Watch: Budweiser Presents : Rihanna – ‘Half Of Me (Documentary)’

Published: Friday 20th Sep 2013 by David

Rihanna joins her fans in telling their story this year, teaming up with members of her Navy to create the ‘Half of Me‘ documentary, a piece that digs a little deeper into their well publicised relationships to find those who truly believe her to be an inspiration.

Peep all of ‘Half’ below!

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  1. Mother monster September 20, 2013

    So inspiring!

    • Jeff September 20, 2013

      Where the f*** they get those 6 or seven fans from lol. They should have used more fans to sway others.



        I sure you know Rihanna has more than 7 fans.

        why even waste your keystrokes.

      • MuiMui September 20, 2013

        Hey Jeff looka tstar and get your mind blown.

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      • richfishes4 September 20, 2013

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      • MuiMui September 20, 2013

        star count my bad.

  2. enough of no love September 20, 2013

    Kinda gained a little respect for her after watching this … Her fans are very passionate and diverse.

  3. mekaela September 20, 2013

    Everyone have a dream sam and anyone can be inspire by anyone so the haters are going to hate rihanna but u know what rihanna stay true to herself she is not out here trying to be someone else or never lost her identity by following the trend at the moment she is always proud of where she came from rihanna big up to you thats why she is loved and americans especially blacks hate the fact a little girl from an island became a superstar while hercules and all the rest fail to do so

  4. Overdose September 20, 2013

    LOL FLOP no one even knew this was coming out

    • brit brat September 20, 2013

      Same way as no one knowing Ciaras album came out.

    • rocksta101 September 20, 2013

      Rihanna has true fan… internationally, i live in sydney Australia and no body absolutely NO BODY gives a F*** about ciara… butch man b****!

    • cake like lady gaga September 20, 2013

      LOL @Overdose

      i really didnt know it was comimg out


  5. Molly September 20, 2013

    Wow I dont f*** with her but I think its cool that she made this more about her fans self centered Beyonce would give her fans all that attention so I can respect that from you Rihanna.

    • Marcellas September 20, 2013

      Are you serious? Beyonce does a lot for her fans she doent need to make a whole documentary for the world to prove a point. You wouldnt know what she does because you aint a fan.

      • Molly September 20, 2013

        I sure aint a fan b**** but i know ive never seen bey have majority of her documentary be about the fans… dont act like your fav isnt self centered

        *Plays overdose* Your dismissed.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        No she isnt. Like I said you wouldnt know you aint a fan.

      • etone September 20, 2013

        self centered is to comb you hair while your childs hair is matted to her scalp beyonce is self centered yes.
        Rihanna has more friends than her also people like Rihanna as a person she is always partying with models and other artists.

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        Do you know Beyonce personally? No so have a f****** seat. And her childs hair is not matted. Don’t bring her child into you f****** troll. And you have the nerve to talk about GOD in the other post? God will strike you down for speaking badly of the innocent. Now go f*** yourself you sad specimen.

      • etone September 20, 2013

        God said her hair is matted to her scalp.

      • MuiMui September 20, 2013

        Hey there Molly,preach and your come back is the best,i love that .

    • Molly September 20, 2013


    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

      Of course u had to mention Beyonce, u flop w****.

      • Ball So Hard September 20, 2013

        BEyonce’s docu are about Beyonce… let us be honest here !

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        They are supposed to be, because unlike Rihanna her life and how she thinks isn’t out there on a plate.

  6. Cassie lover September 20, 2013

    She came a long way she had a dream and made something happen with her life cant hate on it.

  7. That Dude September 20, 2013

    Rihanna is awesome… may not be the most talented but definitely a hard worker. Quit hating and go get urs.

    Big up Uself baby girl.

    Love u or hate you, the world has an obsession.

  8. Overdose September 20, 2013


    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      She isn’t exploiting her navy no worst then Beyonce is
      Beyonce is exploiting the hive and making a fool out of them selling used goods.

  9. brit brat September 20, 2013

    Wow who knew the navy was that United. Rihanna sure does have a strong fan base.. this was a nice doc.

    • Ball So Hard September 20, 2013

      you better believe they fight hard for Rihanna and each other.l Twitter is a mess when you come for one of them or if a member loses a family member!

