Cover Star: Lolaca Sings Beyonce’s ‘Standing On The Sun’

Published: Saturday 11th May 2013 by Sam

After a brief rest on the bench, Cover Star is back! This week spotlight’s Berlin beauty  Lolaca Manhisse, who tackles Beyonce‘s latest song ‘Standing On The Sun’. How did she fare? Find out below…


The full version of the Sia-penned number may not be out yet, however – like most King B cuts- it’s clear this is yet another song that only the skilled should attempt. And skilled, Lolaca is. Indeed, a few diction issues aside, she held her own, breezing through the track’s varied vocal tones and textures well. We like…do you?

For more on Lolaca, check out her Youtube page here.


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  1. Jennefer May 11, 2013

    I love how even tho Beyonce isn’t releasing full songs people are still covrering her snippets. Shows how excited people are for her to release new music. She sounds good by the way.

  2. Jennefer May 11, 2013

    First a celebrity covered Grown Woman now another celebrity is covering Standing On The Sun!! Good Job Bey! People are ready for new music!

    • Rita is Queen May 11, 2013

      This girl is famous? i thought she was some random chick

      • Jennefer May 11, 2013

        @ritaisqueen She is famous but she isn’t one of those highly famous people..kinda like a B list star

    • Jennefer May 11, 2013

      Whoa….Why did this get 95 dislikes. All I did was state facts.

  3. Rita is Queen May 11, 2013

    She has a cute voice.. this is a cute song release it already beyonce

  4. Jennefer May 11, 2013

    Anyways guys Beyonce has been the most searched up person on YouTube ths year! All because of Pepsi,her snippets,and GQ.

  5. MariahIsMusic1 May 11, 2013

    Lol we are living in Beyonce’s world. She gives every celebrity goosebumps its weird

  6. Rach May 11, 2013

    Jeez the full song aint even released and people are already covering it!

  7. Loyalty May 11, 2013

    She sang it nice. Beyoncé you better to release this song as the single, if she releases something else first i’ll be pissed because this song has a lot of potential. Especially for summer season.

  8. MariahIsMusic1 May 11, 2013

    Her Star Power is amazing. Lot of artists wish to have that.
    I think this song is great, she must just release it as a single

  9. Tiffany22534 May 11, 2013


  10. . : : h 2 o : : . May 11, 2013


    • HoneychildPlease May 11, 2013

      I hope that’s not you in that AVI hunty….That face is fortunate if’s a face only a hood hive member could accept with open arms..

      • HoneychildPlease May 11, 2013


      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 11, 2013

        ^^ Until it is released IN FULL to mainstream radios as a single, you can stuff a Jay-Z – sized d*** in that cocksucking mouth of yours with those FLOP predictions :mrgreen:

        And her last album underperformed doesn’t have anything with her NEW album’s commercial success, she’s not the first artist in history to have an underperforming album in a 15-year career . .

        Ask the one you worship on daily – Rihanna . . she has 5 of them already, 70% her albums discography have been underperforming/flop albums.

  11. HoneychildPlease May 11, 2013

    THis song is cute, but not radio worthy! Beyonce knows it will FLOP because no1 else is talking about it but the Hood hive! it’s an album filler…IJS

    • Yolo May 11, 2013

      Honey, how is it a flop when it hasn’t been released? The commercial had millions of views on youtube.

      • HoneychildPlease May 11, 2013

        Views on YOUTUBE don’t matter hunty you should know that…I said she knows IT WILL be a FLOP…If your last album flopped commercially, and you are suppose to be this mega star wouldn’t you be scared to release new music too?? and you proclaim yourself to be a KING? It’s a cute song like i stated before but it’s not single worthy in my won’t do much or probably even top the hot 100…

      • Yolo May 11, 2013

        You attitude is just ridiculous and biased lol. People have dips in their career. Do you not remember Glitter? Then she came back fighting.

    • Kelvin May 11, 2013

      Umm how is noone talking bout it but people are doing covers to it? You do realize that not every person that likes beyonce is part of the beyhive stupid,….the beyhive is way for stans to come together as one and show appreciation for beyonce anyone else is just a fan. There are plenty of people who want this song released. Its a great song for the summer and it would be a billboard hit but its clear that shes not gonna release it because its in the commercial

    • Yolo May 11, 2013

      @Kelvin Thank you. This dumbass is just in denial.

    • Yolo May 11, 2013

      If you know anything about radio, you would know this song is actually very commercial sounding and has crossover appeal actually.

  12. Yolo May 11, 2013


  13. theman May 11, 2013

    She sounded AMAZING !! Beautiful Girl !!!!

  14. Sass May 11, 2013

    This was a good cover, well done girl!

  15. TeamBreezy May 11, 2013

    I need these delusional beyonce fans to wake the f*** up and realize theres a reason mrs carter hasnt released not ONE damn single since january

    • Kyle May 11, 2013

      Yeah, because shes touring with 4 first. Dont worry about Beyonce anyway, go worry about Chris and flop china and them mess of vocals.

  16. Kyle May 11, 2013

    This was cool. People already covering a song that hasnt even been heard in full though>>>>>

  17. Ropeburn May 11, 2013

    Thiefonce must have been “inspired” by that s*** Rihanna’ Diamonds so now she went out and got Sia to write a song for her too. Could this girl be any more obvious? Anyway, I just hope they didn’t dangle Sia over the side of a balcony(a la Vanilla Ice) to get her to sign away rights to the song and residuals.

    • Emmy May 12, 2013

      Sia is friends with Solange before Rihanna came on to the equation so sit.

  18. Emmy May 12, 2013

    Good cover. Didnt realize she was a celeb

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