New Song: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Your Love’

Published: Thursday 29th May 2014 by Sam

It’s here!

Nicole Scherzinger has unleashed new single ‘Your Love’.

The uptempo serves as the first release to be lifted from the stage blazer’s upcoming new album (due in the Autumn), which dubs as her first for new label RCA.

Is the former Pussycat Doll bringing the heat this go round? You decide below!

‘Your Love’ hits iTunes on July 13th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. csrpp May 29, 2014

    LoVE itttt!!!!!!!!!

    • artstephaxcb May 29, 2014

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  2. Killer Lover May 29, 2014

    I Can’t Stand The Heat!!!
    It’s 2 Hot!!!
    Love It!!!
    Sounds Fresh!!!
    Hope She Will Promote This Song Like Crazy!!!
    Can’t Wait 4 The Video 2 Slay!!!

  3. D May 29, 2014

    Love the song. Hope it becomes a hit!!!

  4. Mildred May 29, 2014

    Nice song!

  5. CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

    Wtf is she doing on the verses? The production is amazing tho. I still can’t see this breaking the us tho. It’s better than I will never let you down tho.

    • Killer Lover May 29, 2014

      Wtf u doing here still tho?
      Don’t u have any other things to do tho?
      Sigh…All seems positive until u came around AGAIN!!!

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

        Babe I’m free to be wherever I want.

      • Killer Lover May 29, 2014

        As U Wish…

  6. Hell No May 29, 2014

    WTH ? She can’t be serious.
    They must have lost it if her and her team thinks this will actually be successful.
    Such a waste of a talent. The girl can sing and she barely showcases her voice. Have ya’ll seen the video where she performs that song from “Phantom of the Opera” ? She nailed it.
    She needs a accapella intro, kill the vocals, let the beat kick in, do something Pop/R&B and edgy enough for Urban Radio or plan a remix with new vocals.
    An uptempo ? Yes, great for summertime, but something with Soul and vocal moments.
    I’ll agree on the fact the instrumental sounds different from what’s on radio, but it falls flat because the vocals give no dimension to the track. I hope this will work for her anyway… Good Luck…

  7. Nicki Is Queen May 29, 2014

    it’s not bad. O. K

  8. CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

    I know she gets a better selection if songs so I’m just wondering why she chooses songs like these. She works with the same producers as everyone else. I don’t get it. At least it’s better than boomerang.

  9. HOTSTUFF May 29, 2014

    a HOT MESS. 100% FLOP. The ‘song’ feels unfinished and all over the place….ive listened to it entirely & couldn’t wait for it to finish -_-

    • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

      I think it’s the verses. They’re a mess. This doesn’t feel like a lead single. It feels like a gay dance club hit tbh.

  10. king_ricoHive May 29, 2014


  11. Mother May 29, 2014

    Wait it’s kinda cute, it’s got that light, feel good summer radio hit feel. It will flop though. No one sees it for Nicole, she should try something else.

  12. did you say bieber,one direction,gaga,j.cole,miley,rita ora YMCMB austin mahone,or bey(my faves are in my name…drag stan) proud muslim May 29, 2014

    see jlo this is how it be done…see how its done rihicon,nicki is queen and ozzy

    • RihIcon May 29, 2014


  13. XtinaTheDiva May 29, 2014

    Awesome song!! Great follow up for the amazing Killer Love album!

  14. We love nicki minaj May 29, 2014

    It sounds like a jlo reject song…

  15. boy May 29, 2014


  16. stan May 29, 2014

    she has an awesome voice, but she keeps wasting it on these half-assed pop songs… :\

  17. RihIcon May 29, 2014

    I don’t understand WHYYYYY would you drop a song and wait a whole 3 weeks to put it on itunes? Where is the logic?

  18. RihIcon May 29, 2014

    Doesn’t she know edm is dead? This song just isn’t it. I liked her acoustic snippet better than this whole mess. This might have Slayed as a ballad and not a dance song. & the messy ass breakdown smhhhh

  19. Spunkypoop May 29, 2014

    HOT!! Y’all know the music video is going to slay! Hot joint

  20. mateo May 29, 2014

    I’t a HIT! Don’t, like the bridge – but the hook is strong! The general public will eat it up and be obsessed! This will play heavy in gay clubs, radio and I even see commercials…car commercials. She better work Generation Y!

  21. Pu$$y Juice Lover May 29, 2014

    Lol its 2014 honey what is that rita ora reject

  22. Pu$$y Juice Lover May 29, 2014

    Her hottest song (Whatever U Like) FLOPPED hard and she didnt blew out then, this 2011 edm mess aint cuttin it

  23. Rihboy May 29, 2014

    Not for a chart return! Underwhelming.

  24. Hmmm May 29, 2014

    This song sucks. The only great material Nicole has ever had was the Pussycat Dolls debut album and that’s it! Her shelved album and her Uk only album are trash!

  25. Yea ok May 29, 2014

    I’m not a Nicole fan at all but I can admit when something works and this song works for her. The production is insane.

    She setting herself up for failure though releasing to iTunes so late

  26. celine May 29, 2014

    what is that ? it s a mixture between JLO and Britney rejected song !!!!!!!!

  27. JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) May 29, 2014

    Well, maybe I´m losing my sanity but I think it is not THAT bad. I expected worse. At least she sounds better than the other people a few of you are mentioning in the comments.

  28. Beygency May 29, 2014

    She could do so much better. This is not good.

  29. IKNOWTHETRUTH May 29, 2014

    Always with the J. Lo/Rihanna reject songs. She needs to be URBAN POP, in the lane of “Right There” and the stuff she did with PCD. Why is she trying to be so Pop?

  30. Timago May 29, 2014




  31. Dante May 29, 2014

    I love Nicole but this song sucks so hard. Major flop. Nothing will ever top ‘Right There’ … & Everyone is preaching over the production of this song and it is so messy and all over the place. TRY AGAIN.

  32. tina May 29, 2014

    this is really amaing… it’s a summer smash

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