New Song: Michelle Williams ft. Fantasia – ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ (Remix)

Published: Tuesday 5th Nov 2013 by Rashad

It’s here!

As reported here, Grammy winning songstress Fantasia has joined forces with another child of Destiny for another round of fire on a track in the form of a duet with ‘Fire’ singer Michelle Williams.

The highly anticipated collaboration of powerhouse divas sees the duo tackle and twist Williams’ ‘If We Had Your Eyes’ – the first single from her forthcoming gospel album ‘Journey To Freedom’ (due 2014).

Did the two live up to the hype?  Click below to tell us your thoughts! But, before you get there, we can go ahead and tell you: yes, yes, and yes!

Amazing!  As readers of the site, we know you know how much we live for Miss Fannie and Michelle individually.  So, naturally, the combination of the two would almost be cosmic.  We cannot help but appreciate singers who not only are not afraid to just sang, but also press to keep alive the R&B sonic that brought them to fame.

Trust us, we very much still get down to Williams’ dance-driven ‘Unexpected’, but the Harmony Samuels-produced gems that line both Fantasia and Michelle’s latest work only have us itching for more in the future.

Bravo ladies!



Click here to buy the remix on iTunes!


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  1. Iconic cici November 5, 2013

    Michelle>>> Faily Horseland>>> Fraudyonce.

    • Ciara QUEEN Harris November 5, 2013

      Kiiiii Kelly is so lazy and basic

      • BrownSuga November 5, 2013

        And Ciara is active on the music scene!! She even worse than Kelly because I do see Ciara anywhere but instagram, while Kelly shines at Black Girls Rock & xfactor usa..

        sooooo come again and REALLY check of wasting their talents

      • Tonno Hizzoes November 5, 2013

        That’s Crazy cause I see Kelly Everywhere including tv twice a week… Where exactly is Ciara? … Crabs in a barrel…. People mistake laziness for something else…. Let’s check the Net worth at the end of the year

      • cici king November 5, 2013

        Kelly aint got s*** on KING CICI!

      • Ciara QUEEN Harris November 5, 2013

        Ciara is enjoying life with her man and preparing to be a mommy. If you call that promo I guess! Xfactor viewers ain’t checking for Kelly’s boring sad ass music and that BGR performance did nothing for her single. She will go MIA again until the Grammys in February lmao. #LAZYBITCH

    • Marley November 5, 2013

      All of them>>>>>>>>> HEara

    • overload November 5, 2013

      ALL of Destinys’ Child>>>>>>Ciara

  2. Ciara QUEEN Harris November 5, 2013

    Fantasia b**** you can sing the phone book and I will be happy. You singing b**** you!!!

  3. PlumPeach November 5, 2013


  4. Joey November 5, 2013

    I was right, Fantasia sang and ad lib’ed all over this song and made it fire. The original did nothing for me but Fantasia’s emotion gave me and it life.

  5. Redd Vega November 5, 2013

    love both version now. Great voices together made it even more powerful praise God…. MIchelle and Fantasia did there thing. Both of them have great vocals. We need more music like this.

  6. Ciara QUEEN Harris November 5, 2013

    The Kelly fans are so mad kii. Beyonce not dropping music and her understudy aint promoting. It’s not my fault that Kelly’s a lazy ass horse lolololol

    • KangBey November 5, 2013

      Don’t worry about Bey’s music doll…when she does, it will outsell your fave times ten. Now that is the real kii.

    • overload November 5, 2013

      Thant can’t be coming from a Ciara Stan….lol

  7. Meet S≜∞ (Sterling Infinity) November 5, 2013

    perfection, there voices fit perfectly together… i’m in love!

  8. BEYHIVE November 5, 2013



    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH November 5, 2013

      ME TOO chile!!!!!

  9. IKNOWTHETRUTH November 5, 2013

    Now that Fantasia has collabed with 2/3 of DC3, do you think the Child of Destiny aka Beyonce would ever collab? Or do you think she’d be scared to be on a track with someone as vocally endowed as Fanny? BeyBey can blow, but Fanny can tear the roof off of any place.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH November 5, 2013

      honey BEYSUS is a GODDESS and all but umm….she don’t want it honey!! Fanny is toooooo creative. BUT if she did it it would be FIIIIRE!!!!!! #praying for a Fanny Bey colab

  10. D November 5, 2013

    I am RIGHT THERE with you on a fanny and bey collabo! It’ll surely be better than the duet fanny did with j hud. No shade to j hud, just thought the track was weak.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH November 5, 2013

      honey you MUST haven’t saw them perform it live…here u go love

      • D November 5, 2013

        oh that performance? i thought they were just having a screaming match.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) November 5, 2013


  11. KangBey November 5, 2013

    oh no daughtas this is not it

  12. If we had a hit November 5, 2013

    Michelle sings like a dry sponge mixed with nails on chalkboard.

    • Fuxx November 5, 2013


  13. pat November 5, 2013

    Fantasia’s vocals on here are everything

  14. truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH November 5, 2013

    FIIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chile

  15. Navy Nick November 5, 2013

    YES MAM! THIS IS IT-YES MAM! I need a video for it!!

  16. NICKI MINAJ November 5, 2013

    Couldn’t tell the difference for a minute. That’s how great their voices blended.

    • truth HONEY…JUST THE TRUTH November 5, 2013

      EXACTLY!!!! hold up….did i just cosign with an ‘icki’ stan???!!!! TASIA GIRL YOU MAKE MIRACLES!!!! You bring EVERYONE together!! #nodragnNickistanstoday…onlylove

  17. Lucia November 5, 2013

    Fantasia did THAT!

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