Billboard: ‘Thank Beyonce For R&B Revival’

Published: Thursday 27th Feb 2014 by David

As Jason Derulo (above), Pharrell Williams and John Legend do their part to showcase R&B’s varying facets, Billboard have showered praise on Beyonce this week, celebrating the role she’s played in its ‘Hot 100‘ revival!

Indeed, after the genre rocked the competitive chart this week, the company took to Billboard Biz to weigh in on its long-awaited comeback, assessing the renewed interest it’s currently receiving from the American general public.

Their accurate take on the matter below…

An excerpt from “Ross On Radio: An R&B Comeback” reads…

“Thank Beyoncé: When she reasserted herself in pop culture, mainstream top 40 wanted to be there. And for that  . . . 

Thank R&B Radio: Because in the five years since “Sweet Dreams,” Beyoncé had remained a consistent hitmaker at R&B and hip-hop radio. (The most-played song on New York’s WQHT [Hot 97] through much of the fall had been “Standing On The Sun,” which wasn’t even included on the subsequent album.) R&B radio may not seem to send a lot of product over to pop radio, but they absolutely deserve credit for the potency of Beyoncé’s December surprise. And, for the second time with a Beyoncé album, it’s the R&B radio track, not the initial pop track, “XO,” that is turning out to be the hit.

Sobczuk may be too generous in one way. The echoes of the 1980-81 disco backlash are hardly silenced now. Even then, there were still a few R&B hits. There were MOR ballads like Quincy Jones & James Ingram’s “Just Once.” There were the girl-group throwback hits of the Pointer Sisters. There were “Upside Down” and “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, whose own reigning diva status had just been reclaimed by her association with Chic’s Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. 

All of those songs have echoes now, although I feel confident that the “Happy” version of retro will endure better through time than the Pointers’ “Should I Do It.” If it’s more recent comparisons you want, try the late ’90s (a time when R&B crossover was rapidly expanding). We now have a successor to Brian McKnight’s “Back At One” on the charts, but no “Too Close” by Next. 

In other words, R&B needed this handful of force-of-nature, undeniably mass-appeal songs to even achieve parity with the leanest years of the disco backlash. Unlike those years, when R&B’s product was superior to top 40 and pop PDs ignored “Rapper’s Delight,” Rick James and the Gap Band, it’s sometimes hard to say what other R&B songs ought to be making the transition.  It is nice to know that at this point the door might be open again for whatever else emerges.”

Do you agree?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Bey Fan February 27, 2014

    This woman… how can you not love her. Im so pissed Standing on The Sun wasn’t on the album. That song deserved single treatment. And a sickening video.

    Here come the WASP…. LMAO. Seething. Upset. Angry.

  2. HivesPrince February 27, 2014

    She will go down as a legend, just wait shes going to start making those “classic” albums

  3. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me February 27, 2014

    I think they make a good point,and it is unfortunate for the acts who put out great R&B music over the past few years that definitely could have crossed over to pop (Miguel, Melanie Fiona, John Legend, etc.) But I think there is more to it than just one artist bringing it back – EDM has been deteriorating (Thank God) and left a door open for R&B!

  4. L21480 February 27, 2014

    Bey has definitely played a big part in the reemergence of it, but I would spread some of the credit out.

    The first salvo in R&B’s return was Miguel’s “Adorn” cracking the top 20 in 2012, followed by Tamar Braxton’s topping iTunes with “Love & War.” Then came Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” and 20/20 album, followed by “I Like It” and “Blurred Lines” by Ariana Grand and Robin Thicke. I’m even slightly tempted to give Bruno Mars (who I hate) credit for going top 10 with that Kool & The Gang sounding song “Treasure”.

    Now you got cheesy pop acts like Lorde, Katy Perry, Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Jason Durulo trying to go “urban” because they see that the cornball electro “pop” s*** that’s more them is starting to play out.

    But yeah Beyoncé has to be given credit because she COULD have very easily pulled an Usher/Neyo/Rihanna/Chris move an sold out to Pop for a quick bullsh*t pop hit that would age disgracefully, but she remained diligent to her genre and core audience…even when it meant her music would commercially underperform for a brief period.

  5. The Great Lacefronce. February 27, 2014

    Nothing is funnier than the accurate article billboard wrote a while back dragging THIEVINGonce for stealing songwriting credits

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE got everlasting life from said article 😉 🙂

  6. WeAreLambily February 27, 2014

    DIL is only charting because of the streams, it hasn’t even sold 200k yet so what are they talking about.

  7. KDreamer (Miguel Hit It) February 27, 2014

    Blasphemy, Miguel has done more for R&B than she has in the last two years.

  8. L21480 February 27, 2014

    Scratch that…I meant “The Way” by Ariana Grande.

  9. BanjeeRiri February 27, 2014

    I guess they have to give her something seeing as the song’s sales are flopping.

  10. fatusankoh February 27, 2014

    You go bey their is every thing to love about our talented bey their is no one like her I am bless to be her fan hid continue to bless proteict her and her family for life thanks Sam for posting

  11. Suicide Blonde February 27, 2014

    Lol, this is why all these rumours about Beyonce’s team buying articles on Billboard and paying to other music related stuffs, how about Justin Timberlake’s the 20/20 Experience, what about Frank Ocean, even Drake, all these people have inspired Beyoncé’s homonymous album, yet, she is the one reviving R&B, paying music magazines, radio stations and blogs has worked for several artists in the past, why not?, then, go Beyoncé.

  12. KatyKadet February 27, 2014

    Sorry to say but Beyonce’s new album is overrated and so is Justin’s. Robin’s is much better even though it isn’t as soulful as his previous ones.

  13. Fantasia Slayrino February 27, 2014

    Is that why it’s only sold 170k?

