Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’ Tops 6 Million Mark

Published: Sunday 24th Nov 2013 by David

As far as Pop Princes go, very few can boast of a creative kingdom quite as fruitful as Bruno Mars’.

Joining Pink, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce as one of this generation’s few ‘mega sellers’, the last seven days have seen the Hawaiian heart throb break an applause worthy chart record that may give a few of his rivals good reason to envy his commercial pull.

Find out how below…

Four years after its ‘Elektra’ backed release, the performer’s hit single ‘Just The Way You Are’ sold its 6 millionth copy in the US this week, seeing it become the 25th cut in chart history to achieve such a feat in the market!

Certified 2x Platinum in the UK and 6x Platinum in the US, the number’s record breaking success comes as the star’s latest album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ electric slides its way to sales of 5 million units worldwide, helped in part by the Triple Platinum ‘Treasure‘ and his rising smash ‘Gorilla.

Elsewhere – as Bruno‘s ‘Jukebox’ continues to churn out hit after hit-  Lana Del Rey’s debut album ‘Born To Die’ saw its US sales reach the 861,000 milestone, almost two years after its January 2012 release.

This, as Lady GaGa‘s ‘ARTPOP‘ welcomed global first week sales of 661,000 units while Tamar Braxton‘s ‘Love & War’‘s US digits belt their way to 242,000 copies sold, thanks to the continued success of its #1 single of the very same name!


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  1. Amanda Bynes November 24, 2013

    Ciara COULD NEVER.

  2. ROLY November 24, 2013


  3. QUEENHANNA November 24, 2013


  4. BrunoMartian November 24, 2013


  5. MarinasDiamonds November 24, 2013

    Lana should have sold more.

  6. RiriRoyale November 24, 2013

    Rosie is going to seethe when she sees Lana’s sales.

    • CiciFinnaBeABride November 24, 2013

      Just like you seethe every time you remember Beyonce’s lowest sales are higher than Rihanna’s highest.

    • Rosie November 24, 2013

      @RihfundRoyale Lana is mentioned nowhere on this page though. Stay pressed that Analpologetic has yet to sell 4 million with two worldwide mega hits.

  7. TamartiansUnite November 24, 2013

    Bruno is keeping Atlantic afloat 2bh.

    • TreyKissedMe November 24, 2013

      Sis, just stop talking. Why is Epic about to fold over? Maybe Vince shouldn’t have bought all those albums for Tamar so they would have made some real profit.

  8. Career Ender November 24, 2013

    The biggest popstar in the world

    Only 2 albums in

    #KING #6M #JTWYA

  9. NT November 24, 2013

    That’s great he deserves it, that’s actually a great song and he’s super talented

  10. Career Ender November 24, 2013

    I’ve noticed a trend in TGJ, there always come a commenter whose sole existence is to bash Beyonce —> that “…EBT card..” user

    He/she has joined lacefronce, Lovebird, RatedXXX, Molly and that ugly weaved guy (forgot name) .. They can’t go a single comment without shading Beyonce

  11. Career Ender November 24, 2013

    He joins great sellers like Britney, Gaga, Beyonce, Eminem, Adele, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys

    Artists who have had their first 2 solo albums do +5M WW

  12. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) November 24, 2013

    @Queenhanna when has your fave though?

    • JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2013


  13. miss ross the boss *icon* November 24, 2013

    bruno gives me life darling–good for him!

  14. h2o November 24, 2013


    30M albums in the states, including 13M solo – Billboard.

  15. JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2013

    Well, she´s not a legendary seller, but she sure sold way more than Rihanna has ever sold during the Dangerously in Love days.
    You TROLL!

    • JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2013

      Sorry, that was for a troll shading Beyonce.

    • BeyRihStan November 24, 2013

      Not really. DIL and GGGB sold around the same amount [9 million]. And Queenhanna is not a real Rihanna fan.

  16. JOHNVIDAL November 24, 2013

    Congrats to Bruno Mars!
    Really deserving. He´s so talented. A perfect combination of quality and commecial appeal.
    Especially impressive how well his singles have performed again and again since his debut, knowing that one has been a world dominated by pop girls in the last years.

  17. BeyRihStan November 24, 2013

    The ads on this site are starting to become unbearable!

  18. Hadley November 24, 2013

    Lool No GGGB has sold around the same as IASF, not DIL.

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