Watch: Lorde Performs ‘Royals’ Live On ‘Later…With Jools Holland’

This Friday, Pop’s favourite newbie Lorde will release her hotly anticipated debut album ‘Pure Heroine’, via Universal Music.

Still not sure how you feel about her?

Well, cop a gander at her moving performance of her #1 single ‘Royals‘ on the UK’s ‘Later…With Jools Holland’ and let us know what you think about it after the jump!

Your thoughts?

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  1. NT September 22, 2013

    I like her.

  2. Molly September 22, 2013

    Lordes vocals slay Lanas s***** vocals anyday.

    • Rosie September 22, 2013

      And both slay Cierror’s nonexistent whispering vocals ass. Stay pressed.

      • Ciara is everything September 22, 2013

        That’s a f****** lie Rosie….. Ciara defiantly sings better than Lana and its not a matter of opinion its a fact.

      • Rosie September 22, 2013

        Well these vocals her stans claim she has sure could help Local Party go 2x Kleenex.

      • c squad September 22, 2013

        Rosie you aint killed yourself yet?

    • Cici slays September 22, 2013

      I see no lies

      Rosie mad because its the f****** truth.

    • yabish September 23, 2013

      Can yall ever stick to the post and the person(s) it’s a bout or nah?

  3. Alex September 22, 2013


  4. Alex September 22, 2013

    I really like her but she looks drunk during that performance :O

  5. Jewell September 22, 2013

    Who is this chick?

  6. FAF September 22, 2013

    No way this girl is 16 she looks atleast 27

  7. Rosie September 22, 2013

    LMAO she looks older than my fave with twice as much makeup going on. That’s the largest crowd she’s probably going to get.

  8. S****** Blonde September 22, 2013

    Bad skin but then again she’s a teenager.

    Plays: Cola by Lana Del Rey.

  9. MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS FAN September 22, 2013


    • Rosie September 22, 2013

      Bandwagon for this basic b**** because Electra Flop has yet to sell 70k in the US and Marina sounds like a dying frog. Only underaged Tumblr bottoms use her. You tried.

  10. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 22, 2013

    I love this betch, cannot wait for pure heroine. Already pre-ordered.

    • S****** Blonde September 22, 2013

      I pre-ordered my meth too, guys should be on the way, lol.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 22, 2013

        Psssshhhh meth is so 5 years ago, I’m in the process of pre-ordering acid and bath salts.

      • S****** Blonde September 22, 2013

        Acid has been around since 1938, drugs are never old.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 23, 2013

        Look at you sad B******…. SMFH. 🙄

  11. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) September 22, 2013

    I dont like people who try and come for others for some publicity.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 22, 2013

      You prefer them to body slam an innocent for that publicity right?

      • How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) September 22, 2013

        Lmao. Yeah, at least it was an accident.

    • ATM JAM September 22, 2013

      That interview about lana was done a whole F****** YEAR AGO. way before royals came out and way before she had any publicity. maybe you should do some research before you form an opinion on something you no nothing about.

  12. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) September 22, 2013

    Shes 16? Oh my f****** gosh she looks older than me and Im 20

  13. NO September 22, 2013

    LOOOL God she looks old. I like Lana’s music better anyways. Lana > Lorde

    • c squad September 22, 2013


  14. c squad September 22, 2013

    Damn she look old but I prefer her over that drunk chick Lana.

  15. Rosie September 22, 2013

    Lana>Borde>p***>Cierror though.

    • Barb 4 lyfe September 22, 2013

      lana has the weakest vocals if them all tho.

      • Barb 4 lyfe September 22, 2013


  16. Rosie September 22, 2013

    Billboard 200
    181 100 92 10 Ciara, Ciara 2
    I see why Z Squad is seething though.

    • Jlover September 22, 2013

      Damn your really obsessed with Ciara sis.

    • JER September 22, 2013

      DEATH at those piping hot receipts! Yesss!!!

  17. Barb 4 lyfe September 22, 2013

    @Rosie do you have a life outside of Ciara?

  18. Rosie September 22, 2013

    And of course I get the blame when the Z Squad were the first to RUN in here with their failed 2012 Lana shade.
    Why does no one bother to ask why the Z Squad stay on my c***?

  19. The Boy Toy September 22, 2013

    I’m not even a fan of Rosie’s, but ZSquad keeps Rih, Bey and Rosie’s name in their f****** mouths. I’d say that they’re obsessed with her.

    • FAF September 22, 2013

      Who is Zsquad??????????

      I think its vice versa bc this ROsie girl keeps saying “Z Squad” & she’s the only person I see saying it like its an unfunny joke LOL

      • Cici slays September 22, 2013

        Their obsessed with the c squad.

  20. JOHNVIDAL September 22, 2013

    So now the kids will spend days choosing between Lana del Rey and this new girl??? lol Can´t you like two artists or something?
    Anyway, I´ll have to listen to more songs to give my opinion about this girl. I have to say she sounds just like the record when singing live so… there goes my first props I guess.

  21. Os September 22, 2013

    I like her, and her song call team is fire in my opinion.

  22. Ms92 September 22, 2013

    Her music does not do anything for me

  23. ATM JAM September 22, 2013


  24. I Stan For Myself September 22, 2013

    I prefer Lanas music. This chick is dry.

  25. HOTSTUFF September 22, 2013

    This heaux looks 37…

  26. rih rox(wanna come at me bro?) September 22, 2013

    She looks as old as fergie… she actually kinda looks like her too.

  27. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 23, 2013

    Ok, I have a problem With This Little B****, let me Explain:

    What audience she’s catering to ? probably pre-teens Girls, Teens, Kids, etc… , ok, Let’s assume they are older than that, But HOW THE F*** you GONNA NAME your ALBUM “PURE HEROIN” ?! Let me put that again :


    While your fans are so young ?!!

    so she is Distributing the message of ” Drugs are cool and Mysterious” to kids who are unaware of this BS and think it’s cool because it looks “KEWL” in tumblr and twitter.


    Wasn’t it enough for JB to promote Molly ? Miley cyrus to do so ? The rappers to promote cocaine and other drugs ? is that you culture now.

    and don’t let me start on the Meth BS….. 🙄

    I can pass a lot of things, But I won’t when it comes to Drugs.
    This Little cocky b**** need to learn her lesson, IDC how old is she, B**** know your f*****’ role.

    and her live vocals are awful, she’s boring.

    One Hit Wonder and need to be responsible for the messages she’s putting out there now that she’s criticizing Older artists and their “Wrong” music.

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