New Song: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Bleed For Love (Written By Diane Warren)

Published: Tuesday 3rd Sep 2013 by David

Jennifer Hudson hits the big screen as Winnie Mandela on September 6th, starring as the South African civil rights leader in the brand new movie ‘Winnie‘.

Joining Terrence Howard who stars as Nelson Mandela, today brought with it a brand new song from its soundtrack, named ‘Bleed For Love’, penned by the creative force that is Diane Warren.

Need a reason to see the flick and pick up its soundtrack?

You do now…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Casual September 3, 2013

    I’m feeling this. Classic Whitney-type power ballad.

    • R.I.P. BEYHIVE September 3, 2013

      I was thinking more of a Toni Braxton-inspired song similar to “Un-Break My Heart”…very dramatic

  2. bash September 3, 2013

    as long as she don’t sing this live…cuz she will scream ya head OFF! i like her when she is calm and controlled by a producer…

    • JHud # STANNER September 3, 2013

      because “screaming your head off” obviously means acutual singing when compared to the likes of Riri’s one-note holding right? i’m tired of you basic b****** saying that JHUD only screams when she doesn’t! you’re just some young git that grew up listening to non-vocalists who keep dominating radio. think & listen outside of the box you reject

      • XoMoDe September 3, 2013

        Co-sign. Jen doesn’t “scream,” she emotes. But when you stan for non-singing, studio-created Britney/Kesha/Rihanna/Katy types who can’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it, you think having a powerful singing voice is “screaming.” Nah, it’s just talent. You’re not used to it, and that’s really too bad for you.

  3. Lucia September 3, 2013

    Jennifer does nothing for me musically.

    • JHud # STANNER September 3, 2013

      the same can be said regarding your contribution to humanity

  4. Cameron September 3, 2013

    Yes JHud…I’m feeling that alto and then the mezzo soprano at the end…Beautiful song…Diane Warren can do no wrong.

  5. thando September 3, 2013

    How incredibly annoying for american movie makers to hire these insipid american actors with horrible accents to OUR roles as South Africans! I am thankful that Winnie Mandela did not give her blessing to this atrocity and that she has publicly vowed to never watch it. I am more thankful that Mandela was not well-enogh to see this american arrogance of stealing our stories and making them fake soppy nonsense for their equally questinable awards shows. I really do hope , as a South African, that this “film” fails in every way possible.

    So angry.

    • Cameron September 3, 2013

      The key thing you are not understanding is that they are “America actors” and make whatever movie they want to make…South Africans can make any movie they want as well…It is a form of artistic expression…goodbye

      • thando September 4, 2013

        Make a movie you want to make about AMERICAN STORIES NOT SOUTH AFRICAN OR OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES!!!!!!! IF its a South African story then get South African actors to do it. The same thing always happens if its a movie about Britian, Japan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran Brazil, Spain etc. WHY IS THAT WHEN ITS AFRICAN, there must be a false distortion of the story behind it?!?!?!?!?!


    • SLAY_HIVE September 3, 2013

      Wow is it that serious? It’s not like they’re making a mockery out of it! Just a way to introduce her story to African Americans! I highly doubt anyone would have been interested if they casted unknown african actors. Sad but true.

      • thando September 4, 2013

        I don’t care how sad it is. And I question the opinion that Black Americans need to be MOTIVATED by a MOVIE of all things in order for them to learn about Nelson Mandela or the turmoil that his imprisonment caused on his marriage to Winnie.
        If you’re not prepared to learn about South African stories from SOUTH AFRICANS, then you should not be interested in them at all. We (South Africans) require NO validation of our history from any other country let alone America.

    • Melusi September 15, 2013

      Thando, awuyekele ukusi bhora tu.. Get over it. Next time, write your own stories before someone does that for you.

  6. Miss M September 3, 2013

    Didnt this movie get really bad feedback from the movie execs?

  7. xedos September 3, 2013

    This movie was on HBO last night

  8. JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2013

    The film is not getting good reviews at all.

