Report: Madonna Readies Ballad Based New Album / Locks In Adele Duet?

Published: Sunday 12th Jan 2014 by David

Could Madonna be plotting the release of ‘Ray of Light 2.o’?

Well, if a report published by Paul Dacre‘s ‘Daily Mail’ is anything to go by, Pop’s heartbeat is doing just that this year, reportedly calling on ‘He Won’t Go‘ performer Adele to help bring her ideas to fruition.

Their report below…

On the LP, the ‘Mail’ shares:

“Madonna is hanging up her pointy bras and fishnets as she swaps dance music for a ‘grown up’ album of ballads – thanks to Adele. 

Queen of reinvention Madge has asked the 25-year-old songstress, below left, to help her, promising  in return to write a song for Adele’s next record.

‘They have met in London and plan  a writing session to produce a track for each other’s new albums,’ says a source close to 55-year-old Madonna.”

Exciting, right?

For, with Madonna’s Live Nation deal seeing tours and not album sales stand as the bread and butter of her career,  smash hit singles or even mega-selling albums are no longer a ‘necessity’ for the icon.

Yes, while a few more #1s earned in this decade would extend her lead as Pop’s longest running chart-topper, Madonna-as many would agree- no longer has anything to prove, now free to create the material she wants to knowing her name and the power behind it will guarantee a record breaking tour shortly after its release!

With this in mind, we can’t wait to hear what ‘The Queen‘ delivers this time around, and the methods she’ll employ to support it!

#NowPlaying: Madonna- ‘Frozen’…


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  1. jahalal January 12, 2014


  2. black January 12, 2014


  3. Unbiased January 12, 2014

    Well this should be interesting, Madonna is nobodies vocalist, but I do enjoy some of her ballads. “Frozen” would have to be one of my faves from her. Congrats to Adele, i’m glad she is recieving a lot of praise for her work. She is truly talented and humble.

  4. Beyonce’s 17 Grammys January 12, 2014

    I hope Adele gives her some vocals too cuz chile….

  5. DYNASTY January 12, 2014



    Who in this day and age could ever have four tours gross over 300 Million!!!!!!!???????

    – MDNA = 300+ MILLION GROSS (WITH ONLY 88 f****** shows)
    – RECORD SALES = 335 MILLION AS OF 2012.


  6. Jamie January 12, 2014

    kiiiiiiii Adele is bout to slaughter Madonna

  7. Blend January 12, 2014

    Say what you want about her she makes great music and she slays every female artist overall in sales, vocally though an ballad album from Madonna would be like a gospel album from Lil kim…s*** just doesnt go well together

  8. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    LOL Thank God if this happens it won´t be a duet (I hope)! I mean, when I read the title I was truly worried 🙂
    And also it seems Madonna is taking this new album seriously. She knows her last one wasn´t good and wasn´t praised anywhere. Thankfully I think she listened and took note.
    Nothing left to prove though. I just want good material.

  9. JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2014

    We are not talking about Whitney Houston type of ballads. We are talking about Madonna´s type of ballads. She´s good at that. If the music is good, her voice can sound beautiful.

  10. shauwndapooh January 12, 2014

    Say what want but rain and frozen are everthing

  11. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 12, 2014

    That’s right! Queen Madonna is coming for whitney and Mariah’s thrones! I hear she’s covering “One Moment in Time” and “Emotions” too!

    #vocalslayage #deal

  12. Queen Brit Brit January 12, 2014

    Well I hope your fav isn’t planning a tour late this year/early 2015 cause I’m sensing another MDNA type era 😀 on the Mother of Pop

  13. Os January 12, 2014

    I can’t wait.

  14. Suicide Blonde January 12, 2014

    Something to Remember part 2, my soul is ready.

  15. NT January 12, 2014

    We’re not ready for the slayage

  16. h2o January 12, 2014


    Even Madonna herself doesn’t have “four tours with 300m+ gross”, she has two.

    I see Beyonce doing that number with both her next two tours and passing Madonna’s cumulative gross (1.1 billion) before the age of 40 tbh

  17. Teflon Boy January 12, 2014

    People forget that Madonna has already delivered breathtaking and varied ballads throughout her career so the idea that she’ll embarrass herself by recording the equivalent of a Whitney/Mariah record is foolish.

    Anyone with awareness knows that a Madonna ballad is usually reliant on a great melodic line and concept, not to mention the beats and arrangements involved.

    Additionally, think of the Gospel singer and choir who features on ‘Like A Prayer’.., even if her record features an appearance by Adele, Madonna already knows how to make it work.

  18. Teflon Boy January 12, 2014

    Ps. I love the post pic.., I’m ready for a mature project from her this go round! She’s been in the wilderness for a while trying to keep up with the youngsters, mature from Madonna doesn’t have to mean stuffy!

