Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Grown Woman’ Live At The ‘Sound Of Change’

Published: Saturday 1st Jun 2013 by David


It’s finally here!

Yes, after what seemed like an eternity, tonight saw Chime For Change deliver the epic showing that was the ‘Sound Of Change‘, featuring a stellar performance from Pop Queen Beyonce.

In the mood for some cause driven partying?

Press play for ‘Grown Woman’ below…


Just when we thought we couldn’t love the song enough, the fire and polished pizzazz Beyonce served in this performance has us begging for an iTunes releas…for both the live and official versions.

Your thoughts?

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  1. My Forehead Tho June 1, 2013

    She proved tonight why she should never be compared to anybody else, ever. As a performer, she’s in a league all by herself.

    Oh, and yassss @ Beyonce singing legends’ songs better than they could

    • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

      No shade but J.Lo and Mary are awesome performers.

      • jesu June 1, 2013

        and pink and janet…

    • King B June 1, 2013

      @Suicideblonde you know damn well you was not checking for them so have several seats..

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        Why are you mad, i’m praising your girl, i’m just saying that other are great performers too, no need to say she is the best, every one has something that the other lack.

    • live4now June 1, 2013

      If she should never be compared to anybody else stop shading other artists…it’s tacky as hell and it just shows how pressed you are.

    • KIKI34 June 1, 2013

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    • All hail Ariyah, Queen of the Grandenites!!! June 2, 2013

      Please tell me what was so EPIC about this performance?

  2. Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

    Rude Boy…….INSPIRED….Anyway, J.Lo and Mary J. Blige were awesome, The Queen of Pop MADONNA….it’s no singing Grown Woman tho.

    • King B June 1, 2013

      B**** please how she was inspired by Rude Boy???????????? I see the Rihanna stans are really f*** up in the f****** head…

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        Rihanna stan, lol, try again gurl, have you seen the backdrop video.

      • King B June 1, 2013

        I don’t be on here wasting my life all the time i only come on here comment a few times but everytime i come in a post yo ass got to be hating on beyonce…

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        @King B
        Calm down!…no one is hating.

      • King B June 1, 2013

        If you was not hating then you would say something nice about her performance

    • Gilberto June 1, 2013

      LOL @ “Rude Boy…….INSPIRED”.

      B****, please, have a seat.
      Rude Boy was already a rip-off of M.I.A’s “Boyz”. Melina Matsoukas was even called out for that. Not only she ripped M.I.A.’s work, but it also a copy of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work. There isn’t nothing original about ‘Rude Boy’.
      Solange’s ‘I Diceded’ came with similar concept, but it was released way before of R******’s carbon copy.

      Try again later, b****. I dragged your ass AGAIN. You’d better study before posting S***. You have a very limited mind.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        You dragged my ass AGAIN….hi who are you?….

      • Gilberto June 1, 2013

        B****, you just shut your f*** up. That’s what I wanted. You don’t have any comeback to say to me after I came with FACTS.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        So basically your facts are that Rihanna copied Rude Boy and so Beyonce is allowed to do so.

  3. White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

    Man f*** beyonce & Sam s***. I’m getting tired of all this beyonce mess oh here

    • Chile Please!! June 1, 2013

      Amen to this post…..I’m so sick of her as well….almost every other post on here it’s either her or her Camel Face Husband & that baby Calf of theirs!!!

      • Yamannn June 4, 2013

        I agree with yall! I’m almost tired of coming on here because its all about Beyonce. Not hating but damn, there are real musicians out there. Its like no music is better than Beyonce’s to these “Bee Fans”. And I’m sorry, I am a fan of B but this performance sucked. It was so boring. I was tired of watching by the middle of the performance. I’m sure all of her immature fans are going to attack me for this because they would like Beyonce kill someone and still stand by her side, but I’m just being honest. How many damn times and I gonna see you in a line full of females dancing, then the twins come out and dance with you….sounds repetitive doesn’t it..because it is!!! Can I have a different performance please!!!!

  4. jesu June 1, 2013

    What is the point of promoting music you refuse to release? i don’t get it, but good performance..

    where is the post on riri being voted number one hot chick by complex sam??

  5. JazThatBoi June 1, 2013

    I respect. I was entertained the whole time.

  6. Sterling Infinity #SexDrone June 1, 2013

    She’s s*** as ever!

  7. White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

    Got other artist out there making moves, but ya rather focus on some gold digging asS b**** name beyonce A.K.A. Fraud.

