Robin Thicke Reveals ‘Paula’ Album Cover & Tracklisting

Published: Wednesday 18th Jun 2014 by Sam

Fresh from announcing the release date of new album ‘Paula’, soulful crooner Robin Thicke is wasting no time rolling out the pertinent particulars about the project.

A 14-track ode to estranged wife Paula Patton, the set  – which arrives on July 1st – saw its accompanying cover and tracklist unveiled moments ago.

Beyond the title and subject matter, the LP is risky affair  in that all songs were written and produced by Thicke – who is still riding the wave of the Pharrell Williams produced blockbuster ‘Blurred LInes’. 

In any case, find out which tracks will be joining lead release ‘Get Her Back’ below…

‘Paula’ Tracklisting

1. You’re My Fantasy
2. Get Her Back
3. Still Madly Crazy
4. Lock The Door
5. Whatever I Want
6. Living In New York City
7. Love Can Grow Back
8. Black Tar Cloud
9. Too Little Too Late
10. Tippy Toes
11. Something Bad
12. The Opposite of Me
13. Time Of Your Life
14. Forever Love


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  1. The truth hurts June 18, 2014

    Too much.

  2. The truth hurts June 18, 2014

    And the cover is a pice of s***.

  3. Dance for Diana June 18, 2014

    boooooo! you one hit wonder.

  4. Slaymerie June 18, 2014

    Serious question here. Why is it that when a man cheats on his wife the wife is expected to take the man back once the man’s finished having his fun?
    They tell us to “think about the marriage” but was he “thinking about the marriage” when he betrayed you?

  5. BeySting June 18, 2014

    If Paula wants to be treated like a doormat for the rest of her life she SHOULD take him back. My mom took my dad back after he cheated and he never stopped even after he promised to so go right on girl.

    • IStanForYourFav June 18, 2014

      If that’ isn’t the truth, IDK what is. Cheaters will always cheat on you. Especially if they feel they can still get away with it.

      • BeySting June 18, 2014

        Girl, my mom tried everything. I remember one time they even brought people from my church to my house to pray with them to make the marriage work but nothing worked. Once someone can step out on you once they WILL do it again.

        That doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, it just means that they’re too selfish to see how their actions affect you.

  6. HighwayUnicorn June 18, 2014

    Poor me! I cheated on the woman I swore to always love and protect and she won’t take me back! Poor me poor me pour me a drink!

    • tits mcgee June 18, 2014

      Lmao! You hit the nail on the head. Kii!

  7. IStanForYourFav June 18, 2014

    LOL o.k. Robin. You will have now be on the longest and hardest promo trail & campaign of your entire career. Don’t you understand that if this album flops, that your wife will be even more embarrassed? All I will say is Trigga is coming for #1 with all of his heavy social media promo and videos, so you better do something. I would hate to have a flop relationship and a flop album dedicated to my wife. :/

  8. Rosie June 18, 2014

    Is he serious? This will flop harder than Spain at the World Cup.

    • Robin’sThicke June 18, 2014

      Flop harder than West Coast?

      • Rosie June 18, 2014

        Ultraviolence is on track to debut higher than any Robin album. Come harder troll.

  9. OVOBarbie June 18, 2014

    If my boyfriend cheated on me it would be over from the SECOND I found out about it and that’s no joke. You clearly aren’t the man I thought you were if you can lay down with the next b**** and act like nothing’s going on and not give have a single f*** to give about my feelings.

  10. Navy Nick June 18, 2014

    Have u all heard; GET HER BACK? come on nah, this man makes AMAZING MUSIC! He has been making this style of music forever, u all just jumped on the BLURRED LINES train (1 fun song), and u all wanna act like he is NOT talented. HE IS TALENT! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED with him/Paula, so just let the cd be good music….JEEEZ!

    • DawnSlaychard June 18, 2014

      Trust a Rihanna fan to defend a cheater.
      How many peens has she swallowed in the last week babe?

  11. Brandys Starr June 18, 2014

    Im side eyeing this whole ‘era’

  12. FutureCIARA June 18, 2014


  13. Queen Navy June 18, 2014

    What an immature man. He’s basically trying to publicly pressure her to take him back by inviting spectators into their private drama and thinking everyone will be so touched by his pleas that we’ll all be like “Come on Paula, give the man another chance!” But guess what Robin, if I’m to take a side in all this it probably won’t be yours. Fame basically exposed this guy as being an arrogant, thoughtless, childish d*ck. We never knew that about him when he was racking up all those modest charting singles. He doesn’t know how to handle success.

  14. tee June 19, 2014

    Not him trying to make money off their break-up. Anyways he probably thinks making a break-up/you dumped me album will sell just like Adele or katy perry.

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