US Album Sales Hit All Time Low

Published: Saturday 3rd Aug 2013 by David

US album sales have hit an all time low this week, despite the aid of albums spawned by Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Pop Princess Rihanna.

An unsettling story below…

Much to the dismay of the industry, the last five consecutive weeks have marked the longest period of time in which it has seen album sales fail to reach the 5 million mark.

Unfortunately, this week marked the ninth consecutive week this has happened, despite the continued chart wins scored by Justin Timberlake‘s ‘The 20/20 Experience‘ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’, albums which served to boost sales in the market upon their respective releases.

Billboard explains:

“The industry had been flirting with the under five million unit album sales weeks since 2010 when, for the week-ending May 30, it dipped beneath that floor for the first time with 4.98 million scans. In 2010, the industry had four weeks under 5 million units, while there were two weeks under that floor in 2011, and three weeks in 2012.

This year already, there are nine weeks under the 5 million units album sales mark, with the last five weeks marking the longest consecutive period the industry has gone without scanning more than 5 million units.”

Sure to pick up upon the November 11th release of Lady GaGa‘s third studio album ‘ARTPOP‘, consumer interest in albums-or the lack of it- has seen some analysts cite digital streaming as the problem’s route cause, with streaming figures rising as sales decline.

In adding to this, a poor release schedule may also be to blame for the all time low, with the likes of GaGa, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry opting out of summer releases and instead eyeing the fourth quarter to drop their new projects.

Alas, this new record comes as international sales of a number US releases continue to soar- with Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ well over the 3 million worldwide mark , as Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love’ bests her with 4,627,000 sold since September 14th 2012.

So, let us know…

Why do you think sales are on the rocks?

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  1. tits mcgee August 3, 2013

    So Rihanna is winning despite the current sales climate… Ya’ll know that putting up her pic under this headline was needless shade.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter August 3, 2013

      How is Rihanna winning UPL can’t even stay in the top 40 anymore. She’s being outsold by albums that came out WAY before her.
      Just wait until the Queen returns. She will make these sales fly.

      • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

        did you not read the article?? She has sold Over 3million copies of unapologetic ww. It’s rare anyone is pushing those numbers now.

        for the record you are the one trying to start a stan war. I love both Rih and Bey and they both win in their own lanes, so miss me with the extra.

      • david555 August 3, 2013

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    • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

      3 million worldwide is winning for an international pop star in her prime? LOLOLOL!!

      • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

        why don’t you worry about getting Britney’s next album to at least platinum. #bye

      • Molly August 3, 2013


      • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

        Femme Fatale went platinum in a month boo, I have no doubt her next album will do the same. No to mention it is her 6th #1 album and opened with better numbers than Rih has ever despite being Brit’s second worse opening numbers. LOLOLOL!! Even at her worse Queen B dominates these girls.

    • mekaela August 3, 2013

      I know right its the first of the month and sam needs to pay his bills no one coming to this site so put rihanna pic up with make up s*** really sam its unessessary u f**

    • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

      Good on Britney with all that you pointed out. except for the platinum part. It only FF only went platinum for shipments not for actual sales. That’s what i was talking about boo. Riihanna sold 1.2 mil in the US, so stop. Britney is not doing so well sales wise in the current climate i.e. fem fatale, so stop..

      most of her sales were in the heyday of the industry before tricks. She will do no better than Rihanna’s numbers now.. we already saw that with her last album.. so keep reaching to yesteryear to fell better boo boo.

      • tits mcgee August 3, 2013


      • TRUTH SERUM August 3, 2013

        Rihanna haven’t sold anything passed 1.1 or up since Loud… So have a damn seat…

        Rated R, TTT, and Unapologetic only have reach 1.0 and nothing more…

        and she just HIT A MILLION with Unapologetic…

        1.2 million my ass…


    • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

      @ truth serum

      no need to get your knickers in a twist. Fine even given if unapologetic sold 1 mil as apposed to 1.2mil my greater point is made that britney did not sell that many in the US. she was certified for 1mmil based on shipments. Rihanna is still selling pretty well..

      What is foolish is for people to discount that.

  2. Valerie (Barb) August 3, 2013

    Yall need to have ciara pic on there not RiRi

    • FAF August 3, 2013

      Ciara has sold 3mil in the us off 1 album. When has Rihanna done it?

      • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

        oh shut up ! please! ya’ll are delusional!! rihanna is a better singer prettier and nicer person than c error and n**** u will deal! aint noffin stopping riri boo! even with a billion delusional haterz like you? how is pf rr doing boo? that bish hasnt even sold a million in the US…shipped? yes! BUT not SOLD! FLOP ANYONE?

      • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

        LOLOLOL!!! Queen CiCi would mop the stage with Rihanna. How dare you suggest Rih is more talented

      • ^AKA^ August 3, 2013

        Goodies has not even sold 3 million, it did 2.7 and GGGb did 2.8. Goodies is 3xPlatinum for shioments, not for sales. Rihanna is a better singer than Ciara’s tiny non existent vocal ass.

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        @JAMILAA ROTF LMRAO I heard that,and i have never seen it written on the board so Eloquently
        Even with a billion haterz, OMG!!


    • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

      let’s see Ciara book that stage tho. You are a hater. you have tipped that hat. If you can call Ciara a Queen with her numbers, but s*** on Rih with hers, that shows your a hatting troll.

      Ciara had all the promo in the world and could not shift anything. please.

      Ciara can move better than Rin, but thats where it ends. RIh is still more captivating. #deal

  3. Daniel Teflon August 3, 2013

    Hell I don’t buy albums really anymore unless I support there LIVE EFFORTS!! I support Any Member of Dc3 & Solange~Toni Braxton & Monica~,Brandy Sometimes!!

    • MuiMui August 3, 2013

      DANIEL and even after all that you do to stop Rihanna remember ,One Monkey don’t stop the show.
      Support who you want to nobody care.

  4. cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

    NOt at Sam putting up a pic of Riherpes for this article.. Slow news day at the TGJ HQ, sam needs those hits..

    • Molly August 3, 2013

      Honey have you seen most juicest lately he’s desperate for a hit

  5. Molly August 3, 2013

    Really dont get why Rihannas pic is up…

  6. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 3, 2013

    Since I’m gonna be located in the states can’t wait to physically buy Beyonces albums all over again…

  7. Alex August 3, 2013

    This is hardly a question. Quite simply, album sales have declined rapidly this year because of the new rule changes the RIAA have introduced to their curriculum. People are now, unfortunately, legitimate to stream albums just as they stream singles (Spotify, iRadio etc), therefore, most decide to use free streaming instead of ACTUALLY purchasing albums. The finger of blame should not necessarily be pointed at the general public, but at the RIAA which have created new HIDEOUS changes to chart monitoring. The music industry will be extinct by 2018 at this rate,mark my words.

    • BeachHouseBritney August 3, 2013

      So true.

    • ATM JAM August 3, 2013

      sad but true

  8. so what?!? August 3, 2013

    “Sure to pick up upon the November 11th release of Lady GaGa‘s third studio album ‘ARTPOP‘, consumer interest in albums-or the lack of it- has seen some analysts cite digital streaming as the problem’s route cause, with streaming figures rising as sales decline.

    In adding to this, a poor release schedule may also be to blame for the all time low, with the likes of GaGa, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry opting out of summer releases and instead eyeing the fourth quarter to drop their new projects.”

  9. FAF August 3, 2013

    Its not helping w/ these album free streams whats the point? It takes out the anticipation & all you have to do is get a recorder & rip it into mp3 & then leak the album to zippyshare. This technology is killing the industry. You have to have 30mil fans on twitter just to sell 200k copies first week. Artists used to do 3 & 4mil in a yr now you’re successful if you do 1mil on a 99c discount.

    • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

      Ciara will not even do a million ever again

  10. TurntUp4Cici August 3, 2013

    UPL has only sold 3 million? Lol.

    • cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

      With 2351365889412632852695 singles and as much videos…. and promo to last her a lifetime

      LOL I CANNOT at the flop that is Riherpes 😀 😀 😀

      • Molly August 3, 2013

        She had 2 videos b**** we aint talking bout nicki or beyonce

      • FAF August 3, 2013

        ^But she has multiple singles & was on tour

        You can not compare Nicki ( a rapper who pissed ppl off by doing pop music )

        to a girl who has multiple #1 singles yearly 😆 😆 😆

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        CAKE U R The perfect example of a Bitter bytch,they have pills to help you feel better ,because you and the bangers know Rihanna owns your behinds lock stock and barrel.
        You doormat, insecure and Rihanna got you running scarrrrred a Black artist with it going on.

        And the way you comment is the best way ever to tell how well Rihanna is doing keep doing the good job of keeping us in the wind of just how well She is doing. Seem like its a black female who is keeping you on your toes.
        And beside that Rihanna appeals to many people GaGa will never ever appeal too with your envious hate.
        Remember that for the last three to four years Rihanna has been the Long Ranger in the money making,and even though GaGa ,Beyonce has made more paper than Rihanna but look at the artist who has not done nearly as well
        as the Diamonds Queen has!!!!!!

    • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

      hahahahha i lafffff in swahili…… 57k anyone?? what a loser ce error is? useless flop! the bish cannot and will not sell up to a 100k this year…boo UPL has sold 3.4 mill worldwide and 1.2 in the US and its still selling boo…u need to hide ya ugly face inside ce error’s pusssy!

      • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

        and yes u fool u can compare her to nicki who released a billion singles pop! singles and didnt sell for s***! that bish is a FLOP! BUHAHAAHHAHA! QUEEN MY ASS! pound the alarm anyone? starships anyone? va va boom anyone? what do u call this records? rap? what a stupid boy you are!

      • DD1G August 3, 2013

        “Boo,” 1.2 US and 3.4 WW ain’t impressive. Those numbers are sad. I don’t care if she’s not doing the “worse” (she ain’t doing the best either)…bad numbers are still bad numbers.

  11. BeyWhoUWanna August 3, 2013

    So after all that promotion the girl only sold 3 milli.

    • MuiMui August 3, 2013

      As much as she is called talentless ,ask yourself
      why are people going after her so hard if she isn’t good enought o sing and make music that people love.
      Sound like a dead cat on the line some place, could it be her many haters.
      And take a look back at all of those who has dropped music including all the Rappers,country westers, r&b Rihanna is holding her own.

  12. Lana Del Slay August 3, 2013

    How is Pink slaying the phuck out of Rihanna though? What kind of low key slayage?

    • FAF August 3, 2013

      Pink is a f****** BOSS! I love her! She’s the best type of artist, about positivity, a TRUE performer & a steady fanbase & she doesn’t p*** a lot of ppl off, so she’s likeable & always has a message in her music

      • Katy kat August 3, 2013

        Faf stfu b**** you dissed her the other day in the Katy Perry post i cant with you fake queens

      • FAF August 3, 2013

        ^that was not my account dumbass d***

        that was not my avatar TGJ be stealing s***

    • MuiMui August 3, 2013

      Lana the same way Adele slayed the phuck out of
      all of them with their Butts pointing to the ground and slayed all of those who has dropped for the last going on two to three years

  13. TaylorWins August 3, 2013

    Good for Pink. Shame on Rihanna.

  14. Cici Slaaaays August 3, 2013

    Unapologetic is a f****** flop.. she getting slayed by d*** pink

  15. FAF August 3, 2013

    This makes me really sad, guys. Just thinking about the ’90s when even ppl like Kelly Price had platinum albums. I really hope the industry improves one day 🙁

  16. HerNameIsSasha August 3, 2013

    Hahahhahahha. The industry NEEDS Beyonce.

    • Beyawnce August 3, 2013

      what for? Album sales , She wouldn’t even make a impact with 4’s saleas

      • Beyawnce August 3, 2013

        Pinks album has outsold 4

  17. JJFan1814 August 3, 2013

    Are yall really coming for Rihanna??? UPL??? 3 million off of 1 hit single & Stay…3 Million sold after consecutively releasing albums back to back annually. When will your fave? Oh coming from Ciara stans (lol really?) and Beyonce of all people? Beyonnnnnnce of all people? Sure she’s touring but has yet to release singles,

    You know what I’m not even going to go in because the facts are there but they mean s*** when the stans are delusional.

    I guess chile.

  18. Suicide Blonde August 3, 2013

    Rihanna is constant with her album sales, album by album and notice that when she prolongs an era like she did with GGB and LOUD, her album sales when higher, actually those too are her best selling albums so i think if she takes more time with an album she will have good sales, the problem is that she moves on too quickly. Today 7-8 million is like 20 million in the 90’s so……

  19. cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

    The dusty navi busy trolling TGJ but doesn’t go out to buy Unflopogetic! 3 million?? With 236593252145365256 singles?? What kind of flopage?? 😀 😀

    The STRUGGLE 😀 😀 😀

    • MuiMui August 3, 2013

      What Rihanna don’t sale in albums she make up for it in Singles. Just the other day some one was talking about how good Beyonce did in 2007,I beg the different because
      “Umbrella”was the shyts then and still is holding things down,get my drift.
      GaGa had better team up with Beyonce and do some more songs, and Kissey, together Before Beyonce Mop the floor with Gaga’s Ass and you already know that the Monsters are picking in tall cotton when they start screwing around with Beyonce Camel and pis*ing him off,GaGA HAD BETTER WATCH OUT.
      Beyonce will be out for blood and shes coming for Gaga wig hard this time. Remember Beyonce saying GaGa was trying to get all the attention when she went to that award show in the egg trying to hog the show if she don’t want to share the spot light with Rihanna, the same goes for GaGa ,a*s also, Beyonce ain’t playing this time around,so past the word Beyonce want a Song with Gaga and that will be the only way Beyonce want get her this next go around, in albums sales and Hits.