    The b**** fake being pregnant, stole somebody baby and still has it. And she gets front page on tmz. While kreayshawn is pregnant with her baby, but nobody seems to care. Cause they worried about this n!gger I can’t stand her messy ass.

  8. jesu June 1, 2013

    lol! sam you salty ri @ the top of complex list? lol!

  9. Cici Slaaaaays June 1, 2013

    That song is f****** WEAK!!! Shoulda done standing on the sun gurl

    • Cici Slaaaaays June 1, 2013


      • All hail Ariyah, Queen of the Grandenites!!! June 2, 2013

        very true

    • Gilberto June 1, 2013

      Beyoncé is a grown woman. She does whatever she wants.

  10. King B June 1, 2013

    Beyonce kill the f****** s***… And she f****** prove that nobody is better then her… Not no f****** body… Y’all see how she song live threw the whole 45 minutes of the show and still kill it…. When will R**** and the other b****** be better.. Beyonce about to be on mostly every itunes chart tomorrow… My bad she already is before this perfomance

    • WILD DEBUTANTE June 1, 2013

      OK….Beyonce is amazing. She’s like the best live performer of our time, no question. Its almost like something that doesnt have to be said or proved, She is.

      I enjoyed that performance as I do most Beyonce performances, Im not a huge fan of her but I respect & like her.

      but anyway im RihannaNavy and I don’t know one real Rih stan that can say shes a better performer than Beyonce. Its just a totally different vibe and energy between the two…Rih is great in her own way. Also being that she sold out this very stadium TWICE alone. *Sips Tea*

      • Nana June 1, 2013

        @Wild Debutante aka ‘Dionish’ we miss you!

  11. Cici Slaaaaays June 1, 2013

    @MyForehead B**** calm down beyonce aint all that dame great yall overrated her dont act like shes the only person who can sing and dance…

  12. Beyonce Inspired Again June 1, 2013

    I see elements from Rihanna’s AMA What’s My Name performance

    She stay inspiring lessors

    • muss June 1, 2013

      Rude Boy, when i saw the video Rihannas Rude BOy is all I could think of. This is Rihannas performance.

  13. White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

    She married jay-z for a reason to stay relevant! To stay getting deals, commercial ads, awards, everything. The b**** will be a nobody once jay-z leaves that nappy headed n!gger for a classy white women.

    It’s the truth jay-z needs a classy white rich women NOT! No chicken eating nappy headed girl from Compton with food stamps in her pocket. Somebody white with a healthy lifestyle that what jay-z needs, but he rather stay with a girl who can’t stop eating at the KFC

    • TJG MODERATOR June 1, 2013

      I understand your frustration, but calling a group of people a offensive name won’t help in the long hall. I already warned you about this behavior a couple days ago. Your not making things easy around here for me, I might just have to ban you.

      • White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

        Well.. Before you ban me you should go ban the other to like

        Slayriah Carey

        Suicide blonde

        Jared (white dude)

        They be calling my fave a white cracker saying they hope she get shot in the head. They call her a flop b****, a trailer park b****, they are very disrespectful Talk to them.

        Maybe start posting on kreayshawn more often then I won’t have to call nobody a chicken eating n!gger

      • White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

        Oh and honeychildplease is another one here being a troll calling my fave a white cracker. She be on here trolling like its no tomorrow, I can’t stand her ass she needs to be ban to. She has nothing going for her in life, but to sit in her basment all day and eat hot pockets while sitting on this site.

        She is a worthless piece of s*** to me, I never gave a flying f*** about her basement ass. That’s all she do is live in the basement then she wants to talk bout my fave being a flop white cracker, WHAT YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BUM B**** I EVER SEEN.

        Ban her

    • palmgod June 1, 2013

      this girl is obviously retarded> *psycho*

  14. Lovebird June 1, 2013

    Honey, leave the African sound for the Africans and Erykah Badu, they simply do it better. This is a hot flaming mess and this song is a repetitive trash noise, try again.

    Standing on the sun, potential hit, this grown woman rubbish is up there with Bow Down and I been on, RUBBISH.

    • King B June 1, 2013

      Any other news MediaTakeOut confirmed that rihanna is a h**

      • Queen Barb June 1, 2013

        They also confirmed that Beyonce was a baby faking B****

    • Teah June 2, 2013

      B*******. Beyonce is of African Ancestry so if anyone is entitled to have an “african sound” its her. The fact that she is doing so isn’t an insult at all but an honor. Every race has the right to do any genre. So stop it. Besides I am Nigerian and you don’t see me criticizing Beyonce.

  15. Queen Barb June 1, 2013

    She needs to stop stealing from rihanna.

