Guess Who?!

Published: Tuesday 24th Sep 2013 by David

Guess which seasoned Pop royal was snapped on her way out to a launch party last night?

Hint: As a member of one of the world’s highest selling girl groups, she released five studio albums. Two of which, have been certified 2x Platinum in her domestic market!

Find out who she is below!

It’s Kimberley Walsh!

Snapped alongside Girls Aloud sister Cheryl Cole last night, the ‘Can’t Speak French‘ belle posed for snaps at the launch party of her tell all autobiography ‘A Whole Lot of History’, held at London’s ME Hotel.

Detailing her time in the record breaking group, her autobiography has already sparked controversy following the unearthing of quotes pulled from the piece, directed at former group member Nadine Coyle. She reveals:

“Nicola, Cheryl and I have always remained close in Girls Aloud. I think we’d have been friends even if we weren’t in a band together. But I’m not sure that would have been the case for me with Nadine or even Sarah.

That’s not to say I don’t care about them or respect them. They’re just very different from me and I don’t always understand where they’re coming from.I suppose you choose the people you want to spend time with because they’re the people you get on with and who bring out the best in you.”

“As we all got together last year to rehearse for what turned out to be our final tour after three years apart — we were back where we belonged.

I hoped that the feeling and momentum would carry us all right through to the end of the tour… unfortunately that wasn’t the case.By the time we got to the actual shows, some of the old problems and niggles we had with Nadine started bubbling to the surface again too.

Nothing had really changed. There was a definite change in her, which became more evident each time she came back from LA.In the end, I felt like there was no common ground between us.”

Who did you think it was?

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  1. Iconic cici September 24, 2013


    Sam you do guess who’s on the most irrelevant non factor chicks.

    • RitaBonita September 24, 2013

      Does Ciara even have five top ten singles in any country?

      • Molly September 24, 2013

        Does Rita even have an American album or hit out? Gtfoh Ritas nothing but a d*** polisher.

      • RitaBonita September 24, 2013

        Rita has UK album, three number one singles and a very pretty platinum plaque. Ok. What does Ciara have that she got recently besides that dusty blonde wig.

    • Abel September 26, 2013

      Please, b****, she’s Kimberly Walsh. Get out of Mars!

  2. Iconic cicI September 24, 2013

    But I thought it was Snippetyonce at first until I read she released 5 solo albums the hive could only wish they had album #5 kiii

    • Nadine/Florence/Natalia September 24, 2013

      GA is more successful in the UK than Ciara has been in the USA, so who and who is irrelevant?

  3. Molly September 24, 2013

    She cute.. Better looking than Rihanna Rita and Beyonce

  4. MutyaDontPanicPanic September 24, 2013

    Oh Kimberley, you really are a cheeky cow aren’t you?
    Did you want Nadine to wait until the group broke up before she decided to put some plans in motion and get a solo deal. Not because you’re happy releasing random books and lazing around means Nadine is too. It’s called ambition love and you should get some instead of hanging around Cheryl ‘Ashley’s Beard’ Cole who WISHES she could sing half as well as Coyle.

    • charlie September 24, 2013

      I think that they were all jealous of Nadine as she was the voice of the group, they only sounded good because of nadine, Why? because Nadine sang all of the demos and then the girls just sang their parts striving for the vocal standard set. Nadine is the only one who can sing live and the rest of them dont hold a tune between them.
      The british media was very unkind to Nadine but i hope that she will juggle motherhood and recording and release a nice pop/r&b album.
      Nadine if you are reading this you need Mike Will, Harmony, Rico Love, Sia, and Linda Perry and Diane Warren to bring those vocals to an international level

  5. QueenLittleMix September 24, 2013

    So Nadine should feel bad for trying to get her own solo career? Isn’t that what Cheryl did? Kim didn’t seem too pissed off with that did she? Listen babe, if you don’t like Nadz just say its because you think she’s a b**** not because she actually had a backbone and tried to make some moves for herself. After all, it’s not like you’re going to pay her rent for when those GA cheques stop coming through.

  6. . : : h 2 o : : . September 24, 2013

    I’m sorry Who ?

  7. Career Ender September 24, 2013

    I Don’t Know Her *shakes head*

  8. Dev September 24, 2013

    Why waste money on a launch for a book that is only going to end up in the discount bin?
    She has no talent and is struggling in the looks department so why pour water on what little flame of a career you have left just so you can be a bitchy?

  9. Stephy Tha Lambily September 24, 2013

    I Don’t Know Her… *Shakes Head*

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