  14. mya February 27, 2014


    NEXT week it will cross 1M mark in the U.S., nice try lol

  15. Unbiased February 27, 2014

    How are the sales flopping exactly? DIL is 964K, it will be certified Platinum next week. That is pretty incredible for someone who didn’t do a traditional release of single then album. Give credit where credit is due, the song went #2 and is still in the Top 5. Also, it’s even top 20 on Pop radio. I didn’t think it would do so well, but people are loving that song. Congrats to all the urban artists doing it big.

  16. mya February 27, 2014


    NEXT week Drunk in Love will cross 1M mark in the U.S., nice try lol

  17. IStanForYourFav February 27, 2014

    Well congrats to Bee, however, I wouldn’t consider her really R&B. John Legend is true true R&B. I find B to be somewhere between R&B/Crossover. I feel the same for Pharrell. (He is s***!) Jason is full pop/techno. Congrats to all, but fr fr I can’t with all of the symbolism on his shirt. I see why he is relevant… “For what does a man profit, if he should gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”

  18. ABC February 27, 2014

    Jason Derulo is about as R&B as Kesha.

  19. IStanForYourFav February 27, 2014

    But I do have one question (no shade), how is Beyoncé responsible for bringing R&B back when for the last two or three years (since the 4 era) other artists have been cracking top 10 and etc. She worked with Frank Ocean and Miguel (didn’t make the album from my understanding) and both live in a full experimental R&B world. 4 is way more R&B than the Beyoncé album. B gets her credit, where credit is due, but they should bring up all the artists that have been sticking to full R&B (Melanie Fiona, Monica, Brandy, Ariana Grande, Adel, Jazmine Sullivan, Ledisi, John Legend, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and crossover Drake [borderline a reach], JT, Robin Thicke, and more) their credit as well.

  20. Absolved February 27, 2014

    How is Frank Ocean R&B? He’s some kind of alternative hipster urban act whose music would play to a more white crowd than black. His music by and large is not R&B. He even resists being labeled as an “R&B” artist. And while I would more cautiously label Miguel as R&B, his sh!t is more in line with “PBR&B” crap with those same lame hipster elements that Frank has, which heavily deludes it IMO. R&B is MJB, Babyface, Deborah C**, R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, etc., etc. It’s not tight pants wearing, coffee house hanging out hipsters.

    And what commercial success have Melanie Fiona, Monica, Brandy, Adel (did you mean Adele…if so, she’s not R&B at all), Jazmine Sullivan, Ledisi, John Legend (barring his latest song) had recently?

    Beyoncé never left the genre. The biggest lie that people get on here and try to perpetuate is that the Beyoncé album isn’t R&B. Please. Yes it is.

  21. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    R&B revival? It’s still dead and I don’t see it resurrecting anytime soon. Miguel and Frank Ocean are R&B. They’re more progressive than the typical R&B artists. “Thinking Bout You” was an R&B song and so was “Adorn” and Miguel’s other singles.

  22. Tasha February 27, 2014

    First of all… Why is Jason Derulo in the picture?

    I said it before, she is the ONLY one who can sell an R&B dominated album that. Her urban/r&b songs do better than her pop songs also. Name one other artist who is doing it? And don’t say Rihanna she sells best with pop (easy option). But I don’t see R&Bs revival yet but Bey is still one of the few still doing big things with the genre.

  23. Tasha February 27, 2014

    And not here for the lame ‘she paid for it’ excuse to discredit this womans praise just because you are pressed/don’t agree. Billboard are obviously not biased towards Beyonce since they already published article on her copying.

  24. pat February 27, 2014

    JT as much as I don’t like him, actually brought it back

  25. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    I love artists like Beyonce,Miguel,Frank Ocean,Justin Timberlake,Mariah(even though she’s underperforming),John Legend etc who have remained loyal to R&B at a time when R&B artists are abandoning the genre and doing EDM to remain relevant. I love how Bey still manages to slay right now after 16 years of sticking to R&B. She experiments with the genre to make it sound more modern and I love her for her loyalty and not selling out. She could have easily had David Guetta or Avicii on her album but she remained loyal. For that,she will forever have my respect along with millions of other artists who have remained true to R&B.

  26. Lolz February 27, 2014

    Lol some people are not gonna like this. Must be hard being a Bey hater with all this. shes slaying both critically and commercially making hidtory and changing the game #Legendonce

  27. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    OK,maybe not “millions of other artists” lol but y’all get the point of my exaggeration (the smart ones of course) I still respect artists who have not sold out to EDM to appeal to mainstream,and it’s sad that they don’t get as much recognition. But I think that they should experiment with R&B or,like JT add a twist to it. JT likes having fun with vintage music and like Bey,knows how to make it sound fun and modern. R&B artists should try that too,maybe then the charts can be what they used to be,although we the masses have to play our role in supporting good music instead of trash.

  28. h2o February 27, 2014

    Would Billboard Lie?

    61 entries on R&B chart later, still going stronger than ever.

    Queen of R&B culture.

  29. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    NO,Jason Derulo shouldn’t really be mentioned. He sold out to EDM,like Usher and Ne-Yo.

  30. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    People like to call 4 a flop. But 2011 was the year that EDM was really big,and R&B was considered old and dated. At a time when songs like “Party Rock Anthem” and “We Found Love” were huge hits topping the charts,did y’all really expect an R&B album to do as well? Again,she could have chosen to work with Dance artists to remain relevant,but she stuck to R&B at a time when the genre was on the verge of extinction. Love On Top was one of the biggest R&B hits of that year and was played on mainstream radio a lot,yet people still call it a flop? Discredit 4 as much as you want,but it’s all the proof you need that Beyonce would never sell her soul even when she had the chance to.

