Watch: Rita Ora Hits The Ring With David Haye

Published: Sunday 11th Aug 2013 by David

Since hitting the scene last year, Rita Ora‘s made the quite the habit of knocking out hits left, right and centre, much to the joy of her ever loyal ‘Bots’.

This week however, the star trade her mic in for boxing gloves to join British boxer David Haye for a training session, now available to view below!

Shot before the starlet relocates to the US to launch her career in the competitive market, the footage below comes courtesy of ‘Entertainment News’!

Check it out!!

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  1. BrandNuStar August 11, 2013

    Flawless beauty.

    • claire12 August 11, 2013

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  2. LaLopez August 11, 2013

    Is she pressing her ass against his peen?

    • Mother August 11, 2013

      It’s Rita Whora, of course she is.

  3. QueenOfTheNavy August 11, 2013

    Wow, she looks so pretty here.

  4. BarbzRUs August 11, 2013

    Her beauty though.


      is non existent 😉

  5. Christina’s Rifeljo August 11, 2013

    Ignoring the fact that they bumped uglies right after this, I actually like what she looks like this time.

  6. Lana Loves Rita August 11, 2013

    09 Rita>>>>2012 Rita<<<<<2013 Rita.
    She looked bomb in Aubrey's Over video but then she got sloppy right after HRN but now I think she's going back to the exotic look she had before.

  7. HausMuthaAdele August 11, 2013

    The good sister Rita finally got it right! Go on girl.

  8. AmelleSugarSugar August 11, 2013

    I wish I could see what Sam and David see in her, but I can’t.

    • RitasLipstick August 11, 2013

      Do you know what? Why don’t you worry about Amelle sexting Danny Cipriani when she knew he was going out with Queen Brook.

      • AmelleSugarSugar August 11, 2013

        Do you even know if that’s even true. Even if its everyone knows Rita has been a randy cow for years from when Jade exposed her on twitter so I beg you f*** off.

      • MutyasEyebrows August 11, 2013

        Say what now? Amelle sleeping with married men?

      • AmelleSugarSugar August 11, 2013

        Omg, who invited the help.

  9. OraOraORA! August 11, 2013

    Awww Reets.

  10. Lil Mo Stan and trey burkes husband (Kendricks d*** game wasnt on point) August 11, 2013

    Whats a rita aura? Is it the new water-type pokemon?

    • Mother August 11, 2013

      What’s a Lil Mo?

      • stephy the lambily August 11, 2013

        Lil Mo is a ghetto hood rat flop from 2000. Now she on that show called “R&B HAS BEEN FLOP ASS DIVAS” trying to fix her big lipped career. Thats who Lil Mo is. Did that help boo?

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 11, 2013

        Dead @stephy lololol

  11. AmelleSugarSugar August 11, 2013

    Can the Mutya and Rita fans please go away with their lies. Both of your favs are slags so you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

    • RitasLipstick August 11, 2013

      You followed me from (name blocked) and now you want to disrespect Reetz when Amelle just got outed for the homewrecker she is.

    • AmelleSugarSugar August 11, 2013

      Just no. I was reading this website years before anyone knew who Rita was but I left when they took Keisha’s side. If anything, you followed ME here.

      • RitasLipstick August 11, 2013

        Where is Amelle’s career?
        Where are her number ones?
        Can she book stages outside of her pimp’s bedroom?

  12. ASBEENISH August 11, 2013

    They Clearly Banged. This Argos Rihanna couldn’t resist 🙂

  13. cake like lady gaga August 11, 2013

    LOL this is funny, we now have Mutya and Amelle stans??? Lol I cannot… #DEAD

    *waits for a Dolly Parton stan to come out of the woodwork*

    • Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

      i dont even know who those two are tbh.

  14. Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

    Much prettier than Rihanna.

  15. MileyMania August 11, 2013

    Now is this fine piece of man mountain in the video with her. Someone please tell me.

