Rita Ora Stuns In Flare Magazine

Published: Monday 23rd Jun 2014 by Sam

Check out Rita Ora!

The Pop force covers the newest issue of Flare Magazine in the latest push for her upcoming new album.

A top priori for Roc Nation, the British-bred talent recently hit the top spot on the Official UK Singles Chart with the Calvin Harris produced ‘I Will Never Let You Down’.

Reliable word tells us the follow-up is currently a major smash in waiting. Exciting times.

Peep more stunning snaps below…


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  1. maurice June 23, 2014

    in the 3rd pic, she trynna be rihanna.


    • esirseymbc June 24, 2014

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  2. Jasmine June 23, 2014

    “Stop trying to make Rita W**** happen, not gonna happen!” -Regina George

  3. RiCi June 23, 2014

    i think u looks similar to Beyonce. Both are beautiful chicks!

    • RiCi June 23, 2014


  4. Licorice June 23, 2014

    I love that Beyoncé song Partition that’s my song

  5. Minaj21 June 23, 2014

    Whorra looks good here. But tbh she is trying too hard to be like Rihanna.

    • FancyFelicia June 23, 2014

      Whorra? Oh dear, you must have her confused with Nicki.

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) June 23, 2014

        YAAAAAAASSSSSSS BIITCH!!!!!!! eYAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!(looks seductive and slow twerks to kims ‘Gimme Dat’)

  6. RitaBonita June 23, 2014

    How beautiful! Some people are VERY ugly inside and out (Rihanna) but Rita is very beautiful.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) June 23, 2014

      Girl, go find the nearest bridge and take Whora with you –__–

  7. TRUTH SERUM June 23, 2014

    Yes Sam!!! Give these pressed h*** the business. Rita is talented!

  8. Rosie June 23, 2014

    “Style icon?” To who?

    • PaulAllahSlaydul June 23, 2014

      To Lana’s OAP boyfriends. EauxKaaaay.

      • TaylorToldMe June 23, 2014

        Drag ha! Drag haaaaaaaa!

      • Rosie June 23, 2014

        ~yass drag ha!!!~
        Even though Barrie (now her ex) was actually younger than her. Yawn b****.

      • truth (The PinkShit will.surely FLOP!! Just like PissAndFLOPtion honey) June 23, 2014

        Deeeeeeeeeeeath at @Taylor!!! I fell to one knee when i saw what u wrote chile.

  9. RitasLipstick June 23, 2014

    Yes yes yes, let these h*** seethe! Let em seethe!

  10. SexlijahBlake June 23, 2014

    Another Rita thread?

    • Draggin4MrsCarter June 23, 2014

      Ugh Elijah’s body. I need it my life.

    • ItsCheryl2bh June 23, 2014

      I didn’t think he was cute until recently 2bh.

    • ChakaYonce June 23, 2014

      I wonder how long his schlong is?

  11. Yea ok June 23, 2014

    If my memory serves me correctly y’all said the song she has out now was supposed to be a smash and never even charted in the US. The UK has terribly low standards for their artists I see. Lol.

    Another magazine cover that don’t translate to sales. I’m sleep tho.

    I wish roc nation would just be done with her. This is tarnishing the roc empire.

    • Me.IAmRita…The Queen of Pop June 23, 2014

      And who asked for your opinion? W****.

    • RitasLipstick June 23, 2014

      Who cares about your memory?

  12. FutureCIARA June 23, 2014


  13. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 23, 2014

    Another magazine cover? She cannot get her career started in USA AND WW? What does that say about her? At least when Ciara flops, it is cos they are shunned by the mainstream and pop radio. This girl has the DREAM TEAM of publicist, PR and payola and she still cannot chart; even Ciara can chart.

    IT IS OVER. HER NEW ALBUM IS COMING IN SEPTEMBER and yet she does not have hit to her name. It is over. She will end up back in the UK, doing I am a celebrity get me out of here on ITV.

  14. Teacher June 23, 2014

    Stuns? Ok…BYE!

  15. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 23, 2014

    FUNNY how her album will be dropped in September, by her won words, but she is pushing for Iggy tp drop black widow. Why? Cos after I WILL tanked…..she has not got any other songs that can out perform . Even though her album was finished last year, she seems to be going to studio, every day, in desperate rush to find a hit. I noticed she was in the studio with Bieber and TI. She has been recording since 2012.


  16. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 23, 2014

    Will Never Let You Down
    #14 Ireland
    #19 New Zealand
    #20 Austria
    #23 United Kingdom
    #25 Switzerland
    #26 Norway
    #34 Germany
    #48 Australia
    #88 Indonesia
    #91 Thailand
    #117 Denmark
    #133 South Africa
    #136 Belgium
    #145 Spain

    SONG only sold 245k WW. It wont even sell a million WW. Happy from Pharell has sold 10 mill WW. RIH RIH can sell 5 mill in the USA alone! IT IS OVER! SHE DOES NOT HAVE TEH SALES TO KEEP HER IN TEH GAME, in the long run.

    • Adele The Queen June 24, 2014

      If Rihanna can have a 5million hit in the US alone why cant she get a diamond single?

  17. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 23, 2014

    I will never let you down was only top 10 in Ireland, UK , Australia and NZ – these our all British colony. She flopped in Europe and did not even chart in the USA. She is not global at all.

    186 in France and she went there to promote.

    Failed to make the top 20 in Germany and she perform on German next top model and her song was used in commercial.

    Nohing even comes up for latin or Asia.

    BIGGEST flop in history.

  18. Molly June 23, 2014

    She looks ok.

  19. Ugh June 23, 2014

    I see that the two Rita Whora stans got on here with their multiple accounts. Bwahaha. Rita is a FLOP!

  20. tits mcgee June 23, 2014

    I like the 2nd pic, with her in black.

  21. Timago June 23, 2014

    Good Lord, Sam!! Enough with this ridiculous floppage!! It’s time for someone to call the garbage truck and haul this disgusting pu$sy flop out of here!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS HO!!

  22. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 23, 2014

    Death!! Another Whora post?!? Either Oral is paying TGJ to write about her or Samantha loves to make his readers laugh on a daily basis.

    #I just can’t!

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) June 23, 2014

    She should be so embarrassed by the amount of promo she gets vs the amount of actual revenue she brings in (-$1,500,000) lol!! Who would be proud of loosing money with every project you release?? This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s were the industry can “make” a star. WE (aka the people) choose now and this b*tch ain’t it. Take it back to Arabia or where ever it’s from…

  24. MISHKA June 24, 2014

    My problem with Rita is that she has nothing original.

    She does that SAME EXACT FACE no matter the hairdo, the clothes, the weather … Something is off on every picture.

    I like her new song but again, she herself is just blah.

    She might need to do a Jessie J and to change something about her hair or on her style because up to now, she’s still very forgettable.

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