  31. DIGGER BEY February 27, 2014

    Hmm…..looks @ BB Hot 100 top 5. 1)Pharrell with Happy, 3) Jason Derulo with Talk Dirty, 4) John Legend with All Of Me and THE QUEEN with DIL. All are R&B artist. Just ask The Grammys or the AMA’s. Jason all though pop, will be thrown in the R&B category if the song gets nominated for anything. So looking @ the list, R&B style of music is making a comeback. And I’m so happy Pharrell went #1 and broke that “no black artist hit #1 last year ” and took it from an white artist. #4 BLACK MUSICIANS N THE TOP 5

  32. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    Usher didn’t sell out to EDM. His albums were mostly R&B and he even released R&B singles which didn’t do as well as his EDM efforts. Usher has remained loyal to his R&B roots. There’s nothing wrong with trying something different.

  33. CzarM February 27, 2014

    ^ Furthermore ‘4’ has sold more than a lot of pop albums with pop hits have. The album underperformed, sure… but a “flop” it was not. Plenty of artists would love to see their albums do its numbers.

  34. Hivy February 27, 2014

    @Suicide Beyoncé paying for articles and s*** and still richer than most of everyone favs here except Madonna. You guys are basically implying she bought her entire career YET she still has more money than most. Do ya’ll even think for one second? Some people said she BOUGHT Drunk IN Love’s position and I MEAN if she bought it why didn’t she just buy a #1 hit after 4 or 5 years? You just cannot accept that the woman does great things. I like you but I had to say that.

  35. ADC February 27, 2014

    Usher absolutely sold out. Doesn’t matter if his album still had a healthy amount of R&B material on it, we see what tracks they gave absolute priority to. “Lemme See” is a better song than “Scream,” but what song got the real push.

    Usher from 1994-2004 wouldn’t have dare made a “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” (which I heard was originally submitted to Rihanna, bleqh). He saw the market and instead of being defiant like Bey, he decided to cower and defer to it. Instead of fighting for the music he rose to fame with, he watered it down and tried to appeal to what was trendy.

    Usher has some serious redemption to go through before he’s cool again.

  36. Lovebird February 27, 2014

    As much as I think he is a snake (black mamba breed) that is overrated with the boring basic comeback; coupled with how overrated and unoriginal he is, the RnB revival can only be attributed to him.

    He didn’t need a gimmick to sell 1 million copies in one week.

  37. Lovebird February 27, 2014

    Perhaps Billboard has conveniently forgotten what a dismal 4LOP 4 was; or is everyone from the hive, to Beyonce to Billboard now pretending that it didn’t happen?

  38. Lolz February 27, 2014

    @Hivy death. They’re so stupid.

  39. Keri Krew Kween February 27, 2014

    As much as people want to bash him, Justin Timberlake did alot for R&B, more so than Beyonce. Before the 20/20 Experience who was really checking for R&B before then? Before Beyonce Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and others had success with R&B tracks. Plus the guys who have stuck true to their craft like Frank Ocean and Miguel. I think Beyonce will influence alot of mainstream radio to start looking into R&B for the next big hit, and I see R&B labels pushing their acts harder too.

  40. Lovebird February 27, 2014

    And let’s not forget who sent the Hive in a panic when she lodged in the biggest RnB hit that year

  41. Jewel February 27, 2014

    I agree with them. Truth tea.

  42. Jewel February 27, 2014

    Diamonds aint nobodies R&B have a stadium seats. That song could have been given to Katy Perry.

  43. Lovebird February 27, 2014

    This is simply Billboard kissing Beyonce’s ass like they have been doing lately since they can no longer ride the Gaga train.

    In fact the album that brought the urban music revival was TALK THAT TALK that inspired 90% of the music that was on radio last year from POP girls around.

    Just look at Miley FLOPus, Dark horse, Do what you want…TTT made urban music trendy again.

    To date, Pour it up and LOOOVVVEEEE SSSOOONNNGGG have both out-charted XO and Partition, and these songs had ZERO promo. The accolades are being showered to the wrong person.

    Billboard losing their credence once again, or is Beyonce’s camp paying them to attribute her for fictitious achievements just like she got them to tally up Destiny’s Child’s sales to her own to inflate her numbers.

  44. Keri Krew Kween February 27, 2014

    The main reason R&B died out was because fans refused to support artist who tried something different. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different sounds and genres to appeal to a new audience. That is exactly what Usher did. R&B won’t last if it becomes redundant.

  45. L21480 February 27, 2014

    It took a heavy handed remix featuring Kanye to get “Diamonds” played on black radio, and even then it wasn’t enthusiastic airplay. If Billboard hadn’t changed their streaming weight, that song wouldn’t have even gone top 20 on that chart. F*** outta here with that.

  46. h2o February 27, 2014

    Exactly @Hivy

    It hurts them to give credits.

  47. Lovebird February 27, 2014

    But alas, Beyonce should at least thank Rihanna for introducing her to the producers who she used for this album.

    She snatched Ne-Yo after Rihanna used him
    She snatched Dream after Rihanna used him
    She snatched Sia after Rihanna used her
    She snatched Drake after Rihanna used him

    But of course, one is always one step ahead of the other; Kanye was right after-all.

  48. slay_hive February 27, 2014

    I was saying this all last year. When Beyonce chose to make 4 instead of an EDM album. She helped in a major way. All of her contemporaries were abandoning R&B for a quick pop hit. I respect Bey so much for that. 4 will be a classic in the future. 😉

  49. Fran February 27, 2014

    Beyonce has never left the genre. Her most pop, IASF also had the whole Urban/Cocky/nasty thing with songs like DIVA and Video Phone before Rihanna jumped on the bandwagon.

    And 4 era, she could have easily sold out to David Guetta, Dr Luke or Red One. Nope

    BEYONCE (the album). Need I say more. And Drunk In Love is about to go platinum over her pop song, XO.

  50. slay_hive February 27, 2014

    Did someone just day Diamonds was R&B! kii I literally almost choked laughing. The delusion!

