Watch: Lana Del Rey Performs ‘Young & Beautiful’ Live At Arena Riga

Published: Thursday 20th Jun 2013 by David

If Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Young & Beautiful’ taught us anything, it’s that the world has a lot to look forward to once she announces the release of her second studio album this year.

Far more radio ready than most of the jams on ‘Born To Die‘, ‘Beautiful’ is fast becoming the ‘Teenage Wasteland’ singer’s most celebrated hit, brought to life last week when she performed it at Latvia’s Arena Riga venue.

Gracing the venue two nights before the end of her ‘Paradise’ tour, her delivery of the song may wow some while boring others.

We loved it, so check it out and let us know if you agree below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. @Psychostoner_ June 20, 2013


    • @Psychostoner_ June 20, 2013

      Wow thats a lot of dislikes, I was only showing appreciation for my 1 of 2 queens, bey is next of course

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Don’t worry, they’re jealous.
        And be happy bb! Gods & Monsters is the next single i think.

    • vxcnxcnerureu458 June 20, 2013

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  2. XtinaaLovee June 20, 2013

    Her voice is just a no! She cant sing.

  3. S****** Blonde June 20, 2013


  4. XtinaaLovee June 20, 2013

    This is who @Rosie stans for tho and she has the nerve to come for people like Xtina,Mariah, Ciara, Nicki.Britney&Rihanna lmao they all are better singers than Lana even Britney lol

  5. #Beautiful Carey June 20, 2013

    Zzzzzzzz shes a boring b**** with a weak voice next

  6. S****** Blonde June 20, 2013

    People don’t know nothing about ART in this site, i’m not surprised why most of you are Weave worshipers

    • CiCi Slaaaaays June 20, 2013

      Such yo nerdy white ass up b**** she’s a lame #deal

      • S****** Blonde June 20, 2013

        She is Art personified, listen to her music, is modern poetry.

      • Daydreamin June 20, 2013

        Lol @ art personified!! She’s as manufactured as they come

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        So is your fave who slept with everyone who was cast & crew of Victorious.

      • Daydreamin June 20, 2013

        Reply to me when you have proof of these claims. Or when Lana has a voice outside of the studio. Ariana has already surpassed her with one single lol!

    • Common Sense June 20, 2013

      Just like you don’t seem to know much about grammar?
      PS. It’s not art when it’s so blatantly contrived.

      • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

        B**** stfu stanning for Mariah carey ugly basic ass will she be lip syncing at this year EBT awards?

    • TheArtOfLettingGo June 21, 2013

      Yeah that´s true but you adore Rihanna dear @s******… lol

  7. Rosie June 20, 2013

    Amazing, damn near the studio version. She has improved a lot since she first got big.
    Mess @ XXLtinaalovee mentioning me, newest member of the Rosie Fan Club. Go worry about Xtine’s oversinging and Born To Die outselling Lotus and Bionic COMBINED.

    • Common Sense June 20, 2013

      LOL Delusion at it’s finest. She’s essentially humming pathetically easy notes so she doesn’t f*** them up.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Do you even listen to Lana? If you did you would easily know that she improved, bringing out the best of her dark, sultry voice. Go back to listening to your generic electropop.

      • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

        its a mooriah stan Rosie it listens to tired 80s music lol

  8. CiCi Slaaaaays June 20, 2013

    I not guna even lie i was bored as s*** watching this performance the b**** is wack period.

    Btw Body Party is doing better than young & ugly by lana hahaha eat that Rosie

    Ciaras at number 40

    while lana del s*** is 69 ahahahahahahaha

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      US sales as of last week:
      Young & Beautiful: 466,635
      Body Party: 200,431

      • CiCi Slaaaaays June 20, 2013

        gurl bye that song been out for a while

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Young & Beautiful has been out for a shorter amount of time and is a single from a soundtrack, not the LEAD SINGLE from a so-called “COMEBACK” album.

  9. Rosie June 20, 2013

    Doing arenas with her first real era. Queen. Some of the drag queens stanned for on here couldn’t sell out a Taco Bell on their first major album.

    • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

      Like that Barbados B****….Loooool.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Remember when Lana came to that record store in San Francisco just to visit and all of a sudden it was FLOODED with fans? The goat could only WISH she would’ve gotten that crowd during Music Of The Sun or even A Goat Like Me era.

    • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

      Did she book any in the U.S though?

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        She’s expected to announce your dates for the US soon.
        Meanwhile S***** can’t even sellout the bathrooms outside the US.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        Sold out shows in England, Australia, Mexico, Otaly, Germany, and Japan just to name a few. Your attempts at dragging are weaker than Born To Die’s U.S sales.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        And your attempts at comebacks are worse than the California Dreams Tour gross.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        You can try touring when Lana’s night club tour grosses half of what the CDT did.

