Saweetie Reveals How Meeting Cher Made Her Push Back Her Album

Published: Tuesday 29th Jun 2021 by Ryan

Saweetie received some inspiration from fellow music superstar Cher.

The ‘Best Friend’ rapper talked with Billboard at the 2021 BET Awards, where she revealed how Cher inspired her to push back the release of her ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ album.

Her words below…

“Me and Cher are working on a really big campaign. I can’t share too much because of contracts.”

“I thought [the album] was done, but after I met her, I had an epiphany. This album needs to have feelings, it needs to have soul, it needs to have spirit. And I have a lot of room for improvement, so I’m gonna work on that. And once it’s done, the album will be released.”

After her album was supposed to come out on June 25 – the same day as Doja Cat‘s and Tyler, The Creator’s albums – Saweetie postponed it (as we reported here). She has not revealed a new release date as of now.

However, here’s to hoping it’s soon.

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? June 29, 2021


  2. Credits June 29, 2021

    Mainstream female rappers need to get back to telling stories to really fill out the vibe of an album. It can’t just be twerk music, or “I’m better than the next chick, or the “I’ll take your man” lol.

    For example, Eve’s ‘love is blind,’
    If she’s pushing it back to to tell stories that have real feeling and meaning, then more power to her.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 29, 2021


  3. Dc June 29, 2021

    She postponed cause it was no hits best friend didn’t crack top 10 😂😂😂

  4. BOW DOWN June 29, 2021

    Not fan of hers but I commend this statement.
    Megan thee stallion and Lil Nas x could learn a thing or two about this…

    • Demarcus June 29, 2021

      That’s exactly what I was about to write. Good for her for stepping back and realizing she could make a better album instead of just putting out mediocre work. At this point I’m not that familiar with her but I’m eager to hear what she comes up with.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 29, 2021


  5. I can’t June 29, 2021

    Lol, her epiphany was that the album needed feelings and spirit. Yeah, this girl is no artist. That should have been a given, sis. Like duh. What exactly was her artistic purpose she had this “epiphany”? This is what happens when you give recording contracts to people whose only talent is being pretty. They think it’s something you just do when you’re bored and have epiphanies about dumb stuff that anyone with genuine intentions would have already known.

    • Meena June 29, 2021


      • True Tea June 30, 2021

        Nothing else need to be said! Honey you said it all & then some. This is why I have no love for Saweetie because she exploits any & everything for the bag.

  6. Slim June 29, 2021

    Who really cares? Pretty b music taken way to long and I’m no longer interest. She putting note work on her looks than her music. I can’t take her seriously as a bars at all. Just catchy songs . This last song sucks. Rename the album . She was scared to drop on the same day as doja.

    • Munchie. June 30, 2021

      Oh yeah, Doja car would’ve def ate her ass for days. I doubt people would’ve known it was coming out. I knew about Doja but not hers.

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