New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘PYD (ft. R. Kelly)’

Published: Monday 18th Nov 2013 by Sam

Pop pin-up Justin Bieber continues his foray into the world of R&B with new song ‘PYD’. So what better way to validate his new musical agenda than calling on the King of R&B, R. Kelly for the latest release in his Music Monday series.

The Pied Piper joins the purveyor of “Bieber Fever” on the slow-burning cut, with surprisingly refreshing results. Take a listen below…

We like. Although, we’re trying to wash the taste of “contrived” out of our mouths, so as to truly enjoy the surprisingly solid Urban efforts Bieber has been brewing of late.

Why are we cautious? Well, in a Pop landscape dominated by the likes of Miley Cyrus and her antics (which are bordering on blaxploitation at this point), it’s almost necessary to be.

In any case; whichever way it’s diced or sliced, it’s hard to deny that JB has been delivering the goods with his new material – ‘PYD’ included. We just wish his new R&B sound wasn’t so obviously paired with the “bad boy persona” he’s pushing these days. Too many covert connotations.

Anyway, that’s a conversation for another day. In there here and now…

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  1. dee November 18, 2013

    The pseudo singing or whining is completely annoying. Is it me… Everything sounding Drakish? Is it me… R.Kelly stole this song?

  2. cocobutta November 18, 2013

    Reading Glasses on:

    Well R. Kelly became the teacher on how to deliver this song but is me or does Beiber’s voice has to much Breezy influence on it. Tone is very similar in full voice.

  3. BrownSuga November 18, 2013

    Ol Child PLEASEEEEE!

    The only thing you putting down is your dik in a bucket for TMZ to show to the world.

  4. MuzikLuv November 18, 2013

    It’s a cool song. Very simplistic R&B.
    But what I’m loving most is these artist’s really pushing this R&B revival.

  5. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 18, 2013

    Not feeling this one.

  6. John November 18, 2013

    its sound like he’s saying puberty

  7. Absolved November 18, 2013

    He sounds like a little boy trying to seduce somebody.

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