Watch: Rihanna Steps Out With Cara Delevigne Following Chip Hurling Fiasco

Published: Saturday 20th Jul 2013 by David

With ‘Chip-gate’ now well and truly behind her, Rihanna rocked the city of London last night, joined by childhood friend Melissa Forde and Rita Ora‘s pal, Cara Delevigne!

Caught leaving Fenty’s hotel in the city, the photogenic trio were snapped hours after the ‘The Final Goodbye’ star embarked on a shopping trip at Roberto Cavalli‘s London store, as seen here, but before she arrived in France to perform at the Grand Stade Lille Métropole.

Watch her in action below…

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  1. Monstarebel July 20, 2013

    My fav looks wonderful this cara gurl always looks strung out why is she famous anyway?

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

      cara is like the rihanna of modeling. she can serve face & body not alot of other models can say the same.

      • HausMuthaAdele July 20, 2013

        The only thing she serves are crack pipes in Mayfair.

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        @HAUSMUTHAADELE yeah, because i remember asking you…

    • zxcbereru July 20, 2013

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  2. Suicide Blonde July 20, 2013

    I love fashion, been following for ages and i think Cara is one of the most overrated models out there, Rihanna could have been a better model than her IMO.

    • miao July 20, 2013

      But Rihanna is a model with couple of good songs.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

        you know you tried your hardest, so bless your heart.

        good luck next time.

  3. BeyLikeMe July 20, 2013

    Something in my spirit doesn’t sit right with this Cara girl.

  4. RitasLipstick July 20, 2013

    Traitor b****. She’s only famous because one of her grand aunts used to be high class hooker in England.

    • Monstarebel July 20, 2013

      lol forreals?

      • RitasLipstick July 20, 2013

        Google it sis. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wtf is the point of Elena shadowing Reets if she’s gonna let her keep s***** friends.

      • OzzieOra July 20, 2013

        Elena is just there for the ride imo. Because if she was doing her job, this leech wouldn’t have gotten anywhere her.

  5. FentySoSnatched July 20, 2013

    Just no. Did you see the way she was so desperate to walk next to the Queen.

  6. ItsCheryl2bh July 20, 2013

    I hate to judge people I don’t know, but i’m with @BeyLikeMe. I’m getting some bad vibes from her that I just can’t shake 2bh.

  7. I AM ABOVE U July 20, 2013

    This chick is a model? What you modeling crack pipes?

  8. Draggin4MrsCarter July 20, 2013

    Birds of a cocaine feather flock together.

    • MuiMui July 20, 2013

      Who used to sell that crap,though.


    She looks #beautiful

  10. rih rox July 20, 2013

    Fashion killa style on point!

    • rih rox July 20, 2013

      IMPOSTER! !!!

      I have changed my email address cause this was getting annoying. It wasn’t on that Beyonce post so seeing here now I have come to the conclusion it’s Rosie. It left Beyonce post when body wanted it. You won’t be seeing that same avi as you can I have a new. Definitely keeping my name though.

      Enjoy that account loser.

  11. Lana lover July 20, 2013

    Rihanna look more like a model then Cara, Cara look a mess

  12. cocainebitches July 20, 2013

    Cara no longer playing BFFs with Rita Ora no more? Thought you were her wifey?

  13. RICHIE_RICH July 20, 2013

    She looks good, but who is that herion addict with them.

    • Suicide Blonde July 20, 2013

      DEATH!…you should see me now, i’m physically devastated after my wild holidays, if you know what i mean, lol.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 20, 2013

        lmao…. I can’t stop it I say……

      • Suicide Blonde July 20, 2013

        I lost 5 pounds in 2 days and i’m even more skinny than usual, meth and alcohol is not a good combination, lol.

      • RICHIE_RICH July 20, 2013

        Thats how I was bout a month ago…..Ms Molly was my best friend……Yasss for the party gurls lol

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

        Are you Both proud ?


      • Suicide Blonde July 20, 2013

        Lol, rave party gurl, i see U.