  20. Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

    I’m not surprised at all. The only major release this year has come from JT. Bruno Mars, D***, and Taylor Swift dropped last year. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Gags, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Mariah Carey.

    Lol @ J.Flop’s name being mentioned. Selena Gomez snatched up her spot.

  21. Blackout2.0 August 3, 2013

    Why are the Navy talking s*** about Britney when Rihanna’s best sales don’t even come to a quarter of Britney’s best.

    • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

      Tbh. How quickly they forget Queen B is responsible for one of those 12 #1 singles.

      • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

        nobody forgot s***. you are the one who came for rihanna for no reason, but to kick dust. I like britney, but you queen brit brit are doing the most. Praising Ciara and downing Rihanna to answer your question @blackout.

      • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

        LOL!! I merely stated that 3 million worldwide for an established international act in her prime is not successful. Especially when she is booking stadiums across the globe to support it. Rihanna is pop and Ciara is urban, I never compare. But when a Navy tries to say Rih is more talented than Queen CiCi they will be clocked. 😉

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        Stop trying to pit Rihanna aganist Britney,they love and respect each other. The Bey hive is always saying things
        about Britney and they even calls Beyonce Queen when she don’t have Diamonds like Britney.
        People was bitter when Britney and Rihanna did their song together and bitter because it went number One,then try to turn righ back around and say Rihanna them got together for a Number One when that was Britneys first time on a song with anybody her entire career, and Britney and Rihanna made History doing that song together and the bey hive is still mad and trying to start useless fights over nothing,Where is Beyonce next hit.

    • mekaela August 3, 2013

      Do u haters dream about rihanna p**** all day stay off her c*** and get a life u think island girls give a f*** what u talking about haters ri having fun living life screw u bammers stay on the net and spill hate go suck out rihanna b***

      • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

        @ mekaela

        YES! they want a big wiff of it! LOL!

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        First of all Pink has out did Beyonce on Tours for the first
        half of the year, and if Beyonce is the king why is she dragging behind Pink

        Rihanna isn’t supposedto even be on the listif you let many tell it but how is she on that t5our line up and shes is so,so.

        Britney and Beyonce is around the same age and started out about the same time, so why do Britney have Diamonds and Beyonce don’t ,even though Beyonce was with a Group.

    • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

      Once again learn to read. there are many acts “in their prime” selling much less. Rihanna is selling just fine. the only one getting clocked is you. CIara is a flop even by r&b standards. Even Kelly and fantasia outsell her! and rihanna’s voice is light years ahead of Ciara’s so called voice.

  22. Katy kat August 3, 2013

    Hows that a shame on Rihanna tho? Lets see how much yall favs sell with there 7th album. Yall stay trying to put her down yet Nicki pink friday roman reloaded still hasn’t sold a million in the us… Ciara ass had all the promo in the world and still hasn’t pushed 150 k worldwide with her latest flop.

    • FAF August 3, 2013

      7th album in 7 yrs =/= 7th album with a break

      none of the songs written by her

      360 deal.

      shame on her EXACTLY, f***

      she has more promo to her MILLIONS of fans than anyone else

      N-gger read facts

      • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

        ok…..if rihana is a flop so is NICKI MINAJ ! her last album didnt even sell up to 2 mill world wide! and she is a pop artist not hip hop! jay z has 10 bak to back albums with no break…..same as cher…and many other artist dont write there hit songs a very good example is the great whitney(RIP) never wrote any of her songs BOO! your hate for riri is what will end you! u are such a hateful person its scary!

      • mother monster August 3, 2013

        Honey nicki had a re release still couldn’t do 2 million worldwide shes pathetic

      • . : : h 2 o : : . August 3, 2013

        Receipts that she’s on a 360 deal .. :mrgreen:

    • TurntUp4Cici August 3, 2013

      Katy- Queen of Discounts.

    • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

      7 albums in 7 years doesn’t count boo. Especially when she is still young. If she had taken breaks in between albums and was over 30 with those numbers I’d congratulate her.

  23. bow down b****** August 3, 2013

    Ciaras fan really have there nerve… i dont care for r**** but you c squad flop b****** can’t come for her CIARA IS THE STRUGGLE

  24. FAF August 3, 2013

    But TGJ how do y’all feel about 99c discounts? Thats what I call unfair how u gon sell ur whole album for less than an itunes song ? S*** like that kills the industry, IMO

    • mother monster August 3, 2013

      Gurl stfu and go buy Ciara and Nicki flop ass albums

      • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

        BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA drag that FAF! he is so f****** delusional and he stans for FLOPS!

