Must See: Eminem Talks Kendrick Lamar, Retirement & Performs Live On ‘Rap City Presents: Em 360’

Published: Thursday 7th Nov 2013 by David

‘Rap City’ rolled out its red carpet for a worthy guest last night- kicking off ‘Rap City Presents: Em 360‘ in celebration of Rap icon Eminem.

Interviewed by Big Tigger, the ‘Monster‘ lyricist rocked the piece with a conversation that saw him share his feelings toward ‘Poetic Justice’ purveyor Kendrick Lamar and when he believes he’ll put down his mic and enter retirement.

Oh…and as if that wasn’t enough, his time there also saw him serve a scorching freestyle alongside Rap collective Slaughterhouse.

Check it out below!

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  1. Robin November 7, 2013

    Christina Aguilera just kicked him of from number 1 on Itunes !!! 😀

    Beautiful could not hit number 1 / 10 years ago and now it is visa versa ! 😀

    Funny ! Let’s see how both songs will play allong ! 😀

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 7, 2013

      Lmao gurl stop. I love Xtina,but you need to stop bragging about iTunes Charts. We all know em don’t give a f*** about that

  2. Stephy Tha Lambily November 7, 2013

    Man F*** Eminem!

  3. lol November 7, 2013

    wow talk about an obvious face lift, dude looks like he’s permanently scared lol…

  4. Career Ender November 7, 2013

    Eversince I banished water park, now I will make it my mission to bully Molly every chance I get as she also does the same to the Queen

    • Touché November 7, 2013

      O.O Um, you ok there Career Ender? I don’t think harassing Molly is healthy especially since she might be a troll.

  5. Career Ender November 7, 2013

    So AgimmeSomeMorePizza kicked the song from #1 on iTunes?

    If (slim to non chances) it (Monster) doesn’t hit #1 on BB100 I see breakdowns at camp Fenty than Eminem since that’s their only clame to music world

  6. cocobutta November 7, 2013

    1st thing he needs to shower and the rest can fall into place.

    All I got out of him was that “All I wanna do is rap”

    Not the greatest at expressing himself sober but I respect his art as a legend in hip-hop and happy he’s cleaned up drug wise anyway!!

  7. JOHNVIDAL November 7, 2013

    How many consecutive years has he been angry? Must be exhausting, so many hours per day. I think he just can´t move his face.

  8. BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 7, 2013

    I respect him and his decisions,but I don’t want him to retire anytime soon. We all know the current rap scene is going to the flames and we need him,drake and Kendrick Lamar to let us know that this genre is not a waste of space.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 7, 2013

      I would say nick too,but as a true Stan, will say that PFRR was a mess. It was mostly pop. She’s doing good,but she needs to get back to her pink Friday sound. It was her best era.

  9. soundcloud tips and tricks November 10, 2013

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