        OMG!…i’m so sorry.

    • Danity Kane Stan July 20, 2013


  14. QueenCeline July 20, 2013

    Why are all these celeb girls so blind. You can’t tell when you’re being used?

  15. Danity Kane Stan July 20, 2013

    Rihanna looking so good these days

  16. Lovebird (Trey’s Booty call) July 20, 2013


  17. Beyawnce July 20, 2013

    cara wanted to be friend with the real thing so she befriends rihanna . She’s pretty but looks basic for a model.

    • AQueenLikeBey July 20, 2013

      Real thing? Pull the other one love. Rihanna has been copying Rita’s style since 08 so what’s REALLY good?

  18. PhuckYoFave July 20, 2013

    Laughing out loud at the fact Sam and David were talking about Rita coming for Rihanna’s wig on some real artist s*** when all she does is put out s*** music and party.
    Poor dat!

    • PalmsToTheSky July 20, 2013

      Laugh at those empty seats at the Doritos World Tour.

  19. Lovebird (Trey’s Booty call) July 20, 2013

    I like what Rihanna is doing for senior women here, she is showing that you can rock your grey hair and still look good and s***.

    No need to spending thousands of dollars on hair dyes, just rock that grey hair and make it work. Good on you Riri.

    • MuiMui July 20, 2013


  20. BrunoMartian July 20, 2013


  21. ATM JAM July 20, 2013

    alot of people hat cara but she’s still my b****!

    • SummertimeSadness July 20, 2013

      That’s because you stan for a basic b**** with no album release date.

      • Lana the legend July 20, 2013


      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        @lanaTheLegend & @SummertimeSadness do you really think i don’t know that this is the same person? Ross has you fooled. once again you look ignorant.

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        @SUMMERTIMESADNESS @LANATHELEGEND We All know this is the same person… sad tbh

    • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

      Look who you Stan for im not surprised

      • SummertimeSadness July 20, 2013

        Yes sister! We posted it at the same damn time. We really are sisters!

      • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

        Hahaha I know right love you baby.. Wheres are other sis Rosie at?

      • SummertimeSadness July 20, 2013

        Probably dragging some lowly R**** stan. You know how she does.

      • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

        Lmao true I love when she reads the r**** n ci-error stans it HILARIOUS

  22. JER July 20, 2013

    Yes. The chip hurling fiasco. Yes. The fiasco that will surely ruin her career this time. THIS TIME Rihanna has gone too far and these potato chips are the nail in the coffin. Such a fiasco

  23. Rihanna # 1 Fan T July 20, 2013


    BAD B**** …. she wears anything and makes that s*** hot

  24. Lana the legend July 20, 2013

    Two druggies…. Next

    • stephy the lambily July 20, 2013

      WHO THE F*** IS LANA???

      • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

        B**** who tf is you?

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

      ok but isn’t A*** a recovering alcoholic? you tried it.

    • stephy the lambily July 20, 2013

      LANA fans are the worst (Who ever the f*** she/he is)

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        ikr most of her fans are attention cravings f***, Twitter trolls, and bandwagon gaga stans. Instead of supporting their fav, they go around starting s*** but end up looking ignorant in the end.

  25. Lana the legend July 20, 2013

    Earlier in the evening: Cara Delevingne had been partying with BFF Rita Ora hours before returning home and dropping the mysterious sachet of white power

    The high-street clothing chain is investigating Miss Delevingne, whom it employed earlier this year as the face of its Divided clothing range. If it decides the substance was cocaine, this could impact on future campaigns with the brand.

    The store, which has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards drugs, was one of a string of high-profile brands to drop Miss Moss in 2005, after photographs were published which allegedly showed her snorting cocaine.

  26. BEYSUS OVER JESUS July 20, 2013


    • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

      You know it boo

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        Don’t forget to remind Lizzie to attend her Alcoholic Anonymous session.

      • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

        B**** stop stalking my comments thanks

    • stephy the lambily July 20, 2013


  27. jmac910 July 20, 2013

    Rihanna looks good, man those flashes hurt my eyes just watching the video so I know that has to suck for them. It was cool in the video where Rihanna was more protective over Melissa as if she were the star..true bff’s rite there.

  28. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

    I lOVE This Look on Robyn, she gave me life In IG as of late, that Pic when She said #yesItIsAMansjacket >>

    now who is this groupie With her ? a Model ?

    she doesn’t look Healthy , Nasty and anorexic. 😕

    now I Want Adriana lima ” a real Model” to kick this h** out ,be the navy member she really is and Bffs with Robyn.
    now i want to be in a room with those 2.:D

  29. MuiMui July 20, 2013

    Rihanna says to her haters is your cross to heavy to
    bear, worrying about Her affairs.

  30. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

    I loved when Rihanna posed with her fans to take pics and then Ran to her hotel funnily, she loves her navy. 😀

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 20, 2013

      Aww. That’s cute. I love when the musicians show appreciation for their fans.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

        well, She DOES love her navy, She spend a lot of time Online DM’ing her fans, Sending free tickets to them, and s***.

        Even wearing their Gifts which they made for her.

        She stays online more than Me. 🙂

        she’s thankful and Awesome, I will always Love her no matter What.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 20, 2013

        Awwwww. <3 your dedication is so real. I feel the same about Mariah with the whole Lamb appreciation day and her twitter contests.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

        @SLAYRIAH :

        both are real b******.

        they love their fans, But rihanna is just something else.
        Ofc, I loved her since “pon de replay” , I saw her grow. 😀

        I Love Mimi too. 😉

  31. Baby Blanco July 20, 2013

    That was nice of Rihanna to go back and give the fans hugs.

  32. Kay July 20, 2013

    What more do u expect from riri she makes it look to easy

      • Kid cudis baby mama July 20, 2013


    • Molly July 20, 2013

      I wanna eat Treys ass.

      • Lovebird (Trey’s Booty call) July 20, 2013

        Hunty it’s all I think about.

    • rih rox July 20, 2013

      I love mya and that one of my face song from. I love her sweet soft voice.

      • Lovebird (Trey’s Booty call) July 20, 2013

        Me too, loved her style. She was also very pretty.

  33. Molly July 20, 2013

    Rihanna best look tbh

  34. Molly July 20, 2013

    Only weed & Molly for me… Cara get off the coke boo I will always love you like Whitney.

  35. Kid cudis baby mama July 20, 2013

    I wanna hang with cara

  36. the f*** July 20, 2013

    this is interesting footage? 😆

    it’s just flashing lights. massive strobe defect. if you bump up the volume it sounds like machine guns.

    those papz. *shakes head* 😀

  37. Nancy(Avril Stan)(White Woman) July 20, 2013

    Rihanns a bad influence on poor Cara.

  38. Rosie July 20, 2013

    The only people who care about Cara Delevjdbse or whatever her name is are 12 year old wannabe thinspo models on Tumblr. She’s a basic fad who did no work and had to sleep around and take all types of drugs to get in the modeling world. She’ll be replaced by next year.

    • Suicide Blonde July 20, 2013

      You like ‘Serial killer’ by Lana?

  39. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 20, 2013

    that white chick is a model? model of what? damn she’s looking rough in the face….and she’s younger than me too…

    I’ve seen pictures of her modeling she looks like hell…

    the modeling world sure as hell wasnt looking for a pretty chick when they hired her..

    I’m not going to say she’s a coke head, I don’t know her personally to pass that kind of judgement on her…

    but she does look rough in the face…

  40. Rosie July 20, 2013

    I mean she looks SO rough. Her uncleaned heroin syringes must have given her A***.

    • Rita is queen July 20, 2013

      not when you stan for an alcoholic tho

      • Rosie July 20, 2013

        Not when Rita has slept with every man within he city limits of London. A true s** addict.