  10. Barb B**** September 20, 2013

    Pure exploitation. I can see right through her antics she stays using her fans. Actions speak louder than words and not all artists need to do this to prove thenselves to their fans.

  11. Stephy Tha Lambily September 20, 2013

    Rihanna is a great Pop star & very beautiful real person but why they building her up like she some musical genius. They talking like she is Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder… LOL

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 20, 2013

      I don’t see any lies.

    • Kyle September 20, 2013


  12. I Stan For Myself September 20, 2013

    Well edited but if its that much of a dramatic love she should be driven to give energetic, passionate performances all the time.

    No shade but she isn’t most of the time its the opposite. She looks like she cant wait to get off stage.

    The artists thrives off their fans energy and passion. She loves yall for giving her all them Youtube views.

    I simple CANNOT at these brainwashed stans.

    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      As compared to who? where are those who give the energetic passionate performances on that Forbes list.

  13. Overdose September 20, 2013


    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013


  14. I Stan For Myself September 20, 2013

    What people don’t realize, Rihannas whole ‘Im like you’ is all part of her BRAND!

    Shes not like you, she goes out tries hard to act like a bad b**** she wasn’t raised as. And is surrounded by 10 bodyguards. TF.

    Put Rihanna on the streets of Harlem or Brooklyn as an anonymous b**** and see how she would be.

    She cant even confront her foes unless its behind a screen.

    Because her persona and image is what sells her. And its working. So kudos for that.

    • I Stan For Myself September 20, 2013

      Rather: ‘what her FANS don’t realize’ because many others have her clocked.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 20, 2013


    • Overdose September 20, 2013


    • cake like lady gaga September 20, 2013

      LOL klok this b**** sis

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013


    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      Rihanna still winning.

  15. cake like lady gaga September 20, 2013

    The delusional Riherpes stans make me LOL though

    • Unapologetic September 20, 2013

      H** shut da f*** up your cake tastes like a condom, the only one who’s gonna infect everyone with a*** is caca. stop tryin boo .

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        Weak shade tbh. Call me when Rihanna is an actual philanthropist and humanitarian like Gaga….

      • SLOW DOWN September 20, 2013

        Rihanna is Honorary Ambassador of youth and culture for Barbados, she donated many times money for many hospitals. So she actually is.

    • Heavy Metal Lover September 20, 2013

      Kiii MTE

  16. Kyle September 20, 2013

    The delusion is shining bright like a diamond.

  17. Just Sayin September 20, 2013

    That wasnt no documentary. That was a let me throw together some people of different races, ass lick my fans some more so my Hot 100 weave does not get snatched by Katy Perry. Cos the end of THAT reign is nigh lol

  18. smiler September 20, 2013

    Nice watch!

    Her fans are very diverse but they all have one thing in common, their love for Rihanna.

    I’ve seen fandoms that only stan for statistics and don’t really love their faves. Rihanna’s story is amazing, she may be rude on social media but all she’s doing is what EVERYBODY on social media do, protect themselves.

    The reason why she hasn’t had a meltdown yet is merely bcos she’s so real about every situation she’s put it. Gotta love Rih!

    • Just Sayin September 20, 2013

      Lol the Navy is one of the main fan bases who stan for stats boo dont get it twisted of course they wouldnt show it on here.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

      Explain why the navy’s love for Rihanna always translates to a beyonce obsession on every post and y they r one of the rudest stanbases…

      • SLOW DOWN September 20, 2013

        Lets not act like Beyhive don’t do the same thing. They started all mess between stanbases when Rihanna became huge with GGGB. And you are one of the haters as well, always talking negatively about Rihanna but supporting everything that Lady Gaga does. Double standards…

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        B**** plz. I like Rihanna’s music. I just don’t like her bullying fans always throwing shade on beyonce’s post and being delusional about her musician abilities. And ur wrong. I don’t sit for hours on TGJ talking b******* about Rihanna cuz I have better things to do cuz I don’t know her well enough to go that far. And at least the beyhive have a reason to talk s***. Their fave is actually one of the most respected and talented singers in the music industry. The r****** Stans only brag about her singles and sales to make Rihanna seem superior to other artists when infact she’s average like anyone else out these days. And how do u know I support everything lady Gaga does? U don’t know me. I’m a fan of her human right efforts and respect her as an artist. That doesn’t mean I’m a delusional Stan like cake like lady gaga Worshipping her. Don’t get it twisted.

