New Video: Big Sean – ‘Fire (Ft Miley Cyrus)’

August 27th marks the spot for Big Sean’s new album, ‘Hall of Fame’– the album many are hailing as his best piece of work to date.

Today, he unleashes the beast that is his new video ‘Fire‘, featuring ‘The Climb’ performer  Miley Cyrus, both under the direction of Mathew Williams.

Stunning to say the least, the video will no doubt be used to push sales of the new album, hopefully enjoying a run akin to J.Cole‘s ‘Born Sinner‘, and Drake‘s ‘Nothing Was The Same‘….due out one month later.

Your thoughts?

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  1. bree August 2, 2013

    the pop up video ads are annoying!! please fix it!!

    • 1231423 August 2, 2013

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  2. Your fave is a FLOP August 2, 2013

    I like the song. It actually talks about something other than the generic hip-hop/rap songs. Good job Sean, keep it up and I’ll buy the album.

    • CXBCXBRTU August 2, 2013

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  3. Beyawnce August 2, 2013

    Rihanna looks good

    • DEExDOPE August 2, 2013

      You So Late For That! lol

    • tits mcgee August 2, 2013


  4. speechless August 2, 2013

    I don’t get it.

    • toohotfortv August 2, 2013

      Me either, fam. I mean really. This dude just paid for a, Miley Cyrus, video. If anything I would’ve preferred to see, Naya, walking around killing it. Who is this for?…Definitely not the urban community bc Miley don’t have body like that for us to really care. It’s beautifully shot (and skillfully styled), but c’mon. That doesn’t make it good. Form must meet function and it just doesn’t make sense; (but watch it make cents).

  5. bow down b****** August 2, 2013

    Go head R****** i mean Miley kii

  6. BCinKS August 2, 2013

    I’m not even going to listen. Any Hip Hop/R&B artists that does a feature with her loses all credibility with me. Talk about ultimate sell-out.

    • bow down b****** August 2, 2013

      I agree

    • jubjub August 2, 2013

      u click on the link, read the post and leav a comment… say ur not gonna listen. ????

      • DEExDOPE August 2, 2013

        She Not Even In The Song, She’s Just The Video Girl!

    • justin August 3, 2013

      she’s not featured, and you’re ignorant af.

  7. LELE August 2, 2013

    What’s the point of Miley?

  8. J August 2, 2013

    Miley Cyrus Girllllll I see You

    Great track

    Reminds me of On to the Next one by Jay-Z

  9. RICHIE_RICH August 2, 2013

    Milley I aint even mad at you….get ya life hunty.

  10. Suicide Blonde August 2, 2013

    I feel bad for her, it’s almost impossible to watch her, it’s always a good thing to grow up but don’t force things honey, everything will come up sooner or later, my little sister was crazy about her when she was in that Disney show or something, she feels ashamed now.

    You were a fan of Miley Cirus hahahahahaha.

    I will torture her for the rest of her life with that.

  11. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 2, 2013

    Twerk miley twerk….

    Queen Miley slay them h***

  12. ROSEGOLD August 2, 2013

    What is wrong with the comments section? The page stops loading after a while…

    • bow down b****** August 2, 2013

      I know right!

  13. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 2, 2013

    Hi 🙂

  14. Dev August 2, 2013

    I dont get it. I really don’t. Is Miley singing the hook? Whats the point? I actually wouldn’t mind the song but i’m no co-signing with this tripe, Budget Rihanna brings nothing to the video apart from mincing back and forth with her boyish frame and heels, nothing that another chick with some real talent and looks couldn’t have brought to the table.

    Things have really taken a turn because black folk are going on like white people are the most exotic things they’ve seen.

    • justin August 3, 2013

      lol, stuck in the 60’s? funny how black folk be calling whites the racist ones! haaaaa

  15. Selenator August 2, 2013

    Yet another attempt by Trailer Park Miley to be accepted by the urban community. I like Big Sean but this is trash. He should have gotten the original Rihanna on the song note the trailer park clone.

  16. Daniel Teflon August 2, 2013

    I actually like the song & Duh she’s not Hannah Montana she is Growing up so LET IT GO FOLKS!! Nice song!!

  17. Dejae August 2, 2013

    Is Big Sean trying to lose all the street cred he may have had? This is why I tend to not trust rappers born after 1980. They do the most UN-hip hop things.

  18. B****** are a mess August 2, 2013

    F****** MESS….Like they keep trying to push this chick, but ummmmm no!

  19. Unknown August 2, 2013

    The song is alright but i don’t understand the video.

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