    • FentySoSnatched August 3, 2013

      They won’t call out Gaga because they stan for her.

  25. Shauwndapooh August 3, 2013

    Make better music rihanna got a number one debut she put a much more mature lead single and thw free streaming also

  26. mother monster August 3, 2013


    • cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

      IKR? I cannot with the delusion!!!

      • jAMILAA August 3, 2013

        lol lol lol! i’ve been saying dis s*** for a while that n**** is delusional as f***! one time he said nicki is more relevant than king bey and gaga! buhahahahahaha

  27. cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

    Lol at the d*** coming for SLAYdy GODga when PPRR is struggling, even with an EP

    At least GaGa got all her money.. Amazon bought the albums from GaGa at FULL price!!

    • mother monster August 3, 2013

      Gurl right how sad nicki 2nd album couldn’t even do 2 million worldwide even with 900000 singles awww

  28. mother monster August 3, 2013

    Sam needs a hit if yall haven’t noticed on the most juicest the comment section has been lacking lately

  29. rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

    UNA has sold 3. 2 mill as of may. But, rih album sales are lower, because she is of this day and age. If she came out 10 – 15 years ago…..she will have diamond albums by now.

    I blame the fact that u can buy your music, ala carte of iTunes.

    • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

      Katy Perry and Gags are more of “this day and age” but their albums managed to pull those numbers in the US alone. 8 million for Born This Way and 6 million for Teenage Dream. LOL don’t make excuses. Rih just focuses on the first to singles and forgets the rest of the album. If she don’t care why should ppl care to buy it?

    • Beyhive August 3, 2013

      Honey no. If rihanna came out ten years ago, she’d have gold albums she couldn’t f*** with Christina,Britney,Pink,Or Bey.

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        i DISAGREE, honey! Let do the math! Rihanna , at 18, with her exotic green eyes, s*** west indian body and tall long legs WOULD OF STOOD OUT IN THE USA IN 2000. No black girl was looking like that.

        She should of been a darling of TRL; carson daley would love her. hER VIDEOS would rock out TRL countdown. In 2000 she would of fused west indian – which was huge back then with Pop sounds from with those swedish producers, max martin and soulshock and karlin an em. Plus, Rodney jerkins and the neptunes were mega huge back then. There is no way radio – pop and urban would of ignored her in 2000.

        Collabo’s – You really Nsync and Em would turn Rih down in 2000? They would of been all on that, plsu Jay would JUMP on her tracks.

        IN 2000, JLO was the only singer playing with high fashion. Rih shuts JLO down in fashion. If JLO got fame wearing a green versace dress at the grammy’s. watch how RIH would of showed out.

        Rih would have smash hits and multiplatinum albums. A song like Umbrella, please don’t, unfaithful could slay in 2000.

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        Beyonce was lucky rih was not around in 2000. Cos, a black girl like Rih would of made it hard for beyonce to be the number 1 black s** symbol.

      • Drew August 3, 2013

        Rihannas whole vulgar persona and image was not ‘in’ in 2000 so whos to say she wouldve been successful?

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        But she could of slayed with GGGB type personality, style and looks. No one in the music industry would of ignored Rih and nysyn doing a duet together. And madonna personified shock, vulgar, so rih would stood out even more, over those cookie cutter pop acts.

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        If Rihanna had come out doing that time we would
        have had another Black Madonna on out hand and we all see how well that worked out. And just look at the comments doing what they always do ,end up being about this Iconic Rihanna who will be a Legend before it is all said and done.

        @BEYHIVE Yea, yea,yea look around you and see that Rihanna is phucking with them right now and its all in the way she do them Cart Wheels on the charts,so shes
        keeping you and yours well motivated up on high.

      • Drew August 3, 2013

        @Rita Whora… It never happened for a reason. You believe in God dont you? Right… Say no more.

      • Absolved August 3, 2013

        Rihanna did exist in 2000. Back then she was called Samantha Mumba, and she flopped. In 2000, the world of music was over saturated with corny pop tarts, but TALENTED acts were also still appreciated and doing big numbers. Rihanna wouldn’t have stood out. None of the latest pop tarts who debuted in the last half of the past decade would have lasted a day on the charts in 2000. The scene was not only more competitive, but again you had to have an obvious skill. Britney is corny and awful, but back then she could at least dance. Rihanna’s lazy approach to everything would have been all around rejected back then. And since there was no Twitter/Instagram to show out on at the time, she REALLY would have been SOL.

        And don’t give me that “Rihanna’s album sales are poor because she is of this generation” b*******. Tell that to Pink. Tell that to Taylor Swift. Tell that to Adele.

