Mack Wilds, Ed Sheeran And August Alsina Rock ‘VIBE’s ‘R&B’s Most Wanted’ Cover

Published: Tuesday 24th Jun 2014 by David


Mack Wilds, August Alsina and Ed Sheeran look sharp on the cover of ‘Vibe’ magazine, teaming up to star in a spread name ‘R&B’s Most Wanted.’

Billed ‘Soul Brothers‘, the trio’s success in the last year is celebrated by the publication, with all three making major waves in their respective fields in the last year, with the British Sheeran wowing US audiences with his unique sound of acoustic soul.

More from their shoot below…


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  1. Fairy J.Blige June 24, 2014

    Is Ed Sheeran really R&B though?

    • Belladonna1363 June 24, 2014

      Yes he is & his new album is the best LP of the year. but im just happy that the first pic is not the cover. lol That is just not a good look for black or white but mostly black men. If young black men ( or white) start doing this look this will end up really badly mark my words. It was off putting when Jay & Bey did it & you no how much I love the Carter’s but most young kids look at them as really big stars that can be un-relatable so I didn’t care but August & Ed are not as big there for way more relatable there for easy to mimic.

    • quiverzxcbcxb June 24, 2014

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  2. OVODasher June 24, 2014

    Ed is dope as phuck, but R&B?

  3. Dance4Dawn June 24, 2014

    No Miguel? No Luke James?

    • TamartianNavi June 24, 2014

      Miguel is a one hit wonder and Luke? Please, very talented but he’s been trying and failing for three years straight.

      • KDreamer(Miguel Kissed Me) June 24, 2014

        Where do you get off talking about one hit wonders as a Tamar stan? Everybody knows Vince is broke and owes money to the IRS and everybody knows he buys her own albums. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds that warehouse sis.

  4. SexlijahBlake June 24, 2014


  5. Diamond Princess June 24, 2014

    August doesn’t deserve this cover howie lookin b-i-t-c-h-a-s-s little boy! Who is Ed?

  6. FentySoSnatched June 24, 2014

    This looks so cool! Mack slayed the f*** out of his pose.

  7. SMH June 24, 2014

    Sorry, never heard of any of them.

    • ATeam June 24, 2014

      That’s your loss.

  8. KeyshiaDelRey June 24, 2014

    August brings shame to R&b to be honest. I like my singers to be well behaved and I am so over his antics. Always talking about how he wants to uplift people but is actually putting them down by letting people think that acting like a hoodrat with no home training is the way to go WHEN IT IS NOT.

    • The Bajan Princess June 24, 2014

      Yet you stan for ratchet ass Keyshia Cole, STFU!

  9. AlexisAlsina June 24, 2014


  10. IStanForYourFav June 24, 2014

    Dumb, Dumber, & Dumbest lol I’m joking.

    I really would have loved to see a R&B make cover with Trey, August, Elijah, Miguel, & a few others, but this is cute. They are all very attractive so it works.

    P.S. I’m just glad they did something like this instead o the To Catch a Predator cover with Soulja Boy and 50 Cent.

    • coolness June 24, 2014

      Yeah, Miguel not being on this cover is quite the surprise. I mean he’s been substantial to the development of R&B in recent years. More so than these three guys. I guess he got his shine in 2012 when Adorn (future classic tbh) came out. Trey isn’t exactly new school like these him guys lol. Isn’t he almost a decade in? And who is this Elijah guy? I had my friend give me his mixtape but I deleted it after months of never playing it. 🙁

      • IStanForYourFav June 24, 2014

        They actually just posted about Elijah. Go check him out! Trey isn’t new, but he’s apart of the R&B relevant male artists right now. IDK where Miguel went. I miss him though. I would kill for a Miguel and John Legend duet though.

  11. coolness June 24, 2014

    Didn’t know Ed was considered R&B. He’s mad talented though and I like his music. As for Mack, haven’t listened to anything by him but this is a prompt for me to do so. August… Lemme just keep it cute. I don’t get the hype. Overall, it’s a cover but have you guys noticed how we don’t have any new real male vocalists in R&B apart from Miguel? The rest are so inundated in this rap-singing style that they could almost pass off as Hip-Hop artists.

  12. FutureCIARA June 24, 2014

    Not here for August Alyssa, Or that Mack queen… She hasnt put out a decent record yet as long as shes been a new artist… Ed Sheeran i see it for, But R&B???… Ummmm

  13. MISHKA June 24, 2014

    The three guys are definitely on the rise but “most wanted” they are NOT.

    Not in the world of Chris Brown, Usher and Trey Song.

  14. MISHKA June 24, 2014

    Mack Wilds is still bae though hello! I hope he gets a big hit soon.

  15. HeartsHeaux June 24, 2014

    Ed Sheeran is one of the better artists of our generation nut he is NOT R&B!!!! These major platforms such as Vibe, BET etc have to stop letting white artists who dip their pinky toe in our culture take over video countdowns and magazine covers and doing interviews etc. They can get those things anywhere else. Have we ever stop to think that the reason Luke James hasnt popped isnt because the music isnt great (because it is) but because no one will give him a cover or a performance slot in the bug shows. Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Bieber, Robin Thicke will all be FINE. We have to start championing our own!

  16. Jamie June 24, 2014

    Ed as R&B is wrong on so many levels. Was Fireflies or A-Team R&B? Hell nah. His s*** isn’t even played on R&B stations.

  17. eric June 24, 2014

    Could’ve done without the ski mask cover. I understand the play on words, but doesn’t the media already do enough to make our young black men look like thugs to the rest of the world? Have we not already seen some of the possible ramifications, like with the way the majority of whites viewed the Trayvon Martin case? We’ve got to start talking about how we’re portrayed in the media and how that affects us when we’re applying for jobs, loans, etc.

  18. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 24, 2014

    Ed Sheeran is NOT RnB. I don’t know who has been running with that fuckery but they need their head and ears checked. Back on topic, Mack and August are most wanted lol? Is anyone honestly checking for them in the RNB realm because I’m certainly not.

    #That is all

  19. Musika June 25, 2014

    So what’s the point of this? Ed wants to prove that he’s all R&B now? haha cute! His new album pretty good though. I can see why he recruited Pharell to help him write ‘Sing’. It does give off that R&B vibe.

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