  19. realtard January 12, 2014

    I lyk the fact that she listens to what people say when she does something and it does not turn out so well…instead of throwing blames all over and claiming she doesn’t care…no wonder she is where she is today

  20. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 12, 2014


  21. the truth honey January 12, 2014


  22. stephy Tha lambily January 12, 2014

    This Use To Be My Playground, This Use To Be My Childhood Dream, This Use To Be The Place I Ran To Whenever I Was In need Of A Friend…

    & Why Do They Also Say…

  23. Apologetic January 12, 2014


    WIGS are going to be SNATCHED by the joint forces of The Queen of the Universe and The Queen of the Souls and Vocals.

    Lord have some mercy on their competitors. XD

  24. Molly January 12, 2014

    That would be like Janet and Beyonce voice wise Lmao its not gonna work out

  25. CherylSoldier January 12, 2014

    Or like Beyoncé and Ciara hahah

  26. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    Typical Madonna, stick to what is hot I see.

    Anyway bring on Something to remember 2.0; some of my fav tracks are on that compilation.

  27. Lovebird January 12, 2014

    The only place Madonna will snatch wigs is at the box office numbers for her tour; we all know album wise, she is done.

    Unless she bundles up her album sales with tour tickets like she did last time, no one will be buying that album unless she actually releases some good music.

    I’m talking about Ray of light, Music, American Life, Confessions type of slayage; not the crap that was on MDNA.

  28. BEYONCÉ January 12, 2014

    Who cares? Bring on Queendele’s next album!

  29. Theman January 12, 2014

    Madonna has not sold no three hundred thirty five million records. That is highly inflated. She’s very successful, but people love to inflate her numbers.. Also, if u subtract the touring aspect of everything, then MC is the most successful female artist, radio, sales, hits, producing ect.. Madonna does have a few great ballads, but it’s the structure of how they are composed that makes them great.. If anything Adele will probably produce a song for her, the entire album probably won’t be all ballads..

  30. Sandra January 12, 2014

    Why is Madonna still releasing music? Hasn’t all her albums except 1 flopped for the last 10 years? Just wondering

  31. Theman January 12, 2014

    Lol @ Sam’s hypocrisy.. M has nothing to prove, but u ride MC with all of these non sensical tired a** write ups, as if she does.. GTFOH !!!!

  32. Titi January 12, 2014

    Madonna better stick to her gimmick. Generic, forgettable dance music. Nobody wants to hear her TRY to sing an album full of ballads. B**** you aint Mariah, Whitney or Adele.

  33. Titi January 12, 2014

    The words “adult” and “mature” do not belong in the same sentence as the name Madonna. She tries so hard to be and act like a 20 year old. She is a vein megalomaniac.

  34. Ummmm no January 12, 2014

    Some great Madonna ballads: “You’ll see,” “Rain,” “I’ll Remember,” “Bad Girl” (Very dark but still a ballad), her cover of “I want you” by Marvin Gaye, “Take a Bow,” “Secret,” “Live to Tell, “Survival.”

    She literally has DOZENS of good ballads that have all performed well and stood the test of time..

    That said, I do love her dance music but disliked MDNA. Wrong producer, wrong songs. She’s usually so good at picking stuff, but Hard Candy and MNDA were big disappointments for me.

  35. MC!!! January 12, 2014

    “girl gone wild”

  36. Common Sense January 12, 2014

    That Adele influence. 😀

  37. FutureCIARA January 12, 2014

    Im not impressed!

    Adele should decline!

  38. orrisagacxb January 12, 2014

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  39. XtinaTheDiva January 13, 2014

    Madonna has some great ballads, like Frozen and Masterpiece. I think she can make a great ballad record with the help of Adele!

  40. Truth Tea January 13, 2014

    This wouldn’t be Madonna’s first Ballad Album she released a brilliant album called Something To Remember which was an album of Ballads, from her career, including new songs and its BRILLIANT, Madonna us a pop vocalist not a gospel singer! And she has written, produced and sung some of the best pop songs of all time, i look forward to this record!

  41. NIch Persons January 24, 2014

    Wow, Adele, but we all know she doesn’t posses the talent like someone of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. so this will be intriguing. i mean Adele has made a huge impact even on Celine Dion who would like to have a duet with Adele and even Mariah Carey who said it would be fun to clash musically with Adele, and yet Whitney Houston has recalled being impressed with her when she released her album 21 so all the great vocalists that have ever sung a note have had desires to work with Adele so its no surprise that Madonna is working with her, we are all smitten by her songs and her voice

  42. McLovin1995 January 26, 2014

    Pop’s longest running chart-topper is CHER, not Madonna!! Get your facts straight

  43. Byron February 10, 2014

    All I’m going to say is…… She won a Golden Globe in 2012 for a wonderful ballad called “Masterpiece”.

  44. John February 11, 2014

    The b**** needs to RETIRE!!!!! I loved Madge back in the 1980s & 90s but not anymore as she got richer the quality control went out the window. If she does release a new album in 2014 i WONT be listening to it or buying it. I’m hanging out for Lana Del Rey’s new album ULTRA VIOLENCE. Lana’s new 27 minute short film TROPICO is just awesome it reminded me of the risks Madge USED to take when she was at her peak & Madge is not that Artist anymore. I say make way for the NEW BREED.

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