Christina Aguilera Rockets To #1 With New Single

Published: Thursday 7th Nov 2013 by Sam

Pop diva Christina Aguilera has ample cause for celebration today. For, not only has her new single been well-received, it’s stormed straight to the top of the iTunes chart.

Details after the jump…

Xtina lent her vocals to ‘Say Something’ – the newest release from Indie-Pop duo A Great Big World. And following a haunting performance of the track on The Voice this week, the song has charged past the competition on US iTunes, where it currently sits at #1.

Having made a mega splash on the digital tally and currently gaining traction on mainstream radio, ‘Something’ looks poised to impact the Billboard Hot 100 next week in a major way.

More power to Christina!


We’re elated to see the commercial revival of Christina’s music career. Yes, she’s making them diva dollars over The Voice, yet – as keen supporters of her talent – we’ve long been salivating for a chart comeback. And while, last year’s (criminally underrated) ‘Lotus’ didn’t bring that moment, it’s clear Team Xtina are making the right power moves to ensure her next project is set up on the firmest of foundations.

Indeed, this January’s guest spot on Pitbull‘s Platinum-certified ‘Feel This Moment’ nabbed Aguilera yet another top 10 after peaking #8 on the Hot 100. While Flo Rida‘s latest single ‘How I Feel’, which she guests on, is being touted as a super smash-in-waiting.

Notice the pattern? Feature on a number of major hits, re-establish that radio presence, and then capitalize on it all when your own material arrives. Sounds like a potent plan to us!

Your thoughts?

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  1. war November 7, 2013

    yes more power to her!!!


    • FAF November 7, 2013

      These trolls are mad today ! KIII

      sam get on it & start banning , gworl !

    • denisvfwt658 November 7, 2013

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  2. Love On Top November 7, 2013

    Yasss go head girl, well deserved such a great duet.

  3. ok November 7, 2013

    That’s really great, she worked with alongside a duo that isn’t known and now they’re #1 on iTunes her impact tbh. But its a wonder song and they sound amazing on it well done

    • ok November 7, 2013


  4. Robin November 7, 2013

    Very nice !!! As well for the new Band and as well for herself !!! 🙂

    She introduced Sia to the music industry ! And now she will do it again !!

    Rock on !!!

    • Common Sense November 7, 2013

      She did what now? Sia has been in the industry for over a decade and has enjoyed moderate success. Leave it to a clueless Xtincta fan to leave such moronic statements.

      Her most well known song:

      • ok November 7, 2013

        No one was checking for her until 2010 we all know she had songs out prior working with Xtina.. How do you think she found her? Lmfao

      • Robin November 7, 2013

        I like Sia ! 🙂 that;’s not the problem..!

        But i think she got more exposure because of Christina 🙂

    • Stop the drama Start the music November 7, 2013

      I thought Rihanna did that?

  5. BRITNEYFOREVER November 7, 2013


    • ok November 7, 2013

      A Britney Stan would never say that about Brit, stop trolling

    • Roy November 7, 2013

      You’re probably ugly and smell like dookie. Sit down.

  6. erminio November 7, 2013

    This song is amazing!!
    Here for Xtina!!

  7. Antonio November 7, 2013

    This is great. Xtina really needs to make a strong comeback. Her last 2 albums were great Pop albums impo but Xtina and her label got lazy with the promo and marketing. Just like Ciara and her label did with her last 3 albums. It’d be nice to see both of them make strong comebacks but I doubt it happens with Ciara. She’s too busy d*** riding Future and taking care if her dogs to focus on her career with no where near that good for her to be taking breaks. Xtina is slowly building her fanbase back up with all these features. She needs to land a couple of big 7 figure endorsements to build her market ability. Tbh, Ciara and her label should be taking notes. Put her on hot songs by big singles artists. That’ll put her name/voice back out there, negotiate some big endorsements to put her face back on map. Then drop a hot single that ppl outside of the CSquad will love and her comeback will be guaranteed

  8. Mandy Moore November 7, 2013

    Wasn’t Tamar #1 on iTunes too? Oh.