      • SLOW DOWN September 20, 2013

        You just proved my point. Calling someone R******, really Little Sucuidal F**? And Beyonce stans always throw shade in Rihanna posts calling her ugly, w****, alien, mocking her because of Chris Brown incident. Nope, Rihanna doesn’t sell just singles, but albums, tours, and she is a big fashion icon and inspiration for many designers. If she is so untalented and ugly like Hive claim, why didn’t Def Jam find other girl that is more beautiful and talented than her? Plus, Beyonce called her talented and beautiful, fantastic and said that she likes all of Rihanna records. Rih performed with Bon Jovi, Elton John, Sting and many others people that are legends. Patti Smith praised her, Madonna did, Celine said that she would like to duet with her, but other stanbases claim that no one respects Rihanna, which is so wrong. Where would Lady GaGa be without her gimmicks please? Before The Fame she tried many times to become popular but failed hard. And Gaga is an average singer, there’s nothing impressive about her voice. And yes, you an biased when it comes to everyone but Gaga.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        I usually call her by her name, Rihanna. r****** is there to emphasis my point about her idiotic fanbase. Little suicidal f**? So now u r the hater also? I don’t care what u say about Gaga. To me she is devotd to her craft of music therefore I respect her as an artist. Everything else u r saying about her gimmicks is irrelevant. She did musicals and theatre so that has always been apart of her act. Get over it. And I find it funny u never post here yet u all the sudden know everything I do on here. Gimme a break. I have an opinion but that doesn’t mean I hate Rihanna. Now if u excuse me I have better things to do than argue with another moronic navy member….

      • MuiMui September 20, 2013

        Calling Rihanna out of her name is further proof of the Blatant and unreal nature of the Rihanna Haters.

  19. Unapologetic September 20, 2013

    Navy are indeed the best team, so united and dedicated.

  20. Iceberg September 20, 2013

    LIve for yourself? I guess that’s what the world is coming to. A very selfish outlook on life and being human. I feel sorry for these people and Rihanna. Actually no I don’t. F*** em! I’ll live for myself, lol!

  21. Revolution September 20, 2013

    Very fabricated, corny and exaggerated. Convinent now she has new videos about to drop after how long?

  22. Kisses Down Low September 20, 2013

    Katy Perrys documentary was called Part of Me, now Riherpes decides to calls hers Half of me? Kiiiii!

    • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

      It’s named after a song from the deluxe edition of UNA idiot. Shouldn’t you be worried about Kelly’s lazy ass?

    • SLOW DOWN September 20, 2013

      Dumb w****! Half Of Me is a song from Unapologetic. Anyway, Kelly is the biggest flop of all time. I mean, every single girl has a Platinum album in America, even Ciara, Ke$ha, while Kelly ‘with all that talent’ can’t do it, she failed even back in the day when album sales were big. Go worry about her flopping ass.

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        That Kellazy stan is always checking for Rih. Ol queen probably didn’t even purchase Talk A Good Game, like the rest of the world lmao.

  23. Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

    LOL at this documentary. This seems so contrived. I’m sure Rihanna isn’t a heartless person in real life but making fans wait for hours with no apology is not caring about ur fans…everything is very questionable when it comes to Rihanna from her talent to her presence in the music industry.

    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      If you don’t like it then why not exist her post and then
      knock yourself out.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        I had to watch it before forming an opinion. And I didn’t even watch the whole thing to know it was lame.

      • DON’T PHUNK WITH MY HEART September 20, 2013

        Lame and still didn’t watch it all? Just shows that you are narrow-minded and plain. I still don’t think that is lame as much as meat dress, sleeping with guys from your band, running naked through the forest. Thta’s pretty cool to you, I see. @MUIMUI Don’t worry, that’s just one of Rihanna haters on this blog. He is always in her posts, so he is checking for her.and that’s what matters 😉

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        Lol u mad? And how many times am I gonna say it? I don’t hate Rihanna. I just don’t have a crazed love for her like u loonies. Get over it. And how many guys has Rihanna slept with?? Lets keep it real. Her vag probably has no limits….she flaunts herself as a loose h**, she gonna get treated like one. And there’s nothing wrong with getting naked if its not for sexual reasons. Gaga being naked in the forest was not sexualized. It was spiritual. Shut up. And sorry ur wrong I’m not always on Rihanna’s post hating. I either agree with what she does or I don’t. Believe it or not there are ppl out there impartial. I don’t worship celebrities like God.

