Report: Beyonce Heads To ‘BRIT Awards’


Ten years after storming the show with an Andre 3000-backed performance of ‘Crazy in Love’, reports now indicate that ‘Standing on the Sun’ star Beyonce is plotting a return to the ‘BRIT Awards‘!

Details below…

Kenny Campbell‘sMetro reports:

“A source said: ‘Beyonce is on. The only reason this has not yet been announced officially is because the Brits guys are nervous that it could all go wrong again.

‘But what I can tell you is that in her camp it’s 99.9 per cent on.”

If accurate, fans of the entertainer will be able to catch at London’s 02 arena on February 19th, where the star studded event will take place!

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice.Net for more on this developing story!

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  1. maurice February 10, 2014


  2. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 10, 2014

    I hope she performs XO instead of DIL. Drunk has nothing to prove now. It’s served it’s purpose. XO has lots of potential to be a hit if she promotes well. It feels like she left it out in the cold. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. gilbert February 10, 2014

    now this will be a show! yay beyhives 🙂

  4. Lydia February 10, 2014

    YESSSSS please be true!!!!

  5. Skyfall February 10, 2014

    I agree, XO is an amazing song, and i feel like she would be able to execute it perfectly live, but then again performing Drunk In Love might give it that push to top Katy and get it to #1

  6. tits mcgee February 10, 2014

    That’s whats up! I hope it’s true, and she does something more uptempo.

  7. TinaMinaj February 10, 2014

    Yes!!! At least we know that will be one great performance we can look forward to! Can’t wait!

  8. TheTruth February 10, 2014

    I really hopes she isnt going to be a fool and not promote XO, drunk in love is a good song but it is only for the uk and is already and uk top ten XO will slay!!

  9. fatusankoh February 10, 2014

    Yes you go queen bey do your thing god bless and proteict you and your family for life good luckier success in all you do long live queen bey thanks S for posting

  10. TinaMinaj February 10, 2014

    Hope she performs XO. Though another performance of Drunk in love done totally differently wouldn’t be bad as well.

  11. Lydia February 10, 2014

    I agree. XO has a lot of potential.

  12. BEYSUS OVER JESUS February 10, 2014


  13. TinaMinaj February 10, 2014

    And this will for sure keep the album top 5. Let’s not forget she hasn’t left the top 5 since she got there. She stays slaying effortlessly and I’m loving it.

  14. S****** Blonde February 10, 2014

    Baby Love Me Lights Out!

  15. Leon February 10, 2014

    Beyoncé! you better perform XO.

  16. PERRYLICIOUS February 10, 2014

    She will never dethrone Dark Horse. DIL isn’t selling well on iTunes it only went #2 because of streaming. DH is slaying DIL in everything, and Happy will most likely hit #1 next. Keep dreaming and stopped being pressed over Queenty.

  17. LDN Chick February 10, 2014

    Omg she was a baby last time she performed at the Brits! I really, really hope its true because there were similar reports in 2013 but I guess it makes sense this time.

  18. Unbiased February 10, 2014

    I hope this is true! I honestly don’t know what I want her to perform. XO is an amazing song, it would be perfect for Valentines Day. Also, it has potential to smash! But, Drunk In Love is already smashing and it will smash even more if she performs it again. Maybe she could do both songs lol. I hope she is well-prepared this time around, she should be more comfortable with the songs. I know she gets really nervous performing them for the first time. Does anyone remember the first award show performance of the I am…Sasha Fierce era at the World Music Awards? It was a mess she forgot the words and everything lol

  19. Bey Fan February 10, 2014

    I want it to be XO or Haunted… I love DIL but I really wanna hear XO live.

  20. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    S******, I love you Baby!!!

  21. LDN Chick February 10, 2014

    DIL has done what it came to do, I was in the club this weekend and the club went crazy when it came on so now its time to give XO some shine Mrs Carter.

  22. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    I LOVE BEYONCE MAN!!! I BEEN JAMMING TO HER SECOND ALBUM “Writings On The Wall” all morning!

  23. Lovebird February 10, 2014

    Oh God no, is she going to cheapen the Brits too by putting on a ratchet nasty stripper show like she did at The Grammy’s?

    Thank God unlike the yanks, the Brits are blunt in calling out this mother of one for what she is, a cheap silly w****.

    This woman has no class nor decorum. Jay Z putting his ho to work once again yuck.

  24. beyhive February 10, 2014

    that avatar tho. send me the pic <3

  25. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    DEAD at LoveSHITbird…

    Rihanna is WAYYYYYY more sluttier & nasty than Beyonce so stop boy!

  26. BeyIsKing February 10, 2014

    If she performs Queen will slay, as always.I feel for the Brits XO will be more appropriate but one more performance of DIL may push it to #1. Whatever she performs I will be happy.

  27. Jessica February 10, 2014

    I’m soo ready going to see her in March aswell this is the hype I need!

  28. BeyIsKing February 10, 2014

    Oh BTW the Bey and Barack Obama affair rumour is the most ridiculous thing I have heard since “Britney Spears sings live”

  29. ABC February 10, 2014

    A DIL performance at the Brits will not affect her sales in America.

  30. Lovebird February 10, 2014

    Watch her open her legs wider than the opening of the London bridge and walk around naked for millions of viewers like she did at the Grammy’s in front of 25 million people.

    Absolutely disgusting, all mothers should switch off when the grotesque manly looking prostitute comes on stage to open her legs in order to sell albums like she did at the Grammy’s.

    Horrible precedent for teenage girls everywhere to have a mother of one running around naked on stage like the $2 w**** she is, gross.

    After seeing how ratchet, nasty and gross she was at the Grammy’s, I felt like going for a good wash, this time I might have to fumigate my shower afterwards.

