Lady GaGa Breaks Silence On ‘ARTPOP’ / Opens Up On ‘Applause’

Published: Monday 29th Jul 2013 by David

Little more than three months ago, the world knew next to nothing of Lady GaGa‘s new album ‘ARTPOP’- met only with its title and confirmation of its release.

However, today tells a different story.

Indeed, with only 21 days left until its lead single ‘Applause’ becomes available purchase alongside pre-orders for the album itself, the Pop Svengali breaks her year long silence on the new release, baring all in an interview with ‘Women’s Wear Daily’.

Must see quotes below…

On her hip injury:

“My injury was actually a lot worse than just a labral tear. I had broken my hip. Nobody knew, and I haven’t even told the fans yet. But when we got all the MRIs finished before I went to surgery there were giant craters, a hole in my hip the size of a quarter, and the cartilage was just hanging out the other side of my hip. I had a tear on the inside of my joint and a huge breakage. The surgeon told me that if I had done another show I might have needed a full hip replacement. I would have been out at least a year, maybe longer.”

On ‘Applause’s concept:

“It’s the end of the night after the show. When I look at it I see that there is a longing for the applause. I see that there is a void that is leaking onstage, that the performer is leaking, that the art is sort of becoming something else in front of your eyes. Something more human, something more honest.”

Then, in answering the prayers of many a Monster, that she spills details on the video and its directors. In the publication, she reveals that Van Lamsweerde and Matadin directed ‘Applause’s video in LA last week. Important, as the pair were responsible for shooting one of ‘The Fame’ era’s most iconic images, via her 2009 ‘V’ spread.

Undoubtedly in response to criticism that ‘Born This Way’ lacked the ‘Fame‘s upbeat nature, she revealed:

“I’ll tell you that it is very fun, and that it’s full of happiness, because what I’m saying in the song essentially is that I live for the applause. I live for the way you cheer and scream for me. Give me that thing that I love. Put your hands up, make them touch.”

On creating the album:

“I had six months to beef up my brain and my body. I got to put a giant white or black sheet of paint over my whole canvas and I got to review ARTPOP again. I was given the time to really be creative because it’s a gazing process, it really is. I have to gaze into the work for long periods of time for it to be good. I have that feeling, that wonderful feeling, when me, Inez and Brandon look at each other and we go, ‘It’s so good. That’s the one.’”

Co-written by DJ White Shadow (the producer behind ‘Born‘), the single will score its first live performance at this year’s VMAs, three months before its supporting drops on November 11th, sure to enjoy consistently high first month sales with the holiday season kicking off two weeks after its launch.


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  1. JJFan1814 July 29, 2013

    I’m really looking forward to this f****** song…….!!! I know the melodies will be on point, but production wise I’m excited to hear the direction she’s going. She’s a trendsetter with popmusic.

    • hkvmktyityidfh July 29, 2013

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  2. bqueen July 29, 2013

    *presses snooze*

  3. DTG July 29, 2013

    “Behind the ludicrous and attention-seeking Halloween costumes, the obnoxiously overblown music videos, the swagger jacking of Madonna’s personality, and the conspicuous plot to manipulate the socially awkward and misfits of society into thinking that they have a voice (and are empowered) through her, is a bunch of banal and contrived gibberish heavily propped by media hype that does not live up to it. What began as a bouncy, pixyish, one-woman-show-esque version of what the Spice Girls did in the late 90s has now become an egotistical, overproduced–yet still oddly generic–mess of grating sounds that is irritating to listen to and takes itself too seriously.

    Once upon a time this character that is ‘Lady Gaga’ may have provided a cheeky and quirky contrast to what had been the model of what was popular, and it may have been quasi-endearing, but when pop stars infuse that much camp into their image, at a certain point the irony *will* get old and lose its charm. In the meantime, this woman has literally crammed about a decades worth of gimmicks, put-on’s and media saturation into a three year span. We have seen her show up kite high, in meat dresses, with horns attached to her head, dressed as a man, with discharged gay soldiers as her escorts, etc., etc. The ‘shtick’ is old. There are only so many heavy-handed stunts you can use to dumbfound the public into noticing before they become either hostile or jaded, and a backlash ensues.

    Lady Gaga has always been a ‘character’ for show, but she has become a caricature and a parody of herself. No longer is it “refreshing,” abstract or inventive; it is now tired and dated. Overexposure is killing the cat and quite frankly Gaga is losing her relevance. By making herself into such a sneaky little cartoon who is force-fed to the public in obscene dosages, she has backed herself into a corner. The only thing left for her to do at this point is to throw on a pair of jeans and act normal, but how boring would that be for someone who named herself ‘Lady Gaga’ and made being strange her ticket to fame? She was here; she dominated the world of music and got her press, but the milk is now sour. The writing was on the wall when dowdily dressed and anything-but-flashy Adele c*** blocked what was supposed to be a Gaga-dominating 2011. Kids do not listen to her, it is not “cool” to be a walking freak show…and quite frankly it is not cool to like Lady Gaga now.”