  51. Hush February 27, 2014

    LOL! Look at Dodobird freaking out because yet again the industry is giving Beyoncé the kind of critical acclaim and reverence that Rihanna can’t get. BTW, Drake and Sia both had been trying to worth with Beyoncé since BEFORE they worked with Rihanna. They had to go through the lesser before making it to the queen! 😉

  52. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    Lmao that’s the problem with blacks. They’re quick to yell “sell out”! He released an EDM single here and there but always released R&B singles! ALWAYS! “Climax” was one of the best R&B singles in years!!!! He shouldn’t have to redeem s*** to an audience that doesn’t buy music anyway.

  53. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    Beyonce worked with NEYO first lovebird! WTH…

  54. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Boy Toy Hun,REAL USHER FANS(like myself) will always be here to support him and his R&B roots. The amount of people who complained and were disappointed when usher sold out was CRAZY. If he goes back to songs like “U Remind Me” or “You Got It Bad”,his true fans will always be there to support him,and believe me they are plenty out there.

  55. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    @Stephy Lies. Ne-Yo wrote Unfaithful

  56. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    LMFAOOOOO @ Diamonds being R&B. A moment of silence for Birdshit and his delusional brain.

  57. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    Beyonce is a legendary performer but her muscial cataloge is not calssic in any way shape or form. Its filled with ghetto anthems, un-originailty & stolen ideas all while attching her name to things she obviously did not do…

    Halo & If I Were A Boy.

    4 >>>> The Visual Album

    Her best albums from in order..

    1.) Dangerously In Love
    2.) B Day
    3.) I Am Sasha
    4.) 4 (Her best Vocally)
    5.) The Visual Album (I refuse to call this album Beyonce)

    Every album gets better with vocals but I still think her first album is her best work.

  58. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Czarm Exactly. 4 went number 1 and scanned platinum,an R&B album. Many pop artists would kill for 4’s success.

  59. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    @Beyhive If they were true fans they would’ve purchased his album to realize that he didn’t leave R&B. He released so many R&B songs prior to OMG but his albums still didn’t do that well. Love In This Club, Moving Mountains, Trading Places, Hey Daddy, Lil Freak, then he started to release EDM singles. Let’s not forget about There Goes My Baby, Hot Tottie and Lemme See!

  60. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Stephy only 15% of Beyonce’s discography is ratchet. Most of her songs are deep with meaning.

  61. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    The GP was trying to replace Usher with CB up until that Rih incident. No one complained about CB doing EDM songs, but it was an issue when Usher did it.

  62. ADC February 27, 2014

    Usher went on record and ADMITTED that he started making EDM not because it’s what he wanted to do, but instead because it’s what radio wanted. That’s the definition of a sell out. Now he’s scrambling to make his next album strictly R&B (and working with old collaborators) -because- he knows how much he pissed off his core fans who didn’t bother with L4M. Furthermore ALL his R&B albums far outsold his “experimental” pop album, so apparently R&B fans do buy his music, or rather they DID before he started trying to be the third member of LMFAO.

  63. slay_hive February 27, 2014


    I think they’re saying that his EDM singles were his main priority. Instead of pushing R&B to the forefront he chose to be trendy for a hit. It’s not always about who buys. It’s getting an audience, that R&B usually doesn’t appeal to, to support your music. Staying true to who you are. So when Usher decided to return to R&B he wasn’t supported as much. I’m sure with the reemergence of R&B he’ll be fine with his next release.

  64. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    And the Visual album has it’s equal share of meaningful lyricism. Stop being so biased.

  65. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    Oh wow!

    Neyo wrote UNFAITHFUL! Damn, no wonder Rihanna be having all these hits. Her writers & Producers are just everything!

    Neyo is a genius. He wrote Let Me Love You, Unfaithful, Irreplaceable & all of his cataloge now thats impressive!

    Must be nice having hits just waitng for you to sing & then get all the credit like the song was made by you lol

  66. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @The Boy Toy after Usher admitted that he was doing EDM for radio purposes,his fans abandoned him,but it was because they cared about him. They wanted him to see that he didn’t have to sell out to appeal to mainstream,that they would still stick by him. Here I Stand flopped because of the s*** Usher was going through in 2008,not because R&B is outdated. Why do you think Climax and Lemme See we’re huge hits? His fans were trying to tell him something,that they would be here for R&B but not EDM.

  67. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    Did yall hear about Radio stations refusing to play Mariah Carey cause she doesn’t fit the playlist of “Younger Stars” LOL

    They hate women over 40 in the industry. Thats f***** up.

  68. xedos February 27, 2014

    Every rnb artist should read this

    Just add the “h” ttp://

  69. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    @Stephy I never knew people cared whether or not an artist wrote their songs until I started posting here. Rihanna isn’t a writer. She contributes and changes lyrics around but she isn’t Ne-Yo, Alicia, Mariah, Keri and so on! Everyone doesn’t have the gift of songwriting that’s why songwriters have been around for so long. Rihanna contributes the most to her urban/ratchet songs. Check the RR/TTT/UNA credits 😉

  70. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    @beyhive @slay got cha!

  71. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    I missed the 90s/early 2000s…

    We had such DIVERSE of music on the radio. Now, everybody just kinda do the same shitt!

    Ever since Lady Gaga & that whole European dance SHITT came over here to America (The Largest Market For Entertainment) the music industry has benn in a stand still stuck on stupid un originality ERA…

    Rihanna has given us some great moments tho…
    Beyonce on stage will always give us legendary moments but why do we have the same artist always on top.

    What heppen to DIVERSE!

    The 90s had Mariah Carey, Nirvana, Snoop Dogg & Shania Twain all dominating Radio & sales we dont have that type of DIVERSE anymore!

  72. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Boy Toy lmao basically. I’m still here for him if he makes another “Confessions” tho. It’s his best album to date. And #sidenote I’m happy that I could have a conversation with a navy member on TGJ that doesn’t involve any namecalling.