        Rihanna is supposed to be in the prime of her career and is only moving 3 million units and can’t even go double platinum in the U.S. That s*** is pathetic. Don’t even try and snow that.

  30. cake like lady gaga August 3, 2013

    If we all unite we can beat Sam.. Let us not give him what he wants!! He clearly posted this to get hits. Let us NOT give him those hits. This is my last comment on this post!!!

    • VisionOfMimi August 3, 2013

      Bye. I’m staying.

    • SupremeBey August 3, 2013

      Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

    • BarbzRUs August 3, 2013

      Au ray to the f****** voir.

    • LaLopez August 3, 2013

      Later beetch.

  31. kimbella August 3, 2013

    I think people are so obsessed with Rihanna on this site shes always the center of attention on others sites no one even cares to mention her like how people do on here…

  32. Beyawnce August 3, 2013

    Unapologetic has done well considering the fact that she only has releases 3 singles , looooooooooool @ the ciara fans calling rihanna a flop , y’all need to remember ciara has 2 consecutive albums that flopped.

    • Lovely Lana August 3, 2013

      You mean 3 consecutive flops

      Fantasy flop
      Basic flop

      • Beyawnce August 3, 2013

        s*** lmaoooooooo

      • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

        wow, that is sad. She will end up like mya and ashanti

  33. Beyawnce August 3, 2013

    Pink’s album is doing well , 4.6 million so far , She will reach 5 by the end of the year.

  34. Beyawnce August 3, 2013


  35. phyneassf**k August 3, 2013

    @ H2-H**:
    Riherpes IS on a 360 slave deal. From her manager exposing her 24$ thousands networth as of 2007, to S&M video lawsuite revealing that she only received 6% of Loud tour earnings, etc..

    But I know your too blind to see the truth!

    • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

      That was because she paid for her own videos with endorsement and tour money. It was never proven that she had a 360 deal. Def Jam wanted to drop her in 2005 along with Teairra Mari, so her manager took it upon himself to finance her projects with his & her money.

    • rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

      now she is worth 184 million USD.

    • MuiMui August 3, 2013

      Rihanna says Look at me now, keep living in
      her past as she keep right on doing what help them check to keep coming in.
      Theres many on the 360 and it is clear Rihanna is the one you want to get the most.and she keep right on Stunning on you and getting paid.
      We know Your little pea head want to try and make people think that Rihanna is the only artist on a 360, and you want to Discredit everything she does and we also know that Rihanna is working every little bit of that chicken head of yours.

  36. Slayty Perry (Killer Queen) August 3, 2013

    Justin Timberlake is the only major release this year so far, most other albums came out the year before or are dropping later this year. As someone already mentioned above streaming albums a week or two before the release only allows people to record it and upload it for free. Not only that but most major albums leak weeks before anyways. Labels need to do a better job of controlling leaks and focus on selling albums just as much as singles.

    • ^AKA^ August 3, 2013

      In the USA yes, but outside of it he has only sold ~1 million. :/ His new album is pretty local.

      • EnRanc August 3, 2013

        Don’t matter. In all, he’s still outselling those supposed “worldwide” acts. Don’t matter where the sales come from, so long as they’re there. I’ll take a 5 million seller with 90% of it coming from the US over a 3 million seller that’s supposedly coming from “worldwide” buyers.

  37. rita whora f****** TI; leaving roc nation for Grand Hustle August 3, 2013

    Much to the world’s delight, the Dutch DJ revealed plans to collaborate on another sweet single with Rihanna!
    The two worked together before on a track off of Unapologetic, but he says this “out of the box” follow-up will be even better!
    Nicky admitted:
    “I’m working on a song for Rihanna right now… I can’t say too much yet… It’s gonna be out of the box for me.

    BRACE YOURSELFSM HATERS, RIH COMING FOR THAT Out of the box global smash. I am thinking something daft punk or even her version of vogue or Human nature by madonna. OW.. Then, the gray hair, or short curly hair….major slayage is on her way.

    Oh, and Rih has shot visuals for madonna new secret project. It seems to revolve around Marylin monroe.

  38. ^AKA^ August 3, 2013

    I try to keep it cute with Ci-Error but her fans won’t let me do it.

    Ok, let’s take Bey’s, Rih’s and Ciara’s last album:


    ~3 million albums worldwide

    3 000 000 * $12 – $36 000 000

    10+ million singles (H20 correct me if you know the actual number)

    10 000 000 * $1.29 – $12 900 000

    Total – $48 900 000 with 4.