  31. Sandra February 10, 2014

    I hope she will perform ‘Blow’ and ‘Jealous’ 🙂
    thats my two favorite songs from her album!!

  32. Molly February 10, 2014

    Good for her

  33. Bi Di February 10, 2014

    IDk why ya’ll getting hype for she only doing the same sh!t she’s always have done. bunch lame b!tches ya’ll are,

  34. Bi Di February 10, 2014

    Lmao! ^ some lames b!tches

  35. Molly February 10, 2014

    Lmao why my comment get so many dislikes Lmao some Molly haters in here i see.

  36. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    Dead @ LoveSHITBird…

    Steady talking about how nasty Beyonce is but dont you stan for a woman that open up her legs in 95% of her videos & sing lyrics like “S** In The Air But I Like The Smell Of It” …

    Ps. LoveSHITBird wasn’t just a few days ago you was talking about how you was gonna bathe in some dudes urine! Now thats NASTY! Also, you said nasty things like how you was gonna eat Rihannas PUSSYY…

  37. TheTruth February 10, 2014

    XO has the potential to be number 1 and push the album sales to 4 million. Beyonce you better get it right!

  38. Unbiased February 10, 2014

    Why is Lovebird voting down everyones comment, get a life troll!!

  39. TheTruth February 10, 2014

    The ugly bird is such a bandwagon B****. wasnt she kissing Beyonce’s ass for likes just last week… well i guess bicthees stay hating. LOOL

  40. nivea February 10, 2014

    i said she should have performed xo live at the grammys backed up by a choir!!!!

    or even partition! beyonce doesnt perform well by herself

  41. DIGGER BEY February 10, 2014

    OH BABY!!!!!! I SEE @ AngryBird is already shitting n its pants LMAO. THIS MEANS MAJOR SALES SPIKES FOR BEYONCE! I don’t care what THE QUEEN PERFORMS! I already know its gonna be the most talked about performance and SERVE SOME EPIC SLAYAGE! #WATCH THE THRONE

  42. Lovebird February 10, 2014

    Not Stephy’s obsession with me though, replying to all my comments with novella’s, I cannot.

  43. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    Hi, Digger Bey…

  44. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 10, 2014


  45. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014

    LoveBird, you know I love you boo! The obsession is REAL when it comes to defending BEYONCE

  46. DIGGER BEY February 10, 2014

    Angrybird is BREAKING DOWN BWAHAHAHAHA. U do know this performance alone will S*** on ur favs sells right???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seeeeeeeeeeeth C*nt! I TOLD U RAGGEDY B*TCHES THIS WAS THE YEAR OF BEYONCE!

  47. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 10, 2014

    LMFAO I doubt anyone takes Bitchbird seriously. A few months ago he was stanning for Mariah, Britney and Katy,now it drags them for filth. I’m gonna ask the same question my good sis @Enough Onika keeps asking: WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

  48. Stephy Tha Lambily February 10, 2014


  49. DIGGER BEY February 10, 2014


  50. RoyalKev February 10, 2014

    Great news! Hive everywhere should be able to get a slice of King B! Glad B is making those rounds! Can’t wait to see what she has in store! 🙂

  51. KD February 10, 2014

    I agree with everyone on XO. The song has so much potential, I can’t help but smile everytime I hear it.

  52. Laila February 10, 2014

    You Brits are lucky, I would just stand there and cry basking in the rays of the awesome Beyonce. I love her its been a while since she came to South Africa doesn’t look like she will be coming. I love Jealous its my favourite especially the end beats. It seems like everyone has a different favourite song and that’s the way it should be, that means its a good album of which it is. I Love you Beyonce, you have been my Idol since I was a little girl, you are so inspirational. I want to be just like you when I grow up more, in my choosen industry. You’re just amazing. You deserve all the glory and the utmost respect that you receive. I love Beyonce people like you won’t believe. I’m not a fan its more than that its like she enters my soul, her smile is so beautiful.

  53. Tyler February 10, 2014

    Haha I find it funny how Tarbird is bashing Beyonce for performing a sensual song, with her HUSBAND, but praising Rihconcubine for having to resort to lesbian activity just to get our attention. I know the b**** is TGH famous for stalking Beyonce’s life but wasn’t her ashy ass supposed to go into retirement ages ago????

  54. slay_hive February 10, 2014

    YAAAS!! I was hoping for this news!!! 😀

    Death @ trolls hiding under different names so they won’t be dragged when they’re proved wrong AGAIN!!! SMH #pathetic

  55. Revolution February 10, 2014

    @Nivea I suggest you watch I am Yours live in as Vegas then come back and say that.

  56. Revolution February 10, 2014

    Las Vegas

  57. h2o February 10, 2014

    No she shouldn’t do “XO”. I like the song, but musically and lyrically, it’s too lame to even be a top 10 hit anywhere. Just forget about it.

    “Drunk in Love” is just iconic. Everything about it>> They really need to push it on worldwide radios, it has great potential..

    Anyway for BRITs, I’d say either premier a new single or perform “Drunk in Love”.

  58. XXX February 10, 2014

    No she shouldn’t perform Drunk In Love. It served its purpose and its too Urban and ghetto for the Brits. She also got backlash for it after the Grammys and I can’t see her rinsing out the whole Jay Z coming out again. XO is perfect for the Brit awards. Its a simple, clean and happy song with a great live feel. The British audience will love it. The song has a lot of potential she should not pay it dust. This is coming from a true Beyonce fan.

  59. XXX February 10, 2014

    If she must perform DIL, she should mix it in with another song.

  60. Tyler February 10, 2014

    *TGJ famous

  61. FutureCIARA February 10, 2014


  62. YONCÉ February 11, 2014


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