Mariah Carey Pens New Letter On ‘The Art Of Letting Go’: ‘I Went Down A More Organic Path’

Published: Friday 18th Oct 2013 by David

With sales of her smash hit single ‘Beautiful’ make their way to the 2 million mark, Mariah Carey pens a fresh letter on its supporting album ‘The Art of Letting Go‘ today, explaining the honest and organic path she took craft it and its single of the same name.

Why the icon felt goosebumps during the recording process?

Mimi’s words below…



Kudos to Mariah for keeping her fans in the loop with regards to the release, building anticipation for the project while humanising herself in the process.

Our only concern is this. While we’re sure the material will be stellar, there’s no denying that its the star’s live performances that need the most work, especially with her cause still feeling the sting from her BET Awards performance and the ‘aged diva’ act she pulled at ‘Good Morning America‘ during ‘Beautiful’s promo run.

While it’s at endearing at times, it does build a wall that separates the world from her more endearing / ‘down to earth’ qualities. The very qualities, that Jennifer Lopez plays on to keep her brand young, fresh and inviting despite being the same age as Mariah.

How can she rectify this problem?

Well, with much of today’s generation unaware of Mariah’s layered story, a brand spanking new ‘VH1: Behind the Music‘ special pushing a ‘rags to riches’ agenda would do the trick.

For, how many know of today’s music lovers truly know about her formative years- the struggle to find acceptance as a biracial girl living in a black and white world- her stints as a waitress- how her parents’ divorce shaped the woman/mother she is today.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Savannah October 18, 2013

    Good! I miss the days when Mariah made good music. No more fluff Mimi!! Thanks.

    • BeyonceFanNo1 October 18, 2013

      Please sis Mimi, retire and pop out more babies… 🙁

      • Savannah October 18, 2013

        Lol troll……

      • Monster’sArmy October 18, 2013

        Mariah should retire with Ciara and Toni Braxton

      • Diamond Gal October 18, 2013

        Mariah Carey ( 1992- 2007 ) R I P

    • Alex October 18, 2013

      Please Mariah, stay home and enjoy your ol’ money.

      • Desperateriah Carey October 18, 2013

        Cant believe she is desperate to have a career. Sad.
        She should retire after E=MC2


      • Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

        LOL you b****** sound scared she’s coming to slay. remember she’s will and always will be vocally superior than your faves could ever dream of.

      • Nicki Remains Unbothered October 18, 2013

        Sorry, Mariah is the hip- hop Queen………. on life -support !

      • Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

        your screen name and your comment combine is a self drag.

      • Shaquanna October 18, 2013

        Letting go and then retire. Good. She cant score top 10 anymore let alone sell 2 million albums worldwide.

    • K Byeeeee Byeee October 18, 2013

      and Riri remain unbothered ! 😉

      • Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

        No riri remains out singed

      • Godney Spears October 18, 2013

        She will flop hard with this sympathy letter…sorry !

    • Start the music drop the drama October 18, 2013

      Yawn !!!!!!!!

      • Yulanda October 18, 2013

        American Idol was her life-support. She should stay away and raise her kids. She is not selling anymore.

        It is all about Miley and Katy now.

    • bbmtrfjjg569 October 18, 2013

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  2. Kayla October 18, 2013

    Love this woman! It’s a shame these f*** these days only want music they can shake their ass to and do choreography lol

    • Riri4Ever October 18, 2013

      Mariah has peaked during We Belong Together. Time to go gracefully.

      • Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

        Dead….And rihanna has peaked her limits for her over stretch love walls. LOL

    • Draggin4MrsCarter October 18, 2013

      @Kayla No hun. These ‘f***’ want music they can enjoy. Adele’s music is slow and outsells Beyonce and Rihanna’s entire discography combined. So there goes your stupid theory.

    • Miley October 18, 2013

      Poo Mimi, she should stick her tongue more …..

    • Titi October 18, 2013

      Mariah will REIGN again !!! Show these lessers how it is done Mimi !!!

  3. christinastherealtalent October 18, 2013

    I really hope so! All you need to do is bring them vocals back Mariah and give me the Mariah I fell in LOVE with.

    You best have a bigger part on your own song and it best not sound like some leftover from another artist ala Beautiful.

    • BeyHiveTheQueenHoney October 18, 2013

      Mariah is a done deal like Ciara and Brandy. 🙁

      • KNUCK October 18, 2013

        girl please.. you tired your life with all three of these true DIVAS. Quality over quantity hun. CLASSICS over TRAGICS. The world will only remember 1 or 2 songs by your fave. poor that.