  24. RICHIE_RICH September 20, 2013

    This was cute. At the end of the day some might not used her , but you can’t knock a person for going after their DREAM.
    With that said now get up and WORK B****!!!!!!!!!!

  25. kylla w September 20, 2013

    Aren’t tge behive always askin why the navy on a beyonce post. Yall keep sayin how ppl hate on beyonce and so on but u couldn’t wait to click on this post for what. Hypocrisy! The behive is the only ppl worried about her performances! As stated before, when did rihanna establish herself as a performer? She makes music and her fans indulge in it to the point where a tour is necessary! Look at all the performers out but who on top. Brandy flopped ciara on life support, even tho I love her cd, kelly Rowland etc. Rihanna is popular cuz ppl like her music. They go to hear the songs. Bey is a visual. How epic would a video with NO DANCING for beyonce? Not epic at all. How well would a beyonce song do without a video? Thats why she does video albums! She a visual artist and rihanna isnt.

    • Marcellas September 20, 2013

      But wait. Please tell me where is the f****** beyhive besides me? And I only commented because BEYONCE was mentioned. You tried. The Navys delusion obsession with Beyonce and her fans is exemplified right here!

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        She isn’t even coming across as obsessed like some of the Navy trolls. You are definitely reaching. I love how the hive groups the entire Navy together with a few trolls. Their job is to p*** the hive off and y’all fall for it every time. You think after posting on this blog for a few months/years people would be hip to it by now….but nahhhh y’all like to go back and forth about the same tired s*** everyday. Trust me honey the navy as a whole is NOT worried about Bey, Ciara, Katy and whomever else. At this point we are only focused on the PIU and What Now videos. 🙄

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        Whatever you want to call it… The Hive stays on somes minds. I knew it would not be long before they would be dragged into an irrlevant post. Believe it or not, the Hive do not GENERALLY mention Rihanna first until shade is thrown. And its ok for you to sit and say ignore it, because its not your fav being attacked that obsessivley so give me a break. You cant always ignore it when you stan for someone. Where did I say they would be hip to hip? Of course I know that, Im not even black but the two top black female performers will always be put up against eachother sadly. But on this site, the Navy are much worse than Hive in general. This persons comments is in regards to the posts on this site.

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        My point is: y’all feed the trolls every time. Am I right? I used to shade Bey doooown and engage in stan wars way back when, but what does it accomplish? Do you really expect stans to sit idly when the blog ITSELF brings Rihanna’s name into Beyonce/Ciara posts? They know that you baboons will fight, so they instigate….and y’all fall for it each and every time. Like clockwork lmao. But hey, I ain’t mad. They gotta make that money somehow. 😆

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        Beleive me there have been many times I visit this site and DO NOT comment. You dont see my name that often do you? Its always the same s***. But I will defend my fav when it gets out of hand. And I see you responding to Ciara stans majority of the time. They are the bigger even more stupid trolls on this site. You argue when trolls come for Rihanna. So your comments are rather hypocritical. We all feed in to trolls to defend our favs.

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        Ha I don’t even post on here like that anymore. I respond to a C Squad troll every now and then & keep it moving. Y’all keep the s*** going until the post reaches 300 comments. The same s*** over and over and over. Everyday all day. Why complain if you continue to feed into it?

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        Exactly! Same with me! This is all besides the point anyway. The Navy (in general) are worse than the Hive on this site point blank period and im not saying the Hive are angels. And yes the hive will respond because they are stans. Just admit it.

    • Marcellas September 20, 2013

      And there are NO members of the Hive that are as bad and obsessive with Rihanna as @Lovebird @Sybil and its 1000 names @Etone, and others Im sure. Them three alone are worse with their Beyonce obsession than the whole Hive on put together on this site.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        Exactly! Lovebird is delusional and hateful as s***. None of the beyhive are that bad..

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        And y’all fall for it every time kii. 😆

      • etone September 20, 2013

        People are shocked to see a music theft in beyonce.
        we like Rihanna name is free from the drama. her posts don’t get blogged with rip off comments
        and it sounds to me like your stalking me since keep mentioning my name

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        @Boy Toy and you dont at times? Kiii.