      • Lovebird June 1, 2013

        She cannot even say the words right, stupid b****. Let’s leave the authentic sound to the people who can pull it off like Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, The Roots, Solange Knowles.

      • King B June 1, 2013

        Aww these irrelevant people and you say they the first one did it… then rihanna copy from them dumb ass?? Rihanna stans are the dumbest

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 1, 2013

      I love Afro-Beat!!!!!!!

      Africa, as a continent on the whole, is so musically progressive.

      I think that’s what Urban music needs thus far – rhythmic rejuvenation.

      Where better to find it than in Africa. 😉

  16. My Forehead Tho June 1, 2013


    I said “proved” when I should have said “reminded”. Beyonce proved that she was untouchable a decade ago.

    Live powerhouse vocals + hard ass choreography = why Bey is King.

      • My Forehead Tho June 1, 2013

        Girl, the fact that you compared Jennifer “No vocal range having ass” Lopez to Beyonce already tells me everything I need to know.

        *walks away*

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        Performing skills, no vocals.

    • All hail Ariyah, Queen of the Grandenites!!! June 2, 2013

      where did beyonce show her “vocal” range in this performance??? It all sounded pretty much like the same note. youre mesmerized by the overhype

    • rihking June 1, 2013

      I WAS GONNA POST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yep! June 3, 2013

      Your comment means nothing! All of these b****** copy off each other, because they are unoriginal and shallow sycophants with nothing to offer but s**!

  17. MISHKA June 1, 2013

    EPIC indeed! What a woman!

    Love that she’s putting African rythms on the map. She can do whatever she wants indeed. Way to go, Queen B!

  18. White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

    Beyhives I can’t stand them!!!!! I can’t stand them!!!! I CAN’T STAND THEM!!!!!!!

    I just wanna throw a watermelon at everything one of them. Then tell them to bow down and kiss kreayshawn feet

  19. King B June 1, 2013

    R**** Stans come to complain about dumb s*** and say beyonce inspired no b**** beyonce was not inspired by the d*** sucking giving h***** woman……

    • Britney Stan June 1, 2013

      & You react to dumb s*** lol

  20. BEYSUS OVER JESUS June 1, 2013


    • muss June 1, 2013


  21. King BEY>Whitney Mariah Janet MJ… June 1, 2013

    This is why the KING is a legend!!

    Live voice more versatile than Whitney in her PRIME!! Dancing LIVE while singing unlike MJ and Janet!! The KING is the best to EVER do it!

    • Britney Stan June 1, 2013

      Beyonce better than Whitney lol B**** please your delusional fursure

      • rihking June 1, 2013

        looooooooooooooooooooool ikr.

      • King B June 1, 2013

        Tell lip singing b**** to be quiet nicki Minaj sing better then Brittany and rihanna dumb ass

      • Lovebird June 1, 2013

        I said the island sound is Rihanna signature. A Girl Like Me is MOSTLY island sound and it slayed, she always has an island song on her albums.

      • Lovebird June 1, 2013

        The only one that lip syncs honey is Beyonce or have you already forgotten.

    • Where’s Theifyonce’s Diamond album???????? June 1, 2013

      B**** Puuuhhhhhlllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeee!

      Those ppl that you named are F****** LEGENDS AND ALL HAVE DIAMOND ALBUMS! Where’s Theifyonce’s Diamond album????? LMFAO!!!!!

      You sound stupid as hell dissing ppl she looked up to growing up…..FALL BACK B****!

    • Grande The Way June 1, 2013

      Good f****** bye. Beyonce couldn’t even touch Whitney on her worse day. Bey’s simple range and technique is no match for the Vocal Bible.

    • QueenofPop June 1, 2013


      Dumb ass Beyonce lip-syncs! Ya’ll Beyhive stans are f****** DELUSIONAL! lol NO ONE can sing & dance hardcore at the same time not even your “Beysus Christ”. If she’s the king why doesn’t she have the greatest selling album of all time or a diamond album for that matter. Beyonce is only 31 and already lip-syncing like it’s going out of style. Be delusional if you want but she lip-syncs as much as everyone else she’s just better at hiding it. Your right King MJ is the best to ever do it and don’t ever forget it B**** he’s the reason why the b**** picked up a microphone….Bey will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER compare to those REAL legends who paved the way for her to shake her tired ass on stage!

      • All hail Ariyah, Queen of the Grandenites!!! June 2, 2013

        Thank you MJ was the BEST to EVER DO iT!!!!

