‘Going Solo’: K.Michelle Scores VH1 Reality Series

Published: Thursday 6th Mar 2014 by David


…and the K.Michelle success story continues!

As to capitalise on the success she scored on VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ franchise, ‘Can’t Raise a Man’ riot K.Michelle now readies the arrival of her very own Reality TV series this year, set to hit the same network this Fall!

Details below…

Produced by VH1’s Susan Levison, Brad Abramson and Danielle Gelfand, ‘Monami’s Mona Scott-Young, K.Michelle and manager Jeff Robinson, the “Untitled K. Michelle Project” will hit screens in the late Summer/early Fall, bring with it a fresh look into the life of the star.

Its official press release reads:

“It looks as if “Love & Hip Hop” star K.Michelle finally has everything she’s ever wanted. Success, fame, a hit album – but is it all it’s cracked up to be? VH1 will follow K. as she learns to balance life, relationships, and bona fide superstardom with the help of a dynamic group of friends. It may appear like she has it all together, but nothing is as it seems in K’s crazy world. Notorious for her red hair, razor sharp wit and fiery tongue, K.Michelle navigates New York City and her life with a renewed dedication to her son, her friends, and her career. K.Michelle has the life she’s always dreamed of, but will it ever be enough?”

With traditional ‘album-pushing’ methods proving fruitless for many Urban acts, kudos to Camp K for making commercial lemonade out of television lemons.

For, while a number of R&B sisters struggle to win over the general public with their week long album campaigns, K’s omnipresent nature sees her give audiences no choice but to sit up and pay attention!

This, not only turning her into a touring force to be reckoned with, but see her pull in numbers foreign to most of her contemporaries!

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  1. FantasiaSlayrino March 6, 2014

    When will Tamar?

  2. pon_de March 6, 2014

    Good for her! Now she can afford some bread for the kraft singles her flop of an album pays for and make a whole grilled cheese sandwich

  3. Stephy Tha Lambily March 6, 2014

    I’ll watch her show. She is entertaining & funny. But her music is still forgettable ghetto hood rat trash… But whats new considering EVERY DAMN thing that comes out today is complete TRASH!

  4. BEYONCE >>>UR FLOP FAV March 6, 2014


  5. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 6, 2014

    Won’t watch that trash…

  6. BOB IT March 6, 2014

    Really nice

  7. FAF March 6, 2014

    @Beyonce we said it wont go top TEN like lovesexmagic and it hasn’t.. LOL

    anyway, K’s show is called “no new friends”

  8. anonymous March 6, 2014

    @fantasiaslayrino are you aware that Tamar already has her own reality show. Tamar and Vince remember? Nice try though.

  9. FutureCIARA March 7, 2014

    I cant believe people actually buy K. Michelle music, Tamar is such the better artist… But I guess….

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