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        @ROSIE The fact that a azealia hasn’t been in twitter ‘fued” in months makes your comment irrelevant. that lilly allen thing was azealia responding back to Lilly constantly shading her and her contemporaries (marina, lana, curli, charli, brooke candy) it’s not just azealia she has a problem with. The fact that you think manchester is “Hood’ makes me laugh, yes there are homeless people here as there is in chicago (one of the dirtiest cities in the US) google it, but i live in a posh town, everybody in my neighborhood has a annual earning of over 100k.

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013


      • Rosie July 20, 2013

        Lana has been sober for over a decade. TGJ even posted about it, but like the dumb Manchester hoodrat you are, you’re to lazy to actually research and back up your claim, hence why I read you for two nights in a row.
        Lana can defeat the demons of her addiction, why can’t Azeal.izard do it with her career ruining Twitter one?

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

      @ROSIE i googled chicago and one of the first posts where about crime and murder… hmm I kicked off my series on Chicago’s dangerous neighborhoods with a focus on murder, which is probably most people’s top concern since most people would agree that the consequences are a bit more serious than getting your iPhone snatched. However, the next concern that people would have in selecting a neighborhood to live in would be how dangerous it is from a violent crime standpoint. Violent crime is broken down by the Chicago Police Department into 4 major categories:

      Criminal sexual assault
      Aggravated assault/ battery

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

      @ROSIE Among the 10 largest cities in America, Chicago has the third highest poverty rate, with 21.6 percent of our residents living under the poverty level, according to 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Only Philadelphia and Dallas–with 25 and 23 percent, respectively–beat us.

      hmmm… care to explain?

    • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

      you were here a minute ago but I Dream Of Jeannied your ass offline after i supplied you with facts.

  41. Rita is queen July 20, 2013

    Cara hang it up you look a mess.

  42. ratedxxx(tic toc) July 20, 2013

    as for rihanna, the bish can make a plastic bag look s***..she was looking a little skinny back there, but she gained back those curves…

    she is gorgeous….all natural,….I’m glad she got rid of the blond hair..blond is not for everybody…

    I was listening to a few of her albums yesterday..and she has never disappoint when it comes to versatility in her music…
    she makes great music, the music she makes goes with her voice..nobody sing them like she can….

    people says all the time it’s the songwriters and music producers that makes rihanna world wide..but other people also uses the same songwriters and music producers and their music are garbage, compare to rihanna’s music..

  43. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 20, 2013

    Dead @ “Manchester Hoodrat” lol, I cannot breathe.

  44. ATM JAM July 20, 2013

    rosies catfish ass always writes about how i never reply back… where are you now b****?

    • Beywhoyawanna July 20, 2013

      lol…you like f****** with Rosie

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        Yeah it’s fun as hell to watch her flip s*** over Lana.

    • Rosie July 20, 2013

      Because your stupid ass took an entire day just to look up the facts to the WRONG city. I don’t live in Chicago proper (I actually live in an entirely different county) and even then Downtown alone is more famous and nicer than Manchester, which is the Detroit of the UK.

      • ATM JAM July 21, 2013

        Lmaooo County or country? You sound so dumb trying to change the deny your city and all of it murder, crime, thievery, R***, filthiness, poverty. But the fact that I found that info in less than 5 minutes says something about your intellect.

  45. Rosie July 20, 2013

    This dumbass really thinks I live in Chicago? Kii!
    Elk Forest is 30 miles outside of Chicago an has a median per capita income of 80k. Nice try.

  46. Rosie July 20, 2013

    You know what, I’m done even arguing with A*** Jam since she’s so stupid that she actually believes that I live in America (i actually just went on Google and picked out a random Chicago suburb) and her head is so far up my ass she actually took time out of her day to look up some crime stats about a city that I’ve only been to three times in a pathetic attempt to “drag” and call me a poor welfare b**** when I live in Canada.
    Mess. An absolute embarrassment to what ever gay black twink stanbase Lixard has. She continues to drag herself and I am 100% done replying to her trolling ass.

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