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Published: Wednesday 1st May 2013 by Sam

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Eve is back!

Eleven long years have passed since the fiery femcee blessed the industry with a studio album. However, next month sees the star open a new musical chapter with comeback LP ‘Lip Lock’.

In the making since 2007, the ‘She Bad Bad’ led project has survived two record deals and will finally arrive on the rapper’s independent imprint From The Rib Music on May 14th in the US. A European release is scheduled for later this Summer.

Watch above as Eve opens up on her hiatus, ‘Lip Lock’, labels, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and more. As ever, we ask the questions you really want answers to!

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  1. Trev May 1, 2013

    fyi it’s Iggy Azalea who Eve wouldn’t work with

    • realist May 1, 2013

      sam please slow down when you ask the questions. Its like you rush to get them all out and seems you dont listen to what she says but just rush onto the next one.

      Have some booze to calm ya down son!

    • GoldenGoddess May 26, 2013

      How do you know?

  2. Azalean Queen May 1, 2013

    Iggy dont want to do a track with you anyway you flop b****.

    Watch The New Classic outsell this flop album

    • LaurieBlue. May 1, 2013

      B**** bye!! Atleast Eve has a Platinum and a 2x Platinum plaque to her name!! When the F*** will iggy flopzalea??? Thats right NEVER!! So go sit down on that bench over there in the middle of miami with ur fav!!

    • the real xoxo May 1, 2013

      are you retarded?
      you are comparing a debut album from a hyped artist to a rapper almost 15 years into their career who hasnt dropped an album in over a decade.

  3. truth(Nicki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for re-up and still went platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) May 1, 2013

    Nicki come get this flop!

    • HALF AMAZIN May 2, 2013

      And why don’t you go and get your own username?

      The real truth would never!

      And in his words…..You B****!

  4. Navy Sailor!!! May 1, 2013

    Eve…… Just no…..

  5. IDK May 1, 2013

    I liked this interview a lot. And she is right, people do want it to only be 1 female doin it out here. Cant wait to see the day that changes.

    • opd2 May 1, 2013

      But it always bin like that even back in her A day,she making it seems like that sh-t just started the other day,you people have short term memory are what.

      • IDK May 2, 2013

        Ummm no, I gotta disagree with you on that. All the (few) female rappers that was out in Eve’s era all had a huge fan base may not have been equal but they all were FAAAAAR from small. If you compare the females back then to now. You would see a huge difference. So idk what you talking about on that note.

  6. Paigon85 May 1, 2013

    Oh eve I like she was honest about it and she was nice to say leave nicki
    Alone but when you hear her new song it’s like she aim towards her
    Listen to her verse on eve I thinks she being nice to sell and talking
    About her getting chewed out about talk about other female rappers
    Anyway I hope she dose good !!!!

    • IDK May 1, 2013

      IDK @PAIGON85, rappers, Nicki, Jayz, Luda, Trina, T.I. etc do it all the time, throw subliminal shots. Who knows who they’re talking about unless they name situations or names, then we talking. Other than that I just think its healthy hip hop.

    • the real xoxo May 1, 2013

      so what? its hip-hop! almost every rapper throws subliminal shots.
      Nicki herself has been throwing shots ever since the start of her career, but when she does it y’all justify it.

      • IDK May 2, 2013

        SAY it again! Please them know. smh .

  7. Super Cisus May 1, 2013

    You people know damn well yall ain’t buying her album lmao this flop

  8. Why? Why? Why? May 1, 2013

    Why do these females continue to take shots at Nicki? In interviews Eve be giving Nicki her props but still be dissing her in her songs. BI-POLAR? I hope Nicki never responds to the bs. These chicks are so intimidated by Nicki’s success they don’t know whether to DISS her or DAP her. Eve’s bipolar a** is doing both. LMAO! Eve is gonna flop so hard.