  4. Hur October 18, 2013

    I feel Mariah has ONE last great record and at least 1 more #1 hit in her.

    • Adam Monster October 18, 2013

      I feel she doesn’t. Mariah is yesterday’s news.

  5. Monster’sArmy October 18, 2013

    Please, sit down Mariah. You can hardly charted. K bye.

    • i been on October 18, 2013

      “You can hardly charted.”

      no need to even try go in on you. you went in on yourself when you thought that was correct.

      • Nicki Remains Unbothered October 18, 2013

        Cant remember when Mariah last hit Top 5 …… 🙁

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      Hmm…..i CAN remember Mariahs last #1 hit…i can’t remember Nicki’s though.. Oh thats right, she does’nt have any

      • i been on October 18, 2013


      • ILoveJamesDean October 18, 2013

        Haha. Bullseye!


    bring on the music mariah!

  7. ratedxxx(bad chick) October 18, 2013

    this is why I f**** with Mariah, she’s a legend, way above her pears, and yet she always give credit when credit is due…

    you’ll never hear her say I wrote this song all by myself, when there are other writers on the songs..

    she always mention who she wrote the song with….

    and all the classic songs she actually wrote herself, is making her paper, she doesn’t need to tour, she doesnt need huge endorsements

    bish is making more paper on her songwriting alone, than basic b****** who needs to tour every year, who needs 10 million endorsements

    bad bish status

    • Truth Tea October 18, 2013

      She doesn’t tour because it is not profitable for her. She is not performer. She is just a nightclub singer …..


    • QueenCeline October 18, 2013

      Mariah doesn’t tour because she’s not a good performer and knows that people will never buy tickets to see her live.

      • Boys Like That October 18, 2013

        There is no market left for her because her voice is annoying to Europeans and she is stuck since the 90s.

    • Love Life October 18, 2013

      Last time Mariah tried to Tour dates were cancelled due to LOW sales. Thats why she doesnt. She doesnt have a strong enough live fanbase.

    • grump October 18, 2013

      Well she clearly doesn’t t need touring. Her royalties still pay her more than those sold out tours. So bye haters.

      • Yulanda October 18, 2013

        Really? Then why she went to Australia???? Yeah right…

    • RICHIE_RICH October 18, 2013

      I didn’t know a person is compared to pears.

      • XXX October 18, 2013


    • cde October 18, 2013

      I Read no lies.

    • Vee October 18, 2013

      PEARS? Girl back to school you go….

  8. Monster’sArmy October 18, 2013

    Sorry, it is all Gaga now. Mariah is so last 15 years ago. RIP

    • HOTSTUFF October 18, 2013

      how it’s all about gaga now ? and Gag is a FLOP being slayed by Katy, Miley, Lorde…. =>_/

      • Applause October 18, 2013

        2 million singles and 4 weeks on Billboard. Sorry, try again…

      • HOTSTUFF October 18, 2013

        LOL @ You.

  9. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 18, 2013

    What is it with everyone writing letters these days?

    • VisionOfMimi October 18, 2013

      You didn’t finish school so I’m not surprized that you hate letters.

  10. MCThePlaceToBe October 18, 2013

    I’ve developed a new respect for TGJ after reading this article. I hope she reads this.

    • SweetDestiny October 18, 2013

      Girl, I was thinking the exact the same thing. The new BTM is such a good idea.

  11. Nothing We Can Do October 18, 2013

    Her prime has passed. 🙁

  12. Love Life October 18, 2013

    Did you hear about her assistant ditching her to work with J lo lol.

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      JLO needs all the assistance she can get…..her musical prime has been long over….Atleast Mariah has seen the top of the billboard charts in 2008…

    • Common Sense October 18, 2013

      It was the opposite actually.

    • Mia October 20, 2013

      idiot, Jennifer’s assistant left her for Mariah’s team. If you’re going to troll/shade check yourself thirst.

  13. Diamond Princess October 18, 2013

    The Art of Letting Go… Hmm did anyone else notice the title and think what that might mean? Is she letting go of her marriage, is she retiring, or something else? That’s definitely an eye catcher title, only time will tell.

  14. Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

    The ending of this letter tho LOL

  15. Kiss my a** October 18, 2013

    I can’t wait to hear it i like many of Mariah’s music. I know it’ll be good…lets hope.