    3.2+ million albums worldwide

    3 200 000 * $12 – $38 400 000

    15+ million singles

    15 000 000 * $1.29 – $19 350 000

    Total – $57 750 000


    ~100 000 albums

    100 000 * $12 – $1 200 000

    1 million singles )I am being generous)

    1 000 000 * $1.29 – $1 290 000

    Total – $2 490 000

    You see??? The difference is just one 0 (zero) *2 times 🙂 You see the difference between a FLOP, yes FLOP and something that is a SUCCESS. And those Flops have nerve to call 4 and Unapologetic flops. I’m inb4efore @FAF aka F** says that 37kara takes all of her money because she writes her music (aka co-writes just like Beyonce and Rihanna).

    Everything that sells 2+ million nowadays is a success because not many people can do it. We live in world full of piracy and illegal downloads.

    • tits mcgee August 3, 2013

      I”m glad you took the time to clear that up. numbers dont’t lie, people do.

    • Queen Brit Brit August 3, 2013

      4: Been out for 2 years? now. Had multiple singles+better promo (VMAs, Billboard Awards, etc). Released commercial single like Best Thing I Never Had

      Unapologetic: Been out for almost a year. Had better promo (SNL, 777 tour+documentary). Stay and Diamonds have mainstream appeal, esp. in adult contemporary. Went on a worldwide stadium+arena tour to promote it.

      Ciara: Been out for less than a month. Best promo was from the BET Awards and Kimmel. (No one watches 106 & Park or early morning shows). Singles have been strictly urban, Body Party is full R&B and I’m Out is urban.

      How are these far comparisons?

      • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

        Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole& Brandy all had way less promo than Ciara, yet they outsold her. Oh, I guess you can’t compare them either huh?

      • MuiMui August 3, 2013

        @QUEEN BRIT BRIT Thanks for your fair and just
        remark and its the truth.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . August 3, 2013

      I don’t really know, but it should be about 10M at best ..

  39. GrandGrande August 3, 2013

    Do I spy Cierror stans calling Princess Rih a flop? I can’t! Can you losers explain why Cierror has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, but couldn’t even sell 60k copies of her new album? One thing about Rihanna, is that she’s consistent. Do you think someone who releases annually will sell 5 million plus Worldwide with every, single album? Not in 2013. Six of her albums have gone platinum in the states, and seven have gone platinum Worldwide (six of the multiplatinum WorldWide). Ciara won’t even see a gold plaque again. You know you’re a lessor ass flop when Keyshia Cole outsells you!!! Lollllllll!!!

    • VisionOfMimi August 3, 2013

      Do I spy a Mariah wannabe?

      • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

        Do I spy a pressed Lamb? Go rub Mariah’s shoulder.

      • VisionOfMimi August 3, 2013

        The only one that was pressed was Ariana when the world made her change that nasty album cover of hers. She tried to be cute but failed.

      • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

        Still pressed! LMAO. Shouldn’t you be concerned about Mariah pushing that album back because her single had ZERO impact, even with the Payola deal? Don’t give me the bull about going platinum either, because Avril’s new single went platinum too but it had zero impact. *sits my glass of wine on Memoirs Of An Imperfect Flop*

  40. TeenageDreamer August 3, 2013

    Oh my. Are the lowly Navy girls throwing shade at Queen Britney? Don’t be b*** hurt that Katy read your fave her rights yesterday sweethearts.

    • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

      A Britney stan came for Rih first, so stfu!

      • DemiQueenVato August 3, 2013

        These Ariana whores are getting so brave nowadays.

      • GrandGrande August 3, 2013

        Not a Demi stan! Go suck on the blood from her slit wrists!

    • Ciara/Nicki/Marina August 3, 2013

      Facts everywhere.

      • Beyawnce August 3, 2013

        @Grande lmaoooooo

  41. Rosie August 3, 2013

    Another reason why I laugh at people who cling to the US for receipts, especially with so many emerging worldwide markets.

  42. Mark111 August 3, 2013

    At this point, what’s the point of buying albums when most artist only gonna promote for a week and say “Oh, it’s wasn’t my best.” For now on, I won’t buy an album til after a month, if it’s still fire, then I’ll buy. Cause I bought Kelly and Ciara’s album and look at them.

    • you know August 3, 2013

      that’s the worst kind of mind you could go.

      you buy albums cause of the buzz they have? cause they hip?

      i “buy” albums cause it’s music i like.

      this is how it should be.

      • Mark111 August 3, 2013

        B****! Learn how to f****** READ! Where did I say anything about a f****** buzz? Like I SAID in my post, why buy an album when the artist is gonna throw it away after a week. Sorry if I like seeing new video for other songs on the album or seeing them perform them through out the year or two on award shows and tv. Why should I burn my hard earned money to support when they don’t show respect to the few who bought their s***. Oh forgive me cause a million people didn’t buy your album in the first week, so the 60K who did should just eat it. Never again, I buy albums that gonna last at least a year, not a f****** week, so like I said, if you’re not gonna support your album after 4 weeks, then you won’t get a dollar out of me.