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        Do you see me on here everyday arguing with trolls? I think not baby. 😀

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        And I don’t complain about C Squad like you complain about the navy trolls. I gently remind them that their fave is a FLOP and could NEVER and I proceed with my day. Kiiiii 😆

      • Marcellas September 20, 2013

        I could ask you the same question.

    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      KYLLA W
      you hit the nail on the head,I wonder why do they care.

    • Tash September 20, 2013

      @Marcells. You forgot about @Rih Sux

  26. The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

    And I’m convinced that some of these random Navy screen names are hives in disguise lol. I’m sleep doe.

  27. Gilberto September 20, 2013

    “And then I saw Hey Mister DJ”. Sorry, but what kind of fan doesn’t know the name of your fave’s songs? FAIL! How much did DefScam pay for these actors?

    • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

      She said that she HEARD “hEy mister DJ” which is the first thing Rih says in the song! Well actually it’s come mr. DJ, but I got her point. 🙄 that’s like a hive saying that they fell in love with Bey after hearing, “I look and stare so deep in your eyes.” STOP REACHING DAMN

      • SLOW DOWN September 20, 2013

        And they were saying that only Navy have trolls. This person hates Rihanna so much, he has never said something positive about her. He even shaded Mariah Carey, P!nk, Xtina, Britney, actually everyone to defend Beyonce acting like she is a music genius when she is far from it. He is one of the most delusional Beyhive members tbh.

      • The Boy Toy September 20, 2013

        Yeah Miss Gilberto is an angry queen kii 😆

      • MuiMui September 20, 2013

        Gilberto and her gang of thugs have been mad,
        pressed and stressed for years.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        @slow down actually digger bey is the only annoying trolling hive member here. Gilberto hardly ever posts on this site and usually only states facts when he does. Ur just mad.

      • DON’T PHUNK WITH MY HEART September 20, 2013

        Nope, I see GILBERTO here very often and he is an old member (which you probably don’t know since you are new here). @HOWILIKEIT, that person with CATER in his/her name who is probably the most disgustingof all HIVE, @DAVIS and many others. Both stans have trolls, sorry. CAKE LIKE LADY GAGA is probably the biggest troll, he/she keeps shading both Rihanna and Beyonce, Bey certainly more though.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        @Stop the Drama. Exactly. And @DiggerBey barely EVER posts on Rihanna threads, only Beyonce. @Don’t Phunk With My Heart. Those people you listed are barely known, they’re not half as bad as the Navy trolls like Hatebird, Rih Sux and Sybil.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        I’m not new here. I just change my name a lot. I’ve been on this site since 2011.

  28. rated r September 20, 2013

    interesting. yeh. it’s a fan trailer. but i dunno what they think real inspiration is. most of the time, them “artist” just copy pictures and just cover songs. dress like her, copying her. tryna live a livestyle they think is like hers. this is not it or unique. but well. and having a bad real life situation and getting thru it could be done with pretty much every music that’s got some good energy. dancing thru it? mkay. they do. i’d rather scream and fight in my mind, but that’s something else. me.

  29. cici slaaays September 20, 2013

    I think its a nice & inspiring documentary. I still don’t like her tho

    • MuiMui September 20, 2013

      Perhaps this will encourage artist to do this often,it
      seem like a good thing to do. All of the artist have got something to say about their work i suppose.

  30. Dk 2k13 September 20, 2013

    Beehive are such hypocrites if Beyonce did this for her fans (which she never would) yall wouldnt be acting like this..Rihanna and her fans have a strong connection.

    • Omari September 20, 2013

      Hun, where is the Beyhive?

  31. Omari September 20, 2013

    @I stan for myself could not have put it better!

  32. Rihboy September 20, 2013

    She is the most real connected artist with her fans love her or hate her its the truth

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

      The exaggeration…ur not gonna sit here and actually say she’s the only artist EVER to care about her fans?? Lies…..

  33. Brandys Starr September 20, 2013

    Its cute her fans will lap it up but theres many things that make unbiased people question her in reality. Not hating, just saying.

