Hot Shot: Cheryl Cole Teases ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ Video


The start of this week brought with it the debut of Cheryl Cole‘s new single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’; the start of next will usher in its accompanying video.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the clip is said to boast a gritty, Urban edge to compliment the Pop-iness of the song.

Judging by the look of this newly released still, the visual looks set to deliver.

The video for ‘Crazy’, which features rapper Tinie Tempah, arrives on Monday June 9th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

    Yas I’m ready! Who else in the industry has that body tho?! Slay me.

    • Killer Lover June 6, 2014


      • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

        Cheryl has better face than nicole. Plus nicole is old. Her time as a pop star is almost up tbh

    • rovmpleboxcbxcb June 6, 2014

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  2. The truth hurts June 6, 2014

    Not another tired dance routine video. Is that all cheryl knows?

  3. CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

    When will Lana ever learn how to perform tho? There’s a reason she’s doing theaters while cheryl is doing arenas.

    • The truth hurts June 6, 2014

      Is that why Lana has been booked for massive festivals like lollapalooza, coachella and Glastonbury? If lana can’t perform then why are they putting her on the pyramid stage?

      • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

        Are you really using festival receipts when I’m using solo ones? Not you trying to shade Cheryl’s choreography when Lana has none and never will have any. She’s worse than katy perry.

      • The truth hurts June 6, 2014

        It must be s*** to know that despite all the “choreography” Lana can get a bigger reaction walking around the stage and throwing in a few clicks of her finger or twist in her hips hence why they are putting lana on the biggest stage in Glastonbury and your fav is struggling to book any stage.
        Your “arena” reeciept doesn’t count as that is from 2012. The real kii is that cheryl failed to sell out half the arenas she was performing in. From the O2 arena she only managed to sell 10k tickets out of 13k up for sale in a hall that can hold 20k. Is that supposed to be impressive? Selling enough tickets to fill half the O2 arenas concert hall!

      • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

        Lana isn’t doing arenas!! And a festival with MANy artists performing doesn’t count! And not you using a subjective audience reaction receipt! The absolute desperation. There’s a reason why cheryl is way more popular in the uk babe.
        You tried.

      • The truth hurts June 6, 2014

        Conveniently avoiding my unsold tickets receipt i see.
        Lana has done arenas just like cheryl. The difference is that Lana’s last arena performance (solo) was 2013 when Cheryl’s was 2012. Why can’t cheryl currently book a stage (without sucking simon cowells d***).
        Not you coming for me using subjective opinions when half your so called “drags” are opinions. The important FACTS are that 1. Lana is in more demand as a performer 2. Lana’s last solo performance in an arena was more recent than Cheryl’s 3. Lana has sold more albums & singles worldwide than cheryl has

      • JamesGahee June 6, 2014

        Absolute death. When are any of my receipts opinions? Please provide one. Please. How is Lana more in demand when she literally sold less than a katy perry buzz single? Why did cheryl do those numbers in a day? How is Lana global when she only went number 1 in Russia? Why can’t she chart at all in her home country and why is she still doing theaters there even after going platinum? Don’t come with a “Lana sells out her theaters drag” because it’s not hard to sell out a 1k venue. Why do you Lana stans literally cling to festivals? That’s why the we don’t want Lana to use awards shows receipts drag is so relevant and on point. Not you literally using coachella as a receipt like everyone who went wanted to see her. Absolute and utter death.
        Cheryl will be doing arenas for the rest of her career, can you say the same about Lana?

      • The truth hurts June 7, 2014

        When was Cheryl’s last solo arena performance (2012) and when was Lana’s (2013)…….
        50,000 people went to see lana perform at coachella. 5x more than those who went to see Chavryl perform at the O2.
        “Will lana ever learn how to perform tho” excuse me but that very statement is an obvious opinion (you implying that lana can’t perform).

  4. Mark111 June 6, 2014

    Who is this?

    • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

      Someone with more chart toppers than your fav. That’s who.

  5. CT June 6, 2014

    I still havent found anyone in america that knows who cheryl cole/lloyd is.

      • CT June 6, 2014

        I wonder how much did she pay the paparazzi?

      • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

        Horrible comeback.

      • CT June 6, 2014

        You need a nap sweetheart. You have been perched on this site for four hours. Stop acting like LAX isnt a hotspot the papa will photograph anyone who comes that way…..

      • CT June 6, 2014


      • CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

        Perched for hours? Not when you immediately reply to my comment. And did you not hear them yelling her name? Death at the delusion. Just stop and leave cheryl alone.

      • CT June 6, 2014

        I dont comment nearly as much as you do. And its the paps job to know who celebrites are even the ones that will never see american success.

  6. CherylSoldierr June 6, 2014

    CT comes with the same senseless cher lloyd drag to every cheryl post and tries to say that I need a nap? Death.

  7. Mimi carey June 6, 2014


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