  4. Daniel Teflon July 29, 2013

    With all this Media Hype I’m starting to get the feeling I wanna hear her new sound & I LOVE HER LOOK!! U Betta Werq GaGa!!

  5. Queen Navy July 29, 2013

    She’s so ridiculous. I don’t understand her appeal or why anybody would want to be a fan of hers. She’s a cartoon caricature.

  6. Suicide Blonde July 29, 2013

    The hip surgery, lol.

    Plays: You Don’t Fool Me by Queen.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2013

      B**** please! Stop it.
      Have you seen Celine Dion debuting her new English single live at her monumental concert in Quebec?????? OMG it slays I´m so excited. The proof these basic young b****** are nothing compared to true greats. She could sing any song they release nowadays. Reminds me of Diamonds, only that with a true vocalist.

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2013

        And she looks amazing, i read the comments and everyone seems to like the single so far, hope the radio support her.

    • Belladonna1363 July 29, 2013

      @SuicideBlond Her Born this way tour did over 180 million & her Monster Ball over 200 mill why does she need to lie? Both tour by themselves did more then every tour by Rihanna,Britney,Taylor & Katy! Lol she almost up there with all thos old lady’s you love so damn much. Lol Some times I Say to myself why do I like you so much lol you hate everyone I like? Lol

      • Suicide Blonde July 29, 2013

        Lol. I didn’t know you like me 🙂

      • Belladonna1363 July 29, 2013

        Well now you know @SuicideBlond ! lol For the most part you seem like an intelligent person & you have a since of Humor & even tho you like a lot of old people music that dosen’t mean you have bad taste ( or good taste) lol

  7. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 29, 2013

    The disguise though…… LOL!!!!!!

  8. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 29, 2013

    21 days you say? Looking forward to dragging this horse by it’s tail.

    • Belladonna1363 July 29, 2013

      Don’t get mad when that horse turns right around & kicks your little a*s in your F*cking face. Lol Being Hateful to people never pays off. Lol Be a better person!

  9. R**** stan July 29, 2013


  10. MsThing485 July 29, 2013

    You couldn’t pay me to bother with her and her music. I find her very off putting.

  11. Belladonna1363 July 29, 2013

    I can’t wait to get this album it’s going to be so damn good EDM Mix with a little R&B! ( Witch I dont mind as long as its just a little R&B) lol OMG !!!!!!!!!! And people on this site said know one cared about her anymore is that why every single blog all around the world is posting on ARTPOP? Lol We Little Monster set Twitter on F*CKING FIRE!!!!!! Lol And were going to do it to iTunes when #Applause & #ARTPOP Comes Out on Aug 19 & Nov 11!

    • Ren July 29, 2013

      You’re a f*****.

    • Music July 29, 2013

      @Ren lmao. Come harder than that.

  12. DOSSOME July 29, 2013

    I can’t wait…..her promo game is so on point,she has no choice but to slay

  13. Ciara’s biggest fan July 29, 2013

    Who gives a fvck? Flop

  14. Lovebird (30 years) July 29, 2013

    Caca darling, you are fooling no one with that hip surgery lie. We all know the truth is ticket sales were low and a US leg of that tour did not justify the losses live nation incurred in South America and many parts of EU.

    Secondly, there you go hyping your album again, we all know what this single will be, reductive.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 29, 2013

      Stay PRESSED to the “D”

  15. Bey Is Grown July 29, 2013

    I want Gaga to slay and while @ it s*** in @LoveBird’s mouth and then Bey follows with the slayage and washes Gaga’s s*** in @Lovebird’s mouth down with her pee.

  16. mr.m July 29, 2013

    Xtina wannabe. Nuffsaid
    Only Xtina stan would know that she also copy her words

  17. Music July 29, 2013

    If this era is good, I WILL be purchasing those tickets for her next tour. Nuff said. Good Luck, Gaga.

  18. JER July 29, 2013

    So much hype yet again. We’ll see if she can deliver

  19. Navy Nick July 29, 2013

    I hope she brings it, CAUSE THE FAME SLAYED!!!

  20. CHILE July 29, 2013

    she’s always overhypes her s***, i hope it lives up to the hype cause at this point are already getting tired of her

  21. PRINCE MACHIAVEL July 29, 2013

    Oh My F****** God Lady G Keeps Making People Go CRAZY!! Hahaha Fans, Stans And Haters All Going Mad Crazy, LMFOA Well What Could You Do About Beside Stay The F*** Pressed And Bow Down Like B******?!!?

    Yes For All The Arists For 2013-2014!!!!!!

  22. Auntie_Jackie July 29, 2013

    I think she’s going to belly flop unless she regains what she had with ‘The Fame’.

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