  34. Tyler September 20, 2013

    Treats her fans better than beyonce does??? B*******! Is that why she goes around punching you all in the faces with mics…or can barely show up ti her own damn shows on time? actions speak louder than words. And in the regard rihanna does not treat her fans well. Which is exactly why she has to say it 50000 times SMDH

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013

      beyonce shows up late too.

      and it was just one fan she hit with the mic and that same fan told the whole thing in IG and how it was his fault to grab her like that.

      B****** is getting desperate with reasons to hate on her.

      and at least she Interacts with her fans, beyonce always act as if she’s too cool to @ her fans or even talk to them, it’s all forced to sell some DVD or a CD when she does, but rihanna does it genuinely and even wake some fans up in the morning giving them tickets, but she won’t publicize it and brag about it as lady gaga. 😀

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        Beyonce doesnt need social networking to show her fans love. Its got nothing to do with being ‘too cool’. Grow up. Not everyone uses social networking like that, she connects through her fans in various other ways and no its not always to promote something. You Rihanna fans think you know what Beyonces all about when you’re not even true fans. The Hive understand their fav, and they dont always need her tweet them to confirm this.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013

        @TASH :

        Shut the F*** up already, you know you want that tweet from her that has ANY news about the Single and her album, Instead of the random boring vacation pics.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        Erm why are you swearing at me? And no I don’t care for no Tweet from Beyoncé. We are not all like you who desperately need to seek validation from their fav via social networking. Ive been a fan of Beyoncé since Destinys Child, and Beyoncé is as old school as they come. That’s why I like her.

      • RICHIE_RICH September 20, 2013

        @Tash ….You better READ her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

        I feel most people over 30 don’t use Social Network like that. Hence the reason Beyonce don’t really use hers.

        Rihanna needs social Network. Beyonce on the other hand doesn’t.

        At the end of the day Rihanna does what’s best for her and Beyonce does what’s best for her.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013


        validation ?

        ok, Whatever float your boat, My fav is a human being, a humble one, she is the best selling digital artist in history and the top of her generation Still she sit and talk to the ppl who made her a superstar, we are not in a circus , you watch the show and then leave!!!!!!

        The Beyhive deserve to be tweeted , even from her team, since she’s too cool / too diva to tweet.

        Old School ? is that an excuse ? CHER use Twitter dear.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        The fact that you think a fanbase ‘deserve’ tweeting when you’re not even part of it like tweeting is the be all says that YES its is validation for you. How exactly can someone be too ‘diva’ to tweet? When you have the biggest ‘Divas’ who use Twitter?

        Beyonce is an introverted woman believe it or not, she is old school and set in her ways. She is private and meticulous about what she puts out there, not everyone is an open book like Rihanna. No disrespect, but her fans love her being BEYONCE not Rihanna which is why she still has a huge fan base.

        She acknowledges her fans in other forms, like I said, social networking is not the be and end all. She is has reputation for being, sweet, warm and down to earth without trying shove ‘Im so real’ in our faces. She shows her fans respect in many other ways. So if I as a fan am cool with it then stop worrying yourself please.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        And theres a difference between ‘Old-School’ in your ways and being an ‘Older’ artist babe.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        The fact that anyone takes pop royalty’s words seriously as much as he has flipped flopped is beyond me.

  35. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013

    I’m so Proud of her, you all just don’t understand.

    she is a Queen and Standing Superior in History books and as Lead of her generation.

    and it is just the beginning for you naysayers and stans of flops and has-beens. :mrgreen:

  36. Tash September 20, 2013

    Cute for her fans to watch. I will not speak on behalf of the Navy’s relationship. And this is not about Beyonce, who has her own connection with her fans that she doesn’t always throw out there to be publicized. Don’t speak for Beyonces connection with her fans please. You are making more comments about the non-existent Hive on this post than the actual video.

  37. riri bad September 20, 2013

    Rihanna navy til the day I die…. Love you so much Queen!

  38. riri bad September 20, 2013

    Beyonce doesn’t give two f**** about the h**

    • Tash September 20, 2013

      Which is why she takes time out to meet them and always gives them 100%? Yeah sure. Keep telling yourself that.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013

        even if it was true, it is not on Rihanna’s scale.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        Whats Rihannas scale? Beyoncé is her own person, she shows her fans enough respect and is respected. As @ I stan for Myself said, its all part of what sells her, so she needs to.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        Last sentence was about Rihanna^^

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

        Rihanna has evolved through the digital era and when social media keeps celebrities relevant. Of course she is gonna use twitter, instagram, etc to connect with fans to keep herself relevant. Beyonce has been in the business for years. People will show her love regardless if she uses social media or not. And Bey still uses it but not religiously like Rihanna and all the millennialist type ppl.