  43. DTG August 3, 2013

    The industry needs Adele and Eminem to hurry up and release their new projects. The problem is that there are WAY too many sissy pop chicks out who only appeal to 14 year old girls and gay guys: the two most fickle audiences in the world, who don’t know anything else but iTunes and phone apps. If you can appeal to an 18-35 y/o straight alpha male audience you’ll sell. That group buys CDs. So does the over 30 crowd. Real talk, if the bulk of your fan base was born after 1992, is female and/or gay, then you only selling singles. Your albums ain’t doing s***.

  44. The Peach Speaks August 3, 2013

    The reason the sales are sinking… it aint because of the digital era… its because of the lack of good music. If the albums where really THAT GOOD, people would find a way to come up with a way to buy it (legally).

    Most of the music that’s come out since 2010 has sucked, except like a few good songs, and very very few good albums. If they want albums to sell again, i would suggest MAKE BETTER ALBUMS !!!

    And you know what the sad part is?
    Some of the FREE mixtapes ive downloaded, is better than ALMOST all the albums in a year COMBINED. Now, around the time that MIXTAPES are better than the ALBUMS in a year, AND ITS FREE?!!! … That means EVERYBODY need to get it together.

    • CzarM August 3, 2013

      Basically. Blaming it on the digital era is a cop out. Illegal downloading was at its peak during 1999-2000 when Napster was all the rage. At the same time, album sales were at an all time high. The reason why album sales are so poor now is because the so-called hit makers of today are weak and suck. No one trusts Rihanna/Gaga/Katy and Company to be worth their whole $10, and so they just buy the cheap dinky singles, while paying their albums dust. Adele proved that if the public believes you’re album is worth it, they’ll buy it. No one else is as convincing.

    • The Peach Speaks August 4, 2013

      I would also add that beyonce made a good point about music now… another reason why album sales are sinking is because people are too busy promoting THE SINGLES and almost forgetting about THE ALBUM. Which is the ENTIRE body of work.

      They’ll do an appearance or two talking about the album, but that’ll be about it.

      Pop out one single then people get tired of hearing it.
      Put out another one. It hits for awhile… they move on.
      and so on.

      Like i said… Get it together music industry.

  45. Krajci August 3, 2013

    In my opinion, an album ain’t a “decent” hit until it’s 2x platinum US and at least 6 mil WW…it’s not an IMPRESSIVE hit until it’s 3-5x platinum US and over 10 mil WW…and it ain’t slaying until it’s at least 6x platinum US and over 15-20 mil WW. Your fav ain’t slaying s*** with a mere platinum album and 3 mil WW and IMO anybody who fails to sell at least 500k should be in danger of being dropped.

    None of these bucketheaded h*** albums are hits. They’re all flopping. Some are just flopping worse than others, but they’re all flopping. I refuse to let some silly “digital era” excuse change my perception of what a hit and a flop is. If 10 million people wanted your album, 10 million people would buy it.

    The problem is that everybody has accepted mediocrity and so it’s become the standard. I’m not letting these h*** off the hook for being virtually inescapable every time I turn on the radio or click on a website, and yet they can’t even go multiplatinum. It cost how many millions to record, release and promote an album…but you can’t do better than 1.5 million US? F*** outta here with that, you flop b****.

    Everyday people spend more at McDonald’s that’ll be gone in 20 minutes than what a Rihanna album costs, and yet the fast food industry is still raking in billions a year whereas the music industry is depleting. What’s wrong with this picture Your faves just need to do better.

  46. MovieAmi August 3, 2013

    The stars of today are LQ and so the low sales are what they deserve. Would be so much worse to me if they were moving real #’s despite the garbage they put out. I hope these millennial pop stars keep struggling until they finally go away.

  47. Mark79 August 3, 2013

    The music industry did it to themselves. They should have never got into bed with iTunes or went along with mp3’s and now streaming. Dumb. They were so terrified of losing piddly sales to miscellaneous illegal downloading that they wound up doing way more damage by trying to comply with the mp3 trend which allowed Japan pulled ahead and became the #1 music market in the world because their music industry doesn’t defer to digital. They still sell CDs and are reaping the rewards of it. The music industry in the USA will only recover if they stop catering to lazy, jaded consumers who think that they should have anything with the push of a button, figure out a way to divorce themselves from this digital nonsense and force consumers back into stores to buy those round discs again. I can’t think of a way for that to happen, but good luck trying or RIP. Let this be a lesson about being greedy and how if something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

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