  16. cake like lady gaga October 18, 2013

    TEOM was the last good album Mariah released, after that it has been struggle after struggle after struggle..

  17. Desperateriah Carey October 18, 2013

    Sorry, it is all Katy, Riri, Taylor, Miley now.
    The rest stay home and ask for sympathy sales !!!!

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 18, 2013

      “Sorry, it is all Katy, Riri, Taylor, Miley now.”


      This makes me want to drink a cyanide shake.

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      Those gimmick artists careers will soon be on life support and forgotten about…none of those artist will go down as legendary in pop music. Mariah may get sympathy sales…but she is not getting sympathy checks! Royalty…

  18. HOTSTUFF October 18, 2013


  19. BeachHouseBritney October 18, 2013

    I love when Grape Juice gives good advice.

  20. Nicki Remains Unbothered October 18, 2013

    Dont Mariah. Not another flop. Just retire…before it is too late.

  21. Bye Mariah October 18, 2013

    All jokes aside, who’s checking for Mariah Carey? *Looks Around*

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      Her last single went double platinum…so apparently there are several educated people who are. Its the unintelligent and ignorant that make so many comments and references like you have

  22. GodTinalera October 18, 2013

    She will flop like Bye Bye, Through The Rain and etc. This era it is about dance pop music. Mariah is too serious to be fun with. Go and learn acting.

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      Christina augilera should know alot more about flop than Mariah….Bye Bye and through the rain both came off of platinum selling albums…..did you but Lotus?

  23. Applause October 18, 2013

    Even Miguel is regretting ….. LOL

  24. Shaquanna October 18, 2013


  25. Queen Beyonce October 18, 2013

    She will flop harder than Ciara and Jessie J.

    • Emeral October 18, 2013

      Not here for trolls hiding behind other fan bases.

  26. BeyHiveTheQueenHoney October 18, 2013

    Nah, she belong in the 90s. I agree, someone should ask her go and do charity work at Beyonce’s garden.


    • Emeral October 18, 2013


  27. christinastherealtalent October 18, 2013

    It is f****** sad that most of you think it’s all about chart placement. NEWSFLASH!!! IT ISN’T! It’s all about whether an artist knows their truth and has longevity. Most of your faves will only last in this industry 5-10 years. People will get over you and move on.

    The secret to a successful career is not selling your soul to the devil.

    • No Church October 18, 2013

      Actually the secret to a successful career is to be a really interesting artist, to anticipate trends untiringly, to reinvent themselves, to intrigue and, of course, to have a strong manager behind their back.

  28. No Church October 18, 2013

    shade of the Charmbracelet.

  29. Emeral October 18, 2013

    Why is it that all these random user names come up in a Mariah post so you can hide behind that person and their fan base so they get bashed? The damn troling.

    • XXX October 18, 2013


  30. Theman October 18, 2013

    Thatstupidjuice tries so hard to sound informative. MC is fine and has a huge fan base.. She knows what she’s doing.. That whole diva thing is out of the window. She’s the only one that they do these poor write ups for. Sam needs to do them for Beyonce and company because they really need them.. Speaking of JLo her brand doesn’t sale her music, which is more important.. So that fresh stuff is irrelevant.. MC’s music alone >>>>..

    • AubreyOSlay October 18, 2013

      LOOOOOOOOL. You are delusional if you think Mariah has a big fan base anymore. She tried to tour and couldn’t BECAUSE she doesn’t have a big fan base.

      • AJ October 18, 2013

        As if Aubrey O Day ever had a fan base….lol real intelligent.

      • Common Sense October 18, 2013

        Wrong. She doesn’t have a strong touring fan base because she never toured from the beginning. In order to be a big touring act like Madonna you have to tour your ass off, and that’s something Mariah was never interested in doing.

  31. …zzz..zzz…zz October 18, 2013

    Not Rodney Jerkins again please. He is 20 yo ago…. 🙂

  32. FACTS b**** October 18, 2013

    Y’all so DUMB lmaooo! Let me fill you in on the FACTS :’D
    In 2013 Mariah performed a short tour in some of Australia’s biggest Arenas. They both SOLD THE F*** OUT. What’s more is the All Phones Arena where she played at had a seating of 21,000… sold out in FOUR DAMN MINUTES. NOT to mention those EXPENSIVE ASS TICKETS. So y’all can shut the f*** up on THAT. Second, #Beautiful peaked at #15, certified platinum and has sold 2 million copies. If I’m not mistaken Mariah outsold anything Nicki has done recently :((( THIRD who gives a F*** if she doesn’t reach #1? She has EIGHTEEN #1 singles. THAT’S MORE THAN ALL OF YALL’s FAVES. S*** NICKI AINT EVEN GOT ONNEEE NUMBER ONE BUT SHE’S SLAYING? NICKI’S S*** HAS BEEN FLOPPINGGG BUT Y’ALL STILL WANNA COME FOR MARIAH WHO IS SELLING MULTIMILLION RECORDS AND RAKING IN CASH? OK. MARIAH IS SLAYYYIIIING RIGHT NOW AND Y’ALL ARE MAD LOL!!!!!!!