  9. iHeartbey September 3, 2013

    She isn’t a good actress or singer imo

    • soulmusiclover September 3, 2013

      clearly you’re hating! it’s very hard not to recognize that jhud is a multi talented person! you can say you don’t like her music but you should respect her as an artist

    • XoMoDe September 3, 2013

      Just hush.

  10. Marley September 3, 2013

    Im going to keep it real but that Oscar really hasnt done s*** for her. This movie got TERRIBLE reviews and shes always in black movies, no diversity.

    • Cameron September 3, 2013

      Do you have any idea how hard it is for African Americans to get decent roles in Hollywood?…Oprah did a special not too long ago on her network about it..

      • Marley September 4, 2013

        So if Jamie Fox and others can do it why cant she? Please stop with the self pitying she has an ACADEMY AWARD it should be helping her.

  11. Kingstown September 3, 2013

    Bette Ethan beytrannyonce . FACTSS

  12. eric September 3, 2013

    I will forever like Diane Warren for the songs she made with Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, Christina and Whitney.

  13. Anne September 3, 2013

    Maybe I need a few more listens because my first impression is that it is bland and generic; the delivery and the lyrics. The vocal performance is not bad though and it gets better as the song goes on.

  14. Career Ender September 3, 2013

    The International Screamer

    • Kingstown September 4, 2013

      Said they beytranny Stan..

    • Cicislays September 4, 2013

      Your fave can’t even sing all that w**** does is scream and yell

  15. thando September 4, 2013

    Thankfully my wish is coming true, this highly disrespectful piece of swine excrement called a “movie” is receiving horrible reviews! Ms. Winnie Madikizela has again reiterated her dismay at strangers choosing to make a film about such an important and sensitive part of her personal without her consultation or consent.

    May this piece of rubbish continue its journey into the flop box, may it continue to fail in every sense of the word, and may every South African reading this comment (which is highly unlikely)not watch this motion picture buffoonery! I besmirch anything and everything that has to do with it.

  16. Jessica Simpson stan September 4, 2013

    Won’t chart, but that’s not unusual for Screamiffer.

  17. Shaun September 4, 2013

    Again…black people love to hate…we don’t need any other race to pull us down…we definitely have that covered. JHud is incredible and doing what a lot of you wish you could be doing…making a great difference and being taking higher by God…yep…hate on.

    • Thando September 4, 2013

      Black people, just like white people, do not have the duty to accept mediocrity. I do not care, I repeat I DO NOT CARE what Jhud does or what she may think her “god” does for her, the point is: I question the idea to do a film based on one of the most important political figures in 20th century and not being authentic while doing so. Jhud may be incredible at whatever she does, she clearly was NOT incredible in playing a South African Xhosa woman who grew up in Apartheid times and had to deal with extra ordinary task of being married to a man who was literally being physically hunted by the said government.

      And sir, please do not hold me at ransom with the non-existent threat of your god merely because you don’t like to hear black people, RIGHTLY, criticise an awful performance. All the sentiments I share about Jhud are of equal amount to those of that person (I don’t know his name) who played Nelson Mandela.

      • Cameron September 4, 2013

        You really need a life and a breath mint.

  18. Jason September 4, 2013

    Some of you people are stupid lol…….How can you judge a movie without even seeing it? I have saw this film last week at a private screening and it was great, just those jail scenes alone will get her nominated for an Oscar (just watch). I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was a really good biopic in my opinion. You can not go off of those “two year ago” reviews either…This movie has been revamped and obviously in a good way judging from the response of the audience. With that being said people, just shut up and go see the movie for YOURSELF and stop being haters. Don’t know too much about Jennifer Hudson but she did her thing in this movie…Believe That! (this song plays in the end credits)

    • Cameron September 4, 2013

      Wow, it sounds promising…I can’t wait to see it.

  19. flychick86 September 4, 2013

    Wow. Nice.

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