  73. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) February 27, 2014

    Beyonce is legendary. End of story

  74. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    @The Boy Toy

    I know everyone cant write their own songs or Produce them. I was just being shaddy!

    Rihanna is the biggest Pop star in the world right now. So I like to hate on her at times but its with love.

  75. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    @beyhive Confessions isn’t even my favorite Usher album lol. 8701 is but I do love Confessions. Im here for more progressive R&B like “Climax” though. LOL I’m able to have a normal convo unlike most of the trolls on here lol.

  76. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @The Boy Toy 8701 slayed tbfh. I was like 8 when it came out lmfao. I feel so nostalgic anytime I listen to it cause U Remind Me,U Got It Bad and Hottest Thing were my jams. But Confessions is still his best work for me,you gotta admit that it’s legendary. Here I Stand was so underrated,I especially loved Moving Mountains and Love in this Club part 2(ft Beyonce) these two were always great together lol I’ve always imagined them as a couple. And yeah,I’m actually a pretty sane hive member,but I will still drag b****** who step out of line. I’ve seen you do the same 🙂

  77. Stephy Tha Lambily February 27, 2014

    Awwww Bey Hive Minaj & I are the same age!

  78. RoyalKev February 27, 2014

    Yea, Bey honestly did ALOOOOT for R&B music! She was a major player in helping to put it back on the map this decade.

    I have to honor those that stayed true to the genre (or contributed to it as well):

    Chris Brown
    Kelly Rowland

  79. The Boy Toy February 27, 2014

    Omg yesssss I used to stan for usher. I was 10 when 8701 dropped and I begged my mom to buy it for me lol. Confessions was no doubt a classic. I don’t think anyone expected for him to slay like that. I remember everyone was depressed when him and Chilli broke up kii. Him and Beyonce were cute too. It’s hard to have a normal convo on here sometimes but it’s refreshing when you actually get the f****** chance

  80. Let’s Be Real February 27, 2014

    Lets be real, Beyoncé has resurged r&b. People like Miguel and Tamar kind of poked holes and jabbed at the wall that blocked r&b but Beyoncé SUCKER PUNCHED it.

    Her album is not OLD school R&B except for songs like Rocket and Blow(which has disco flavors) but its new R&B its this experimental sounds and EVOLVING r&b. Pop constantly evolves and changes and R&B should grow and adapt as well. People think that r&b should be boxed in and sound the same as it did 20years ago are the reason it was on life support in the first place.

  81. Envi February 27, 2014

    I’m not comfortable with Jason Derulo being swept up in this R&B revival discussion when all throughout his career his music has been basically a watered down black male version of Lady Gaga/Kesha. Now suddenly he wants to appeal to 106 & Park. No thank you.

  82. Ratedx(next bish) February 27, 2014

    this article is exactly why I say beyonce buys her accolades….saying it’s because of beyonce R&B music is relevant, is like me saying Obama is the best president of all presidents…

    I’m sorry beyonce hasnt done shitt for R&B.hell Alicia keys has done so much more..tamia, Kelly price, marsha ambrosius, mary j blige, fantasia, brandy, monica, Mariah, all shits on beyondfake in the r&b world

  83. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @The Boy Toy LOL! My mother would kill me if she knew that I actually listened to her 8701 CD. She used to play it in the car and it was so damn good that my sister and I would sneak her CD out and listen to it in our rooms lmfao I still haven’t told her to this day. And yes,he and Chilli were a really cute couple. It’s sad that they split,especially during a time when Chilli was still hurting from losing Left Eye. Music used to be so good back in the day,I especially loved Aaliyah,Destiny’s Child,Usher,N’Sync(secretly),Mariah,Whitney etc. Award shows were so fun cause you didn’t know who was going to win. Idk where we went wrong. And yes,it’s very refreshing to have a civil convo here after days of dragging. I don’t get it,we can still give Sam his hits if we discuss cordially. I’ve done it once. And wow,didn’t know @Stephy and I are the same age! Many people my age think I’m outdated cause of the music I listen to,glad to know that there is someone my age who knows real talent! It’s gonna be fun talking to you! 🙂

  84. tyler February 27, 2014

    “DIL is only charting because of the streams, it hasn’t even sold 200k yet so what are they talking about.”

    Umm….but b**** hold on! An “A” is still a MOTHERFUCKING “A”. The song was a smash and you know it. Now stop being a level five hater, and give props where due.

  85. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @RatedPressed Beyonce stayed true to R&B at a time when it was tempting to sell out. I’m sorry,but your pressed opinion sucks.

  86. Envi February 27, 2014

    I don’t see why so many people are claiming that R&B needs to “evolve” when pop hasn’t. 90% of the pop songs that have been hits over the past 5 years sound like reheated and exaggerated versions of 80s and 90s pop/club music. So why is it that R&B has to go through some kind extreme makeover in order to resurge and preserve when pop music doesn’t? Katy Perry could sing some Sophie B. Hawkins sounding song from circa 1994 and it would be a huge hit. But let some black artist come out with a song that sounds like Mary J. Blige from the same year and roll their eyes and call it “dated.” That’s not fair.

    I’m fine with R&B sounding the way it did from 1985-2005. When people talk about how it needs to “evolve,” what I hear is people wanting it to become sort of weird, water down and abstract in a way that contradicts its longstanding essence. I’m not interested in that. Jodeci, Guy, Toni Braxton, Babyface, Changing Faces, Dru Hill and Karyn White style R&B is good.

  87. Ratedx(next bish) February 27, 2014

    so singing about your husband busting a nut on your dress, or singing about being drunk in big your a** is..that’s what hot in the r&b streets now?

    get the fugg out of here…

    how long has this poser being in this game, and the w**** still doesn’t have any identity..she doesn’t know who she wants to be..tina, Diana, rihanna, Mariah, a w****, a feminist, a w****,..

