New Video: Katy Perry – ‘Roar’

Published: Thursday 5th Sep 2013 by David


It’s finally here!!

That’s right, hours after topping the Billboard Hot 100, Katy Perry‘s new single ‘Roar’ welcomes its jungle themed new video today, one month before the arrival of her new album ‘Prism‘- due October 22nd.

Fierce, fun and filled with many a ‘moment’, this clip is without a doubt a must see, marking one of Perry’s best videos to drop thus far.

Check it out below!!!

Your thoughts?

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  1. iconic cici September 5, 2013

    Kinda Corny but cute to..


    • RihannaLove September 5, 2013


      • iconic cici September 5, 2013

        The way Rihannas vocals are set up tho.

      • iconic cici September 5, 2013

        Lmao they call those highlights

      • ew September 5, 2013

        When will Ci Error with his tiny, non existent vocals though? These notes slay your fave. Deal b**** >>>>>>>>>>

      • toohotfortv September 5, 2013

        I guess she had a solar powered phone.

      • TMM September 5, 2013

        Why can´t ya’ll be nice and respectful to eachother?

    • Rihanna # 1 fan t September 6, 2013



  2. BITCHPLEASEEEEE September 5, 2013

    CUTE 🙂

  3. rachel marron September 5, 2013


    • _NoFucksGiven_1 September 5, 2013

      I was about to like this but then you came for Bey. 5 #1 FOR BEYONCE. 6 #1 FOR KATY PERRY. 17 GRAMMYS FOR BEYONCE. 0 GRAMMYS FOR KATY.

      • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

        Katy has 8 #1s boo boo

      • C.J. September 5, 2013

        Still no grammies doe…

      • C September 6, 2013

        LMao NO Grammies where they do that at? Ciara even got a Grammy!

  4. I Will Adorn You September 5, 2013

    Lol typical Katy.

  5. iconic cici September 5, 2013

    I really dont see how she keeps getting these numbers 1s tho, this song isn’t even that good

    • RihannaLove September 5, 2013


      • iconic cici September 5, 2013

        Sit down thirsty.

  6. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

    I got tired of this song verrryyy quickly. Too disney/corny sounding. Video’s on the same level…

  7. BeachHouseBritney September 5, 2013

    So inspiring 2bh.

  8. Loyalty September 5, 2013

    Its cute. Fits the song nicely.
    And you better stan for Mama Beys Birthday yesterday on Twitter Katy! xo 😉

  9. RihannaLove September 5, 2013

    Corny??? This coming from a Ciara fan… HA!!! THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING!!! THANKS KATY FOR SLAYING THE VIDEO!!!

  10. 212Thuggin September 5, 2013

    Ciara wishes she could make a video this good.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

      Does every post have to be about what Ciara can, can’t or wishes she could do? D*mn. The girl flopped, the whole world f*ckin knows it, lets move on…

    • iconic cici September 5, 2013

      You mean Azealia, cause Ciara has better videos than this c***!

      • OnikaIsKing September 5, 2013

        Azealia’s videos are always better than Ciara’s so stop.

      • iconic cici September 5, 2013

        Honey Ciara Im Out video alone slays any asszeila so be seated fool thats one of the best videos yo fav has ever been in

      • OnikaIsKing September 5, 2013

        Azealia is not my fave but you know IO is a damn exception. Ciara’s videos should snatch and slay but they don’t. Betchu any money OD finna be basic as f***.

  11. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    Her personality and fun comes out. Why cant black rnb SinGERS make viz like this?

  12. Mr Bradshaw September 5, 2013

    Y’all will find a reason to complain about anything!!

    This video is so fetch!
    It’s corny but I think it totally fits. I enjoyed watching it.

    As a member of the hive I get life off Katy. Or maybe I’m just having withdrawal and I need something to hold me over lol.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

      Fetch? _/ please sit

  13. Lucia September 5, 2013

    That was cute lol

  14. RebelleMichelle September 5, 2013

    This video is so good though. Like, this is how you make a good video. She didn’t even dance or anything but the whole video is just good.

  15. BeyHive September 5, 2013

    The Song & Video needs to stay on the Disney Channel.
    Its sooooo corny! I see what they were going for but it was cheesy!
    Great concept horrible exicution

    • BTRusher September 5, 2013

      Back to school you go.

    • iconic cici September 5, 2013


    • ThickeLove September 5, 2013

      Oh sis, the dictionary is your home girl.

    • LTM September 5, 2013

      Oh my. I hope you didn’t proof read this before you hit the submit button.