  10. Rosie June 20, 2013

    US peaks:
    Young & Beautiful: 22
    Body Party: 35

    • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

      who sings body party?

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Don’t worry if you’ve never heard it, it only charted in the US and Belgium.

      • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

        ahahahahahahah #pathetic she sounds more basic then kesha.

  11. Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

    Omg the queen sounds so amazing singing this song im so glad god and monsters is the next single

    Lana > Your average fav

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      You need to comment more often. The girls on here think I’m playing when I say Lana is shitting on their faves.

      • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

        I know im kinda new i been coming here for like 3 weeks its so messy on here lol

        But seriously lana is shitting on everyone with like no more people love lana she’s deeep as f***!! She doesn’t need payola deals for people to be interested in her music

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        I know! The girls on here are too shallow to know real art when they see it. I’m surprised none of the Navy trolls are here right now. They hate me because I tell the truth, I guess.
        Just comment more often, and preferably when people are still online bb. It’s messy, but it’s enjoyable. Wait for the next Beyonce/Rihanna/Nicki/Mariah story to get posted.

      • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

        The navy is a joke i actually somewhat like that Barbados b**** but her fans hype her up like shes Michael Jackson or something i can’t stand that s*** …. & lol hun i just seen that Beyonce post it was a f****** mess hahaha i love this site cause everyone’s girl gets dragged its funny i try to come on here often but i work n go to school: ( so not alot of time available

      • *брате сестро ћале си кеве ми* June 20, 2013

        No one has problem with Lana. It’s your fault that people hate on her since you come for their favs that are more successful than her. Being boastful about album that has sold 3.6 is nothing to brag about since pretty much all artists than you hate on did better than that Also, you stan for Lady GaGa but her music is generic dance crap with shallow lyrics and you hate on P!nk, Rihanna and others and calling their music generic/trash. The irony.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Here goes your dumbass coming out of nowhere just to drag. B**** you’re obviously bothered since you came into a Lana post JUST to comment.
        And The Fame Monster era alone is more innovative than anything your faves have done, it’s the sole reason your faves bandwagoned the EDM trend and look like contestants from a drag queen pageant on the red carpet. Bye.

      • *брате сестро ћале си кеве ми* June 20, 2013

        Just like you are in every single thread of Rihanna, aren’t you? I told you, no one has problem with Lana and no one would hate on her if your dumb ass didn’t put down other artsists.
        Recycling Madonna hits from 80s/90s is not innovative for me. And still doesn’t change that her music is generic dance crap with retarded hooks. And Madonna started trend with dance music with COTDF album and my fav did dance music before LG step on music scene. Sos, Don’t Stop The Music and Push Up On me stay unothered. Bye.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        No boo, we just dont like this fake trashy flop. It has nothing to do with Rosie

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        That’s because your fave bandwagons every trend in music since 2007.
        Loud: David Guetta b-sides
        Toss That Trash: EDM from the genre’s biggest since Guetta, Calvin Harris and WFL video, which is a direct copycat of Marina & The Diamonds’ Radioactive video.
        Analpologetic: Adele ripoff StAIDS + Diamonds video, which was a ripoff of Lana’s Ride video. Not to mention Pour It Up which was not only her joining the Mike WiLL Made It bandwagon but was a total Bandz a Make Her Dance copycat.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        And absolute death at a Titty Perry Stan calling anyone fake and trashy. Before Gaga your fave was a wannabe rebel, doing pop rock and looking like a low budget Zooey Deschanel. After The Fame your fave became this fake ass wannabe s***/children’s birthday party hostess/walking clown, now upgraded to stripper version of Zooey Deschanel.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        Your reads are basic as f***. Is that the best you can do? Losing with Lana so you try to bring in Madonna’s unclaimed, I just can’t. Your fav has no idea who the hell she is. How many times did she change her name and look at hopes she’d finally make it big? How many Botox injections did she take to make herself look young after all that alcohol abuse aged her? Then the b**** tried to get the Angelina Jolie look but ended up looking like a trailer park mom fighting against Father Time. The reason this dry and talentless h** never caught on in America after every music site desperately tried to make her happen is because no one is buying her “Nancy Sinatra” forced act. Everyone knew she was fake and manufactured from day one. That god awful SNL performance didn’t help either. Her second album will do Paradise numbers. And those U.S dates aren’t happening. She might be able to do a Wal-Mart tour though.

  12. Common Sense June 20, 2013

    People are so easily impressed these days. I’ve heard and listen to men who display more range (both literally and emotionally) than this alcoholic robot.

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      She’s been sober for over a decade. Keep trying with that flop shade.

    • Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

      Coming from a SHITriah fan tho??? lol sit the f*** down dog yall praise this b**** for lip syncing

  13. Daydreamin June 20, 2013

    Ewww she can’t sing at all!! Her voice is just terrible.

  14. Lana the Legend June 20, 2013

    These likes and dislikes can’t be real

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      I know.
      100+ dislikes my ass. There aren’t even 50 comments on this.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 20, 2013

      No, they’re accurate

  15. Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013


    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      That’s exactly what they say about Katy outside of the US, UK, and Canada.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        Katy has been #1 in 17 countries outside of those you mentioned. Teenage Dream was platinum in Germany and the Philippines, 2x platinum in Mexico, France, and Ireland, and gold in Chile, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark, and 4x platinum in Australia. Miss me with that weak shade.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Katy hasn’t had a global hit since Firework. That was 2 and a half years ago. Not to mention her tour flopping outside of North America.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        But b****, Lana hasn’t had a hit anywhere outside of Europe. I just can’t. Has Lana hit #1 anywhere??? I already clocked on the tour part so I won’t bother. Where are Lana’s awards at? Any Grammy Noms? Billboard Awards? AMAs? Hell even a People’s Choice Award?

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        Mess at you clinging to those FLOP awards that aren’t taken seriously by anyone, not even in the US, the only place where your fave is still semi-relevant.
        Lana has Brits, Echos, and many more prestigious awards from around the world while your fave struggles to win a Grammy after countless nominations, performances, and singles just in the US.
        And Born To Die topped the album charts in more countries and is about to outsell Teenage Dream internationally. Your fave’s stats only look good because of one country, no one cares about her when she’s not using payola to top the charts, like right now she’s dating Robert Pattison and she can’t even get a tabloid cover while dating one of the biggest male stars in the world.
        And Katy can’t even get good endorsements with all that chart success. I mean 6 #1’s in the US from one album and she can only endorse POPCHIPS? F*** outta here.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        About to outsell Teenage Dream???? In which dimension?? TD has sold 2x as many copies even with Paradise’s flop sales slapped on. Good f****** bye at you trying with those flop ass and unknown awards. You can try when the Grammys realize Lana exists. You can try endorsements when Lana has any. You can try tabloid coverage when they acknowledge Lana’s existence. Lana is a non-f******-factor. And your still trying the “local shade” when Teenage Dream was certified 3x and 4x platinum outside of the U.S.

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL June 20, 2013

      Lol Girl I Love Katy S*** Ass But She’s The Weakest Singer Ever And To You Calling Her “THE FEMALE MJ” Make You Seem Basic, Delusional And Not To Take Serious!

      • Lovebird June 20, 2013

        Honey, Katy Perry can sing 10x better than whoever this try hard is.

  16. Super Cisus June 20, 2013

    The ugly b**** sings like shes drunk….oh……wait!!!! #alchy #ZeroTalent #FLOP

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      At you calling someone a flop.
      Cedric will be lucky to even see Paradise’s first week sales at this point, especially since it leaked.

  17. Prettyonce June 20, 2013

    Don’t know her. And from the looks of it, I don’t want to. She can’t sing or perform. Next.

  18. PRINCE MACHIAVEL June 20, 2013

    I Love This Girl, She’s Fresh, Original And Her Video Kick Ass!!!

    • TheArtOfLettingGo June 21, 2013

      I agree! She can´t sing live though, a thing she admitted the moment she released her first album. So no problem. Her strengh is her art-songwriting.

  19. Lovebird June 20, 2013

    I don’t know her. Whoever she is though is worst than Chris Crocker’s female voice yuck.

  20. Lovebird June 20, 2013

    Has this b**** even had a hit anywhere?

  21. Rosie June 20, 2013

    Mess @ Lovebored trying the “I don’t know her” comment when she just tried and failed to drag Lana like 2-3 days ago. Lame b****. She says she hates Lana but she’s perched in her post and stays trying to bring her up whenever i comment. Go back and copy and past the same “Beyonce steals” mess on every post. That’s all I’m gonna say about her tired ass. Because I know she’s gonna reply to this, and it’ll be the same mess she’s been using for months, and I can already predict her reply to this comment which I won’t even take any of my time to reply back to.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 20, 2013


  22. Ke$has Crazy Kid June 20, 2013

    Shes definitely irrelevant.

  23. Ke$has Crazy Kid June 20, 2013

    How many US hits does she have again?

    • Lovebird June 20, 2013

      Honey, she hasn’t got a hit ANYWHERE. Not even at the North Pole.

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      Young & Beautiful outpeaked your fave’s last two singles and her tour will probably the Ke$ha and Pitbull Children’s Birthday Party Tour when it’s all said and done. Give up, your fave is about to.

