JoJo Sues Da Family & Blackground Records

Published: Wednesday 31st Jul 2013 by David

At last.

As the company continues to suffer a number of reported losses, it would appear Blackground Records have found themselves fresh trouble.

This time? In Brattleboro born belter JoJo.

Full story below…

After the music group allegedly refused to release her from her agreement with them while stifling her progress at the same time, the ‘Andre’ belle has taken legal action against Da Family and Blackground this month.

For, in arguing that New York State law prevents minors from sign contracts that last seven or more years, the star points out that since she inked her deal with them aged 14, her contract with them officially ended in 2011.

Indeed, if successful, JoJo will prove that the label have held her against her will for the last two years- seeing as the recording contract was signed in 2004 and-in theory- was supposed to end in the year she turned 21.

Here’s to JoJo winning this case, and freeing herself from a situation that’s held her back for far too long.

For, if the digital response scored by her material is anything to go by, she really is a global star waiting to happen and will no doubt reach her full potential when backed by a label whose affairs are far more….organised.


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  1. Daniel Teflon July 31, 2013


    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! July 31, 2013

      Get em Jojo… That girl can sing circles around several chicks in the game. That just shows you home much you need a good label!!

  2. A.MILIAN July 31, 2013

    About F*cking time.. I love her.. she is too talented… for this B*llSH*t

  3. christinastherealtalent July 31, 2013

    5 years later and shes just now suing? This album has been in the making for 5 f****** years and just now suing. Lawd have mercy. I still love you JoJo but you couldve done this way back when.

    • The Boy Toy July 31, 2013

      Maybe she didn’t know. I’m sure her lawyers have been researching for a very long time.

  4. Cream July 31, 2013

    Make sure y’all vote for Beyonce I was here to win a vma pls and thank you

  5. Beyawnce July 31, 2013

    Yesssss Jojo , I hope she wins and a new label signs her , She’s pretty and very talented.

    • SHE July 31, 2013

      At this point, her best bet is to take the independent route (imo) because a new label will more than likely try to force a 360 deal.

  6. The Boy Toy July 31, 2013


  7. Mary-Ann Tatum July 31, 2013

    So freaking talented she need to get outta there and sign with a major label that will nurture her and share her amazing songs with the world.

  8. artPOOP July 31, 2013

    I hope she sues Barry Hankerson into an early grave! that greedy SOB has it coming!

  9. artPOOP July 31, 2013

    She needs to be with either Roc Nation or Young Money. they will push her career to its fullest potential!

    • Rain August 1, 2013

      Neither, Roc Nation sucks hard BTW. Either Columbia or Republic.

      • yabish August 1, 2013

        OVO Drake label will be a better fit sincer she covered two of his songs and did an amazing job… plus 40 produced demonstrate.

  10. Damo July 31, 2013

    About time, this poor girl has been so loyal to them, given them so many chances to do right by her, she has worked her ass off over the years, she’s recorded 4 albums worth of material

    I think about 2 or 3 unreleased music videos. and shes such a hard worker with the right backing she will continue to be the global star she was born to be, Blackground should have let her go along time ago, its a shame it had to come to this but they left her no choice!

  11. mr.m July 31, 2013

    Poor jojo .. They buried her alive
    Anyway, she’s still young! She can make it
    I hope so ..
    In The Dark + Disaster >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. MK July 31, 2013

    Oh f*** yes

  13. JT July 31, 2013

    “Indeed, if successful, JoJo will prove that the label have held her against her will…”

    “The label” is singular. “Have” would be used for a plural noun. Therefore, the correct structure of the sentence should be:

    “Indeed, if successful, JoJo will prove that the label has held her against her will…”

    Please, please consider studying grammar/English. It’s constant errors such as these that make ThatGrapeJuice seem so unprofessional and keep it on the D-list.

  14. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 1, 2013

    All I’m gonna say is once this girl gets out (and she will), she’s gonna slay the scene. JoJo is a TRUE triple threat and we haven’t had someone like that in a while. All the pop girls out now have one and sometimes two of the traits to be a true superstar (looks or charisma mostly) but JoJo can TRULY sing at ANY moments notice, no gimmicks, no backing track, no bizarre outfits or need to be nude on istagram all the time for attention, just her VOICE alone gets her the attention these other pop stars have to gimmick to get. Can’t wait!!! I hope her next label believes in her as much as her fans do!

  15. Marly mall August 1, 2013

    She sued them when she was 18 but they still didnt let her out of her contract. They only gave her $500,000.

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