    • opd2 May 1, 2013

      True and them same people accused nicki of the same thing,but when Eve are anyone else do,s it,they let it slid…Like that new Eve song everyone knows that she was sending shots Nicki way..but they all turn a def ears..but when nicki drops a track they fine teeth comb it,and make everything in the verse about someone else..bias hypocrit f-ckers.

      • IDK May 2, 2013


  9. HeadBarbInCharge May 1, 2013

    LMAO! This 2001 ass broad keeps Nickis name in her mouth. Nicki ain’t thinking about this HAS BEEN. And btw: Eves music is just as POP as nicki’s fucc outta here haters!!! I predict this album will sell 2k in the first week. 5k tops.


  10. Avi May 1, 2013

    Real hip hop, unlike nicki who does silly teenybopper dance-rap for gay boys.

    • k May 1, 2013

      you calling all Nicki fans gay,and talking about she isn’t doing real hip-hop..but isn’t franky ocean who came out the other day and is one of the biggest thing in hip-hop now and he is gay,i bet you have that channel orange bumping like it,s no tomarrow..but you want to call out Nickis music and her fans..sigh so bias.

  11. Passion Prince May 1, 2013

    Eve who?????
    Queen Minaj all day f*** this flop

  12. Just Thinking…. May 1, 2013

    Even though I love them both……I truly think that it’s only FAIR. Ever since the very beginning, Nicki has been dissin all the females,not just Kim. Why did Nicki DISS Eve on her own song for NO DAMN REASON???? I still don’t understand that, because when did Eve ever bother her? And you can CLEARLY hear the disrespect. But I do think that Eve does have a genuine respect for Nicki…on a certain level. Like I said, I love Nicki too, but I must be honest and Keep it all the way real, some of the things that she says and does when it comes to the other female emcees raises eyebrows. After the “My Chick Bad Remix” was completed, Nicki was asked in an interview if she would keep in touch with the other rappers on the song, and she clearly said “None of them b****** matter they ain’t important.” Even the interviewer was thrown off. That was so mean and uncalled for. So, this may be payback, but I’m not 100% sure. You may forgive….but you NEVER forget.

    • opd2 May 1, 2013

      Did it ever cross your mind that there is another side to the story..listen to there verses on that,my chick bad remix.

    • Trev May 2, 2013

      lol what in the actual hell are you talkn about? PLEASE show me these bars of her dissing a specific rapper PRIOR to Kim’s attempt to get back in the game in 2010…and the interview where Nicki said this…Trina and Nicki are cool so i know that’s bs

      • Just Thinking…. May 2, 2013

        Nicki Minaj- Tambourine (2007)
        “Guess who’s next TO GET BODIED when I catch YOU IN YOUR MASERATI….ehhh” Who else could she had been talking about? When in the ORIGINAL version by Eve, she starts out saying “E V E comin through IN A MASERA”
        (which as we all know is short for maserati) I’m not the only one who kinda thought that was a diss….but like I said it was just a thought.

  13. the real xoxo May 1, 2013

    i love Eve! she is a top 5 female MC easily.

  14. truth tea (take a sip) May 1, 2013

    TGJ please stop doing hip-hop interviews.
    You care more about collaborations and billboard statistics rather than the BARS.

  15. luv it! May 1, 2013

    Attractive, articulate, ambitious…how could any record label try to f her over? I’ve always loved Eve. She should definitely try to get her music optioned into as many commercials as possible…that’s where the $$ is for independents. I think there are agents/attorneys who are good at getting those placements.

  16. Vandrea May 1, 2013

    I love how non-ratchet she is…and Eve was a stripper. Unlike certain other female rappers, Eve grew up and became a woman…while other so-called “female rappers” try their best to look and act like they’re still 18, despite being 30.

    • QUEEN MINAJ May 2, 2013

      lmfaoo so you look up to a stripper
      i cant :’)
      slay yourself

      • XXX May 3, 2013

        and you look up to a plastic doll…so what’s your point?

        at least eve is real and not just an ass with one verse she always repeats

  17. BarbzRUS May 2, 2013

    Iggy is a fake ass so even if I didn’t like Eve I’d agree with her. Her story about being alone in Miami at 16 is such b******* and the fact she thinks anyone believes her is just ugh.