  16. True Talent (Formerly Lil Mo’s fake stan) Stan and Trey Burke’s husband (Kendricks d*** game wasnt on point, so I divorced that a**)) August 11, 2013

    You b****** are so retarded. Im not a lil mo stan, its a running gag from an old Beyonce Snippet post. You’re fave is the pokemon Chickorita’s sister, so you’re mad. This b**** done had 20 minutes, and shes clearly tired. No one’s checking for this pokemon!

    • Ruleyou August 11, 2013

      You’re checking ho

  17. stella August 11, 2013

    Who? The real question is – Who is bigger flop, Ciara or Rita Ora?

    • Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

      That would be R**** i mean she does have 5 flop albums kiiiiiiii

      • Mother August 11, 2013

        LOOOL the nerve of a Ci-Error stan to mock ANYONE about flopping. You fav has 3 flop album in a damn row! What a disaster! Did you buy her latest flop album btw? And one more question, how did Kelly Rowland outsell her with much less promo???

      • Ciara4EVER August 11, 2013

        Who is Kelly Rowland?

      • Mother August 11, 2013

        The b**** who outsold Ci-Error, mad?

    • TurntUp4Cici August 11, 2013

      Your mom.

      • Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

        Ooooop his mother should of aborted his f** ass

      • stella August 11, 2013

        You dad and Ciara. 😉

    • Ciara4EVER August 11, 2013

      Ciara stays on you b****** minds.

    • Ruleyou August 11, 2013

      Ciara ugly man looking ass, ni**er b**** is the biggest flop there is. 3 albums in row never saw platinum status. Rita Ora has time. Ci-Error better start begging King Bey to dance back up.

  18. 212Thuggin August 11, 2013

    Number 21.

    • Cici Slaaaays August 11, 2013

      She still has alot to catch up to r**** tho.

  19. Rihyolty August 11, 2013

    It’s so tragic. TGJ really thought Rita would dethrone Rihanna but this lesser girl could never! Most people wouldn’t even have known who she was if they didn’t talk about her and now they’re jealous that Rihanna keeps winning and Rita can’t even get a hit outside of her own country.

    • Ciara4EVER August 11, 2013

      Atleast rita is pretty and can sing

    • Ruleyou August 11, 2013

      Rita Ora keeps the navy pressed.All of you are just intimidated that Rita Ora has the whole package and R**** still can’t dance or sing

  20. Ciara4EVER August 11, 2013

    Ill take Rita over Rihanna anyday!!


      you stan for ciara whose a flop so it’s totally understandable 🙂

  21. Kisses For Kelly August 11, 2013

    Whos Ciara tho?

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 11, 2013

    Whatever happened to Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” video??

    • stella August 11, 2013

      Why do you care when you call her music microwave?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 11, 2013

        Yet y’all ask where Beyonce’s single is and you call her a flop…

    • rita whora will never make it big like Rihanna. August 11, 2013

      Pour it up has already sold over a million ane help put Mike WILL on the map. There was a ratchet video made, but I guess they shlved it. Bit like beyonce new album.

      Right now is getting major airplay on pop radio, across teh USA, but she will not make a video for it, so it only peaked at 50. Could of been top 10 if she would made a killer video. Kiss FM are still playiung during peak time. It will sell a million in the USA, still!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 11, 2013

        Ok, thanks hun for answering my question. Some b*tches are always on the defense.

  23. rita whora will never make it big like Rihanna. August 11, 2013

    LOL LOL so good to see this flop struggling. i predicted this last year. Now, I and the navy have the last laugh. bet she regrets tweeting ” hating ass b**** ” to rihanna now. WIth Katy and Gaga coming back, as well as miley and Arinana and even jessie J in her country…..there is no room for her to breathe. Is that why she cancelled a show, pretending to have chest pains?

    LOL LOL LOL Her 15 minutes of fame up officially UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That rihanna reign just wont let up.!!!!!!!!

  24. Barb B**** August 11, 2013

    Prettier than Rihanna

  25. Mike August 11, 2013

    I don’t know her….

  26. Atheist August 12, 2013

    Where is the music???

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