      • CM June 2, 2013


    • pat June 1, 2013

      sweetie i’m sorry to tell you, but most of this performance was not sang live by beyonce

  22. rihking June 1, 2013

    BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will this overweight fat t***** do something different? This is seriously boring as s***.

  23. Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

    Have you guys noticed that Beyonce and J.Lo are similar in terms of energy on stage, very similar, like the way they move, body, ect, ect….but one has the vocals while the other is a better dancer, both rock tho.

    • rihking June 1, 2013

      shakira jlo and arnold schwarzenegger = beyonce

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        Arnold……..are you high?


      I agree. But if you compare dancing skills Beyoncé really isn’t that far behind. If you compare vocals however, there is zero competition, beyoncé slays JLo in that departmemt.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        Beyonce can dance, however J.Lo can dance all, Tango, Salsa, Hip Hop, Merengue, ect…ect….Vocals are no comparable tho….Beyonce can sing.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 1, 2013

        You are right. Anyway, Since Live it Up is flopping, JLo should join Dancing With the Stars next season, she would dominate.

      • Suicide Blonde June 1, 2013

        I’m Glad the song is flopping, i hate it, so f****** generic.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 1, 2013

        But it’s sad though. She is promoting the hell out of the song and it just can’t get a break. There are other artist who are barely promoting their r&b singles, yet they still manage to be in iTunes to 20. The album might flop too, but I still like her.

    • rihking June 1, 2013

      arnold cuz she looks like man.

  24. BEYONCE STOP STEALING!!! June 1, 2013



    What is this?

    • rihking June 1, 2013

      Boring nonsense.

    • beyonceSLAYS_ June 1, 2013


    • Lovebird June 1, 2013

      A whole bunch of nonsense honey.

  26. Hive June 1, 2013


    • White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

      Where is the KKK when you need them. Cause I’m tired of beyonce

  27. Hive June 1, 2013

    The navy is soooooooooo jealous and pressed over king bey… rihereps will never be iconic or a legend like BEYONCE ugly b****** DIE!

  28. THeTRUTH June 1, 2013


    • White girl mob 2.0 June 1, 2013

      That’s why we need the KKK

    • king b June 1, 2013


      • THeTRUTH June 1, 2013


  29. Anne June 1, 2013

    LOVE IT! Now that it’s out, I’m really looking forward to this release! What is she waiting for?


    The Kardashian sisters are still alive hun.

    kim, Kourtney, Khloe.

  31. Sex_music June 1, 2013

    At first I
    Thought this song was very over-the-top and obnoxious
    The more I see her perform it the more I like it. It’s building a lot of attention, she needs to just release the song now…please!!! Not a big fan of “standing on the sun” yet hopefully it’ll grow on me too. I’m a big Bey fan.

  32. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 1, 2013

    It was an OKAY performance.

    I expected a little something more – I’m not sure what, but something seemed missing. Beyonce seemed tired (that’s understandable) and her energy seemed a little inauthentic compared to how it usually is.

    Nonetheless, she’s Beyonce. We love her.

    But Mary J >>>>>>>>>>>

  33. Navy/Hive June 1, 2013

    Beyonce really did do an awesome Job! People seriously stop hating and appreciate her talent!

  34. Gilberto June 1, 2013

    I love Slayown Woman. I can’t wait for the studio version. King B killed it!

  35. yo June 1, 2013

    omg… beyonce performed something.

    i just farted. weird.

    same level.



  36. Lovebird June 1, 2013

    The nerve of the supporters of this manly looking fat t***** b**** to say she is better than Whitney Houston is amazing. This lip synching, c****** shaking, over the top fading diva is not even better than Willow Smith, and she’s a 12 year old girl.

    This t***** b**** started at around the same time Britney Spears started and still no Diamond album, sit all the way down with that rubbish. Beyonce is as good as the turd that was left in the public restroom.

    • RoyalKev June 1, 2013

      Wow! O_o Just f****** wow! This is a very serious condition some of ya’ll have. Beyonce hate: A fatal illness that deteriotaes the mind and the ability to think logically.

      • MING June 1, 2013


        I F****** HATE A THIEF.

      • RoyalKev June 1, 2013

        Then get off the post b****! Make your life simple!

