her unique tone and Mariah a vocal legend. There’s no place for a cheap discounted counterfeit version of MC.

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Mariah could sing Pon De Replay and would probably sing it 20x better than Rihanna. There’s no place for talentless puppet pop stars, Britney is enough.

    • Lala May 29, 2013

      Unique tone? What sounding like a goat? B**** please cut the bull crap Rihanna is not a vocalist point blank period. She is not known for her voice.

  90. Legendtina May 29, 2013

    It wasn’t perfect but for her 1st t.v performance she did great. Im rooting for her to win tbh. She and Demi Lovato give me hope for the next generation of female pop acts. Much better than vocaless Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and way better than Miley.

  91. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013


    I get your point…rihanna is not a great singer but, the music she sings goes with her voice..she’s versatile

    not everybody can sing what she sings….hell i love mimi..but i cannot imagine her singing rude boy…lol

    I don’t think you were throwing shade..

  92. Musiclova101 May 29, 2013

    ewwwwwwwww i don’t like her voice at all sound like she straining..#Nogawd no no no at least mariah has different tones this b**** got one tone and it’s annoying.Mariah then and now !

  93. Hesings May 29, 2013

    She is 19, give her a chance to come into her own and just enjoy the voice.

  94. h2o May 29, 2013


    As vocalists :

    Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Whitney >> Mariah >>>>>>>>>> Ariana

    • Grande The Way May 29, 2013

      Whitney is the Vocal Bible. Beyonce can not touch her. Not even close. Even on Whitney’s worse day.

      • h2o May 29, 2013

        What part of the word “opinion” is that hard to understand?

  95. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    I love how people love to throw britney’s name around every single post..

    for a broad who’s not talented she sure stays on people’s mind….

    last time i check britney is a legend sitting on her throne….the b**** ain’t got s*** to prove to nobody..madonna who’s the queen of pop, said herself britney is the next queen..

    and fyi, britney has never been known for her singing voice..the bish shut down everybody when it came down to entertaining..hence why alot of you favs stay swagger jacking her moves…look it up

  96. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    I hate when people are quick to call others HATER, when they don’t like their favs..but they never want to give props to others…bitter much..?

    rihanna, and britney are not vocalist, people don’t buy their music to hear them sing..they buy their music because the music is hot or the have a great album..

    if I want to hear great vocalist, I have jazmine sullivan, mariah, kelly price, tamia, celine dion, sade, anita baker, xtina, fantasia, those broad can sing circles around any basic broads

  97. ratedxxx(next broad) May 29, 2013

    yelling over a beat, does not make you a vocalist…

    trying to sound soulful does not make you a vocalist

    singing the same I’m the s***, nobody can touch me, on every song does not make you a vocalist…

  98. bravo!!! May 29, 2013

    Let really compare!! We should be comparing when Mariah Carey was her age or when Mariah Carey first came out. What mariah Carey octave range & what Grande range so, if your going to compare…compare the young Mariah Carey but again it only comparing she will never be Mariah.

  99. bravo!!! May 29, 2013

    Like i said!! When she sings a whole sentence in her high range Like Mariah Carey then maybe ill see a comparsion…Until then have a “Bliss” day

  100. ZIGGY STARDUST May 29, 2013

    I may be in the minority here, but her voice was actually a little annoying to me. The high pitch notes were cool, but other than that, she was just “alright” to me.

  101. Marcus May 29, 2013

    You cant compare her to Mariah a legend. She has talent and sings better than her peers. Rihana etc.. She is not even close to Mariah, Whitney, Xtina.

    • Heauxsitdown May 29, 2013

      Xtina isn’t close to Mariah & Whitney. S***, Xtina isn’t even close to Xtina anymore. Her vocals went downhill in the Mid 2000’s. Ariana is only 19. She has vocal talent. She has much more training, grooming and nurturing to do. Look at Beyonce when she was 19, and look at her now….

  102. Music May 29, 2013

    Selena Gomez sucks. End of story. I don’t care about Ariana
    But id rather listen to her on the radio anyday than that no talent annoying b****.
    And to that dumbass Selena fan reading this, prepare to get butthurt b****.

  103. Had live May 29, 2013

    Wow she is so good flopriah who?

  104. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

    the Number of comments indicates that this girl has something to make Stans of other artist(s) feel threatened.

    The Girl Is a Lil Diva , her Voice is amazing and she is more interesting to me Tbh, also she Sang Live.

  105. Todd May 30, 2013

    Madness! Comparing her to MC or whoever , based on the fact that shes got a big voice, is beyond dumb.Having a voice is amazing ! Having a SOUL and abilities to show it through your VOICE and LYRICS is priceless.

  106. Gilberto May 30, 2013

    I have never heard of her or that song, but her song is a rip-off of Mariah Carey’s Emotions and Fantasy. They didn’t even try to hide it. Pathetic! How did they dare? Even her tune is very similar to Mimi’s. Have a seat, girl, and find your own voice.

  107. Jordin Love June 2, 2013

    To be comparing a newbie to a legend like Mariah says a lot so negative comments or positive, she must be doin somethin right. Also you are comparing her to ppl who have been in the game for years when this is her mainstream DEBUT so she hasn’t even grown yet or found herself. So for her to be on the level she already is on says a lot too. This is the first single, so we don’t even know how the rest of her music will sound. & she’s just getting use to the stage so instead of tearing her down so fast, see what happens first. even legends like Mariah & Whitney had to learn before they owned the stage in every way.

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