    I enjoy watching the beyondfake stans seethe with rage…you’re a hater, you’re a wasp..n**** sit your a** down

  88. Naomi February 27, 2014

    @Hivy lmaoooo best comment. The ‘she buys it’ thing is so DEAD with no logic. You just exposed their stupidity when they can’t take her getting praise.

  89. Naomi February 27, 2014

    And I agree with Billboard they told no lies. Whole lot of critics with no credentials on here.

  90. Hadley February 27, 2014

    Its great to be a Bey stan 🙂

  91. slay_hive February 27, 2014

    @Rated X

    Do you even understand what you say? Your comments always lack logic and you come off as extremely bitter. lmao

    Beyonce has plenty of R&B songs on her new album, not all of them have to do with s**. Jealous, Mine, superpower and no angel. R&B has always dealt with a wide range of subjects S**, love, relationships happiness, partying/dancing ETC. So yes Beyonce makes R&B music.

    Beyonce is only being herself, the reason she is still around and more respected today. She has her own lane. The only people that fail to realize that are haters, like yourself.

    BTW. Your ignorance isn’t making anyone “seethe”. I laugh at how dumb you are. lol

  92. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Slay Hive I never really bother to read it’s pressed comments tbh,only when I need a good laugh.

  93. Stav February 27, 2014

    …and I enjoy watching haters seethe at the adoration Beyoncé routinely gets from industries insiders, music journalists, the buying public, etc., etc. I also get a kick out of seeing how the only way that said haters can cope with it is to pathetically go on the comments section of some random blog, posting under some anonymous name about how Beyoncé must’ve “bought” this award and “paid” for that praise, etc., etc.! ROFLMAO! So desperate on your end. I mean because even if she did, so what? What are you gonna do about it? In the end the people who write these articles in her favor have the power of the press, and their words carry a whole helluva lot more weight than some random “Lovebird” or “RatedX” remarks in the comments section of TGJ.

    Nothing you can say here can contradict Beyoncé in a way that means anything. My guess is that you’ve been talking s*** about her on the Internet all her career, and here we are in 2014 and she’s still getting fawned all over with pieces like this. How does that make you feel? You mad? Having a hard time sleeping? Constipated? lol

    Step up your game if you want your evil opinion to actually cause some damage.

    Until you either get a journalism degree, start your own popular music blog, or land a position at some kind of reputable music source, NOTHING you can say or do can legitimately smear or blemish Beyoncé’s name.

    I mean you said that her next album would flop, it didn’t. You said she was too scared to release new music in 2013, she did. You said that she wouldn’t even sell 200k first week, she did a million. You said she wouldn’t get another top 10 hit, she did. Everything you’ve predicted has been contradicted. You’re powerless. So now all you’re doing is sitting on your hands waiting for something…anything…to go wrong so you can feel like feel vindicated.

    Again, pathetic. 😛

  94. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Stav preach it

  95. slay_hive February 27, 2014


    I usually don’t either. Even if you respond, it’s like talking to a brick wall. In her head, full of delusions, she is speaking the truth. Thinking she is making someone seethe! LOOL The only person seething is her. I think atleast 95% of it’s comments is dedicated to Beyonce and the Hive. Beyonce is her purpose on TGJ, but she isn’t a fan. smh very pathetic lmao

  96. FAF February 27, 2014

    Sweetie frank ocean is R&B soul on what earth is his music white ? @absolved

    This article is bs even Kelly Rowland had an RIAA certified R&B song not to mention Miguel “Adorn” ciara “body party” and Mariah “beautiful”

    Dil is not R&B it’s hip hop

  97. Bey Fan February 27, 2014

    90% of RatedDumbass comments are about Beyonce.

    The obsession is real. LMAOOOOOOOOO. The melt downs are funny.

    When Billboard wrote that article about Beyonce and her “inspiration” …billboard was being honest. But now they’re being paid. SMH. Like I said…when it comes to Bey all things positive are paid for or manipulated and all the negatives are seen as “truths”…true mentality or a hater

  98. RICHIE_RICH February 27, 2014

    Beyonce just keep proving y’all WRONG!!!! Usher is my 2nd fav. The thing with Usher was he did kinda sellout to EDM, but alot of fans turned on him do to tameka.

  99. slay_hive February 27, 2014



    R&B is a music genre that combines elements of rhythm and blues, pop, soul, funk, and HIP HOP!

    The article was referring to Beyonce’s impact on the genre’s resurgence overall. Accept it or not, she’s a pop star that’s pushed R&B commercially since 4. Opening doors for the likes of Frank Ocean and Miguel.

  100. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    I refuse to believe that it is not a fan. Even for a hater,his obsession is scary.

  101. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 27, 2014

    @Bey Fan
    I love you for always speaking the truth. Lmfao the struggle with the haters is REAL,especially era 5

  102. Mya February 27, 2014

    @Stav Preeeaaach!

  103. GREEKGOD February 27, 2014

    Civil conversations happen when Molly and Rosie aren’t around. But Rosie’s random comments on Gaga’s chart positions be having me DEAD!! lmfaoo

  104. JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2014

    Well to be honest this has been happening for at least a year already. The credit is not all hers. I agree with the people saying Miguel is the first that has really atracted interest to R&B music again from mainstream, he didn´t achieve it completely but people could see how great new R&B can be (can´t wait for his next album). Then you had the mega success (although a little bit sort in a way) of Justin Timberlake´s album, which wasn´t what was being played on radio at all. And then Robin had a big hit in the summer, and you could also hear some moderate hits like #beautiful, etc, etc. And at the end of the year Beyonce hasd another great success ala Justin Timberlake. So it´s more than just her (obviously).
    Still, it´s too soon to declare R&B or urban is coming back to mainstream. We´ll see. At least it seems we´ll be seeing more variety, not like it was in the 90s but hey, we had people like Lorde slaying singles charts and now a pure ballad like John Legend´s, which didn´t happen since I don´t know when (except for Adele). So we should celebrate.