    • Nicki Mia October 18, 2013

      ……..still she can’t outsell Madonna.


    • JanetFanClub October 18, 2013

      Oh puhlesss, she got lucky because of American Idol promo.

      • Common Sense October 18, 2013

        And Janet got lucky marrying money. We all know no one even knows who she is anymore.

    • MuiMui October 18, 2013

      FACTS B****
      Exactly and Beautiful is such a beautiful song.

    • channel_ROMAN October 18, 2013

      Rihanna soon be the Queen of #1’s tho. Fact. I don’t even like the b-tch like that.

  33. F***** about it October 18, 2013

    Through The Rain pt 2 ???? ***Yawn***

  34. Simon October 18, 2013

    She is doing her own PR because nobody is checking on her music. Sad era to be Lambs. 🙁

  35. MuiMui October 18, 2013

    Mariah helped paved the way for so many of the artist,of today and she is One of Our
    Legendary Artist.
    Her chart success speaks for itself.

    • Nicki Mia October 18, 2013

      No, she is NOT.

      Whitney was !!!!!!!!!!

    • BuzzinBee October 18, 2013

      Chart success? I think you mean PAYOLA.

      • AJ October 18, 2013

        LOL…Do you know what Payola even is? Coming from a fan of an artist who only can pen songs with no substance like “Bow Down B******”….im sure the topic of payola is above your intelligence level..

      • RICHIE_RICH October 18, 2013

        @Aj As if bow down is Beyonce only song.

  36. Godney Spears October 18, 2013

    Mimi work to flop !!!!! 😀

    • Common Sense October 18, 2013

      How are those “live” vocals coming at Vegas?

  37. JER October 18, 2013

    I love you Mimi i REALLY DO, but every single, every album it’s the same soundbites. “This is my most personal album yet” “This single means so much to me” “I’m giving you nostalgic moments on this record” “I felt something very special making this album” ………………

    • cake like lady gaga October 18, 2013

      ^ LOL this is true..

      Don’t they ALL say this though? 😀 😀 😀

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 18, 2013

      when you Write+produce+Sing Everything in your Album, you are allowed to say anything.

      Love is a Complex Thing, More props+Power To her For Going The path in her discography and exploring all of it’s facets.

      And You can Feel When it’s personal In her Songs. 😀

      • JER October 18, 2013

        you are trying it with that link to Katy Perry

  38. JanetFanClub October 18, 2013

    can you imagine how annoyingly perky and pompous she is. you’d just want to kick her in the shins, repeatedly.

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      LOL…Too bad Janet does’nt have anything to be pompous and perky about…she has released an album since 2008…in 2008 Mariah Carey was still getting #1 singles

  39. Mariah Slaaays October 18, 2013

    She needs to let go of the little bit of voice she has left. Katy Perry sounds better than her!!!

    • Common Sense October 18, 2013

      No one sounds as bad as that goat Katy Perry. Even Xtincta sounds better.

  40. Theman October 18, 2013

    Also everyone of Mariah’s albums are certified. She doesn’t need all of this branding marketing crap.. The music is what will do the job. Thatfraudjuice is hungover on the EBT crap. Really get over it.. MC ain’t these less than average chicks.. The stuff y’all suggest don’t even work for the flopping artists y’all keep trying to push.. If only y’all were this informative about the other crappy artists..

  41. LOL October 18, 2013



    • Beyanca October 18, 2013

      Best thing I never had and love on top and ring the alarm did that. Ego to have a seat.

  42. LOL October 18, 2013


  43. LOL October 18, 2013


  44. LOL October 18, 2013


    • SLAY_HIVE October 18, 2013

      B**** get SLAYonce off your mind for once! And how the hell can you compare a single to an album??

      Beautiful is platinum, so is Best thing i Never had.. 4 is also platinum in the U.S. And on it’s way to double platinum!

