Dawn Richard Reveals New Album Title, Due Date

Published: Sunday 16th Jun 2013 by Rashad

We may be on the horizon of a highly anticipated reunion of Danity Kane, but that has not stopped a certain Dawn Richard from pushing her solo agenda.

Kicking off 2013 with the explosive, ‘Bombs’ featured EP ‘GoldenHeart’, now Richard has taken to Twitter to tease its forthcoming follow-up.

Christened ‘BlackHeart’ and said to be the second in a trilogy of albums, the announcement of its accompanying era was escorted by a date that sent fans into a frenzy.  Her success in 2013 may have only just begun…


Well, roll on October!  If the offerings of ‘Blackheart’ are anywhere near the melting pot of funk, hip hop, R&B, and pop, then we welcome it with open arms.  As ‘Golden’ certainly gave fans their initial taste of what Richard was capable of on the solo tip, here’s hoping its follow-up is what blasts her into the well-deserved spotlight she deserves.

This, followed up by a long overdue Danity Kane reunion, could spell a great season for the ‘Save Me From U’ songstress!

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  1. Monstarebel June 16, 2013

    2 Days after my 21st Birthday awesome!

  2. DEExDOPE June 16, 2013

    She Need To Promot her music more, to talented for people to not love her!

  3. JP June 16, 2013

    I have both of her albums. <3 Dawn and looking forward to the next album…this chick right here is the truth.

  4. opd2 June 16, 2013

    she creative.

  5. Campsyo June 16, 2013

    Nice song

  6. Jojo June 17, 2013

    Dawn is the brave heart of music!-she not signed to any major label , but is a independent artist. Dawn is a straight up winner in the game of music. She doesn’t need big name artists, and she proved that music can once again but truly enjoyed. Dawn do your thing girl-I’m loving you and your music.

  7. Lalaloo June 17, 2013

    good for all the DK ladies that they are still working on their solo projects and working on the DK reunion.

    I remember that Diddy was giving all kinds of shade towards Aubrey for doing Broadway whilst being in DK. So I guess it’s smart that they combine their solo projects with DK, will make them stronger as a group in the end. Does make me wonder why D Woods won’t join the group it’s not like she is the only one doing side-projects. Heck, if Dawn can do it, then she most certainly can!

    Besides that… I’m really curious for the new DK4 sound. I hope they combine Aubrey’s slutty pop with Shannon’s country, Dawn’s indie Urban and Aundrea’s latin pop and give us something fresh.

  8. Literati Rhapsody June 17, 2013

    I mean did the author of this piece do the slightest bit of work. Bombs was not Featured on Goldenheart. Bombs was on her EP Armour On which was released sometime last year not 2013. Goldenheart her first official solo album (& no I’m not counting the Dawn Angelique album because clearly it was under another name) was release January of 2013. I mean a little editing and fact checkin go a long way.

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