  24. Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

    Is Ultimate Death and Mess the only things Rosie knows? Redundant like her non-factor fav.

    • Lovebird June 20, 2013

      How she can even attempt to drag anyone with this nobody is the ultimate Kiiii. I mean does this b**** even have a mobo? Last time I checked, only the bars are checking for her, and that’s only because she frequents them a lot.

    • Ke$has Crazy Kid June 20, 2013

      hahahahahaha you dragged Rosies weak ass

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      Is Titty not local? Like I said my “redundant” fave is about to outsell her internationally.

      • Slayty Perry (The Female MJ) June 20, 2013

        Yawn. Refer to the international certifications and sold out shows at arenas that I already posted. You’ve been dragged. Accept it and move on.

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        When will you show me the receipts that Titty has been local since Firework? 40% of TD sales come from the US compared to 17% for Lana. You haven’t dragged s*** and like I said most of her receipts come from the US and other English speaking countries.

  25. Britney Stan June 20, 2013

    Rosie is the reason people hate Lana

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      People? Please, Lana’s fanbase is extremely dedicated, especially on the internet. Go buy Ooh La La on iTunes, it’s already out of the top 100 after two days.

  26. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 20, 2013


  27. Rosie June 20, 2013

    How ironic for a Titty Stan, a Ke$ha stan, and a S****** Stan to all come for the queen. You all stay on my c***. If you don’t like me or Lana, then why are you in a LANA post. No life but to be jealous of a newcomer who stole everything you all could drag with.

  28. VSOP June 20, 2013

    I don’t know Ny of her music, but I like her style. Didn’t she model for H&M? I’m just a sucker for vintage, Girly, chic s***

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      If you like vintage/girly you’ll LOVE Lana. She’s the poster child for that type of stuff at the moment. Well, her and Zooey Deschanel.

  29. Rosie June 20, 2013

    And I like how the Titty Stan was still trying to prove that her fave is not local.
    The Brits and Echo Awards are irrelevant? LOLOLOL you’re mad because not only can’t your fave win a Grammy after how many attempts but neither can she get recognized by the Grammys of the UK & Germany. And Paradise was a rerelease that already outsold The Complete Confection in the US and worldwide. Like I said BTD has sold 3 million outside same as Teenage Dream which it will outsell internationally by the end of the month. And it has TONS of certifications.
    You can try irrelevant when Katy can get an international hit after Firework. You can try flop when Katy stops being local to English speaking countries only. You can try endorsements when Katy can get her own H&M campaign, her own Jaguar campaign, and her own designer bag, not some s***** ass Popchips Nickelodeon short.
    I’m done replying to you, your fave is the joke of the music industry. It’s probably your bedtime since you stan for Katy. Goodnight.

  30. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 20, 2013

    the Katy Perry stan dragged the f*** out of Rosie though. lmao.

    #beautiful – 580,446
    Young and Beautiful – 466,635

    • Rosie June 20, 2013

      With radio payola and promo. Lana had neither of that.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 20, 2013

        Madonna, JLo and many others had that CC deal which is just for the first day.

        What promo?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 20, 2013

        @Rosie you forgot “public interest.” That’s something else she doesn’t have…..

      • Rosie June 20, 2013

        No one mentioned Clear Channel. Be happy that #Uglee outsold Lana by 100k with radio play and promo and shut up.

  31. IM A FREE B*TCH June 20, 2013

    I LOVE IT! i f****** love Lana to death, i like her a lot more than i like Nicki. Lana’s image, music, videos and everything is ON POINT. she is just perfection. Lana is the queen!

    and those of yall who say she cant sing, this video shows that she can. she has improved by leaps and bounds.

  32. Rosie June 20, 2013

    This is why TGJ is losing commenters and site views every month, because of delusional b****** who reduce to accept the truth. Lana is far from a flop, and she is far from local. Young & Beautiful is a “flop” by you guys standards and yet she is still #16 on the worldwide iTunes artist ranking with no major US hit and a soundtrack single. Yet she is still able to do better than every h** stanned for on here except R******. People are here for Lana but you f*** refuse to accept the truth. This is why I can’t wait for that other site to open registration, because even though they criticize her sometimes, they at least know that she’s doing excellent for an artist with less than 20% of her sales coming from the US.

  33. Admit It June 20, 2013

    Katy Perry Fan you better DRAGGGGG….Man down!!

  34. Meena June 21, 2013

    She has a nice voice compared to every basic singer out now but she cant really sing live

  35. IM A FREE B*TCH June 21, 2013

    y’all can hate on Lana all u want, Lana’s music is art. both Born To Die and Paradise are masterpieces. and both albums still chart in many countries world wide #DEAL

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