  16. Drew September 5, 2013

    You either like this kinda thing or not. The song is very Disney with a juvenile feel so it makes sense to have a matching video. I liked it.

  17. TeenageDreamer September 5, 2013


  18. 8 years in the game and queen RiRi is still snatching your fav’s nappy lace September 5, 2013

    Video seems comical and tacky but at the end of the day she’s winning. Roar sits pretty at #1.

  19. Aloys234 September 5, 2013

    Not how i visualized the video tbh, although im glad she kept it ‘Perry’ and i think its quite motivational/inspiring music, (a great watch for the kids), hope this stays at number one, i’d much rather hear it on radio than c it on tv..

  20. ew September 5, 2013

    Flopara stans need to stfu. That man with a wig is the biggest flop and joke in music industry and he will never make any kind of impact.
    The video is ok, I guess.

    • 8 years in the game and queen RiRi is still snatching your fav’s nappy lace September 5, 2013

      Ci-Error is finished. There will never be a platinum album or top ten hit for the flop t*****. The nerve of the broke z-squad.

  21. KerimelKisses September 5, 2013

    Video of the year tease.

  22. Suicide Blonde September 5, 2013

    The video is worse than the song.

    • LTM September 5, 2013

      Still a Negative Nancy I see

      • Suicide Blonde September 5, 2013

        This video is a no, no honey.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 5, 2013

      It´s terrible!

    • Stephy Tha Lambily September 5, 2013


  23. LTM September 5, 2013

    Comical and kinda corny. Vintage Katy Perry. It reminds me alot of the California Gurls video. Katy’s funniest video imo is still Hot N Cold. She looks fantastic in this, especially in the beginning when she gave me One of the Boys style vibes.

  24. channel_ROMAN September 5, 2013

    Loved the visual. It was very thematic. The song died out on me though. Music just doesn’t last for me anymore. I play it for two weeks tops than I’m ready for the next.

  25. JOHNVIDAL September 5, 2013

    LMAO I just can´T…
    She really thinks she is 15 years old! lol
    Omg if any other true pop star had released this video… damn it, even a person whose videos are not usually too good (and she doesn´t need it) like Mariah Carey would have been slammed to death for this.
    Basicness at its best. Rihanna is really starting to seem cool compared to this crap lol

    • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

      Katy doesn’t need to push some forced “artistic” b******* out to sell, nor does she need to act like a diva or a badass. No other pop star can do something like this because they all play a role. Katy is just being herself. The fans and general public gets it but queens like you write it off as childish and prefer the forced and contrived pop stars instead.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 5, 2013

        That´s not herself. She´s obviously trying to get sales from that huge portion of white young girls in America who are the kind of people who buy Taylor Swift´s music, or their parents buy it for them. It worked for the Teenage Dream era and she won´t stop. But for a person who is heading to 30… it´s just basic and pathetic, like I said Rihanna is starting to look better than her, even if she doesn´t songwrite at all. Hell Katy Perry can´t sing live either. What the hell can she do?

      • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

        Lol you still don’t get it. If you ever watched her interviews or footage of her in her everyday life you’d understand that its not an act or an attempt to appeal to a certain fan group. Katy genuinely has an immature sense of humor. That’s why fans were not surprised to see this video. It’s typical Katy Perry. The general public has always favored the related artist over the ones who pretend to be someone else (see Britney Spear’s early success) I’m not surprised that the little island girl who plays the role of a bad b**** seems “cooler” to you .

  26. FAF September 5, 2013

    Well atleast she’s not popping an infected p**** offbeat like her primal lookin bestie would have and Ci still ruling the Titanica mind so it’s a win win 😀 ki

  27. Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

    I love it. Not amongst her best videos in my opinion, but still great. I thought it was cute and funny. That’s one of the reasons why I stan for her: after all these years she still stays true to herself as an artist. That comic side of her has been there since Ur So Gay and it’s still here. Her sound and fashion had changed every album but she remains true and real with her fans. No forced “artistic” gimmick, she doesn’t pretend to be a diva or some bad b****. She stays herself and she scalps every b**** doing so.

  28. tits mcgee September 5, 2013

    Cool video. Katy is so winning!

  29. Ciara is everything September 5, 2013

    Im not here for this nick jr baby bop b*******.

    • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

      Judging by her album sales, no one is here for Ciara’s rehashed and forgettable over used generic dance pop/R&B formula. Prism probably has sold more pre-orders than CIARA has sold to date.