  37. RoyalKev June 1, 2013

    Flawless! I just chuckle at the hate, it really doesn’t even make sense anymore! Bey did a great job! End of …

  38. when will old beyonce play stadiums in europe? June 1, 2013

    Nope. JLO killed beyonce, I do not give a f*** who has the better voice. Her duet with Mary was the icing on the cake. It slayed. HA HA HA Beyonce was only saved by Jayz coming out. JLO was seasoned broadway performer before hollywood. She is getting better, beyonce is getting weaker, average.
    Rita WHORA: That fat beer belly spoke her way through RIP. What a waste. The best performer on the nite was JLO / Mary.
    This event was not even sold out, empty seats were everywhere. It holds about 60k but I reckon it was about 40k. This is the stadium that RIHANNA SOLD OUT. What I will say is that, this event needed an epic POP B**** like GAGA OR RIH / MADONNA TO REALLY rock for women’s rights.
    If GAGA had come out – BOOM!
    RIH – BOOM
    MADONNA – Yeah, say no more.
    Beyonce, jlo and them were not EPIC enough. If this was meant to be Iphone generation version of Live AID? It failed. Badly.
    LOL, never mind, next time

  39. amy June 1, 2013

    At “White girl mob 2.0”,u must have lost your mind,the kkk how old are you,seriously grow the f*** u!!

  40. #Beyindependent June 1, 2013

    Rosie where are you? these navi h*** is really f****** trying it today. i can’t stand this ugly roach face looking f*** r**** ain’t s*** can’t sing dance or act

  41. HoneychildPlease June 1, 2013

    If i’ve ever seen a basic b**** performance, This right here is it! Oh but grown women was just for the commercial though…Ohhhh

    • jamma June 1, 2013


  42. Joshy June 1, 2013

    Beyonce did good as always. I’m really starting to like this Grown Woman song more and more. Btw, I recently ran across her opening feature for the concert along with all of J.Lo’s set. Feel free to view it at along with other entertainment news.

  43. King BEY>Whitney Mariah Janet MJ… June 1, 2013

    Will say it again b******! King Bey has surpassed all performers past and present!

    The voice is wayyyyyy more versatile than Whitney a b**** who could only sing LOUD. ManRiah ain’t sang s*** live in 10 years she ain’t no competition for the King! MJ did the same moves all the damn time and lipped everytime! Janet and that weak thin like rice paper voice never dance and sung anything live! King Bey better than all them its no hate just facts.

    • Heauxsitdown June 1, 2013

      Whitney could only sing LOUD? You must be 11. Whitney was a freaking vocal goddess. MOST of her songs started off sweet and subtle and she climaxed toward the end. Whatever. Whitney could stand behind a microphone, whistle and have the entire audience doe-eyed or in tears. Just shut up.

      Annnnyyyywaaaaaaayyy Beyonce murdered as usual. I’m ready for a single!

  44. King B>Rihanna June 1, 2013

    she killed it the haters will always hate and I’m sleeping tho.

  45. Navy Sailor June 1, 2013

    Ummmm she f****** slayed that ok. I like the song now. The second verse >>>>
    ok bye.

  46. fatusankoh June 1, 2013

    OMG beyonce you kill it all the time their is no one like our bey Thax god for bey I love the song the performance is to die for long live queen bey

  47. palmgod June 1, 2013

    king B reigns supreme…. eat ur hearts out

  48. Blue June 1, 2013

    it was good to see but i fail to see what so…ground breaking about she has done better before
    the song is trash, the dance routine basic and she hardly moved…vocals were on point but she sounded nothing like the studio version

  49. fatusankoh June 1, 2013

    I am an African woman we love bey Thax Sam for posting you make my dayfellow behive don’t let’s this hate mongers get to us our goal is support our bey morthan ever this hate monger are going all out to spread their hate and lies about bey

  50. quetta June 1, 2013

    This grown woman is amazing at what she does. She had people crying during halo and they just loved her. The rihanna stans are mad as usual. That blonde dude can’t stop comparing jlo to beyonce..which he truly needs to stop because no one in the game is messing with her right now. #july9th

  51. Mark111 June 1, 2013

    Ha! For the haters saying “Beyonce try too hard to be white.” You don’t get no more black then African. Awesome show, the song got a Lion King vibe, which is my favorite film.

  52. RG2 June 1, 2013

    (Some not all) of you Navy members are by far the most delusional and hateful stan members I have ever seen in my life. Y’all hate Bey so bad but y’all pay her more attention than Rihanna which is quite sad. Beyonce and Rihanna don’t hate each other so why all this b******* and drama #PressedMuch. I respect both women even though i prefer one more than the other but still y’all are BEYOND CHILDISH.

    • HoneychildPlease June 1, 2013

      You get the donkey of the day b****! Sit yo ass down!!

  53. Saetana June 2, 2013

    Great performance but unfortunately I really don’t like this song, sorry Bey – hoping for better from the new album ;o)

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