  105. DIGGER BEY February 27, 2014

    Rated H**……says we are seeething and mad???????? lmao. Werent not the one falling behind an singer and leaving angry comments all the time lmao. I also thought the dumb b*tch didn’t read THE HIVE comments and doesn’t reply to them???? Gurl PLEASE FIND YOUR LIFE. I bet u seeeeeething ass bust a whole in your wall when you read what Billboard said about THE QUEEN lmfaoooo. #(N MY SEVEN STREETER VOICE) “AND IT WON’T STOP”

  106. JER February 27, 2014

    IT’s actually thanks to Miguel, Pharrell, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake TBH. All who were on Beyonce’s album…

  107. Lovebird February 27, 2014



  108. JDE97 February 27, 2014

    Although I think she’s part of the potential renaissance, I won’t be bold enough to give Beyoncé sole credit for any R&B resurgence that might be happening. BUT I DO give her credit for being as big a star as she is and sticking with the genre through its LOWEST period. She saw what was happening and could have very easily called up David Guetta/Max Martin/Calvin Harris/RedOne/Dr. Luke for a quick pop pandering dance hit that would have slayed. Instead she was willing to “flop” doing exactly what she wanted, as opposed to hitting with something that wasn’t her and went against the taste of her core base. For THAT, I tip my hat to Mrs. Carter and applaud the success she’s having now. Sometimes you just have wait out the storm.

  109. Emeral February 27, 2014

    Beyoncé talks about much more than s** in her album. She covers postnatal depression, image insecurities, relationship issues, the love for her child among s**.
    So stop, I bet you haven’t even listened to the album. Its not got universal acclaim for nothing.

  110. Eldela February 27, 2014

    ****** NO SHADE ******

    But did Beyoncé “stick to R&B” out of her love for the genre or because she thought she was big enough to have hits with it despite its lack of popularity? I’m talking specifically about her “4” album. When people say that she could have jumped ship to pop, I think to myself that she didn’t because her ego assumed SHE didn’t have to, no matter what was happening in music at that time.

  111. Metzo February 27, 2014

    Same ol’ B*******.. Here go the haters again trying to discredit Bey’s work ethic with all their lame excuses.

    BTW ‘DIL’ has sold over 960k copies in the U.S, and will be certified platinum by next week or so. Drunk In love peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 and is still spending its 4th week at top 5. It is also now #9 on POP RADIO songs! YAss, A RnB/HipHop song peaked in the top 10 on pOP Radio. That’s very rare! Only Bey.

    FYI: To all the hating ass bi*tches saying that Drunk In Love is Only charting Because of streams; well Can’t remember to forget you has crossed over 150M views on Youtube, but where is it in the top 20?? Nowhere.
    Beyonce is gaining in Radio airplay, sales and Streams. Something that your faves are not doing right now.

  112. Emeral February 27, 2014

    @Elda. WRONG. This is why people like you shouldn’t talk without research because she did pop singles during IASF era as well as having R&B on the album but she said all the through 4 era, she wasn’t worried about singles and hits more the album as a collective. She was after critical acclaim mainly. But its funny because her most acclaimed album is her eponymous one, not 4, the one that’s clearly her most personal.

  113. Emeral February 27, 2014


  114. Mark111 February 27, 2014

    4 was a great album. She did stay true to R&B when everyone was doing EDM. 4 was labeled a pop album, but it was R&B at the core.

    Rihanna is great at balance, she can kill the pop and urban radio. Haven’t been done since Janet.

  115. Metzo February 27, 2014

    Why are the other fan bases talking shi*t anyways?

    Ciara= Flop
    Mariah= FLOP
    Rihanna ‘CRTFY’= FLOP

    The only females charting high right now are Beyonce, Katy perry. So ya’ll other fanbases can not speak!

  116. Lmfao_Hoe February 27, 2014

    I love Beyonce supported her albums and the new one and gave her credit when due but to sit her and read this s*** is a DAMN LIE. I’m becoming sick now of the ass kissing and BS now TGJ. How the f*** yah gonna say she brought back a GENRE that was never GONE !! Like wtf you think Brandy, Alicia Keys, Monica, Keysha Cole, Fantasia, Toni, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monea, Tamara. Miguel, Daley, Emelis Sande, Anothony hamilton,and ect other great singers have been doing this ENTIRE time??

    I’m sorry but that is f****** SHADE THROWN AT ALL OF THEM. And its funny how how when White artist (Miley, Justin Bieber, Lorde, Katy P. Justin T., and Robin) USE OUR CULTURE it becomes successful and air played all damn day ? when in fact the artists I listed before are 100% better at it but don’t have or gain support and reggonizion. I’m sorry but f*** you TGJ its seems like the only time REAL Artist get credit is when they die, examples are Michael & Whitney the WHOLE WORLD HAD TO WAIT TIL THEY DIE TO REGONIZEs WHAT THEY DID FOR THIS BUSINESS and MUSIC ITSELF. Mark my words too we’ll see it with Janet and Chris Brown , top of her game and destroyed over some b******* but when the day comes she not among us anymore yah likely label her QUEEN of Pop for a week only like ya did Whitney’s death and act like yah didn’t dragged her at all.