      • Ciara is everything September 5, 2013

        I don’t argue with 9 year olds

    • 8 years in the game and queen RiRi is still snatching your fav’s nappy lace September 5, 2013

      B****, nobody is here for Ci-Error’s hood rat crunk, dead R&B ghetto filth. 55k first week, right???

      • Ciara is everything September 5, 2013

        Took your 7 al

      • Ciara is everything September 5, 2013

        took your fav 7 albums just to get a number 1 pathetic.

    • 8 years in the game and queen RiRi is still snatching your fav’s nappy lace September 5, 2013

      All of Rihanna’s albums went platinum though. I rather for her not to go # 1 than have 3 flop albums that don’t make it to platinum. Will Ci-Error ever go platinum?? Will the t***** ever see gold??? Your t***** fav is struggling worse than Jason Derulno. LMAO

  30. Mike September 5, 2013

    Um… she looks really hot, but it looks like a music video made for 4-year-olds

  31. No-No September 5, 2013

    Tacky white trash no talent can’t sing b****

    • Katy’s Kitty Goes Meow September 5, 2013

      forgot to add, can’t dance- beat recycling-disney fan base having ho..

  32. christinastherealtalent September 5, 2013

    Most of Katy’s fanbase are kids ages 10-19. I dont see any adult age 21 and ovee, in their adult like mind paying any attention to Katy.

    • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

      She has fans though. I’ve seen her live and there were a surprising amount of older people there. How about Xtina? Last I heard her fans gave up on her lazy ass and were checking out of the stan world.

  33. Stephy Tha Lambily September 5, 2013

    Her career is for children & immature/childish teens. Her music is sooo for kids. I was happy for like 2 days now i’m over it… Generic Hit. Rihanna I need another “RUDE BOY” FASTTTT!!!!

  34. LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

    In my honest opinion KATY HAS FIRE IN HER EYES! I love Gaga to death but she was OVER confident with this ARTPOP Era and truly slacked. The Applause video as O.K but its not timeless to me like Telephone is! Katy came with ROAR and has been slaying for the simple fact that she knows your not ENTITLED to S*** in this industry! You have to work for it! Katy-1 Gaga-0

    • Overdose September 5, 2013

      Gaga is much more talented & beautiful than katy dont give up mama gaga still coming hard.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

        Beautiful??? Mmkk….

      • LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

        Nicki ain’t cute either. Pinnocchio lookin h**

      • Overdose September 5, 2013

        GaGa is looking very good this era b**** better looking then katy basic ass & nicki fake horse teeth having ass

      • LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

        @OVERDOSE *dead* You better clock @ENOUGH tea!!! YAS!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

        @LITTLECHEISSE Am I suppose to be mad you shading Nicki?? I agree with you lol!!!

      • Overdose September 5, 2013

        B**** who do you stan for?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) September 5, 2013

        @OVERDOSE Good music…

    • Suicide Blonde September 5, 2013

      Gaga is still more talented than Katy and i like her music more, well at least The Fame Monster’ and Born This Way’, the problem with her is that she is over the top in everything, she is making silly things to make her way to the top again like that billboard b*******, she don’t need these kind of things, i discovered another side of her personality that really disappointed me, however then i think, she must go back to make good music again and just for the music and not for her i would support her once again but she really lost me after ‘Applause’ and the songs she performed so far are not that good, I did not even buy the song, didn’t stick in my head like her old songs, i felt nothing while listened to her new songs and that’s something to worry about it, at least for me, seems like a mediocre continuation of ‘Born This Way’ , which was heavily criticized but to me is her best album but she’s lost, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she needs help, she got to confident and arrogant to the point that she is making s*** and thinking is a masterpiece, her music is deteriorating as well as her star power, it’s sad actually cuz i was here for her in 2009/2011 and this has nothing to do with Madonna, contrary to popular belief, after all, if such a huge Madonna fan like me, can like and respect the likes of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson who were not the best Madonna’s friends, why should i dislike her but is just that she’s not the person she portrays to be, i was really mad at her a couple of months ago, now i just feel sad for her.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

        @suicideblond the only song besides applause I liked was Burqa. I’m probably in the minority that like that song. But it’s still a good song.

      • LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

        @SuicideBlonde you are one of the FAKEST people on this website! Sit your flip flopping ugly old ass down! I never asked for your Essays or your gay ass opinion! Go Away and NEVER respond to a SINGLE post I write! Thank you, but no thank you.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 6, 2013

        Please b****!
        Songs in Artpop are sounding very different from Born This Way (which I loved as much as you 🙂 )
        Are you serious you don´t like “S** Dreams”??? It´s been in my head the whole week as much as Celine´s new single, and I only listened to it twice. I´m sure you have to like that song, I know your taste. You are being over critical as always. Maybe you are mad that you didn´t find anything to say related to Madonna after watching her concert last weekend? B**** is doing her thing, give it up, the whole thing sounds so 2001-2012. Artpop is different and Madonna has her career.
        But you were kind of honest in this comment so I still have a little faith in you. Applause>>>>>>Roar and you know it.

  35. doubline47 September 5, 2013

    Most stupid video I’ve seen in a very long time,this video is made for 2 years old kids

  36. Overdose September 5, 2013

    She’s like 29 its time to mature a little leave this type of stuff to Williow smith & Ariana grande.

  37. Overdose September 5, 2013

    She doesnt deserve all these number 1s she has zero talent Smh. Industry a joke.

  38. Overdose September 5, 2013

    btw applause slays this corny generic b*******.

    • Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 5, 2013

      ITunes and Billboard disagree

      • LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

        It wont during ALBUM RELEASES! HAHA

      • LittleScheisse September 5, 2013

        Girl she can sell a $1.29 single. But will she sell an album for $15.00? HELL NO

  39. Nika September 5, 2013

    Wait. So what was that teaser when she was at the funeral all about?

  40. navy Nick September 5, 2013

    yeah, IDK what the funeral thing was about…..BUT IDK man, I just cant-I am NOT A HATER, I like KATY, I do, the song is cute, she makes catch ytunes, BUT #1 material? COME ON AMERICA, music is just not what it used to be, and all the good stuff gets ignored, while this really is #1?!? IDK man, video is sooo DISNEY-haha, SHE LOOKS FINE AS HECK, but it was like, OK! IDK -plays APPLAUSE video….

  41. Molly September 5, 2013

    Average video for an average b**** with an average song… THE END!

    • Rosie September 5, 2013

      But Cedric’s career is below basic.

  42. Rosie September 5, 2013

    Not feeling it. It’s like a Disney Channel pilot episode. I thought this was going to be her “mature” era? What happened to that?

  43. Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

    This was cute but kinda felt like a Frosted Flakes commercial to me at times. Not something I’d ever watch again tbh…

  44. Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

    I miss KP’s music videos from her One of the Boys era. They actually had a grown adult vibe to them and didn’t completely drop the ball to be more marketable to only kids. I just don’t know about this…E.T, your so gay, Hot N Cold, and I kissed a Girl were much more adult oriented videos. I wish she woulda made more videos like that for this new album.

  45. BEYFAT September 5, 2013


  46. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 5, 2013

    Well…uh…she’s pretty.

  47. ratedxxx(next broad) September 5, 2013

    one of the reasons I always liked Katy because she doesnt take things to seriously…she knows she’s a pop star..pop stars are very replaceable…you don’t see her bragging about how many hits, how much money she makes…or how great she is..

    like I said she doesnt take things seriously

    E.T with kanye west video is katy’s best video so far…

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 6, 2013

      Yeah it was but I didn’t really get it tho. The visuals were amazing.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) September 6, 2013

        I also love the visuals….the video went with the song…

        the video actually made me like the song more….

        you can tell alot of thoughts were put into that video…

        I’m not sure but I think the concept of the video was katy being an alien wanting to find her soul mate

        read the lyrics you’ll see what I mean

  48. ratedxxx(next broad) September 5, 2013

    now when I first heard california girls, I hated it with a it grew on me…

    roar on the other hand, I don’t hate it..I just dont think its meant to be the first major single off an album….

    the video was cute..but the song still irks me….

    as a gaga fan also..I’m glad kety’s song is breaking records….good for katy…

    but the thing that irks me is when people bash gaga saying her album is going to flop, because her new song is not number 1…..

    a number 1 hit doesnt mean your album is going to sell…FACT

  49. eric September 5, 2013

    The video is well done and a lot of fun. I had heard of Katy before, but I honestly paid no attention to her until I heard this song.

  50. Bey Fan September 5, 2013

    this is not what i expected from the teaser…..

    Love the song… the video was kinda corny but cute. I assumed she was going to be a fighter (boxer) or something. I dunno. Im sure the Kats love it

  51. MusicLover September 6, 2013

    I like her video and her song too. It is way better then Lady Gaga Appaluse video. Katy Perry comeback was good.

  52. denise black September 6, 2013

    yes indeed she’s backkkkkk love it

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