  39. Tash September 20, 2013

    Oh and whats going on with this Pour It Up video drama with the director? Can a Navy please explain? I hope she releases the video I want to see.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 20, 2013

      she finished it and is doing another one for “What now”.

      she said earlier “Unapologetic” will have 5 singles, we had 2, and those i told you are 2, we still don’t know the last one, hopefully “Jump”.

      • Tash September 20, 2013

        But what happened with the director? Btw I like Jump, I hope its that too.

  40. Ciara can’t sing! September 20, 2013


  41. SLAY_HIVE September 20, 2013

    AND WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE?!….. She is NOT the first nor last celebrity to make an impact on their fans!

    Some Musicians give their all in performance and quality in music! Not everyone has to tweet how much they “love” their fans. It should manifest through approving at your craft! Taking vocal lessons, practicing before you hit the stage, showing up to perform ON TIME etc! 😉

  42. Heavy Metal Lover September 20, 2013

    Yawn. The Navy is so deluded.

  43. Heavy Metal Lover September 20, 2013

    Now Rihanna, lets put words into action huh?

  44. Heavy Metal Lover September 20, 2013

    Im so bored. But really, you know you fake when you’re always trying to prove how real you are. And I wonder how much she paid for the actors to say nice things about her?

  45. PRINCE MACHIAVEL September 20, 2013

    Oh My Gosh That Was “So Cute And Inspiring”!
    Yes R****** Loves Her Fans That’s Why She Hits Them With Her Off Mic And Calling Them Names On Twitter!
    Yes R****** Respects Her Fans That’s Why She Shows Up Her Lazy Ass F****** Late To Give Them Some Wack Ass Performance!
    Yes Rihard Is So Original That’s Why Dave Lachapelle Sued Her Lying Ass For Her S&M Video And Calling Herself ” The Black Madonna”!
    Yes R****** Is “So Humble And Down To earth” That’s Why She’s Calling HerSelf A “Bad B****” Hating On Ciara And Laughing At The Others Artists Less Successful Than Her!
    Yes R****** Is So Real That’s Why She Comes From Beyoncé Wannabe To Angelina Jolie Wannabe Bad!

    Lololololololololololol!!!!! The Delusinal, The Ass Kisser And The Double Stantard Are Just F****** REAL!

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 20, 2013

      Im glad someone sees through the transparent b*******. 😉

    • DON’T PHUNK WITH MY HEART September 20, 2013

      You are really sad. God bless your heart.

      • ABC September 20, 2013

        He/She did not lie though.

  46. Rita ORA black mailing beyonce.! September 20, 2013

    Breaking news: Rihanna tweeted the lyrics, to GAGA’S ‘ s** dreams ‘ . Gaga then tweeted rih this ” doing really nasty things * dancing gaga* ” . Nicki Minaj then retweeted Rih’s,retweet of lady gaga’s lyirics.

    SO? Could it be ‘ s** dreams’: Lady gaga feat rihanna and Nicki minaj

  47. Rita ORA black mailing beyonce.! September 20, 2013

    Breaking news: Rihanna tweeted the lyrics, to GAGA’S ‘ s** dreams ‘ . Gaga then tweeted rih this ” doing really nasty things * dancing gaga* ” . Nicki Minaj then retweeted Rih’s,retweet of lady gaga’s lyirics.
    SO? Could it be ‘ s** dreams’: Lady gaga feat rihanna and Nicki minaj
    Rihanna just retweeted ” doing really nasty things * dancing gaga* ”
    Well………..Say bye bye to your faves career;Especially Beyonce. This duet murder beyonce legacy ( what’s left of it) LOL LOL LOL

    Whilr rih and gaga might record the biggest pop anthem in decades, all u have is beyonce performing in 3 world brazil. It is not like she is playing stadiums in the USA.

    Beyonce, like Britney are over. END OF. RIH is the queen of pop, even GAGA knows this.

    • Molly September 20, 2013

      girl calm down

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