  117. Truth B Told February 27, 2014

    First of as a music business savy person. I believe Beyoncé and JayZ are the death of the music business as we know it to once be. I once respected Billboard as a magazine on the music business but once it got in bed and changed rules because they began to be persuaded by JayZ and his antics regarding how sales are counted it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth for a business I use to love and have a passion for . I know her Stan’s wouldn’t believe me but the facts are all out there. JayZ had Hollboard change rules so big business and sponsors can buy large quantities of records in order create an image as if they sold a million a week or 3 million albums when in fact those sales all stem from their sponsors Walmart Starbucks h and m Pepsi Samsung who ever they do endorsements for is the reason behind their success. That is one cheating because they create a fraud of a marketingnan. Everyone knows Beyoncé never had sales like this why don’t her fans see this it’s because they are just as dumb and ignorant as she is. She doesn’t write and does nothing but steipper music. Neither Beyoncé or JayZ does anything for the black community they only degrade and bring shame to their community endorsing s** drugs and promiscuity. My heart cries for the music business it’s ashame we will never have a Michael Whitney Tupac or Biggie.. It’s very rare for people to create real art that advances peoples hearts and minds. Artist who don’t go to the drum don’t get the stage did to others sabotaging them.. Please do facts and research on everything I said it is the truth.

  118. True That February 27, 2014

    This site has offically lost all credibility.

    We Belong Together by Mariah, Fantasia, A Keys, R&B has not gone anywhere

    Anything to try to make Beycopycat seem special, enough is enough, this is just lame at this point.

    Her socalled R&B impact wasn’t even that ‘huge’, Alan Thicke, Justin, puhlease, Beyonce is like a tumbleweed or a ship lost at seas just looking for something to latch on to.

  119. coolness February 27, 2014

    Well I wouldn’t solely credit Bey but she MUST be commended for not cashing on the EDM route for a cheap hit a la Usher. I swear, 4 may have underperformed but it will get it’s recognition in the future. Others like Miguel (especially him), Frank Ocean, even JT, Robin Thicke should be commended. Like many have said, Usher did have R&B on his albums post-Confessions with Here I Stand being his most soulful to date it was barely supported because the fans felt his wife wasn’t cute enough and the emergence of CB caused him to be wary. In addition, the R&B on Raymond v. Raymond was bland and uninspiring and instead of standing his ground and protecting the genre that took him to immense commercial heights, he decided to give into that god-awful edm trend. I will always be a fan but he needs to get serious.

  120. coolness February 27, 2014

    @BOYTOY Usher’s sellout claims were horrifying. Sometimes, I truly wonder if he was aware of the fan backlash. Like, did he know his core fanbase who had been riding with him since 1994 were mad pissed?! Oh well, I guess the money gained from how commercially successful singles like DJ, More, Scream must’ve silenced any criticisms to him. Tbh, I blame what happened with Here I Stand. His fans were so petty for not liking his music because Tameka wasn’t cute enough for them. That’s BS. that album was pure R&B/Soul and they missed out on it. L4M to ME, remains a solid effort – his best since Confessions but it could have done without the EDM trash like Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Scream but he could’ve kept Numb and Euphoria. He was the first mainstream R&B artist to really take risks with that alternative/progressive sound (Climax) and it was brilliant. Hope’s album 8 is more of that.

  121. coolness February 27, 2014

    @THE BOY TOY, you love 8701 too! It’s my fav album of his at the moment. It’s nice to see some Usher fans on here. I thought EVERYONE gave up on him, lol.

  122. True That February 27, 2014

    Some people know this, Jay and Bey killed music, period. There was always payola but Matty took it to a new level, before people paid to be play, Matty paid to play Bey and Not play others. On the rap side, after Tupac and Biggie, Jay hops on everybody’s track creating the illusion that its him.

    Yes, the promote nothing of substance and have damaged the community irreparably and this exalting sainthood they occcupty is just demented and sick.

    Two unedcuated greedy narcissist coons, their music sucks, its not even music, I can’t even listen to it.

    As a music lover I too and saddened how they have reduced music to a competition and a platofrm to boast, brag, degrade and damage

  123. Jonathan Gardner February 27, 2014

    Kelly Rowland MOTIVATION in 2011, #17 peak on Hot 100 and certified 2X Platinum

  124. Absolved February 27, 2014

    Kelly’s #17 peak was just a very bizarre bit of luck. If anything it was her previous work with David Guetta (along with the presence of Lil Wayne) that created a momentary buzz for her that sorta oddly spilled over into “Motivation.” It didn’t spark any movement for the genre and she hasn’t been able to replicate that success since. I wish she would because I see Kelly as having the potential to be a latter day version of a Deborah C**/Tamia, maybe not big pop success but decent enough for her genre… but lets keep it real… “Motivation” didn’t spark or sustain anything.

  125. Lisa February 28, 2014

    It actually has sold $964, 000

  126. DIGGER BEY February 28, 2014

    What @ Absolved? Queen Kelly was the one that made that song and the production. Lil Wayne added his flow to it but i know for a fact it would of still been a hit. David Guetta??? Lmaooo. That was Pure Kelly! And Kelly couldve had plenty of songs bigger than Motivation, if she just stick with the project and promote. From Ms.Kelly to TAGG all had major hits on them but Kelly just push them to the side. Hopefully she will stick it out with this new album and promote heavy and release 3 to 5 songs.

  127. Sean March 1, 2014

    – Justin
    – Robin Thicke
    – Daft Punk
    – Rihanna
    – Miley

    ….then Beyonce

    This was a slow process that occurred over the course of the year. That Grape Juice is turning too much into a Beyonce ego stroking site than a decent music blog.

  128. Ashton March 4, 2014

    but who is Miguel again? GP doesn’t know him, GP doesn’t care. He’s a flop regardless of what he’s done for R&B. If he can’t cross it over to pop radio, then he isn’t doing anything, because hip-hop and r&b stations have STAYED playing r&b music.

  129. Ashton March 4, 2014

    Secondly, It’s alright…two million people have already purchased her album, she doesn’t need anymore people to buy it. If every song were considered a single, she would’ve had the top 14 spots on Billboard, because 600,000 copies of each song were bought in only 3 days, so go away.

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