    • Robin November 7, 2013

      Not sure… But sales estimeated this week for Say Something are around 250.000 🙂

  9. Antonio November 7, 2013

    P.s. I’m a Ciara stan, so CSquad dob’t bring yall bitter asses to me. It’s not my fault yall fave don’t like being successful or known for anything other than being a Janet rip off. The general public does NOT care for Ciara anymore because she doesn’t seem to care about her music like Xtina does.

  10. cocobutta November 7, 2013

    When xtina sings properly, this is what happens.
    Well done and expect her to do same on billboards.

    She has really got to be strategically correct when she comes out solo wise.

    let THE VOICE shine

  11. Common Sense November 7, 2013

    Xtincta seems to have been relegated to becoming a featured artist…

    • ok November 7, 2013

      But We Remain is solo, you tried though

  12. Career Ender November 7, 2013

    Its time good singers and artists be on top

    Mediocre 5head aliens and wheelchair clowns must bow out now #bye

  13. christinastherealtalent November 7, 2013

    That also means that Christina jumped from #200 and surpassed Katy, Gaga, Britney And knocked Rihanna out of the top spot. You go girl!

  14. JFB November 7, 2013


  15. XYZ November 7, 2013

    she deserves it and i wish her luck with reclaiming the spot she should be in.

    girl, please stop making garbage music like most of the stuff on lotus and start doing the great work again (like you did with that song). that’s what your fans want from you!

    • Mike November 7, 2013

      Yeah man, the reason why “Beautiful” is probably her biggest hit is because a) The message speaks to a lot of people (like this song) and b) She starts off the song with restraint in her voice, singing very soft, and only goes full voice in certain parts closer to the ending, without overdoing it!

  16. Amanda Bynes November 7, 2013

    Slay momma

  17. FutureCIARA November 7, 2013

    OK Ms.Aguilera,

    You have my attention, But I guess we shall all see when those Billboard positions roll in starting next week.

    • Love On Top November 7, 2013

      So you’re only interested in chart positions? Wow! Maybe take ciara out your name before you make stupid comments

  18. WINTZ November 7, 2013

    i like christina but why are ya’ll over shining her newfound accomplishment with hatred remarks about other artists? #STAYPRESSED lol congrats XTINA!! Love The Voice!

  19. JER November 7, 2013

    But when will Xtincta smash on her own? This unknown song has been #1 on iTunes for hours at this point. Check back when it’s in the Top 10 months after release. Or even days for that matter

    • all4u1 November 7, 2013

      Actually, the original song was never at number one. It only took off to number one when Christina did a duet with the band! Give credit when credit is due, and stop hating!

      Some people always try to discredit her.

    • ok November 8, 2013

      So why is it when they released the original without Christina nobody was checking for them but risen up the charts when Xtina was featured? Get your facts in order before you start s***, chart positions don’t define anything PSY got to #1 and hes pure trash so..

  20. Rebecca Black = Queen of Pop November 7, 2013

    Justice for Bionic 11.11.2013

  21. POO November 7, 2013


  22. Touché November 7, 2013

    As long as she continues to actually sing in songs like this one instead of screaming at the top of her lungs and struggling, than I will continue to support her. Congrats Xtina.

  23. Stop the drama Start the music November 7, 2013

    Sorry. I find this song really boring but good for her. At least she got some folks to listen….

  24. HOWYOULIKEIT November 7, 2013

    I love Christina so much
    Playing not myself tonight

  25. PlumPeach November 7, 2013

    The guys voice is not all that BUT the song and lyrical is art and he sounds really good on it with Christina.

    Appreciate music and songs that are beyond pop sounds and are just POPular for the art form.

    Congrats to them all

  26. ok November 8, 2013

    Omg if people are so against Xtina on this song just download the original, you have the option & if you only care about chart positions then you’re lame. Its a wonderful song and Xtina sounds amazing, why hate? And discredit everything she does? Lmao stay pressed

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