      Stop making your self look a psychotic mess! The Hive owns you! Now i commamd you to SIT! kii BYE!

      • Molly October 18, 2013

        Beautiful shits on all the songs on 4 that’s a fact.

      • XXX October 18, 2013

        Clearly you don’t know the definition of a fact.

      • Molly October 18, 2013

        @XXX k

  45. RiriRoyale October 18, 2013

    The Lambs are so pathetic and delusional if they think Mariah can sell off of her music alone. If she REALLY wants to prove herself she shouldn’t use CC to promote any of her singles. #Triumphant

    • AJ October 18, 2013

      And Rihanna should use her p**** to promote hers..

  46. Yulanda October 18, 2013


  47. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 18, 2013

    Release It as a Single now Already, Damn Mariah, As a fan I’ve been Waiting for This Album Since Forever+a day, Babies Were Born during this time Already and I’m Still Waiting.

    I Love Her, But The Timing Is Way off This Era.

    Hurry Up Diva.

    can You release the Beautiful(Remixes)-EP for me ? We Need Something To hold on Too. 😕

    And someone Need to re-Think About This release Date….

    • RICHIE_RICH October 18, 2013

      Why would anyone need to re-think there release date?

      Hence the reason Rihanna didn’t release an album this season. Katy, Miley, and GaGa.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 18, 2013

        So you Need her to release an album or take a rest ?

        You b****** are Funny. 😆

      • Vee October 18, 2013

        @Richie Rich EXACTLY. B****** wanna talk about Beyonc being ‘scared’ and not except she has a change of heart which happens when their fav been releasing year after year every now when everyone else is doing it around the same time she decides to stop conviniently.

      • Vee October 18, 2013


  48. Bye Mariah October 18, 2013

    B**** is desperate for Christmas sales… 🙁

  49. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 18, 2013


    I Just Love The Fact How Most of The Navy in here are fans of her. 😀

  50. Molly October 18, 2013

    Beyonce fans pressed as always. Mariah will always s*** on Beyonce.

    • XXX October 18, 2013

      B**** stfu its probably YOU behind them trolling accounts, they’re clearly not real Beyoncé fans anyone with common sense can see that. But clearly you don’t.

      • Molly October 18, 2013

        No sweetie i see slay h** running her mouth.

      • XXX October 18, 2013

        Mkay and I see ‘so called’ Rihanna fans, Barbs and Britney stans running their mouth, why are you obsessed with Slay Hive SWEETIE?

      • Molly October 18, 2013

        Not obsessed just wish she’d stop coming for Mariah especially when beyfail looks up to Mimi .

      • XXX October 18, 2013

        Hes not coming fro Mariah though, the person is coming for Beyonce.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 18, 2013

        This little girl is obsessed with me…i said nothing negative about Mariah! Clearly those are TROLL hive accounts. The names are so random, it’s obvious. Molly is just sore from all the dragging smh

        It’s either Molly are Pressedbird behind those accounts

      • SLAY_HIVE October 18, 2013

        You know these lessors can’t function unless Beyonce and her Hive are involved…#sadbuttrue

      • BeyHoveQueenHoney October 18, 2013

        Beyonce did SuperBowl…Mariah???? Disney…. 🙁

  51. Molly October 18, 2013

    Really looking foward to this album Mariah music is always good shes a legendary mother and doesn’t deserve all the disrespect she gets :-/

    • ROSEGOLD October 18, 2013

      But YOU are always disrespecting her troll lol

      • Molly October 18, 2013


  52. XXX October 18, 2013

    Love Mariah, trolls are pathetic.

    • Molly October 18, 2013

      i agree .

      • Lily Gaga October 18, 2013

        Mariah- diva on life support?????? 😀

  53. etone October 18, 2013

    Mariah dont have to prove herself anymore..the b**** is like. Michael. Jordan she dont need to make another. shot she is a legend.

  54. #IndustryPussy October 18, 2013

    B****; can you please stop wasting time with all of these b******* open letters-tweets and blog posts and FOCUS ON DROPPING THE F****** ALBUM ALREADY? I mean GOD DAMN, just drop it already before Ariana Grande runs off with whatever career you have left! Damn you act like the only DELAYED POT HEAD!

  55. Theman October 18, 2013

    Lol Ariana Grande is still trying to run her own career. U can’t run nothing without a platinum album. Hers isn’t even gold. As far as touring MC sold out arenas in Aus.. She didn’t even have a tour planned. What are u trolls even talking about. Plain idiots !!!!