  18. unforgettable May 2, 2013


  19. FOOLISHNESS May 2, 2013


  20. jdbjvbksadbv May 2, 2013

    I LOVE HER!!!!

  21. Kyle May 2, 2013

    This was a GREAT interview. I have missed Eve and I am so glad she is back! Eve, if you are reading this, you’re my FAVORITE FEMALE RAPPER and I will be BUYING your album on May 14th!!! She is so well spoken, classy and positive. I don’t know why Nicki Minaj fans hate on her so much because that answer she gave where she defended Nicki was the most respectful answer I have heard from any female rapper regarding Nicki Minaj. Keep doing your thing Eve! So glad you are back.

  22. Jackieyonce May 2, 2013

    I miss your sitcom

  23. nicko May 2, 2013

    flip flopping h** ! u diss Nicki in your songs and u say nice thing about her in your interwiews !! I hope QUEEN NICKI is not going to pay attention to that H** !

  24. Shawnee D May 2, 2013

    If Eve Is Such A F****** Flop Why Are You Wack Ass H*** Watching Her Interview? All You Haters Are Secretly Loving Eve. Y’all Need To Realize That Eve Ain’t Going No Where No Matter How Much Hate You Send To Her. Eve Is Still The S*** And I’ll Always Buy Eve’s Albums Over Nicki’s.

  25. kythaman2u May 2, 2013

    LOL@how the people calling her a “flop” stay checking for news about her. When TGJ reports on someone who I think is a joke and/or is so past their prime that they don’t warrant an article, I don’t bother to even read or open the post…let alone leave a comment, because I consider them unworthy of my time and feedback.

    Haters are as important to artists careers as stans, because like stans…haters are pressed, which means that they care. They care SO much, in fact, that they can’t stop talking about them — which keeps them “relevant.” The oxymoron of someone caring enough to say that no one cares is just precious!

    So keep on flooding Eve posts (and the posts of other artists who you supposedly dislike) with silly “flop” messages. All that’s doing is increasing the # of comments, inadvertently creating more hype/buzz about her here, which can ONLY help her. 😉

    It’s always fun to point out the stupidity of the naysayer. lol

    • msteefromdc May 3, 2013

      damn your comment is the only one that actually makes sense. You definitely hit the nail on the head…
      o well what can you say?


  26. Bizcore: keslia’s blogs May 3, 2013

    Watch: That Grape Juice Interviews Eve | ..::That Grape Juice // || Thirsty?

  27. XXX May 3, 2013

    I don’t get it…the last time she tried to release the album she had amazing songs (tambourine and the song with sean paul were bangers) and she did not release the damn thing.

    Now she has that s***** pop song and the other one, which is just ok. did one of them chart?

    Honestly, I don’t think the album will be good, so why is she going to release it now?

    • Kyle May 3, 2013

      It’s called…LABEL POLITICS. “Tambourine” and the song with Sean Paul didn’t take off as expected when she was on Interscope and they kept pushing the album back. Now that Eve is independent and running the show all by HERSELF, she is able to release the album whenever she pleases; whether the songs take off or not. I think she’s just comfortable and isn’t trying to compete with anyone. She knows her fans have been waiting YEARS and YEARS for new music so there is no pushing it back now. I don’t think the album will sell well but as an Eve fan, I’m excited to FINALLY get my hands on a new Eve album and I could care less if it sells 150,000 copies first week or 1,000 copies. At the end of the day, she’s making her money.

      • xxx May 3, 2013

        ok, I know bout label politics but I did not know that she is an independent artist now…that clears things up. thank you

        I was just wondering why it’ll be released now when the singles do not perform any better than they did 5 years ago (which is a shame)

  28. /.\ May 4, 2013

    Eve is back

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