  56. Monica Fan October 18, 2013

    Mariah I love you but just release the f****** music already.

  57. Amras October 18, 2013

    Why do I love Mariah? Because she’ll make music until the end. Her music is her career & success will follow automatically because Mariah is music!

    Imagine another singer who’s successful @ the moment staying in the game for more than 20 years. You can’t because there’s no longevity in their songs just produced songs by somebody for a pop artist to sing. Nothing personal you can cling to in years to come unlike Mariah’s music.

  58. JOHNVIDAL October 18, 2013

    Looks at Mariah´s sales now and then, looks at Jennifer Lopez´s sales now and then… How the hell does Mariah Carey have a problem in Sam´s words… but Jennifer Lopez has not???? LOLOL To praise Mariah Sam always needs to shade her in another paragraph. It kills him to know she is THAT good and legendary and that he adores her music, as he has admitted so many times.
    Anyway, I can´t wait!!!! Gaga´s album, Mariah´s new single (the most important thing to me) and Celine´s whole album the previous week! Yaaasss November will be amazing. October releases were really weak, September was a better month for releases. Janelle´s alone>>>

  59. Heartless October 18, 2013

    I just can not believe amount of hate that majority of people are expressing on this site. Vicious comments, deluded, things that have no sense at all. What is wrong with you people? You hate everyone. Do you even stop for a minute and actually think about things you write in here? You may like someone or they music, or not, but there is civilized way to say your opinion. And acting psycho is not one them.

    • Amras October 18, 2013

      Same opinion here. I like this page but the comments! There is no room for a nice discussion with few exceptions but it has a lot to do how you run a page like this. Take this entry about Mariah. It’s not just about her, suddenly there’s J.Lo in the picture. I don’t know why you have to compare artists with each other. No wonder the hate in the comments. Probably the owner of this site is addicted to the amount of clicks he gets for it.
      I thought about not coming back but I just read the entries I’m interested in. Before I was reading entries about other artists I usually don’t listen to, I don’t do that anymore.

      • Heartless October 18, 2013

        You are right. Nobody actually stays on topic. And all of the sudden every post becomes war of the stans. And for what? For artists who doesn’t even have a clue that those idiots exits. Every artist would be embarrassed to know that such crazy people belong to their fan base.

  60. Gus October 18, 2013

    The new record will be EPIC!!!! She worked with autentic hitmakers and its coming good song! The art of letting go i think… Will be a ballad with lil touch of 90s with powerful moments

  61. Hur October 18, 2013

    Nope b****, Gaga is done.

  62. Datbitch October 18, 2013

    Y’all birtches sound pressed! Beyoncé hasn’t had a hit In years and does at least 6 to 7 other jobs and still couldn’t get a hit Rihanna can move singles but can’t move as many albums ! If mariah was to flop ten times your faves will still never compare! The only ones that should retire is rihorror and bey none selling

  63. cookie October 18, 2013

    For the most part u trolls make no sense. On the topic of mariah…. she is MARIAH F****** CAREY #LEGEND #ENOUGHSAID

  64. cookie October 18, 2013

    This week TEOM passes the 6million mark in sales. TGJ didnt report that.
    For those who say Mariah has a hard time selling anything these days. Seems she is doing pretty well even with her old s***.

  65. raden October 18, 2013

    Sit Down People RELAX!! regardless of how many people HATE her so much Mariah Carey will never stop making music and her song will inspire everyone on earth! Those who hate her are those who listen to her music cuz they knew that this Legendary is “Mariah Carey” after Whitney Houston (RIP) and she will dominate her success and continue to successs as the #1 best selling female solo artist of all time!

    Got it?

  66. mc the place to be! October 18, 2013

    but Mariah toured in Australia because of demand she hasn’t performed there since the 90s they even had a trending tweet Australia wants Mariah!,like come on now atleast she responds to her fans unlike some people who just take and ignore Mariah is just one of those artist who remained relevant and successful in a generation that’s passed hers and yall trolls just hate that hahaha!

  67. lol October 18, 2013

    Sounds exciting! She should give the song to Ariana… LOL

  68. mr.m October 18, 2013

    I HATE LAMBS .. They’re idiots #Fact
    Thats why I shade mimi a lot
    ANYWAY, whether she flops or not
    Am here for some good music ..
    I want some REAL ballads
    I trust her this time!
    Mariah, Celine and Toni are comin’ this year
    The divas better bring it .. I miss my old b******

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